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TCMC 15 July 2010, Part II – Attention Continued

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So so I will continue to the spectrum that started two weeks ago. And if you recall, I believe we the question when the... What exactly is concentration. I believe the question painting that a part of look ant they are an investigation went the meeting their ideas, like mine and expansion so forth. So not all of you here. Ph. All over the talks are hosted at website. Son be hear. So... But let me ask tell it was near just to speak up a little bit and perhaps she could either one related a question based on where we got to life side or maybe at least a little summary your roughly recollection of got to last time?

Someone suggested that i we we ask depression for what is the biggest with your learning concentration. That it's extension. Exactly that's our investigation sort of starting point. Sense. If you recall, the attention is Well, forget recollection from the experience. What what is it different? We pay a attention this pay of that. We direct our attention that. What is it again? Twelve. And our daily market we're not really concentrated when paying attention to all kinds of different thing. Like whether we're concentrating attention is a really important part of It's an a essential part of what's happening in terms of our watch.

Right? Snip staying something. Pro concentrating means staying or something. Attention means being with something, whether you stay or not. Right? So concentration is really stability of retention. It's being able to to to bring a certain degree of intentional stability to the where your attention is directed how long it's sustained there So what happens when you direct to your attention? That's not like? Or something captures your intention was it gonna happen either could way. What is it what happened that?

You are consciously aware of something Right? Now in Your Your experienced, daily life meditation, whatever. When you direct yourself, when you direct your attention to something, is that the only thing that you consciously aware? Okay. So even if you direct your attention to something you keep your attention fixed on that. There's still not the only thing that you're conscious on there. Right. If you moved your attention? Well, if you move your attention to a different object, then do all of the things that you're conscious of and a change at the same time?

Do some of them can be changed at the same line. Sun dude some stuff. Right. So if you're for example, if you direct your attention at one thing, Say right now, you direct your attention to the sensations of soul gear but. Were you aware of those before I suggested it? Most of you probably learned. Maybe somebody in here who verizon. Or whatever whatever the reason maybe better. So exactly. Most of you want. But now you direct your attention there But it's not the only thing that you're aware. And of course she's still aware of Michael microwaves, she probably was still there sounded fan.

There's a number of things like right. When you... When you if you shift to your attention now from those sensations in the soul of your left foot, show you the sensations in your knee, probably still aware of sensations in the soul be. Right? But is a qualitative differences is whatever this focused on that here are most clearly aware. For other things, present at the same time. Not fair. So So attention is this thing that the mine does that can't be directed and focused on one thing. Or another or in another.

And no matter what it's focused on? It can't includes other tanks with you are not as conscious that's a surplus? What real essence of this though is you're conscious of what action improve. That's interesting. It's good for he directed your attention to the sensations and shoulder repeat. You wanna? Right now, you did direct your attention to sounds and just here. And they find with some of the things that you feared when you do that. You're already conscious of south forbid. But you'll discover others that you weren't conscious.

And we could repeat this all concert different words. There's for a method of concentration labor. Yes. And So, you know, I I tried label and each time, but I find I don't wipe it because it's it's scrum through breaks of comes. And so what I've been trying to do in terms of concentrating is trying to just strength theory what is happening me right now and not labeling it and not not thinking about any individual. Just like it's Absolutely, right now, this is for happen and just just allowing the awareness of what is happening right now What's lying at a very different states.

That have they're very still spins. It's if it's not easy to keep it there, often but but in finally her labeling is it's really disconnected. You because if it's almost like you enter into a present. Not visiting scattered, but real clear, but right fear. A they'll plain on on overhead. It's gonna being in now. But that times so we said valid. Well, but looking through little bit. Now let's compare it with Labeling. Okay? What is the label? To. That's a word. And it's what is it word? It comes to life or it's a concept.

It's a symbol of a concept. It's not... The word is not the constant. But the words is simple for our conflict. Right? So when you hear sound, that's That's a different kind of experience and we've driving concept. Right? And how many... What's are a word a label or something, was very good not the process of that. Hearings sound the scene clinic beer and something. So it's a different kind of medical process so if you are labeling your experience, be bouncing back forth between two different mental process, They're said?

To very different concept of network processing. So Yeah. What would you expect to do get back and forth From doing one thing? Another back or back of you stop? And two different things of stay in one. Wanna mode. One nestled mode of proceeding instead of jumping back and forth. What affect would you just logically, you know, if you've never experience it, but why would you predict? Well would you predict if you stayed in single mode of mailing loading jumping back and forth with twenty two or whatnot time?

Six You and you're just things in good. Your hard fully involved. Great Right now. And it seems to be sense of stillness and connecting this. Rather than just with brain and change label. Well... And also there's a continuity and there's and a given them interval of time. More time to spent experience. Right? Mh. Because if your brains gotta go and look up for label for everything, They can't be doing that at the same pine to experience. So you're just a whole lot more present. Continue hear sleep.

At if you do that for a period of five minutes and you have a whole lot more time spent experience since. Some proportion like half of it is stamped on it pulling up the appropriate. On on the label goes good. So that's removing important notion. That. And why those different kinds of things. And Can it do more than one thing at time that's the question. What do you think? Okay. I'm not sure we experience that Right? That's usually real question. Because can't the mine really be more than long thing at once?

Or does it? Jump back and forth the team. So quickly, it seems to like we stand more than like take. We don't really need to figure out the answer because that. Although it's an interesting question and since you're same thing to observe. Mind. Especially in better patient. But you we can make this observed observation knowing in any time. Just tell the cracks this, you know, And cameron mike really do two things that answered. Is it something back. Good for. Alright. Or is the answer not either one or the other put on?

Isn't it already intuitively way clear for me clear from all of your accumulated experience that whether you're jumping back and forth between two things or whether Your mind is giving two things they launched a needed paste be pursuing two things. It's not going either what, why you slowly is what if was my itself. Right? Thank you. So where we we make some... We've made a little more sense of of it already. So... Yeah. If you do a practice it involves late, like you are going to definitely aware of the expenditure of your resources and method resources that constantly.

For their labeling process that must in suddenly how to take away from we other release an experience. Okay. We had Rough. That's right. And both multitasking is something that very confident nowadays. Right? And Yeah. And why why they multitask? Well, i'm multi pass. And very often because I'm waiting for the computer me you to finish there something. And rather than. Just sit there wait, I initiate something else at the same time. Well, I think it's you can sort of general but we we we think we're we're going to be more efficient because we perceive that there's that there's unused There's unused time or is unused an natural resources, maybe part of what we're doing involves some mechanical activity and the figure the vine that we doing in something else we here in that period.

So that's why the temptation there is the multi multitasking. And if we could do it with the most efficiency, then, you know, we would probably see a positive return. Was very easy for remotely pass court. Or both pests are all three pass all seven pass. To begin to suffer because what they do here, we are not utilizing. They're available mental resources, time resources and know your thing efficiently it's possible. But this relates to what we're talking about what we do with the eye. On mine is all standing This is how we go through our daily life?

Alright. And so it's relevant to what we're talking about and it's relevant too... Why do we better say? Yeah. But they're also doing it for exactly the reason the panel objects. And subjects to labeling because it takes her away from being totally involved with the experience that she labels. Right. What's that? Yeah. That... That's right. That we we think kind technique me. To start out doing it for a good reason sort. And sometimes you outgrow that reason. And so it's no longer research in the emergency anymore.

It's like meditating on the graph when you start off counting. And then after a while. Counting basically didn't dream anymore. Sorry we stop doing. Behind. Labeling, can conserve another different purposes. In different meditation techniques, and they're they're not always the same. But By looking at them helped us to understand how the mic is working. Now what I what I wanted to point as about like answer, answered said she tries things that involved labeling and if she labels it reboots her on we stand.

Right. With some meditation that makes that is the whole part idea. Yeah. I think most of you are at least passing familiar with shenzhen play technique you like? And so what he says is when there's talk taking plates you label car when there's mental is rising we played with and it's stealing to right we label here. And the whole purpose of that is to keep you from getting too involved and caught up in and the medical pop and meth energy and the be at arising. So that you remain rejected you're So that's the whole point or labeling and now particular it.

You know, okay. That's why Cleaned that's why tell you. We said My strategy is to buy even and conquer. All this stuff gets entangled within our minds. We can't tell who we are what we are what we're doing and all do the steal. Confused and angry unhappy or whatever emotional say is. You know. But we use this labeling technique of pick and whole start. Oh. Feelings. So the whole world idea is not to use the active labeling not to get caught up plan. In in some stage of concentration practice we do the same thing.

So if you're having a lot of distractions come up, you know, you keep thinking about with plans for your patient or we'd be thinking about this problem maybe you have their word and those things stand up. You can practice if... You know, if it's not enough, it just recognize the distraction, let go of it You turn back to the patient object. You restart labeling. The labeling act will pull you out of the thought process. And one of my ways of using labeling for that purpose is when you're experiencing a lot of distraction, you label it, You always need some simple system.

Otherwise, you've spend, you know, some thought comes up and then you stand the next streaming minutes it's trying to figure out the right label for it. So you know, like Blue or or, like with other methods, we always need some simple system. That you can apply so tool three words. So one I like is labeling according to the five minutes. This is the thought associated with the real big desire. This is a part associated with a version. This is a thought associated with bla has some This is a thought associated with word or divorce.

This is a thought. Associated with now. And so you just you label it. But the labeling out it, you're fully aware of it, but you stayed outside of it. And this wrote. I shouldn't say stayed outside and actually we were sucked into it. But you told yourself back out of through the app label. So that's one labeling, sir. And once again, it illustrates as an saying way to shampoo music slip. Different not process of. Whether you can do both at the same time, or whether monitoring going back forth and we believe that is an open question, but never nevertheless, different met processes occur at the expense of others.

Right? This is a general principle you can apply to your not. Yeah. You know, if any two things that you're doing at once are going to take place after the expense of the other least in terms of how fully you could be engaged with in adult. Either one by its itself. How? Just we'll go back there how the monitors work well. I'll just briefly mention for you another powerful patient technique that used his label. And that's a wood pass center technique that's got with all like. They're the labels you use.

Is you label the activity with saving place. So you find your attention go to sign and found and you say, you're here. And then you find that you're remembering exactly any... You're you're remembering how water and pancakes were breakfast so membrane in memory. And so it's it's touching, you experience it's thinking what's your rings. So you put these labels on what you. You actually get very faster. So that as fast something comes up in your mind. You but the label on. And at some point, your whole experience it's just look i'm smoothly clear it.

Well, there's sensations and then there's labels. This is what my whole life was spin about. Sensations happened. And how I believe go. Root rooftop? Mama you different things and then say, what is Rip repo? And so now we sitting there having these sensations arise and labeling them, but a part of your mind is realizing. These sensations don't happen any meaning, killed phenomenon and plug label comes out. You know, So you're starting at that point, that had some inside me the way really hook. And When you continue this process and it's difficult, i'll tell amongst the techniques mute that you can try you do.

Then hospice style label and technique is one that epa going to respond a texture discipline and their patients if do But if you follow through it, you're in mind, we'll just get into this rhythm everything has happens. So label comes up to right after. And it's really clear at this point, that this is a situation this is the concept. This is the repair. System. And you have us experiencing of the rights and passing away of phenomenon. Rising of group, which immediately passes with Even if you hear the sound of the plane fly over, It's not a sound of a plane flying over.

It is this repeated sequence of many different sounds following right after another. And so he's you you start to have this clear, knowledge and perception a phenomenon and how nickel and pass and remember if you keep falling true that, you start to really see the imp of everything. Ask me lawyer you. That's another that's way inside labeling one that makes. All second patients technique nate where put us sound, has had some profound understanding of the way the money works, and also has a profound understanding of the the truth of the reality that's waiting to be discovered and it is going to bring us to him more fully away and liberated the degree of understanding.

And has created a technique that makes use of column on my words bring to the state of insight, by everywhere. So that's what all of these medications that meets to. And that's what we're talking about here is we're talking about how the law works. Pension. Consciousness of awareness. What is just that? I mean, they all know what these words me, but how do we understand, for they are? And and perhaps if we understand Them when understand the relationship, which may on the medi practice. It will have a a positive of beneficial effect on our notification practice.

And also help i know we're not it why you're doing this practice that's anyway. But is, you know, I don't know you came in page with many years ago, i came patient or. Well sounds like really cool clean. I really like the what people meditate a lot. Do. No. And then meditation teacher says we'll do this, and then at some point where... I absolutely no idea. What this thing that I'm doing with what I wanted when I decided to find out about that case. First but. You know, Alex is watching my breath and peace and happiness and inside.

Continue exploring nature better compliant. So attention, we go through our lives. Experience okay. And let me see if you agree with my description of attention. Is. That. It can't be can be directed and different things are different part. And wherever it's directed, there's something that is the focus of attention. And then there are other things that are present as supportive of that that they're present in our conscious awareness, but that are not at the focus. So they're kind been real. Right?

Yeah. That Sorry. So let's what my hands represent this shape. This is attention. So it has a focus. And it has the other stuff around it. And what's really interesting is that what's inside the scope of my attention I'm conscious. And what's outside the go of my attention? I'm not conscious. Right? But if I have the circle... I have to focus on my attention over here, there are certain things that I'm Where consciously aware we will. If I change the focus of my attention, be accompanying things change as well.

K. And there's... And some of the things that I was consciously aware of before on my connection move, longer there. So attention has a focus and it has a scope. And it has those things that were very consciously aware of the and it has those things that were not so fully consciously or because they're more the berkeley. And outsider we've steer our attention was all that other his stuff that we're not consciously aware of. But we could be. So consciousness, what whatever consciousness is. It's what happens.

In relationship to attention. And attention, somehow has effective to turn what you're going to be conscious of as opposed to like we are not conscious so. So that's my description of the saying. Would that fit with your Ex experience? Saying errors upon predictions, or anything like that? Now I find at this point, I need two words. It describe at difference and was experiential phenomena. And what I'm what I'm seeking to discern a difference between or discriminate point is Are those states that somehow registered and your on system on your mind and some level.

And we know registered because they produce effects They produce responsible. No. Like. You're city and and part of your body becomes unpopular. And you will move. Well it's two possibilities. One is that you were consciously aware of that gradually increasing discomfort. And you consciously with with conscious awareness, made a hoop. But this is hard to observe in yourself initially, but you can't but it's easy to exert in somebody else. You'll see that everybody is always moving. And even can be pretty darn sure that a lot of those movements are not.

Or of the the hospital. You know what I need? And if you observed yourself carefully, what you're going to discover is that movements have taken place in, you have both awareness or Why or when it happened? Or you have no consciousness? So this is what this is this is the two phenomenon that I I I want you to think about. I know I think you're very important is that Things can have an impact and make an impression and register. On the body on the lyric system on the line, and we can know that they did so because it produce effects but we don't have no conscious awareness so.

Right. Yeah. Any of those things, we could been marches up. That we what weird not. K understand. You know, review and I having your conversation, I could notice that a fly landed of on arm and he burst it off. I don't say anything. Four two or three minutes and then I'll say, did you know that apply landed on your own and your brushed at all? There's a good chance. You'll say. No. But it the very obvious effect And psychologists do kind to data. Research on supplemental stimuli. And I I think you probably altered it.

So well no advertising anything but have you based not that. It's well it's satisfied from the i void an image or word or sound. And register on your nervous system to the extent. It changes your behavior changes the answer you give to a question later. Or it changes the motor response that might and response to some other sin. But the sub had tech and change your behavior, but it's below the threshold to what we can be consciously. So So we have things that we act on things that influence us, things that that result in behaviors and not just be behaviors result in emotional reaction, thought process everything Ellis.

That we can either be conscious of or not conscious. So that's where I'm looking for the words, but What words do we have available at to distinguish behind the lines we're consciously aware of? I'm gonna suggest something. If that consciousness and awareness. We use some sort of interchange as those. Right? But When what I'm talking about now that we are either conscious of sampling or not. The word consciousness is really specific some kind have subjective experience and knowing. Right? So he wants like the fly that landed that you brushed off, maybe we were so engaged with something else that it didn't...

We you know, we were not conscious of it. Yeah. So consciousness I think we need to just for convenience sake and discussion. Less reserved what word. Two those phenomena that correspond corresponds to the way we remote often music. Notes that we have a definite subjective experience and I leads just searching for another word for those things that we could be conscious. But we're sometimes not. But they the nevertheless have an effect on it. And so I would... I'd suggest that we use the other word awareness.

It's more general. So you could say that yeah. We can be aware of all playing. But We are only consciously aware of those that produce that definite subject of experience. So consciousness is we know that we know. No do you know path. An awareness is it makes something happen, but we don't know who we know it. Absolute flying is it. Yeah. On some level. We're brushing off from slide. But we don't know that we know that there's brought We are sort what almost like... We don't know the windows. But.

That's right. It's problematic of that. It's. Unconscious. And then there's the word my. Would you quite consciousness then we would like? Absolutely neat week. Alright that's. Absolutely. So We say to be mindful. That means the number that we know. That means to be consciously rare. And just to clarify this further using this idea of things that we're aware of and our conscious out of as post the things that responses are we're aware of hand of. We realized that in any given moment, there's a huge amount of things that we are aware of because we have the potential to respond that.

I'm but there's only a very small select portion that we're conscious of. And we have a limited bit capacity but dante set. Right? Everybody had the experience of driving in car. You walk carrying on conversation. And when you to come out of the conversation for moment, you're not even shared where but. We have to look around. And this happens all over time. We can drive the car Automatically, we can stop the stoplight and stop sign. We can avoid obstacles. We can not run any par head of it. Our eyes register somebody else's brake lights coming on.

Our brain initiates the activity at moving mode. Put from the gas to the debris. All will without any involvement consciousness set but in since i using awareness. There's obviously awareness there. Awareness the accident what's whole thing it's paper quite quite wonderful way. Well, you what you're like. You go through the world. You go to you like pay game. Acting out of awareness of each the portion of which is panther. Mindfulness is about. Making use of that capacity or conscious where. We're most of the time that you're away.

You're consciously aware of things. If you know that you know nothing. Even though there's a whole lot of stuff that you Don't know. But we go through our lives with this process of warehouse. Not necessary not necessarily functioning optimally, and this brings us back to attention. Attention is that small part of awareness, that we're conscious of the out. And then everything else that you're aware of you're not projects So attention is that small that portion that led portion of overall awareness.

Of outreach. You have consciousness conscious notes with the the responses away. Michael that. Mindfulness is but concepts where it's a it excellent. Right? There's not anything else like down. So we talk about Practicing michael we're our speech center our accent. We we talk and we do we say without thinking, but what we've meaning is that we're not really conscious of what we're doing? Well, we hear the words that have out of her mouth, but we're not really consciously aware of we all doing it and whether or not it's appropriate, rather out a idea if it's happened.

Mindfulness means bringing that attention, bringing. Deployed to to allow us to investigate what it really means to be us in the world. Just like it doesn't in name meditation. And sit out and and focus on meditation object. But Your mindfulness, if you focus on meditation object, we will have a high degree awareness out the meditation out there. For a while? Until maybe your attention starts to go elsewhere. Or sometimes the scope would be attention gets broad. And, of course, the broader you scope with attention, but less clear what's the focus.

And meditation, what do we don't to do We're learning to natural control the action other retention? So that the the attention was directed by our delivery attention, conscious intention, here we come back to consequences again. Our intention gonna be Just like our sensory experiences, our intentions can be here bounces or own concert. And we do a lot of our ordinary activity out of unconscious intention there post capacity sent synthetic. But michael of practice it's about also about being consciously aware of the intention still alive either actually.

So medication, when we say we are concentrating. Is it not true that we need... We're learning to stabilize our the direction of our attention, so that it's not constantly longer convinced that out just wandering with example. And ready to sustain attachment. And we're also learning to control how focused Had broad disturbed with attention. How clearly we how clearly punches we are of what's active focused has compared to the other things that are present at the same time. So weird exercising when these capacities that we have.

Normally what happened. Views Your attention rests on something. This outside of medi a all is outside adaptation and data like this is notation where you get very good at. Your attention, rests on something. Until, that something seems to hold no further appeal interest attraction, novelty. Right? And then the mind spot spontaneously moves and searched out something else. More interesting. Or the other thing that happened with your ninth, here's your attention is focus on what bank. And something else comes into to that peripheral referral.

Awareness. That it looks more interesting and appealing and the focus of attention. Jeff. Say we say the normal situation is that there's some sort of inherent mechanism of mine that causes it to constantly be moving around from one thing. The attention to be moving from one thing another to look for something that is more important or more interesting than whatever it is we aiming to at the present. Right. And that's an important thing. Right? We've already established. We have a huge capacity for awareness, but only a little bit deeper conscience right.

So if consciously awareness in a surge in purpose at all, and we have such a limit with a capacity for it. Then we need some mechanism to make sure that we are paying attention to what is most important most relevant to. Right? So that's how we come into the work with this mechanism, that sustain you for just so long and then says, yeah, this is not so interesting anymore. And freeze attention now the attention disputes to something else and then sustained on that by this spontaneous automatic mechanism or so long as it seems fascinating until that set of un unrelated bits passes around the corner or or ladies whatever really comfortable with?

And then it goes off there something else. Right? I this this assures data share is that the course of our life, we'll notice those things and we'll devote some conscious attention to the things that are most likely a barrier be significant. For survival well to our desires and our needs and if we report to pain and stuff their part that was right. It's a good mechanism. But what we're trying to do in meditation, is we're gonna do something else that we're quite big with you okay. Which is eventually directly plans, sir.

Right I gonna pay attention for that. That already here, it's very important and use it all time every day. So we have these food different mechanism of which are sort of more or less you know, police charlotte. And and meditation we're practicing the directing thing attention mechanism so that it starts responding to our will our invention rather than just you know, doing a high sick hate. And the same thing we've got that other mechanism of besides how long the attention stays on something. The sustained detention black.

It's it operates on its built in programming. But we also have the capacity is sustaining our attention on something longer when we need it. Right? There's an algebra very exam. The next morning and the ninth grade, we learned that we could sustain our attention long out to read all three of the chapters that were supposed to occur in the last six weeks. Similar experience, I know you all. So we'd have the capacity to sustain our attention get it sufficient motivation. So we we're... In meditation, we're training the car of corrected and sustaining attention.

Why? Why this most important thing, conscious of warehouse occurs where there is a text statement man as we talked about last week, considering that you have limited capacity for consciousness. Oh warehouse. Well you attention too. We're life consists of what you pay with. And you and I walked down the same street, you pay attention to certain thing and so you had And your experience of the street was this, and it might be wonderful and. And I walked down to the same Street and I paid the tenth a different thing.

I might had a very disappointing i experience. But we walk to completely different speech because The districts and we walked out the streets constructed more leap intentional activity of or not. Out of an infinite number at possible streets, we've heard of lockdown now. The once we actually log down, where wants did we subjective experience through conscious awareness which it's the same The streets made up with those things so we did pay and I'll just end up one more little thing for this. It's pictures painting.

Okay. This splits the scope with my attention, and this is the focus of my attention. We've already seen that a bigger scope retention the less clear the things you focus are because we we're distributing the resource But the other thing that we can do, is we can increase the amount of conscious awareness that occurs within a given start attachment. We can become more fully conscious. Is this too tricky an idea for you? We've all been in those states where We're just not that sharply. We're We're aware of what we pay attention to if not very and we've all been in those places where there's this huge power conscious around sense.

So we recognize it it's like, you know, if if you compare attention to a beam of light that can be moved around and it when we spread the narrow. The other thing that we can say about this pain of like. Is it... It has this little real here that can increase juice going to filament kind a whole lot operator a whole on that's friday. Which of course means, did you make it a whole lot brighter, you can strip the beam and instead of what's of the focus of pension becoming less clear never bigger, it remains just as bright cleared, but now you're taking in a whole lot more be more fully with that as all.

So this is In terms of mindfulness, mindful awareness, sa, You should think sucky, michael awareness it is the power of the process ramp. And it can definitely be raised to a harder level. And you ordinarily function at. And also, it doesn't need the same there's such a low level as it often does periods in the course of your day. So mindful awareness, when when speak at mindful awareness, we need to think out of in terms of what is the power of consciousness that is been generated with particular historical of the way.

And how fully totally conscious are we have not only what's for focus, but also works in the. I would still having even address question, It'll have to wait. There I'll get back that being plugged out. Oh, what is this consciousness stuff? Anyway. What's it good for? And that's the question. What's... So what's it for? If I can drive my car cross sound, unconsciously. One hundred. Do I need consciousness. And Turn you already, your mind already is coming up with Well, you know some of the things consciousness is good for it.

That all those automatic processes are pretty limited. And also if you're in everyone you weren't with riley. Boy were you ever super conscious of every little time thing. That's how those automatic processes that we can do unconsciously kind about is we use a whole lot of consciously awareness at at some point. Through to three rep. So, we'll on another page we'll get more into what this this consciousness stuff What's it? What's it good for? Where does it come from? And so on and so forth. But What do what do he think that or that we when we put by the idea what tensions all about?

Now at least how it relates to consciousness mh. We know any comments or thoughts. Yeah. Ask me about with spending saying that sounds about this fits exactly. Is what. The U I might see wait say about it. You that there been many many many times in my life, and I look back at something that is happening. And I they're sleeves that. You you were in my mind, and I can say, this happened happened. And and then I had the thought maybe I shouldn't do that. But I didn't need anyway. I'm still stupid.

Blocked i this pattern throughout my life. Even hundred thousand time to finally me back Remembering that I had to thought of maybe I shouldn't see this. He like do a different way. But maybe they thought it would bit consciousness. Mh. Maybe did be it. Your was there. There and i. I mean, you encourage me to say it didn't hit consciousness. But finally could point I'm not sure. I got that. Thought. Because i thought, I wanna now something different. And so like... I know really to claim it myself.

We've. When that's kind of thing happen. That what you talking about? That is what I'm talking about. Yes. And that specific example. Illustrates an important point. To to me, this is where I see it. Brett you know, if if we compare attention to a beam of life, you know that a being of like? Doesn't really have a completely sharp yet. But it it gradually made up. And superficial, it may seem like that. Yeah. You know where there in the bar. This fact it's eliminated illuminated. But there really it is no sharp clear light.

What I would've have said a about. That thought you had... Is this one that was... It was just enough on the edge there, that you could have the recollection of it it almost every consciousness. If it stayed further out at the really dark area, then then the thought would have been, you know, Well, I I wish I had i a thought like that. But with the the since i sensor you already moved, but you didn't really... It didn't really get me there to the point where they can quite a significant part in the decision making process.

Correct. That's. And that... So it illustrates your point. There is really sharp sharp chart line between that of which we have some degree consciousness and that of which we have not but it it page out. And the other thing too that Is we can direct consciousness here there. Now we can hold conscious our attention here there. We're at hold retention still. But even if we hold retention still, stuff can enter in our field of consciousness awareness And we work with consciously wearing steve and why space still.

Right. Which of course to corollary out is something that is moving and changing. Conscious awareness can move to follow the follow the. Say stay with that. But. Yeah. We have we have the right Ideas is the government practice wearing a time. Then be lose them again, and they don't get to participate in in the process of making new decision. And and then we feel it will we feel badly. And we imagine that instead of being a forum members of which kind kind of know on their own, we imagine ourselves to be this real substantial existence entity called the self and we blame marcel ourselves.

And hit the head part five which a few times because we blame him with some imaginary software. What did happened. I guess Hold talk? That's. How let talk to I think. Was all connected. We just keep your care, you just keep the people holding for. So behind the the thing? Okay. Go get more into pick consciousness on the h unit mine. Let's explore interesting concepts like knowledge wrist, and. Well, it's now. Asked on bring us to close.

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