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TCMC 19 August, Part I Q&A – Beginning Instructions, Restlessness, True Contentment

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specific ways to maintain new shallow is that reviewed? Yeah. And in daily life. And the difficult situations are ours. So Yeah. What are the things I get kinda down I didn't really one of the reasons that we meditate is to develop. Not reactive reactivity not non impair this not in difference. But a state upon where Those was compulsive of emotional reactions to things still don't keep pushing up and getting in the way to us are being able to see and understand and treat situations So that is one of needs accounts on meditation.

While developing a strong meditation practice, as as your concentration inquiries, and as you develop on the the side, This develops naturally as a part of that. So Far cursor answer is is all pretty strong meditation practice and act will come. But I I feel like you're asking is is something more immediate that you picked do. Have difficulty traditional way. Mh. Of choose I fell asleep? Yes. Instead. Mh. So you try to do say practice you can't do policy. You know, you didn't know take all walking and really everyone who takes up meditation practice what they need to learn to do these to do the same things that you would do in a formal saving practice.

As a part of your daily life, learning to stabilize your attention of the mine's not constantly jumping all over the plate. And those especially learning to be able to just Beat present. With what's happening. See what's right in front of you without projecting a lot of of your yourself onto to it. And that really is that is the way to experience that kind of or neutrality that you asked about in their day of life is to remove tendency of your mind to project all of its own stuff onto the in the month So you you see exactly that self happening.

Was there a question is well how do you? How do you learn but how do you train your mind? Because what process and I'm speaking out happiness is missing any near of as a matter of fact, the things that are arising, there's no gap between the arising of the things in your minds projections onto it way or involved with very emotional reaction. Really... You have to we'd have to be able to see through them. While they're actually rising, well actually happening. Now as far as meditating dose I would encourage either tried meditating as a walking education practice right with sitting.

So I think you'll had partner with following asleep see. So if you lost slowly, And then you and just... The number one thing is to try to be fully present. It's completely in the near and now. And an important part of that is to Keep an eye on your own mind so speak to. Be aware of what's happening. So the in catch can catch it when some thoughts are taking into to the pass through the future or someplace so. See. So that That is the essence of the practice is to find a place where you walk solely and and understood.

And just practice being a completely present with the process of walk and the sensation cellular arising. And when you when you're mine, presents thoughts better are to do with where you are and what you're doing in the present, allow those thoughts to be there. When you mind tries to take you somewhere else? Then, bring yourself back into the president and use your body as the anchor. If because bodily these sensations, you know, they're constantly changing. And each sensation only exists for in the.

Then the following and that as other everyone members there's living. And so if you remain aware of the sensations of walking, sensations and the cells of the sensations in and your legs and maryland and muscles of the contract in their relaxed so forth. To the degree that you are aware of those, you have to be in the present. Because those sensations you just constantly change into into changing. So use that as your bringing you back when of the person, and just be fully present. Whenever whenever you feel you're being taken out of the present, use sensations to bring you god.

Save that. K? Have you had any... You you say you fall asleep when you're studying, have you add instruction and saving patient practice and have you tried that before. We have what kind meditation practice shows out. Mh. So was it was i watching in your graph following their debt Okay. You see is it'll be very similar. It's following instead of following the sensations of greetings following the sensations of walking. And all of the... You might you might like to become refresh on. All of the other things that involved with meditation, but all the things that you can recall from instruction you might have had in the past would apply, they're doing all meditation in this way.

It's exactly the same and that posture is different. Yeah right. And the object is different is the active walking rather than yahoo agreed. But actually everything else in the meditation. Same there. Now you probably we see if you at least if you think about a or the strict similarity between what need want to the accomplish and this meditation process. Where you want to accomplish in the situations that happened in your wife, used to be genuinely present with what's actually happened and not be carried off into some artificial space that didn't mind or remember by your emotions or your expectations or fear like, you know, all of these other So you've seem it's it's a very parallel sort of thing.

So you train yourself to remain in the present moment and be with what's happening. As part of the meditation practice as you become more skilled with this, then you can save yourself I can do this when life situations at. And remember to start with the easiest now. So I can start with them all the part the expectation that you're gonna really succeed in the easy one. Take the... They don't take the the the ones that are big challenge and make that the only time and try to do this all all of those different situations during the day.

When you realize when when you apply some weird spirit it and you realize are not really being present. I'm not really experiencing clarity as to what's happening in this department. And let me do that, and but we learned to do that. So if we learn to do that, while you're eating, we've learn to do that while we're doing ordinary activities day life. Then that becomes an meditation practice. And it will it will stand when it will become something that will be much more easily when you're confronted with emotionally more difficult situation.

You are welcome and that. So tri that and and come back to tell me how to goes and questions previous? Yes. David or about forty five minutes. Yes. Son made in the last month so. Just snaps being more we can know bear of my grand I wonder if she can speak to that Your are you finding that you just in general about medication that you're not having a lot of distracting thoughts and not that many. I mean, they... I'm aware of them. I then pops up mom is really when the background of his precisely.

Yeah. Yeah. And so. This this is something that happens. And usually, know, earlier on you would probably more involved we're trying to recognize when you're buying they drifted it off and bring it bad, when move probably. Feeling satisfied when you were successful with about and then the meditation was going better. But now location is not better and it's not that much. And now some part of your mind was saying, okay. Needed something more interesting exciting mold. Well, this is you're you're on a threshold over here.

Mh You you're on a threshold shop. You want to we want to so we have the opportunity to come to understand our mind and that when nature them amount of how it works in a deeper through way. And initially, it's very hard to do because Our line is completely filled with all of the noisy activity of with the ordinary what. Know. All of our concerns, worries and plans and everything else. Right? So you're on the threshold now that you have a really degree quiet gonna call and your mind I've been able to do that.

But you haven't yet quite tasted and discovered how wonderful it is when you to pay attention at the line itself and and so understand it and see how it was working. So what do you need to do that feeling of restless sense. Okay? It's a feeling. Where does it happen? Goodbye. K? It's created by nine. The same way of thought is created by mind or memory created by the line? It's in exactly the same category. It's another one at least things of the my base. It's a thing. So what you want to do is not identify Oh here trying to meditate, but I'm figuring doing restless.

Yeah. I it. Okay. Here I am meditating, What's happening. Oh, restless is horizon. Oh, yes. Restless. What is this address listen anyway. Let me have a look back. Does it have a feeling and i shall the bottom? Where does it come from? Let you know about best and he even... I'm not encouraging get into an analytical time process about. But open new cell. The saying, yes is the my. This experience on part which is the denied, was this not lot. So Let's not treat this. I'm undesirable for an object.

It's what I wanted to examine. Here it is. Presenting it up. Why did me have the look that? Okay. So but, you know, it'd be a stated tomorrow to the experiencing what here experiencing? And, you know, gets It also has its roots him. Desire. Because we we seek stimulation and satisfaction of many different parts. And if we have a pain, we see satisfaction, it which manifests manifest is desire and the bang to be gone. And if they... If we have in mind the idea of some pleasure, then with desire says wanting to hold on that pleasure hadn't more with experience more neutral spaces?

Than was what arises then is the desire for something. For something to happen or some insight or some. And so if you look... If... Yeah just when you start looking at this one of his engine, you're gonna find is what what is rest as well. It's actually kind of bizarre. K? So just Okay. And I hope your meditation becomes more interesting as a resolve of. A kind disorder kind. The restless is a kind desired russell Oregon. Yes. Well, first of all, though I... Is there a sense in which you don't understand that or it doesn't agree with your experience?

Well, I just spent one You said I explain what's your instead. I nothing well, listed. What what is rest since? Wanna do something else she wanted... Wanting. Yeah. Why me give do something out. Because if you do something else, what? Yeah. I one clear it. Yeah. That's right. Wanting to experience some sort of pleasure or satisfaction. Wanting to think about something that's interesting. Because if you think about that interesting thing, it would leave you a certain place. There are not very many moments in our lives.

The aren't dominated. One form of desire so it's And you really want the discovery to truth their that by looking these things. Looking into the rest of sensor I can talk. Another part of our is just you know, sitting still becomes a little bit uncomfortable. And so part of rest is wanting to moods so we'd be more comfortable. So restless in patients, things like this. These are all a subtle somewhat subtle manifestation that you know, we think have greedy lost than hatred all other things. Circular, they they are they're exactly the same Any other questions or thoughts?

Yes. Said something And you know, how incredibly true that ends. And so many of those items so extraordinary i south But nevertheless we are counted about those. Mh. And it seems to me that the one state of regions a state of the absence of the desires that that is That is real of these. That's me on. That that that right there's just the match. I mean, on in there, but, you know I mean, people's lived twice and minds are always, you know, actually sorts designers. Oh that's pretty profound if this applied under of that space when that big thousands some designs.

Right. Well there's no desire this fulfillment contentment. Surrounded. Would be filled. Yes. The the lack of a need for anything else. Which is which we don't need anything else want, anything else if that that means every the videos. So it has... Yeah. It has the... It has the flavor of perfection, a sublime sublime protection of the a little absence of desire. Which is that's what to word in their dim. Oh, it's one of... It's many different. Definitions certain gotten. And over twenty five hundred of years it's of course, yeah.

Developed in a variety of different ways. But in a very early usage of turn nirvana it equated was they complete and total cessation of desire. And it is also so kind that's being the highest list. And it is something that we've all come close and enough to that if we they think about let me say oh, yeah. That's that perfect complete fulfillment name satisfaction. And that's what four truth is about But recognizing that our lives are fulfilled not for our lives will, but that's not I was gonna say.

Elijah filled with this event. And all of which different front. And then when we look into it, you see this sleep the cause of this this discontent is great bringing things to be different than that way are. And then we're invited to experiment out letting go for and the discover every time we do that. Then we're suffering on this contempt that we were experience on disappears in their moment. If only for that, all that. And so this allows us to see and understand appreciate for third true, which is that if we can accomplish the complete and total cessation, of cravings.

Yeah. I think we will experience that that perfect risk will happiness that at all time. And that i listener that. Yep. All. In imagine, sign him to united space. And almost Is not a valid way to cultivate an internal stage. Real grass bay no version. Which I think is still thought. Yes. It is. What... The... All... You know, well, When you say climbing into intuit? Imagine. In order to imagine it what you're doing is drawing on drawing upon your past experiences, where you where you touched with on that or not close to.

And so and your imagination with all there too. Now the interesting same thing is whenever we reimagine something our our brains are minds. Do to a state very similar to when we had those experiences that were drawn. So And so this is a good way to to to train your mind train your brain. And what you're really doing in that moment is you're we were letting go of all of your attachments and there like go of all of your all of your non economists rejection of what we don't like and resting after what would do like.

And when we're experiencing what the tastes of that. And not so really that's a very good point to do to really them the practice there. That's and all kinds of circumstance.

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