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Stronghold August 29 – Order, Beauty and Perfection

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all viewers. Golden on rectangle. Probably do. That was not registered. I. Know. And sacred geometry as discovered and work with by relationships way thousands lives. And it's It's an mathematical rectangle. And it's very complex and I don't pretend to understand, but it was very real and that all measurement. Okay. Well, anyway it's thanks. Step spring from check or that's what say. Not read of this Well. And you begin the swing arts and there there squares of his squares and so and then comes.

And it was the discovered pulse years that l everything even gal suits. Based upon the snap mathematical relationship. And at some point, it's very me there's And again, I don't to understand but I I see it and not read. At some point, the the physical or the mathematics of these relationships. It's very that becomes three men. It's like they chemicals they me mentioned it's like metaphor for The spring for. No. Need they're spending for the It's very interesting about this needs it's some critical questions seems to name is sweat who it seems to since the cat was probably one plane and she broad points.

Okay. So you changing my thoughts about journalism and armed in the connected I don't give an officers question find. So on the that this one have the same. That give me with mathematically. We know it bears out it's. And from the three national realms of not I'm not sure. I guess I'm thinking he'd like to speak about. I nice. But why product is very interesting. I I Just like to see if anyone else does comments and they find what you said. Like that's what we the all rectangle they where. And then that restaurant direction but at same meantime that would be connection Everything in nature followed and then so I get you know, just realizing they we back through us from that mathematical brain I guess.

Everything point six thirty. It right down. Which way been one. I I think that is for. You know, As human beings have for all these thousands of here, tried to gain understand airplane that it seems like there's so many different ways of thinking about looking at things, but what does strike to me, is what you're saying was it there's all those many different things, but know, we looked at them. If we look careful enough, We realized that they're all pointing in the same direction on not. Although, you know, it doesn't.

Seem like that necessarily. Just to use an analogy. Two straight lines it may have appear to be parallel to us. Stand looking at the i know, because as far as we can see, they them to be separate and going two separate places. But if you look far enough, if you follow far out, to like schedule, they're not really parallel. At all that they really converging in a same point. I think so much of human thought philosophy and religion is like that, and it seems to be different tracks going different places But what folks say you look but more you find that all of all of these human attempt to gain me deeper understanding or actually leaving at same point.

Now the same place. That they all it all and for far enough is that non duality is that. So when I was listening to Pam, it made me think about how the world of mathematics is full of these absolutely amazing mathematical things that seem to to touch something things like profound. Golden and rectangular did the match series of but things like that and know they their mathematical construct, but they seem to purposely describe The late hangs are really the whole universe leaders be loading that.

And Physics physicists are a they they use an awful lot of map. And Probably, most physicists believe that ultimately all of reality this external reality vinegar. And be described in magnetic. And you have to admit that so far and certainly seems to be that pace early we've had new mathematical discoveries open up more profound ways of understanding physical reality. And move discoveries and way a physical level. Lead to new ways of using mathematics. So one of the things and and and I thought of this like just is driving up.

So what are the things that this has raised as philosophical question. That's what is matt mathematics anyway. Some say that mathematics is some kind of absolute. It's the idea and the mind to God from which everything we've created and that's why when you look at any of god's creation, you find embedded in these mathematical truths because that's the thought in the mind of god out of which it was all created. And that's one way some people work out. But then there's other people say, mathematics is nothing more than away with him and brain functions.

So minds that depend on human brains can't help but see things in this particular way. Because they can only see and understand things. According to this, the way this brain and mind worries. And magnetic is nothing more than the at an abstract level, a description of the organization of the human england mind brain. The grain mine. Let's save. Those seem like too different tonight. But actually, what they're both doing is they're taking the developing mind the matter and their findings that there's really not two things here.

So So what what you said know, I I was already having I thought all this into to town. And what you said tied into that very Exactly. And this is the idea of non duality, is the the reappear conveying any sort of revision or distinction of any kind in reality. Is and illusion. And some kind related make distinction. We can come up with report different categories. Of dealing with the parent duality. First of all, lead can through relatives. Now there is duality of what exists and what does make sure it's which is the reality of cell the versus view all of mine.

And matter. And these are... These are very silent to allergies. But you know, how do we get away from that your mind has no way of grasping exists and doesn't exist as dane as as not being a well. K? They i'm matter how hard you try? But either exists or exist, and you may fiddle around with it and qualify it and bend and twist it, but ultimately, however, when you finished, bending it and qualifying him and and on everything else. You know, it even is or isn't. But he still come back to it's two hour.

And first, we're always functioning permits well if we could sell another. And we're always, you know, the whole way we proceed or everything is you know, there is there's his mind and it matter and they seem to be pretty darn his faint. Because matter oc optimized space and has shape and form and all other thing. And flying has no particular location and that can move from weird to payroll roll and an inspect, everything else it's not of the way. Other the wheels are are managed they seem to be pretty different.

Well this four possible caves. One is that there is a Genuine the that the reality is new or. The second case is the one that interface and material which starts at all. Mel. It only looks that way. Everything feels really matter. As all this is a as opposed to the dual as And monitor it it's not non time. It says mine is an alert. When battery is organized and in particular right, it behaves as just was such thing as mind. The mine is nothing, but something that matter does when it's organized particular what.

And Therefore mine is really just up one of matter. And so everything is really only right. Matter to resolve is. And that's the material. That's good point did. Then there's another kind of mona isn't. But ideal is And that's Ke who said that all wait a minute. You know? But we're line awake kinda the will but I I'm sleep. Could both be coming from the front mine. And if they think about it. They will come out they realize them very true. Thing say realize it. What we see in how we see is dependent upon the structure of our eyes and the way mind words, responding different or any kind of being with a different kind of eye and a look find of why.

And the more they pursue that, and realize that that... Nothing it's impossible that anything really gives the way you know, by from its own side and outside of my mind that had the The the way to choose to me to read, and then for they have discovery that truth and they jump into monastic. They jump into... The opposite kind of from material. The ideal says that well, Actually nothing exists. That's except line. Matter is totally. Matter is just something that mine breaks up. And so that's the other time that and these two kinds of have struggled with each other.

Four thousand two years. But then the support possibility, which is non dual. What says that Reality is ultimately neither daughter more. Put something completely different, which can appear as matter under some circumstances how can't appear as mine under other. Percent. And so this that's the idea of non realism. Mission is reduction state. Right? It's ideal listed. Or whether it's materialistic is reducing the appearance of duality or and one of the two forms every recovered. And When you do that, they've had file box.

Know, i I could go on a great night but the problems historically. And philosophically quickly and ethically morally to come from both of these times and more. But essentially, people are just being objective on looking at possible cases, we can see that that about Dual has those problems, material has its problems and ideals have product. And so This would direct our interest to exploring the possibility of non realism as maybe being the solution that older overcomes the problems and these other ways of looking at.

Well, that concept that is no actually required fake paid normal. Well, now it giving that one of the three elements yes we talked about the... He mentioned the some week that. There are three acquired Lightning. You let pay or don't have them? Different. Forget. I I I I think it's very likely is it. One of the other others will come clear on what it is in and that. Mh. And the reason I completely the reason my bring got up if because what is So what is what kind doll it something else that doesn't necessarily have to put time Not.

Because I would take payments no the concept with... I mean, light you're not like That's right. Right doesn't really any. That's right. But yet, it might perspective, there is that exactly. So so if you arrive at new enlightenment, if not something, we don't spread the might, I not loading. That's right. We strive to change the perspective of an individual mind away from the from a perspective that the non perspective that nothing's really changed. I mean he. Because we're all arabian enlightened we just don't know it.

And the other thing change what this stuff. Never. No. I know it... But nana it's one no built very Yeah. I mean have that. Another thing is that as long as we think about it and talked about it, we're thinking about it with a mind that, you know, as I said in the beginning. Can't can't deal with things other than that it realistic realistic. Wait. So no matter what you say. Would say okay well. Liking them i'm like. And enlightenment I'm like these are illusions. We're all in light and we just know or don't.

Well, okay. Know what. Don't know. And no matter no matter how hard we try. You know, we can keep jumping and chopping shopping, but Our mine will never be able to come up with something. That doesn't leave us in exactly the same place. And enlightened, I didn't like spell it. Don't know her. You know, this. That. I minds i kind do that. So when we're embedded in that on where immersed in that. This is where they comes in where it has your role. While we're embedded in that, we can only take it on tape that things may be some other way day but appear to be.

We can't have based and non doing. Without... You know, and if our phase is is strong we we may not doubt it, But the traffic was paid is that it's never a certainty. On, but and I can always follow back. And even even to come up With these ideas and we're talking about intellectual and say you, well, yeah, all... These other ways we're looking at them, who and immaterial an ideal are all obviously flawed and have obvious these problems. We can Hope, that non provides me. And we can buy see buddha and red enlightened and veins and things like that.

We can be inspired to faith but perhaps that that's true. Now the problem is where you stop that faith. Because Things is always inherently. And it's always inherently involving some suspension of how things appear to us based on our experience. And So the best purpose that the most valuable thing for paid and do is if their word a way to come to no and experience non directly and for that, to become an absolute certainty. Then the most valuable thing things can do for us is to is is to give us the faith that as possible for us do that.

And so that we keep in mind the backwards and means they would achieve that. So we've from the point i where I'm powering about. First. Equate duality with god. And there are ways of looking at really very different than the way god has been traditionally looked at. But there are ways of looking at the idea god, which basically non duality. Things like that. So we can look at this and we could develop talent trade that that is the answer and state that that was the understanding. But we'll never be fully fulfilled until we can experience that ourselves.

Move What? The reason that we go for records refuse to the buddha is is not because that now long go turned to desk pile of of flexi bones. Can't ever do anything for us with at can't. But that was a being just like ourselves. Who was able to have with bands of non dew duality who was able to obtain that perspective. And if he could, we need to again. And the reason we go records to the dha, is that the le roadmap to get there. And the reason both records to res is We know the road roadmap works because the resolve these other people who have used it and they cover paying result.

So the role of faith is overcome failure. Role of fate is to render faith. Totally unnecessary. So we have to have faith for so long as the only way we can proceed the only perspective that we have is the new vendor and dual one we have to have a that there is second more and that is that we can know that you trying experience that then hang. That's the thing. And in that part of our in that part of our journey before that shift perspective has taking in place. That tape answer as our our comfort.

And know the more evidence that we can garner different ways that that phase is justified that them were more comfort the more satisfaction the more easy it'll bring into our life. And we we learn to act and think and speak in ways that reflect our faith in this truth. And what we find that we do. They according to this. Truth that we haven't yet been able to grasp for expand directly. Is that it positive it it's positively beneficial in the way we experience being the way we are. Date hit. Likewise one we act.

Out of that pay. Hard light goes better our interactions with how go better and we enjoy benefits but not, I'm unlock plasma and speak. So on the journey from the darkness and deep ignorance of linear there, the full and and like not knowing not my faith that why do not certainty the nature, the non dual nature or everything. Between those two point. Phase case the engine that drives its father It's also the suspension that really the ride this foods the right out you know, and makes the journey the journey gets better and better the whole way.

That's that. No I don't mean I yeah. But not I a. If I don't listen to and start thinking though you just went part. You're talking hey Greens. Oh as well. So it's it's. There's something on the back of dealership shirt second what is say what said what you said? You will be earned? Accept. Me that has to be... We can see there and explain I just but it's when relax, they just stuck the random themselves split out how many put something. Maybe perfect sense to me. I what this this journey that I spoke out is all about this learning to stop the mine.

So we can only capture beyond the duality. By stopping. That's right. That's really partly to do. It's really... you know, we really have to pull ourselves up by our bootstrap. Because our line goes through zillion miles mailer and non top. Twenty five hours a day. Right? Twenty aid. Then it's Yeah. But one way you could look at is the more we can slow down the mind, and the more often we can sit succeed maybe even stopping the mining push sport, but very home too. Yeah. They're better off everyone.

Because what lies me on, now when you accept the ideas, what is? We already do a way of thinking him. What's called Some sort. This un unsigned fact fever and which we you start the lone stop die. And and in which we're eating... Well, it it's some shock that's what I do. But to get beyond that, we have to first accept. And we have to use them on. I mean that's why we do, That's why we have to start but thinking your about saying because if you don't. If you don't have some glimmer of understand and me what it is you're trying with do.

You know, you're your time and this body will be over with if or we've managed to make much harder. So we got to use lot. But we've got the use the my to bring bring the line to a stop... How you talk to other people that but still doing the same thing when you have to go in without just what staying holding. Meaning Yeah. You know I mean, we're always the reality. Always brings in. Well, how do... It's a good question? My approach has been when they're busy doing the same thing over and over again.

I just let from deepgram doing saying know can over again. But it seems that everybody has these moments where they didn't get a glimmer. And so That's that's the time that I probably the thought for people is when what I have since. That it to some degree at least in that moment. They're not quite paying everything the same old way balance did report. I don't really, you know, I can't say if that's the investor any anyway. But personally, I don't know how to break to people's in know people's illusions and their have it.

But I what I do know said absolutely everybody even seemingly most lost soul. Don't have. Those half good. Know. And you can't watch out berlin. And that's your technically. They knee would come in that space and maybe behind the rate to invite them. We have order those going have that. Well, I was just thinking a little pain this sponsor. Might look at it. Not a moment. They might have. You know, it's it's when somebody comes up says. Wow. You're sure. I that's exactly what I'm realized. Yeah. I good.

Yeah. No along the same thing on the reminded of robin got older glass. Five out at that. And i what even hell with glass? We you can't sky mates to... I mean, it's not an hour, it's not... you know, Then it's an, you know, forty five unit. And it's exact. But it's fascinating. I have it sitting in the kitchen when they one have forever turn. And there's something still I amazing the mistake. I don't know. It's almost like a mag good blonde for this sank sample steady screen with black sand that points this beautiful.

But I was down saying it because outside is behind it was it's a hip though. And you can watch it. You can can watch the i filled up. And then I'm. You can't... You know, it's beautiful little files, and all of a sudden side of their paper. Can you know m and then even build up again, and another side. It's it's chaos. I mean no no. You can't predict. You can't predict when it's gonna do it and where it's gonna be. And also, he... It doesn't just build up on the the beep. It that the whole thing sucks.

So as it's paid down, it's also filling in from where this was where just to a foundation. So it's all so amazing. Even get something simple as a sand currently up get these baby points. These, it's almost like the traffic comes following with. So, like think human life, and events are completed in such a way that that there's a cave in and there's a. Any and net superb moment, you know, they're be car. And while it's building up in his curtain is slightly some to many many inroads of ip ideas. They're of probably which know i.

News seems it's it's fascinating. I mean even in nature, calling sam's seems something Mh. When this what you just said, reminds me me if happened out. Related to my first response to your mentioning golden rectangle. There is There is a beauty both in the world and then magnetic. That same somehow could. Just that seems somehow to be the same thing as well. You probably all know that when physicists are trying to come up with a theory to explain something. And what has would come over the last hundred years one of the most important criteria for judging from alternative theories Which one is most likely gonna to turn out to the best one is beauty.

View, the beauty of the theory the beauty of the matter. And and the beauty of the universe that theories of the department strike. Seems salt to be it's not awesome. In some sense it is all the same thing time. And it's been once again, it's What is beauty mean anyway? You know, it's something that aren't online. Beauty is in the aisle who behold. It's your mind that make something beautiful. You know, and i thought out that. Well I can understand why as a male human green that looking at a particular young female payment name, I will say oh, She's beautiful It's that programming is henry to serve a purpose in nature.

But why do I look at foundations oh, that's beautiful. Or a, hanging over fluid water. And say, oh, that's really. Or Now. That in all of those cases, I mean, I can see from the first one I mentioned that Well, yeah. The beauty in the on you hold. I'm programmed at the time that report. You know, and the dog doesn't see Anything like the. So it's my mind that is responsible for saying that kind of view. And then I ask myself. Wide would my mind be programmed receive these other natural phenomenon as one more beautiful.

But then, the other thing that I have learned I've been thinking about after a long time time or a shorter period of time. I have become aware nor and more. That everything is beautiful. Even those things that my mind has seems to have been programmed to see as not as ugly as we also But if I can get tasks in mind her, they're beautiful too. Ultimately everything you have in the same sense gary penny is perfectly. If we can see that everything is perfect as it is, then that means that everything be beautiful.

There is nothing for us to be in the least i'm unhappy fight about. And as a matter of fact We only place to be is still bridge. Right? I think that That's once of again where we're were trying to go. So the more often find myself. Experiencing. Everything if that's. Not. Not this do listed. Oh, isn't with that playing beautiful from me, but all, isn't this. Maybe at every time, node distinctions. No separate isn't this isn't such as portrait is view the more often I experience that. And, you know, this is the progress on the path.

This... You know, I I would forward too, but that's the me way i'm. I'm not sure exactly why i've may deal would come out as I speak it. But just came in my mind. Is a story and wanted of the citrus. The one of the through this to main disciples with Fire P. Inside future had a younger brother. About his faint. And I can't remember his name. But one day, sorry and his younger brother we're together and the words made detail. But the younger brother was bitten by a poison circuit And extremely freudian.

And there's time. And he said something being in the... Sorry, P. Said sorry picture. You and some of these other, could you move me to some other place or why there's not follow apart here on the or floor? And so sorry, picture and other people's. And up the under of other and they were coming and can shouldn't say fuck can speak. Is no agitation in his body. No sign suffering. No sign is definitely straight place. His attitude remains pure happy and his the demeanor remains serene the joke. Falcon speed.

You know And so then the younger brother says it basically says everything is perfect and I'm a part of everything. And the this this body is nothing other than what it is. I should buy the attached to it make the fuss about it? Why should i get into the state of agitation and lose my just because this body is dying front average strike. So is that kind of being with the reflection of everything even and now one his to restart. I guess that's why. And many people's minds either beep all up coming into to place or one of that nets.

Yeah. To leave the facts talking without where starting up. Yeah. Yes. That way screen. That's right. It's not new right like... Yeah. And exactly. Yes. You put it very very Well, man. That what we claim to there's mix and like cleaning to create suffering. And that's a matter fact because wanna, you know, hire the plus or insight. This is that for found the insight, when you realize it nothing is the way it appears to be. He also realize that clinging to this solution and all agreements stuff Right?

Like that's not what really is anyway. That's an insight on the way. To having the experience of way thing really regard. So you can have the insight, and you can have understanding him like well. Well. I'm clinging to these things, but my clinton was causing suffering, and it only I could cease this swimming. You know, because this cleaning is a huge mistake. So that creates some motivation. But Wow, yeah. Now that I realized what total them mistake to the spheres. I even motivated it to move beyond that.

So in the progress of insight, you have the stages that the knowledge the knowledge things are and permanent, but things are empty that there is itself the things and the knowledge of suffering pound pointing for that component. And that leads to the knowledge of determination, which says Now that I don't understand it, I can't say stuck here any longer. I just can't. And I can't but anything else. Stand him the way because now that I know that, you know, I'm I'm in a trap that's due to my drafts.

I got the monkey. He's put his fist into the coconut i hole and Can't what. Now that I know, my task to learn to let her. Yeah answered out there. The knowledge of the determination. So that's thing is? That's the insight. When you understand that? You have to go through the stage of understanding it, but not yet quite being totally there with it. And while you do, we're still you're still experiencing suffering, but you know you don't have to if you could just start right So when you recognize Yeah.

Just that that experience. That's right. Okay. Yeah. And then this becomes your practice, because you remember that, when you keep remembering that over and over again, and all of the little van manifestations and an ordinary person's daily life, they keeps kindly have over and order again. And if you start to remember that, every time that comes up, what we will develop is an and insight. We'll come to their point where the mind becomes habit to every time it's grasping, recognizing that grasping and saying, I don't need do.

And so after a while, the mine creates a new habit instead of a habit of grasping, they also had of non drafts. And various when that arises they're in your your on theory on the brain. We don't have to... There's not much more the call you have to do. That you're going to in minds, stock that's pointing stop that started a and we're one clear. So that's nation. Really brings awareness they're that's right. That's. That's exactly great. Yeah. And I think this is what i newly and... You know, when he do.

When the sick or not set. And I think that this this conversation comes around piece. You nice they all is. And Therefore so of raw for education or patients because for person that's sitting across the table from newly wearing the shopping line, it doesn't matter where with seems to be there, that's the little tip. It's that ignorance coming from that person or wrote situation, or whatever it is called. In a process of unfolding. It's all filming and bad speed. Just say the beauty is to be able to see of graham picture and to see all the elements within it as un unfolding and that is twenty few.

So that seems to try all of that. It seems be me and we're talking about that because that's thoughts. In parts and teaching we Have a beautiful sentence. They walked me did navy walked and permanent. And you well an environment. I I think that that is... I I've always start that's what there's native Merit and medical a saying. They've been that's the... That's the same truth, but but they have touched upon and that's how they're express are. That's a wonderful part of it. It's... Theory, it is finished.

And really very friendly That's a huge meats. Mh. Yeah. What we're gonna stopping now should spans and Not view Yes. You know, I I I want to ask you something as artists and poets and It seems to be that the same process process of spiritual evolution takes place and higher appreciation of things and then what we describe that is beautiful, So a primitive state is where when something this perfect. And have different colors in infusions all perfectly balanced on the lines and and the symmetry and everything else.

And say, oh, isn't that beautiful. And that's that's the pretty most primitive level of appreciation we And then it seems to me this what's the Japanese word for when you deliberately make something more polling what W. Okay. Then comes the appreciation and then certain natural foundations. That by most people might be looked at and thought... Oh, the that is that's wrecked and broken. That's out of balance. That's dirty those parts are missing at to go to from the primitive to perspective, they're not beautiful.

But there is a new heightened level appreciation. I allowed you to look at those And in the very as. In the very... What's the word you use when two colors not really those well under the flash. Well, that's not for clash not. Anyway. And and that you say in these things, in the old of something or in the broker something there is actually a beauty. And then, of course, in this formative stage, we have... Why we saw as I understand it is the con version of that. You have a sense of beautiful the beauty hearing natural forms that body supplies might be regarded is not beautiful.

But we still have the need typical and Mass can try but make it be beautiful in this natural aid right. Right? But then you go beyond that and you know underneath to metal and full. You can start to just see the bleeding that's there. An everything test the way it is. And so I see this all evolving towards what we're talking about. The place you come to where Now you're able to appreciate, but total you that's present and hear. How natalie. What it What's happened? This recording his current colored.

Would you agree that? I mean, I. I definitely... Yeah. And then i get back to the wrong. I I don't Last night road nineteen. It's really, very powerful. But the really is incredible. Movie, and and one of the things it was so amazing have in this particular time, various native people that Dakota and the were they weren't more, but they were waiting which wasn't to natural say because of, you know, the non navy pushing from the east and everybody gave questions. Eric. But anyway, so that was happened.

And so at one point, the p were attacking the village in The corner village. And Kevin Caught who... The white guy was like, well, they're coming for the horses not like Oh, they're they're coming for our polluting or women. It's about survival. And it's like there was no anger like, it's perfectly understandable that they would do that. You know, we do the same thing. We we... We're not angry at them. It's just deflect the the coyote hunting the rational. There can come. And so now you know, we're gonna protect ourselves, but they protected themselves without any anger or or judgment?

Or it was like, it were... Perfectly understandable if it would happened. You know, me. She in this movie. And and then also, the Dakota people are always trying to understand from kevin cost. Are there more white people coming? We're afraid that they are. It's yours our history, you know, they'll spanish came, the the texas came drove them off and so forth, no, now many got these like or how many are gonna count up finally he's indy fifth. Yes, they're coming, how many many hits to start. It's like, you know, they're gonna be annihilate, you you know, and they know it.

They pull tell this is it's happening. They're gonna go about their lives and do the best they can to that that they're doing it if in away from a non duality perspective. Just like acceptance so flow of universe is bigger than anybody. And and not anger, Now these are people on the movie that that that are connected with in ancient tradition versus law distortion, there's a lot of know, the reservation system. I he you have whole different kind of thing the fact like you know, and they played that in with the walls, and all this stuff I was just for me how powerful that movie was way back then, and I didn't see it back and I felt it, but I just let's see that that what.

But there's something we could talk more about that, but any... But what we're saying here today I I always have this this thing that I think about. She'll definitely that you're were talking about beauty, but it's and my things... So why did the buddha who was in the environment of the duality a role arrived in a enlightenment or an frame of mine at from that point, realizing that everything is the way it's supposed to be and everything's gonna become way idiots is anyone there's no reason to stay car and try to help anybody because there's no help needed.

Thought them rise no weren't anyway, but you have to do it again for why do, make the decision to stay I mean, I would think somebody that would have told her my let's have such understanding or perception all things that that wouldn't be. That's a very. But I'm always trying to that's it in mind the way dealing. But but I'm I'm trying to figure out why, you know, and there's the idea world of the compassion. Okay. Well, that's thor than it helped. Me little bit. But it doesn't why answer that question.

So now just hearing everybody talk right here. It's kinda like, from that from a perspective of non dual thinking, there's no either war. There's no choice the way bold state. That's right. This there. That's right. And so when it becomes to us from this perspective do as an example, of sn dual living in a risk state. That much of that possible. That then is recorded the best it can be pull around and then had the done. That's... Beyond that, it's a no. That's beautiful. That's very well put. Thank you, John.

That... That's right. They the buddha didn't need to make a choice or a decision because by a standpoint not duality. There was only one way to be. It wasn't that there was only one thing to do. Because doing implies duality. Was only one way to be. I try to remember that I I'm I'm learning to keep that in mind or should say I look at what's happening in our little corner of the world today. And I see I see the native attitudes that are developing the people who They are racist. They... They here for people rather than help them wanna to punish them.

The the total lack of respect for honesty and integrity that's becoming more and more widespread. You know, as growing movement of people who are basically reacting against spartan luther and the civil rights movement because it vein their racism and wrong. And now they wanna strike that. They want to blame the poor for their own struggles. Because they're afraid of poverty like that. I see all of these bad things happening and high and inclined to react. And I'm inclined when I looked at this to say, oh, what's happening is this is really bad.

So I was trying to remind myself that we'll wait a minute. This is what's happening. It's actually perfect. May not seem like it to me right now. But if I can just accept it it's perfect. Now that doesn't mean that I just relax and go along, but now part of it being perfect. I'm part of the whole thing. I'm not a separate part of it. This is happening out there in that it's me. So I have to decide how I I'm a part of it. And so I have to play my role. I have to do my thing. You know, everything is perfect.

And so I have my role to play just as they have their rolls play. And so that's what I have to remember, and that's the place that I have to link. Right. And it's it's not always easy to reboot. And it's really easy to slip in through that realistic perspective. Of judgment. Not saying that is perfect. Becoming a ra and concerned that agitated and disturbed and I'm unhappy because these things with my values. But the truth is it's all perfect. And it's perfect that I'm here. My perfect i'm was part of it.

And so to the extent that I'm still perceiving myself in a way, I need to rise about that an app and think active speak as a part of this perfect hold. So I need video video my Right now, I think my goal is to try to this to other people to write a book to help them i well various still failed understand. And so I that's what I needed I don't need to get all upset of about what's happening. I need to do what I'm with did. And a different person it will have something didn't that suited to be so we have to do the perfect pain for us to be burger situation.

And I think i'm learn to do that, We can't come to the place where whatever form our own suffering takes. We see but that's perfect. It's perfect. On shu this way right now. But It's... But I don't have to continue to... It it's perfect suffering right now because I have this clinging, but I don't have to keep on having this particular thing. I can learn the cease and ipad, now, I can learn to overcome that service. So my second is perfect. It's not something to be reacted against. Did something to be phrase and to move beyond.

Right now to point called depth. No. That's that. That weird. Way do that we have the kind of bodies of all part need that we pass some array is all completely pertinent. And the most enlightenment viewpoint is to embrace every single instance and everything of step audio it. Embracing it not from a place of complacency, but seeing its perfection and finding our own protection larger. You have that story that non And there's their reasons that. Yeah. I his cousin here at that time. If I remember.

Seems that Has something you made talking about the? But the Yes that's exactly what. Essentially. What your name be? Yeah. And the balance? People are working on that one that's reason why i we've seen claims the way. Yeah. Because maybe we we need to have health of thunder or. And we'll. That be on again get you. I I I like that. Okay I think that's right. I think. So you if we this. Then we're get hit. That that's thing work. We're you gonna get tram and more elephants are gonna be. So what we need to do with things right And i think this gets back to the product?

Because if you have something that completely all elements. I'll be really good. All circular. I'm from watching us and in perfect safety of each other. And you don't have distorted notes some skin whether be auditory individual even hold. We know your contracts. It's almost like everything disappears. Ne kind been What? You know, with we there's some she almost me that we're recognized Like the the most beautiful woman is the one who has the mold on it to. That's why I accidentally I allow for con.

Don't they but I don't know Japanese artists. There or some artists who always deliberately included law and they. It's. That's that. Over. Because they were such masks centuries that they they recognize that they've had to build in a block inside April a to be un. And native of America barely they very. They always allow an elves Well, all laws i've got. I'm a real work that. Well this is billing great discussion.

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