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TCMC 19 August, Part II – Review of 2 Previous Talks, Discussion of Consciousness, Summary

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learning ward out the nature of the minds through combination of analysis and inflation, observation, coupled with meditation. And of course, meditation is all about learning about. Your non direct observation and experience. So these two complementary things there. We started out. I think the question that got thrown was what is and I just wondering if if any of those or as any of you who here for that discussion, remember where that led to. And would be willing either of best step. And we concentrate what is configuration?

What are recon? Actually, we can leave take simply do take on that. If somebody wasn't here, they want to try out their understand and what it is that's what it is it redeeming when we say that you're cultivate enhance concentration. Yes. Proceed thoughts. Both thoughts. The focusing part definitely, but Let's look at the clock part now in meditation, are we is is our goal and intention to think. Not really. No. But if we have a skill in concentration, thought is definitely something that can apply it to.

Right? We can think something through. We can do an analytical meditation we can carry out a contemplation by taking a particular. Topic or subject and thinking it through very carefully quality and very thoroughly and the only excuse me, the only way that we can do that is with if we have the ability to keep mind on track. Know. So concentration can't be acquired with far. Okay. Concentration is more general than thought. So the focus part I agree concentration is it has an important element matter concentration and slow.

Yes. Think we talk about focus attention. Attention. Yes. That's what... And and that's what we have here was when we thought about it. Whatever it is and we're were focusing saying, it seems to be The same thing that we refer to when we say attention. We pay at advance it's not. Or you ten does not right. And concentration seems to be about gaining some intentional control and achieving some stability and attention. Right? So... Yeah. Learning. Learning some skills to do with attention. As a matter Fact I think that we could sort sum up what reference to concentration is by saying that is learning to achieve severity of attention.

And if we compare that to our normal situation, attention seems to be constantly moving her out. So very unstable. And when when you were a a child or seeding in school, you you had to learn to concentrate on your school work, meaning we have to learn to keep your attention focus on subject matter and anne. And the line didn't wanna do that retention kept on any girlfriend's, other things a little more interesting and inviting them and I'll or algebra definitely. So, yeah, that's we're doing going meditate.

We're training the attention and cloud What are qualities of attention? What we talk about some of our qualities of intention. I was wondering if some of the people that were here for that recession, would like to add that to this summary or or anyone else talk to volunteer, what what are the significant aspects of qualities of attention input me to examine. I'll trip they understand it. Yes. I I wasn't driven before. I keep getting this picture on my mind but sort of focus and always this ends coming wrong trying break instead.

Yeah. Great yeah. Usually they do. Know but the the real attention would be i'll just show what? Gently do you you weren't even Where are the day behavior? Yeah. Right. Yeah. That's what we experienced isn't matter try to pay attention to this. All this other stuff keeps to me and competing for attention. Either to share the attention space, or else to grab hold of the attention and take. That's definitely one aspect of. Any Yes. Yeah. It's the right thing state That's that's actually the classical terminology the dates back to the buddha himself like it is is learning to direct attention and sustain actually.

And in this way, in intention, is an important order to introduce in here. Is there's... When attention can be intentionally directly we've been directly towards something that you have formulated an intention to pay attention to But attention also moved spontaneously. Right? So direction has to do with the mood tension or the connection moves and you have to redirect it back with what you. And a tax. Have to keep redirecting me. So that's the kind of a skill. And we all we all start out capable of directing attention.

But it's not a skill that many out of have cultivated to a great degree. So that we direct our attention bounces away almost as fast. As business. Another part of is just sustain our attention. He place your attention on saf. And stayed here for a while. But then, it's gone again. And so in the Did we go back to the oldest teachings on meditation we time I'm talking about developing directed and sustained retention. And you from me, I I do have her background as a her of scientist. And when I think in mind, I can't help think of it in terms of the activities of the brain functions of the brain that have rely it.

To me, it seems to me that there is some part of our brain okay when we think this in mine, we can say a process of the mind that corresponds to a part of the brain. Its main function is to direct the attention. And that can be of either under intentional control or else just happening but under the influence of some automatic processes. And most of the time it's the automatic process. And then there's another part your drawing brain my that seems to have the function deciding When you paid attention to something longer?

So that you pay attention to something and and my address on that, matter point comes where your mind is loose and and your attention goes to something else. So there seems to be a part of the mind that has this function of the turn when attention against the sustained button one thing long it up. And when I think about it i think about consciousness attention, really attention is to be conscious of something. Right? Mh pay attention. Is happening response starts. And one of the things that we talked about was we seem to have a limited capacity for to.

And process awareness, does seem to be important. And so it makes sense. There there would be some to make sure that this resource mental resource we have. That exists that has a limited capacity gets used, it's applied in the best possible way. Right? So and we all know if you absent minded this. Your attention becomes two focused. On one thing for too long. And the t camera goes dry and the kitchen catches fire in the house bernstein stand. Right? Or, you know, I think of any example we want, but there's in mind of us.

Where is it's what actually happens with Most and Our like is our attention stays on any one thing as long as it seems to be sufficiently important. And then it's cut loose. And what happens then is attention seems to move from one thing to another looking for something important that you should pay attention to. Or conversely, you're paying attention the something. And something more important comes along, and that's what you're talking about it said, hey. Hey attention to this. This is part. Bye we can train ourselves with it.

It's a... It it it seems to be a mechanism that exists. It's there it's there's of a purpose. And so we can take the advantage of her and train it if if it's... If it is too our advanced to be able to sustain our attention on something. Which it course is exactly what happens when we learned to concentrate as students and stool or as. Different kinds of things for different reasons, but it's the same thing. You're saying, okay. There's it benefit to the game by they able to sustain the attention.

So we have the intentional direction of attention as opposed to smart thing is movement mode of attention and search or what whatever really is important for. Interesting. And then we have it's the same detention, which keep the attention resting on the same thing. First, sustained attention gives way attention boots, and we'll get to redirect our attention and patient we do this over over to again and so At point, the mine serves to respond really well. So to as long as you hold the intention, Even if the mine moves away, comes back automatically by itself.

Every time in gets away, he'll keeps coming back. You say i myself and directly directly attention. Likewise stay your. Right. Every time be bring your attention back, you have the intention to remain whatsapp that as long as you can, and sure enough over time, maybe longer and longer and later they to stay there. But so... Yes. Intention attention has these equal. Focus. When you focus your attention on stopping, is that the only thing that you're consciously heard? It's not. You're everywhere all the things simultaneously.

What are you most familiar aware? The focal point of your attention or the second the quickly? Focal point. If you're paying attention to two things at once? Is your It is the consciousness of what boutique things, and usually as strong as clear as it would be if you were focusing on just one. No. And kinda have scenario consciousness As officer it. And one of the other distinctions that I made last time, with years ago. How did we how how we go about thinking in a productively way about this fact?

There is a cognitive of awareness of many different things. At any given moment. But there's something very special about some of those things. In terms of the vivid and a clarity with which we receive that. And does that not correspond to the word we usually used let's say I very conscious of things. We're very conscious of something. So what your most conscious are is what's like the focal point of your attention. What your less conscious are are those things that are more in the more more peripheral and the scope of your attention.

Right? But are there not also things that you are aware of in a sense, because you can't really say you're conscious on. Gp with that? And just illustrate that. Right now, examine the sensations in your left toe. And when I say that, you shift your attention there. Right? And you get become more fully po of this sensation. And where you conscious of those sensation before I suggested it to you? No. No. Would you agree? Some of you might have been a little bit, talk your yourself. Especially if you're big toe eight or or something like.

But this this is what I'm talking about. There. A lot of things that They're not they're not totally out of the picture, You know, like, what whatever it is it's behind my ad visually. You know, I have absolutely no visual awareness of things behind my dad at all. But there are things in my digital field, but I have awareness out, but I may not actually be conscious of unless nothing draws focus of my attention to you that. K. Okay. That's the point Maybe. So you know, I've struggled find in the right words to talk about this and describe this and and settled on on the basis of the way we normally use words in English language.

That... You should in general, we are prone to use consciousness in a very specific way. And to say that we're conscious of something or or referred when talking about consciousness, talking about where there's a large degree of this illuminati eliminating quality of of mine on the things that were conscious of. We agree very that? And we tend to use awareness in often in in the same way. But we will also use awareness in ways that are more general. So what I what I propose to do is say is to in order to describe what actually happens in our experiences to to appropriate the word awareness to say, anything that registers on the mind or the nervous the system.

In such way, that is capable of producing a response to a reaction. Let's hold that a arr. K? Now let's reserve consciousness or that difficult to define but very familiar quality of elimination of knowing or conscious of something we had the experience of knowing it. Okay? Now the reason I wanna do this is bringing to to your attention across you to think about this, take it back to attention. We could think of attention as having a focal point. And then there being a scope of attention even while home and a particular moment your focus on one particular thing.

Conscious awareness, while focused on that, conscious awareness also is taking in a broader range of phenomena. And some things are further from the focus of attention than others. And the power of toxic awareness is decreased the further gets right. And got in fact there are a huge a male of things that we have some sort of sub subliminal or sub subconscious awareness out. But they're not really within the scope of our attention. And if we choose to use these two words a little more strictly and the way I'm suggesting, what you would say There's there's a vast amount that we have an awareness of at a sub or sub subconscious level, but we're not consciously aware of it in them moment there.

Does That agree with your experience? So this attention that we're talking about dan now what we've done is we created a very powerful win explaining this stuff we call consciousness and But I don't know be referring to his attention. K. So attention i has all to do. With consciousness sponsored. Out of all the awareness, attention is that part of all of your awareness that is. And the focal point of the photo of your campaign is that which you're most fully po. So concentration there has to do with attention and now we brought around the consciousness.

Concentration has to be consciously. And if we go back to looking at the way attention behaves, This picture attention like but the spread of a beam of light, and it has a focal performance noted. Right. So we have this b of mental elimination with all consciousness. Like a physical white. And we can leave good now. You look at be conscious of do total when you're can be conscious to the back of your hand and leave the be conscious of what you're looking at. And we consciously the sound of the tenth, we can move it around.

And then putting a focal point on difference. And as you leave the focal point, what's in the periphery of your consciousness tends change as well? Right. And, ma'am, as we saw earlier, this attention is pain of natural organization. Things can invent it. Inject into it. Or things can sort of back or cause handle and redirect it. Right? And so when we meditate and we're trying to... We're trying to work consciously and intentionally That's an interesting thing. I just said that I'll come back to work consciously with it.

Intentionally with our attention. What we do at some point, we realize that, well, I have to be aware when something is creeping in there and going to become the focal point of my attention. And i have to become aware when something is starting to let if you like the handle of the spotlight consciousness and red deck it's somewhere else. If I can do that, then I can use my skill and directed attention to refocus unconscious awareness where I choose. If I be kinda aware of that, I realized that the drift is starting to happen.

Not only hannah. If I... If it's already happened, can I bring it back But if I consent that it's about to happen, I can keep it from happening. I can somehow exert an intentional influence over that sustaining detention sustaining part of my mind to say, hey, don't let it go. Stay on this one. So these are send me the different qualities that attention has and print with consciousness. Attention is movable. But the scope of attention is. Another thing about the scope of attention like lou notice, I'm sure is that it can be expanded or can be track the type?

You can focus your attention very tightly and something. This is where all of your conscious awareness this is. And very little else was included in there. You're not conscious are very much else. But other times you can expand it. You can open You can let it take in so much more. I or anywhere between days. We learned to do that in order to multitask. Keep track more than one thing it was. Sometimes we bounced around back the forth and andrew just defend scope of attachment. An interesting thing that we've already alluded to you though, whenever you expand the soap of your attention, what happens to the quality of the conscious awareness of the specifics within that story?

Right? Not It's not as intense. Yes it loses intensity. It loses clarity tape. It's it's definitely really good diminished. So that it's a lot like a physical light beam too. You know, you take your black light, and turn the left, strike the beam and whole lot more is eliminated illuminated, but not as frankly. But you can print it the other way. And now we can't see anything but that's right. They're right to front of you. But it's very bright done. The other thing though, Now, this is something that you may have noticed that you may not have.

But this very important terms of by fiction. And that is that you can crank up the power of consciousness arr. Just like know, you have this light and you can spread the theme or you can focus the same. Imagine you got this little dial out and you can dial it up. So that... So you had it focused on something dissipate right view. And you could see it right and clearly. Then you spread it out, everything starts to get paid. And then you go back there and your crank the dial. Now that whole area, everything in it.

It's just as bright was what is right in the center before. And this this is a very important thing that you can accomplish and meditation, and you want to be able to not pushing by your case. Not only gain control over the movement mode of attention gain control over the scope of the attention. Because you can also gain control over the power of the conscious of awareness that is what is eliminated illuminated. And we had a word for that too but once again kinda fine. Ancient poly sutra would do the teaching.

And it's called it's usually translated into English as mindfulness far better would be translated the something like with power of conscious awareness or the power of mindful awareness. Because if you followed what I've said, so far you see how That's a much more accurate restriction I like there. It's power. Now I should qualify that. In the Poly. We're very clear and then had the buddhist teachings, the the teachings of the building himself. Were originally recorded first verbally and regulated and writing and our language was called poly.

Which is which was a formal version of the many different dialects spoken in the part of India where the data lived and wandered to top. And they have called the dialect. And as it is in societies that have many different dialects, there usually comes to be a formal language misunderstood understood by all of the people who cannot necessarily understand everything in each other's. And so poly was the formal what's the formal language of that part of India. And there is the word sat key which we translate his mind mindfulness.

And the time buddha of event very specifically this power of power of conscious awareness, the power of mind awareness. Now there is another meaning both in English and this sign in San street, should tell you about brother you know, you're kind of across. So you want you can confused. A few centuries later. The Buddhist eighteenth were translated into San, which had them the traditional language of spiritual teachings, or the language of environments or many literally thousands of years before the time of the dealer.

And so a few centuries after the passing a to Rebooted stations were translated into San, and some of the words in Poly were and so that version of San is known as Buddhist essentially. And in that buddhist san, was we're corresponding to sucky. But it took on a different meaning, more one of remembering. And so this is another way that you'll see that were translated into English as use. Is as though referring to remembering. And it's it's accurate. It's a very important part of what we need to do.

I mean, when you meditate, you have to remember what you're doing. Right? And how do you remember what you're doing in mindful of us or in education? It's because or it happens because here I am focused on my meditation object whether it's a breath or visualize bluetooth image or whatever it happens to the focused my meditation object. And of course, what happens if I get too focused on my meditation option object. My mind just does its ordinary thing and at some point, the attention sustaining mechanism says, yeah.

This is not important anymore. Mh. It's gone somewhere else. But then, you'll have this experience of remembering, realize Oh, this I didn't sit down here to think about the new car lot of the blind. I sat down here to practice this meditation. But And so that's that is kind of mindfulness. So what you do when you meditate is you learn to keep you learn to have some of your attention. At all times, directed towards the mind that, not directed outward towards the meditation object. But some areas...

Some of that directed inward whereas when the mine do? And that's what it allows you, you know, I talked about earlier and You're sitting there and meditating and you realize that something is pulling your attention away. And so you redirect it back. Okay. That is mindful awareness. That is specifically mindful awareness. Data's is observing what's going on in their mind at the moment. And so it does involve the kind of remembering. So this other meeting mindfulness guy's remembering is is accurate.

And understanding it is is useful and important. But the original meaning of Sat is very important the power of mindful with power of consciousness. This is what you're increasing. This this is a really important saying that you need to send meditation. If you don't do that, where meditation becomes an exercise and slipping into dol. Ignoring care everything else. You're shutting down awareness of sensory stimuli your you're that you in mind is ce to generate all of its thoughts, everything else.

And if the power conscious awareness was not increased was going to decrease and it going end up sitting there translating like state of dogs. But what's really interesting is if it in increases if your mind does stick quiet. And the power mindfulness was increasing and they're not paying attention the sensory are. And your line's not generating random thoughts about just that. We have saying all the usual kind of natural flutter that you live with on. If it's not doing that, all of this mindful awareness is occupied with the mind itself.

And so when you're dedicated, you learn that well, the only way i've keep my mind and meditation object is to notice when it's starting to jeff. Or to know this when something else is. I yeah. Or to notice when I'm starting to get dull. So what happens there is you start off and you're looking at your meditation object, and every now and then you turn on look at yourself and so up the can't still medi meditation nine their could. Or you looking at yourself and say, oh Guess, I've lost it. But after a while, you kinda place where instead of it being an either or back in the forth.

I'm looking at my meditation object, now I'm looking my mind. And i'm looking at my meditation i. And have a quick check on my mind and say, oh, yeah. Still again alright. But we'll kind in place where you're now always watching in mind, and the mind is still watching the meditation model. So when that happens, and you have this power mind for arr, this power mindful awareness is macular focus on the mine. And then you are... At that point, beginning Crystal fulfill, a real goal of meditation. In terms of kind note and I understand, see the nature of the mind itself.

We started out. It was just a simple problem on how do I keep my mind on the object. And by step by step it becomes powerful conscious awareness focused on the line with cell. At that point, you don't even need notation object line. At that point you can plus the meditation object over there. You let's see. This your behavioral role. I engaging their hand at meditation somewhere other than in your mind. Yes. That is. That's not something that sense stern how or Yes. Oh something. That's that's Gary accurate very perceptive.

That is exactly what happens and exactly where you want to deal. Because if you examine your experience, it starts out using with reference and meditation object. Then the sensations are happening out here. The awareness of is and some difficult to identify that in space. Right? Even if your meditation object were say visualizing a beta image. There still is a relationship of here and there in that and what you're what you really need moving to And radio naturally and spontaneously reach is the fusion of the two.

And of course That by itself is an insight. We realize that all these out there things are actually in the mind is... They're all in here to start with. So anyway, So... Yes. Where soon we go from here. Is this interesting william? Is this helping you in a positive way in terms with how you're gonna able those carry out meditation practice. I think it's important to know what you're doing and why were doing there. No. I told you go wrote these six to together all out and then and say until something happens and kinda i can tell me about it.

And if you did do that, you eventually say, it started to smoke. God. But it's better if I tell me why it gives you try do. This sense. It's a really interesting claim. Everything comes down through it and. Yeah. I was started talking about what is concentration. When we discovery it was all about concepts. And and the more we talk about it, the more we're seeing that everything is about after. Attention is that out of all things that there is some kind of awareness of attention, the start with attention and focus of attention that's the scope and focus of the conscious part of we're wax.

Let's look at the relationship between these two. And see if we can gain any deeper understanding of consciousness itself. First of all, I want to remind you of all the experiences you've had. Awareness allowing you to function in the world in very complex ways without any consciousness. Are you you're aware of that. Right not. There are the the classic and obvious examples are You're driving your car, which is a very complex activity, but you can be talking to somebody. But think you does something.

And he will suddenly come into the press and realize you have no ideas or anything that's happened stacks. So it's really interesting. This non conscious awareness? It's very effective and useful starts. Some some people researching in the area cognitive of science and and philosophy consciousness I've raised their question, What is consciousness straightforward for? Is it necessary? You drive a car across happened around being conscious of it? Why? Why are they conscious anyway? We think you have to be conscious or you can be on unconscious Now that is a very good point.

You have to be conscious before he be. Yeah. Yeah. Because if you in way, it was like language if I would buy. Alright. You remember what it was like, the first time you drove through that neighborhood did when it was a strings of foreign employees. You were very conscious. So there is a role with consciousness plays. Once it's played it's rolled then, Things can happen I. How much of your life takes place unconsciously. A lot. Why. And what things are your what kinds of things that of your consciousness do, like, are you totally unconscious?

Or is your consciousness doing something else while you're living your life tax. What? Usually doing. Usually, your consciousness is occupied to something else. Say actually retention is somewhere? Yeah. That's right. How important are most of the things that occupy your consciousness while you're living your life on unconsciously. Not good. So right way, we can see is it the scope here for making life at the very least more interesting if you can change that statement. You know what a zombie is?

Functioning Yeah. It's it's it's a kind a thing out of sip sixties oat beliefs where a dead body is animated and you know, it can do things but nobody worries solved. Philosophers have raised the question, you know, they they used idea somebody and and say well, We can do all of these things and not be conscious. So theoretically, there could be a zombie. And who has all this automatic programming so that they can't... You you wouldn't be channel from anybody else? Because Just as when you're in Zombie mode and the red light brake lights come on the far front of view, your foot moves to a break passes you them.

You know, you come up to the zombie and say, what do he think the meaning of life and the Zombie reg a sort of, you know, one of the mill ordinary meeting of life answer. Right? So how would you know their And if it's possible for... Would be such planets sign Then what is consciousness anyway. What's the difference between the conscious person and that kind of zombie. There's presence Exactly. Is... Well, first of all, let's look is there any objective difference? I mean, we... By definition, there isn't, because we've already said imagine a zombie that had called programming so that be couldn't tell her apart.

So we've already... We've already defined our zombie in such a way that object we can't go a difference. So this consciousness it one of these two meetings in front of us is conscious. We haven't anyone to in a know is the cons being because it's a subject that expands. Consciousness sense is that subject subjective to experience. Very interesting. So maybe a country. So I it's in a state of real conscious. Conscious where is why you doing own study notes? I mean. But being right and probably you.

You are focused on if you know that you're no. It's a fairly simple thing we kind of describe, but but it's agreement you used beatrice needs to work presence. You're very signs with what is what your thoughts? This is really interesting thing you use the word type. Knows that he knows. Let's just see it. That is as absolutely essential. Or the difference Trend is zombie and I electricity, the zombie doesn't... It doesn't know. Zombie be zombie just does. I mean, what new really really gets sound to what you mean by note.

Does your a computer, know your email address. You would say, yes. So you could also say no. They said Computers zone. It's just a it's just a mechanical kind of functions. That be degree consciousness? Well, let's see if it takes us fifty degrees of consciousness tense. Yes. And ask question. Much of difference bring out. Zombie and a conscious person named the think a choice choice pouch to my mine. It's a it's an exercise of choice Is a responsive. Entity whereas as, yeah, it's a conscious person has some element of choice know if you ask what color Sky it zombie people will say blue.

A conscious person be saying he's purple or and this conscious person be saving s earlier something that indicates sort the exercise of choice in your mind in your. That's a very very interesting word point. But yes, there is some aspect of choice that we speak of a zombie. If we speak Zombie, or we speak of the computer that we're speaking in these sorts of mechanistic terms, imagining where sophisticated program scales. Zombies these all computers that could be behave like bins let like that. It's still deter in a way that we don't consider ourselves to be.

Right? So there is a difference there. And that as a matter of fact that does fit with the very first thing that came up. Rep so that we and because we have to be concerts before we can learn to lose the things so we do automatic approach. Consciousness plays a role and creating the program. And i'm unconscious we as can alter the program, it has some old another choice there there is not that's not implicit in our concept of a deter on. So that's a good point. And we'll get to levels of consciousness that.

What is your comment that you were going to make? It brings us back to that point word the. Choice. Right. Choice and intention. Right. Because our... When we sit down to meditate, what happens is what our brain is already conditioned to automatically do. And we sit down with a different intention. And we exercise a kind of choice. And as a result of that, we've been training hard brain dock rate in a different way in the future and we can become skilled of medicaid paper but that was interesting, Well we brought ourselves to to a whole new level.

Right? Intention. Choice assignment Right? Sign that this sorry. That. Yeah. So billing. We hate that word knowing. I'll take you back to some they have knowing and knowing that you know. Take you back to some of the poly blocks began. Word or narrowing or and poly. And then San, it's very similar. And there's two different kinds of knowing that they're spoken up. There is Dean nana which is really, dual knowing or chief partner. There's so no no? And then there it is non dual value. Actually associated with something called we our price now.

So When you know that know he you know is who is it? That is and i order peter was there. That's the number. Other nowhere and no your time. But if you know your telephone number, Alright. You know your name, did you know the Capital of Virginia. If you know left from familiar, this is all do. There's not if you know what I'm holding in my hand, there's two things. There's you can over and what's the thing that's not. We we're running out of time here. But it be weird... But this really something we think about.

I think if you think about it. You come to conclusion. Right. But this isn't an important distinction. Because. Are saw the no sir. There's no reason why a brain and mind the rising out of the brain. Can't organize in such a way that it. Distinguishes between Me know zombie and the no cup. Or the known check. Or the known experience. Right? We follow it on a second. No? Maybe it's a big jump. What's it? Are you getting the non? I'm getting into to non dual here. I'm getting to an aspect of consciousness.

Yeah I refine that at not. Okay. Nick we see this let's back up a little bit just talk about. How do experience have? I use the example was a mental elimination. Does that resonate? When you are conscious of something, it says that something. Is illuminated. Like, it has a like shown on it, and you can see it. So does your agree know what to do? When the brake bikes come on in the car ahead. Is your grain powder chocolate. The sensations that are produced when you start to protect press on the break.

Is your brain capable of adjusting pressure on the brake? They produced the right radio stop. And can correlate that with how rapidly the tail likes are expanding in their visual video department or or not. If something unusual happens, can your log conscious brain recognize it, oh, this is outside of the soap of usual. This is something different. Well, if it can't, out when your completely lost in thought, if a child runs off the sidewalk, Immediately andrew present awareness, what's happening frankly.

So what happened is this was all on the dark. Well I was happening with the car or you find traffic and everything else is all happening. And some dark place. Whereas the light the lighter consciousness was shining on something else. Your angry yourself for not having the perfect comeback but a person who in insult o'clock not. That's where they'll live. But all of a sudden it changes. And you can't say that it was the light consciousness, but can't say it was the attention that was focused on the mental processes that you were engaged stamp.

That became aware it's something unusual. Requiring conscious attention have just the reason. Right? Something to something that required the kind of decision making on choice something if it went beyond the automatic program. So if it didn't come from the attention where they come up, it must have come from that unconscious rare. So even that Even that dark place. Even that dark place carries out some fairly sophisticated judgments. And those when assigned to go and wrapped and handle over the torch of consciousness and and refocus.

Sorry anybody. I just I didn't... Maybe get stupid job to ask you he say... Yeah. Oh got. The difference between narrowing again. Knowing where power. Think you'll think about it anyway, I doubt you can go right. We think about it next week? We can think about a week recap to an x. Oh, the way now. Yeah. Let's Brian wants to thank you other your next Actually. Yes. Exactly question that... This is going backwards. You're trying to focus your attention. Oh my. Because she was fine. It seems like there's a almost like a bat that goes off.

Rather than just So I called in not small period. Granted rather than just front of that well and i must agree where there is nice and general. I've battle like this too... Yeah. Like at least. Okay Well, that's a very important thing. Okay. Let me point this out because all of this will be a lot easier to think about and Understand fifty this and not Your mind is not one thing. We remind as many different things. Doing different things, different doing that for different with different difficult.

U. So one part of your mind, the see sketched out as during this, or the safe thing disc, and it considers that be really important. And another part of your mind and say there's is a job to take care of this kind of business And whatever this reason and he... These are its goals and objectives, and it considers that be paramount for. U. And certainly the other six hundred processes here are going on in the month. So... Yeah, You have at least a struggle between at lease to different thing. This is also contractor very interesting thing is they spent a lot of time Jocelyn to see.

Who gets the attention. For sure perfect. What time? You know? And really the role of the attention sustaining part of your mind is to decide when One metal process has had enough attention and the side the attention it was somewhere else. But some other another process accent attention. It works really well to your survival data and make sure that we pay attention A lot of what's going on around and hopefully pick out most things in the respond to appropriately area too. Remind us many different processes service We have competition.

And an important part of this is all of these processes are unconscious unless delighted consciousness see. And even there, you don't usually get that much elimination on the process itself. Only on the products. Right. Right. So... Yeah different perspective on. So when we meditate, we develop concentration, and we developed mindful for awareness. And with your concentration reaches so strength power. The mine will unify and jelly organize. And when the mind It's used to being in unless unified states, this joy will subside and imp and you begin experience.

Tranquility. The joey still there than how to trying. And then, when majority and tranquility are well established the morning. Then well really well develop or sorry out very beginning have email. You have a mind that is in a safe of joy. And October I'm gonna to talk to you all about what Jody is, but here's the answer I'll give her. Joy there's a state at Metal State. And. So you're gonna save your jury. Mine is tranquil. It responds with e. And it does so because it has because it's uni unified instagram unified through the practice of concentration gaining severity of retention.

Now the mindful awareness part of it, you won't be able to develop sufficient concentration for unification that take place and enjoy aquaman and develop, unless you've developed at the same time, a power of mindfulness awareness, and not that we've you learned to focus it on the bind cell, so that it's a kind of intros line. So if you do that, then you have a joyful, tranquil, economist, mine, with powerful conscious awareness, focused on itself and the result of that is insight. And start. And so that's the whole path that we're trying to to train and you include concentration and mark their right.

Now within that full structure, started our concentration. We talked about concentration as involving direct paying retention. And we've talked about mindful awareness as with power, consciousness, the power and consciousness. So I think maybe what we'll talk about next time we'll continue to here to where I think we need to get a little more attention to is the unification of mine, what that is, hands and... Yeah. Okay. So we have a program feature.

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