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Stronghold August 22 – Causality, Determinism and Choice

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Anything that richard your talk which one? Wake back prevent it so much they walked for me to morning. Last ceremony and chance and it was slightly not august and. So this suggest that that we out because part. Oh. And so know, it was opened up just see if, you know, what keep thought and what decline will mind And so but not being particularly fine I have said feeling about that approach. So, you know, I suggest that sense sort might suggest. And then we're reading this, all Okay. So I am wondering about the interest base.

So I could explain what I mean here. If it's being pain will and That connection that we deal with all. And then perhaps if we're virtuous was enough not saying exactly how I feel it. But the deal will come not kind help it to us. Miss point. Interface that through that and just earth train and and things happen like shit happens? When i was driving here to morning be such a report and price cross road and that's that. No. There was raven road became a way point. Okay. So I think you understand where going.

What? It terms and who so and your all this and us. Swipe state of, what is the interface between this plane, and it is just about and Yeah yet. I would... Let me know see. Okay. A very good question. So it's was to it. Basically the question grows when you were chanting on every. And the light sign and the suggestion was made that maybe we should go in. And then this race question has to the things that happen and they can be good fortune as well as sports but things like maybe struck by, like What is your relationship between those things?

And our virtue I least known by time, i spiritual package going february. And I know someone would have it that you won't get struck by lightning and unless your partner to get struck by like. Right. At this time. And therefore there's no need to make the sensible production of going to the safer plate. What if if we look at with traditional buddhist state. In headsets insights back. But. We have accumulated karma over un accountable lifetimes through beginning notes down. Which means, but right now, you have requirement for accurately anything that possibly could happen and and maybe even summary pops of the good could have.

So all of those required is the right condition. So audio would say based on traditional teaching, we all have the partner be hit by lightning all red. All we have to do create condition sit down on root and a lightning storm. Or creating conditions and therefore it might happen. A traditional idea play based on particular way of looking at at that karma and the i didn't give it. Still buried and here is the idea that our individual self put it. It's some sort of substantial reality that continue through your time.

But those presumption aren't necessary. Let's look at it in another way. You mention will in the position start. And so let's look at it from completely different perspective. What reason tells this? And all of the rational activities of time in different cultures and including western science and full oxford. It's we're becoming more and more apparent that we are that we... Our bodies in mind are another part of this causal determined universe. And Every by detail of everything that happens has a basis in the process of.

What people have often felt when they thought about that. That the does seem that they that the idea of total deter does not seem to be It's not seen that because possess so much rigidity the the newton Universe, which is the concept, but occupied a fairly brief period in the history of in big. Right. It was held for period to maybe a hundred a hundred and thirty years or about something like that. That if you could know the location and position of every particle in universe, you could trace it backwards and know everything that have ever happened and forwards everything that i quick.

That had not been generally believed by anyone or any like for time, at least to extent where paid it been. I existing literature prior to. And it didn't really last past the end of the nineteenth century. And was are gonna be blowing the smooth range really we work of Einstein or and how work all of these people. So the while they're innocent. Term offering in the universe. It's not actually. So somehow remember, although and i did, there are a lot of highly deter processes taken place. And so when a particular decision comes out, and we'll use a relatively gross decision.

They ran out of the lightning or not. But if we look more closely, we'll discover there are many, much smaller the decisions that right so. But take a gross example like that. So there's all of the condition conditioning that makes us the person that we are in that moment, and causes the particular thoughts and dealings and explanations to arise, van. In that moment. And some sort of complex process or take place in our brain and our mind. And at some point, a decision will right. And what it means is all of the factors of weighed me on the actual decision making.

Just two parts ago either There was a there was a greater than fifty percent majority that paid the decision that we took. And in that sense, it is pretty much return history and I'm going to go. So all the things that we thought heard red and told and all the other factors have entertainment through making a stroke out that malt. Played an important role in our decision and they use this element deter. But there are so many of these factors. But very often we make. It is at a perfect balance point.

Fifty fifty if something helps. Okay. So there is a certain element of unpredictable. Some people if you had the information, you could predict fall with covid certain. Whether they're gonna decide to go in from the like or right, that that completely me safe for them to stay out. But there are other people where it's impossible for you to make that the determination because all the collective factors that into their decision making are going to be at perfect about. So on the basis, a reason sign, things like that.

But we can say, okay. Something else operate and there is the possibility for the unpredictable. Although it's only present under certain precise and vision. Now what? The highest teachings that tele. Stuff. We all have with within us in nature. They also tell us root in nature is the ultimate nature everything. That you are not separate, and you don't have some kind of separate root to nature that's even even not even an identical cookie cutter version of all the natures and and the the dogs there's the same throw prolong they actually me whether log through and make sure or repair the phones and your neighbor's disorder or the republicans all russian.

It's the same nature. It's not a version of the nature. Even identical version would be lead one and only in nature. It is the one and only ultimate nature of reality. Now what the highest teachings are bigger, we have tell us is that is this that liberate the individual from the totally mer and and in viable deter that what I would like. Yes. So it is your buddha nature that manifests manifest as wisdom and some decision. Or as compassionate and some revision as low, gene generosity, all of these positive things.

We have used this food and nature that when the conditions allow for it to shine forth. And cause to act that is not the simple result of the patterns on the re will. Now the events that happen and our world. Subscribe to that saying deter pattern and also pull within them. That saying subtle in of the same uncertainty that makes them totally unpredictable. So if you decide to stay on a group and a lightning storm. You could You can't say for certain that you're in be struck by like But what you can say There's any unfolding of universe And and this is what the local meteor eligible is going to be with.

And in the unfolding of the universe, There is a rather unexpectedly high probability. Doesn't have to be that high we unacceptable with the intent fact white thing got. Unacceptable high probability that we extract by, but there is also a very high probability feedback you or not. And you can't predict. Mh. And unless it unless it serve some other perfect compassion for example. Now if it was not deter by your prior conditioning and in ind decision would reflect your gluten natures wisdom and saying more good to come for my going in how they're like.

Graph from stand. On the other hand through some motivation that involved love compassion, so some of immigration and and and return position made reflect the activity of your nature. The work we need to do in the world is twofold. First, we need to create the condition. So that as often as possible, it didn't with maker that determines the course of action where we pay. Rather than pretty ongoing cycle or... So Sorry good determination. The second piece should work that he'd have to dude in the world.

Yeah. That's just centrally conditioning on his dog. Studying practicing, conditioning ourselves through keeping research practice production all the covid pain. Down. Training our online gonna hold some like paying your mind so they would cow for rings it's been connection side of my. This is all partly deter concept. We're feeding at the right kind of influence is so in the future. Even our deter reaction will be at the right time. And if we succeed in that and most of our actions, will be determined a also.

The other piece of work meaning be important is to discover the nature. And to the violence and had the the reflections, the things that stand and and way that we were standing. But keep that through nature from shine for. Now Everything is interconnected. Absolutely everything it. And in this very lifetime these five to put spotting in my. There is a whole set of permit consequences that come from their immediate reactions, which are going to reach fruition. In in this time period when his five i gets who was changing and which i very yeah.

And so you are going to realize the proofs of that paramount. To something degree. And so the order the bar that activity the engage. The more wholesome results you're going to more on hold i here with the unity data. More results with one time and other are going to name in like three three magna test. So remember, you are part, not a separate piece of nineteen people. But you are part reality in a whole holistically chance. The totality of all my reality exists with you and you with can't. But you were a part of ultimate or reality.

So you are not also there was no way that you and the in any way cedric from all up the whole on the hold that have ever take plate. They are all being believe and they're determining a good fashion. Producing certain times of results with management reps. So you have wrote the direct consequences boxes of your intentions and accents in this slide. And also consequences to the ultimate page on his well. So unless just a good reason, better coming out of the lightning extent. I mean I think the question you somewhat what is there from the protection because you're covid all with in nature.

So your your team, your ceremony is there a protection that you know, if you're buried very conscious, severely horrible through their perpetual seems like and a magical sense about. Is larry and snow. Where you mode? Magic of that nature activity in book. And you'll mind that there's been more than few very religiously and fine people that have suffered the consequences the poor judgment even while engaging, it's pretty output. Alright. In area and you're chanting another kind of prediction made the ride, which it was pretty widespread they well.

Even even if I believe that I'm immune struck by, like, or even if I believe that It doesn't matter. I meant to be struck by lightning. Well, I'll be start buying like. But the thought rises and says, But I don't know that may not be true for these other people. And I staying out in the light might cause people I'm necessary the So this that kind of protection well done. Yeah. It it's alright me to sit out there if. I didn't think my food get. But it was wiser is it what I. It was wiser to separate so...

Why is it... I'm. What happened last night. And taking what it is damn that and what it been we shared and might wanted. Staying how that didn't like me in some kind of. I think but I heard will there with people that were working on did not rained to sprint so there that magic. And she called it all my keeping a safe down. Blossom, you're probably very similar eyes everybody speech name, It wasn't we were keeping it from Rain. Or we didn't all booty management month. But maybe not was raining it's joining me.

When you were back what you'll what this happen. You're not wanting it to be this greater black. It's this being with it wisely the way the was. But. And that's what gonna stay. We not with patch ourselves stating particular their move. You know like what. What me morning personal wants stuff. I was sitting for month wave. This doesn't happen. Jeff. This there's have these with stuff. They match we work it's where the are. So know. Yeah. Yeah. If you're... If your true nature is the buddha nature, which is the ultimate ultimate about nature of everything everything that happens is perfect and compared, you know your true.

So Just that forward balance the way the being stopping. My guess... What I'm looking at, it's not resistant and what I think my path. From inside of myself place where be with what this. Yeah. But without. Yeah. Sec bye. Yes, it. There's a certain naive group with people say around. Trying to invoke the power they keep the right. Because right they don't realize. Maybe all have neighborhoods looking out saying? We react immediately brain I hope that right. So you know, or or maybe even third bringing together or tandem.

That. Well, for me it's not about taking penny. Many of those things but just you know, maybe seeing clearly you know that you can be with the people that you wanted to remain That's right. And we've been being happy with whatever happened think. And care yourself. The mean? Yeah. That could back back in right. You can. I type wonderful to you and out of compassion love for the people around you who want to sit outside, and can say well, for they're sake, I hope that it it doesn't rain there's fully.

But then you can say for sake. All of the plants and the animals and whatever else you could think of the the benefit in this ring. You know, I hope that gets serene needs and then The render field gave evening universe unfolding the way the. But the decisions that went okay even in that, I need to really lung you know, I like, I wanted to be out so... Yeah. But I can come back in. Right. If could started. Right. Had been sally with me and see. So my decision was do. I don't know how it happened that was like i knew that I needed to cheaper Was it really perspective?

That's right. And there's many of them. Or more than he knows. You know, determining, How we're sit. Put are the in impact separate for the way? You can actually have well got. Refrain from life on. So Been that of thought. Yeah. I just been really interested people. And what dan they... And sort of Like this conversation seems in my mind be vicinity. In the same. Because I'm thinking about nine as a state where Once deep level one removes the eye and the underneath. And there is a kind of an state of merging up really yes, which is clearance note.

Touch. So high save in the sense. I mean it's in the vicinity of that. Cell. From either... You know, just the being of at this moment. Of all it's complexity interaction and everything just... So that's strong exactly. That's pain right here. I don't know. But that is something move the spit. And there aren't really for, but seems what they're saying that banning chasing he the spending again of non. You're absolutely right. Really good. Thank. Yeah. But. When the fan goal to be able to moving to that space, what's happening to late means he yes I was today so so.

Because the new nuance desire to be in that space. Yeah. I'm not upset. And while we're still second in the place of d developing and some sort, and we're going to be experiencing design and suffering anyway. What better desire than the desire than? To know higher place and what better source of dissatisfaction than the one, that motivates us. They lead moving in the type direction. You we do agent actions that subsequently regret or score. And the positive side of that, Jamie liner from January networks, are decided that is that it creates within us.

It's important of. I It creates with within us. The desire not to experience that exactly again and not to make those mistakes again. And so If me everything's perfectly the way it is. It's perfect that you did what you didn't tell even though you wish pet. But that it's perfect in that it provides within you, the impulse and the impetus. In the kind state as a fact name you are make chamber with that part das fit. I matched the part to focus on, because you can't change patterns. Create exactly meeting are great.

Reality and all the different ways that we generate our the most fundamental or a action of span natural between existence non through all itself and another not all these things we're talking about. I mean, there was this eye that wants these things to be in then other, whether it's for brain go ahead balance with it. And it is wholesome to expand the item include these other people who we want to share the same benefit. But it's still a duality but still still itself for another even if even include are willingness to some part of the and the cell is still divided less their second.

Two. So just So. All the rates. I mean, on the quantum side black she no. There's lightning being standard with your beginnings and oldest... Well, all this complexity. So even if one like not his pregnant then. Then she will one that she do any like. That's. It's like and essentially And even then, we cannot not breach by rich. You say the. Okay. To to restate the question. Gaia, which is like, a smaller version of the obstruction of everything. In our experience. Operates by rules and saying that we will so really a question risk there question with your statement well.

When a particular part of this whole succeeds and penetrating the things into five and and is conscious in a non way. That plays its role and the unfolding at the whole from the standpoint non deal, sir. The whole skill follows it's rear. Okay. Yes. So simple answer is, yes, that's true. Do are dual list of conceptual minds? Accurately, fully understand the rules of the ultimate? No. And go. So keeping that in mind, but nevertheless, What? What consciousness concerns is the on the plane, i be relative definitely are real and you mine cam attempt to identify those rules and maybe different.

Right? More primitive was constantly doing that. Trying to discern what god your spirits that were that and told the brains and simon the props strike. Reverse their death was the children what sickness need our. This has evolved in several different direction. Modern science is one of those in a sense, modern science is just an extension at the same thing. We're still trying to figure out the rules on a brain concrete that. Using the tools that had available with it. And, of course, there are those to have basically, say, well, there, we'll never understand that details are done.

Got it. We'll accept that. Everything happens everything that happens has to be the result of things really back the board. And so and adopt a a simplistic view of. And that's all Find. Right. Weird Pardon whole, not at the street part. You got a holistic particle hole and polyurethane switching. Achieved the a non consciousness note. Then because it's a part of the whole in the holistic extent. To that degree got shoulder under undergo a certain degree of the similarly of the explanation. So when the breeder when buddha achieves ultimate awakening.

We're no longer talking is about. The trajectory through time and space of five. We're talking about Within the hold, a transformation has taken play that isn't temporary, but isn't dependent on these five trajectory time space. The. The be what matrix. That when sparkling of consciousness, Comes out in that sparked of consciousness entered High school. And yeah, I mean I've heard accept and it changed one add meeting couple forty universes. K. Though may. So So therefore that prince said you know, what saying before we manage and, you know, So I'm thinking about that.

Okay. What the saying show me how consciousness, when we say something like where? We are contributing too or something So get what we to that? Yeah. Absolutely. What we do first powder very much. Right let's also just be clarify this particular point. Also making it regards to the highest agent. We could and thinking parents will impact to everything we go to matter. Everything we do matters. We could thinking apparently with time and chain might the assumption that we're somehow creating the essential purity meaning the ultimate the nature or move in nature.

We're transforming some Sorrow into Nevada. Or we're transforming the relative for the outdoor. And that that didn't penalty. Okay. Be sucks, nature ultimate reality is absolutely perfect and changing. And so in the case of an individual achieving your awakening. What is happening is the the cloud of ignorance that characterize the five aggregate. Before the awakening, is in be being pure five and then move loop in so forth. But likely we revealed was there all the time either. Okay? And throughout all time.

And so it's difficult for us. I understand. Although if you can give up the attachment to the notion of cash feature and be pass your time. Yeah Because our minds want to think in terms of well, it's just right now and it will be that way down. We you didn't think good, but but everything feels Absolutely perfect. As knowledge has always will be. And in nature that prediction the ultimate security. So that's just the the little hang on so. So this very clear and accurate right thinking. Doesn't slip into another up.

But when me say in my mind, I create paradigm buddha. Yep It's still very very important feedback. That's that's it's. Right? That's right. Because where we are. It does it seem like a paradise d buddha. But if we learned to look at it properly, we see indeed it do. And we hold position. All sentient, my about true about the inheritance here. What you gonna. I mean, what we're trying to what? Usually important is controlled at in my mind and creating parents quickly because Of here of I'm sorry.

That's perfect right. Yeah. Yeah. Any rats comments regarding taking home projection here? Thank you. Thank you all for your actually wanna comments the questions. Yeah.

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