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TCMC 2 September Part I, Q&A – Why Things Happen & Freewill

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it's and I study on and somebody so that I was see that I'm... I do understand all about this no cell and Identifying but I'm thin with so many things right now that it it almost feels chatting. You know, as if But I really personally, I don't really have a belief system about sort but. I mean, as we talked for hours that's sign about this concept, i, well why just hours sometimes? That what energy below what is it that makes sometimes a cluster? Of things very challenging? Is it just random stop?

Is there a... Do you think there's some design? If is so have a message here Or gonna situation Me... These are all... I know they're... I'm just sort of trying that I'm been asking. I'm just... I don't know you like, about i've seen of seen that she was saying yahoo between, but I got I I talk to a teacher here and she tucson. Mh. I'm doing I'm doing well and thanks it, but nobody can understand how I could be. But it's the practice no. Yes. But I can't confused by The onslaught. Mh. So many. Well, you you reached the word.

Believe you you said dude right believe or you refer of the leaves? You see. Our minds. Right. Why did you not mind anywhere? Well, However, you might answer that question. The one thing that I'm might do is try and try to find exclamation. Which tried didn't make sense it. And well, they do this so that... You know, we can slam plan for the future and and hopefully make a sex decision movements things talk that. What? What's really difficult for to grant. Is whatever our minds do isn't necessarily about the way hands really of the car.

The mine seeks to explain and find explanations. And it seeks to find the explanations to satisfy. For your time the import purposes if it's involved and. Well. The hardest thing to extent is is that this ordinary bond our isn't really capable about grasping paint the true nature. Okay. And so Absolutely everything it is based the something you united on I belief. You believe you're you believe your hopeless still be there. Get that. There's all kinds of things that we believe that are based on a lot of consistency state we sleep ever sense.

And then there's another time really where we go beyond that why builds its own model a reality. Based on the beliefs that arise out of consistent observations. And so when your experiencing in their wife? You're mind. We'll try to find experience. And people try to create those out of. I'm Not sure what has to work. But let's should all of the experiencing in the realize twist technically me your experienced in a till now. And had all of our experience. Sounds that a lot of things can be explained just by chance randomness.

They the accidental coming together thing. And so you mind doctor had up but is one? Time recommendation. But sometimes that is satisfying. And sometimes you'd look at it using well also on the basis of past experience. Or is a whole lot more in imp and these particular things coming together that. Then I usually would do credence to. So now your mind says, well let's try to find another explanation. So we try to elaborate some kind assistant. Well, the meeting some kind of for some some mean or some or some system or some process you know, is going in pretty particular place it's deliberately causing things like this to happen.

So so forth. All these things are just things in your mind is. Send the best out and the story of count the that. So That can be covered. That be helpful. Can't you... Well, it depends on the other things that you're the other beliefs that you hold of the same time. If the added believes that you hold it the same time, are those make a pretty good distinction between Wholesome and Paulson. Actions. Those are are beneficial or at least harm up to others versus so sick that create some sort of damage or pretty kind repercussions for yourself god if you have a set of release, that provides you pretty good guidance in that.

And then you add to that assistant of beliefs that, well, the things that are happening in my life are the result of some kind of guidance. So something is making made since happen. Particular right. Then those should come together And you can accept the difficulties you're confronted with and we can view them as an opportunity to to grow and change and develop to do something useful for people. And it's not in fact that is matter what happens. It's an opportunity gonna to be exactly that. So, you know, can you got things going out in your mind that allow you to see on that right and reacted when that might way and act upon them that way.

And that's not be very inbound do you. Was that mean that there's some sort of actual self existent truth that's made up of some some system or entity with a plan that's making things happen that way. No. It does. Does that matter? Not necessarily. Not necessary. So What's the... Most especially all of us don't to otherwise. Creating belief systems that help to guide us. It's the mind creating the model of reality, that helps us and those yeah and you know, that I mean the extremely of decisions that we have to make circumstances that are rising and like, bit reacted way or can we that what.

We we can embrace in a positive way and makes something good how can allow ourselves to be dev. So This is the way live. Now through meditation. What we're trying to do is call today mind for that allows us as to penetrate more deeply and speak with nature our experience gains. More profound understanding that what what perhaps is going on. So in a sense, it is from the outset inviting us to set aside the constructs of our mind, those kinds of relief system. I'm trying examine what's happening and see if to through the power of observation.

If we can't... If we can't penetrate for to some kind of truth that's meaningful, and relieve of our sleep relieve ourselves of repentance upon belief systems created by by. See what, absolutely Yeah. Somehow. Really... So now a way to think about this, when, you know, I'll just share with you the results out some of my journey this and how it helps me to How it helps this mine to have a way of looking at things that seems to work really well. And that is the realizing that even this idea of by a separate cell is analytic.

And the idea is that things are in the particular way that my mind sees that with the particular values and labels everything else that attack. But this is all just the activity of mine. And so that I don't need to attach to any of that. But what I found is that those things being empty of any sort nature being the way they tear to be. He's really fighting liberating. Because all of those appearances are riddled with this idea of. And when I let know of that, ten. I find that I I I naturally moved origin embrace the idea of being being at an a a a part of a wholeness And not not a t's.

Not like one lego gu gather good construct. But rather, in a much more sophisticated and subtle sense in the sense that that I am totally interconnected to every other part of this whole. But really, there is no distinction between the the part that my body mine represent present. And and this whole. And I I can see that that's the way it is in the work. But in the material world that my mind projects. My mind projects a reality in which affects there is. Nothing is separate. Getting the slightest thing that happened with changes has incredible untold unpredictable ramifications.

That even the slightest thing they were change a thousand years ago or a million years ago would produce it completely be different universal and that is not. So everything everything is it. And I realized that, well, I can see that pretty easily. But I've also found that the most difficult sense of to get done, was the isolation of my mind. But I have also found that the more that I pursued that. I find more and more the same thing that my mind is not really different than you any the other minds that of a side contact that rather They are all reflections of my mind or my mind with questions with him.

They have all me influence and when where now they're in the deeper, I go in the bar, I find it Well, it's more. And so there really is just one big this fine that that goes beyond the the direct comprehension of any one particular part it. And that explains a lot of things. For example. Well, just to to go back to the first couple and I said, realizing that that there is this one miss that all the illusion of second nets are are are just that, they're just they're just and they just create confusion and and call suffering.

Whereas... And where said was one that's additionally the sense that everything gained everything being. Very perfect and ultimate. Even even in in a specific location or specific time, around one narrow point of view it seems like it wrong. It shouldn't be this way. It's terrible. It put wells need to have a sense to everything really be. Perfect and and and much in in a more open that sense. And then Realizing that this secret of second, the sense of separate most of my mind, the seeming isolation of this single consciousness and miss this pie that I actually.

But if that is really back with everything else. And if all of this is in a sense projection at not then from the things that happened, no longer seen what randomness says. Randomness is no longer an inadequate adequate word. Randomness most just means that from this narrow perspective, I can't see how this works in the whole. And so it looks to me like, these things are just coming together in this particular place for no particular reason. But I don't need to I don't need to project that there is is any person or any process behind that making that?

It's just, you know, it's it's the... It's the wholeness of thing. Functioning in the way it does. And just because I can't see how it parts. Yeah. There doesn't doesn't mean that they they're together. So When I looked at it that point view. All I need to do is to play my parts perfectly as I can. So sometimes remains account in my life. I can make them look occurred. And compassion for others and And that's wonderful. It's what? Which part of the hold that I am a moment. That's not that part of the whole night.

That's. And if I start thinking on taking credit for everything like that, that's just foolish. Because it's part of the unfolding made the whole. If I can see that that way, then another time when it seems like my suffering is overwhelming to, and what it seems like I'm reacting at ways that Aren't so good. And when i lady dealing despair discouraged not things like that. I don't have to blame myself for that. That's just the way this part of the whole is manifesting. After time. My job is just to be as perfectly and bad as I can to either.

I have understanding it actually the degree most of importantly, the degree to rich that My understanding in his face on Clear observation not thoughts and stories but by those. So if I have that priority to attached from earth, my fault, Michael awareness fully consciousness where. Yeah. Then there's seemingly separate entity functioning Yeah. It's own perfection. Is on function in a way this is greater sense of harm. Physically with agree that my conscious awareness is limited and I blinded by nine million zone accents.

Would still going to be perfect, but it's gonna good perfect representation of a role of the cell. That it is lacking in elimination. So So don't... You know, what I just suggest to to you to anyway, is said where you like to who's that please? Where you have as leader and understanding the much full awareness as you're capable and you should saying that and then let everything else take there. So that is the most remarkable wonderful thing about mindful awareness is that when it's there, every it takes care of everything time.

Everything happens as sure. So everything's happening there should all find it. But yeah. It's But to the extent that you are part of the whole experiencing yourself as separate. If you're experiencing yourself a separate with mindful awareness, it will be a much more positive. Good evening. For those of you. But the later... Yes ma'am. So if every page is. Not yet. Because. So Mh. And they're all web of. Then we truly tell it will. And you said it's two Well, it takes to truly... That just wanted the more difficult of all questions.

To adjust from a a philosophical or cycle on point of view even one. Question if you. Huge scratched. I just give you a movie simple answer and we can talk about it more or later. That. The answer is both... Yes. And no. There is there is free will in the sense that Things are not absolutely deter. And most importantly at all, the evolution of each of these individual streams of consciousness that that we experience ourselves as. From births on a period of birth their death. They are not deter fix and I'm very...

And so there is a freedom in their evolution. So in that sense, The note part of it is that when we say you, I have pretty will. There that is an illusion that there is an i separate from the process. That could stand the side and stand outside of the process since she used to go one way rather than another. And he's... I know was this seems to be this this is not this is not an answer this very satisfied. When you get both yes and they'll answer to the question, not very satisfying and you say obey.

Things are not deter. But there is no buy but can exercise this pretty well. There is there is a freedom though. And that freedom is very important. If there was not if things were deter, if there was not... If there were not a freedom for each of us. To evolve. If if it were already, predetermined and set and stone, you know, like like that, there would be no... It it would make everything pointless us. And certainly to to achieve awakening would be impossible. You could never never but gotten, you know, the promise that every person can potentially become.

Fully away they come the buddha it. And it's like would would have to be totally false. They fat were the kicks. So there is there is a freedom up. And your future is not absolutely turn back. There are a huge number of factors. The lieutenant upon things that have already happened. We before this moment, that are kind to play a very powerful role in determining things that happen to you to end within your stream consciousness. Beyond this phone, but they do not turn it absolutely. And it can it can go in dramatically different directions.

So there is that freedom. It's just that it's not a freedom belonging to a separate self existent by cell soul. A score might be a a a large tree where the roots and the trunk and the branches are are as they are. And fixed, then you have the blue leaves on the little tips it might represent individuals. So we're part of that one line they're still a fast. I mean, did that self stored about thought? So there's there's wiggle another what yeah. It it's... That metaphor for it's not incorrect, but it is more it is more limiting than in my experience I found the reality to be.

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