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TCMC 15 July 2010 Part I, Q&A – More On Right Speech

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Would mean pretty much you life when you decide something topic or something like that. Not billing with merging or with remote shots having a set of booze That's a good question. What's on. Alright. Ethics. Right speech and question in deciding whether to speak and what you say, Where'd you go on your feeling or it feels right or not? I'd say in most cases, That's the worst possible thing of your big. Because what is that what examine? What is the feeling that arises? Well it's an impulse. And chances are that when the impulse, so rising.

Are you leaving Sean? Oh, okay. Okay. Alright. When the impulse is arising, we're not aware of where it's coming from. What's what its pauses are why it's there? What what it are? And so for you to act on that feeling on the impulse used to most likely to be speaking as a result of some un hold information but has to do with your ego needs and and. Some subtle shades angry resentment nature or wishes, desires and so on purpose forth. So to to go by your feeling. Now the detective eva would be by stealing, you mean you're going by a an a deep intuition and an intuition that you've cultivated for a long time on the basis of mine awareness.

So that what this means is you have a long history. When impulses who sweep their action come up rather than speaking or acting of looking within yourself, to see, where is this coming from? Why is this rising? And what are its causes and and and further observing your your actions and saying the results that they produce, because you see very very often in that process. We will gone ahead and actively and spoken and it's only active afterwards. When when it unfolds that you truly understand they we would lose them or the lack of with him and action.

So if you have a long history of practicing mindfulness, and you have an intuitive tense. That this may be the right thing to say or do at this time. That could be coming from a lot of sub subconscious processes on unconscious processes that are actually motivated in a wholesome way by the condition the training by essentially by your car, you have leukemia or very wholesome karma through you're reflecting on your right on your speech in your accent. But for most people, until onto that process, it's the worst workspaces.

So the best statement to do is to give you yourself space to try to examine examine the mode motives and, know, as amp suggested talked about right speech, I think for for weeks ago? Or maybe expired weeks ago or something front that. Mh. She said that in the native American tradition, you know, you wait four days. You know So it's not four days, it's important. It's late. And you asked the question, you know, following the buddha on teaching, is it true? And is it helpful? Is it necessary. Is it really... you know, is is it something that has to be set?

Is it going to serve a purpose? Mh. And man, even man, holding back saying, oh. Is this the right time. You know? Maybe a little later than we require or maybe tomorrow or something else. So it's that become very very important And the truth is that most of the time, the things that we say and clearly help we have and i'm that if there's the reason. Question from the sp ethical analysis. You know, you look at say, okay Is this something that is be sm the reputation of somebody else, or is this something that is taking someone's my perception of somebody else else's law and shoving it in their face or or things like that.

And just, you know, you don't have to do a lot of deep contemplation here realize. Very, very likely this is not going go space. And that's that's when you. And it's not going to happen here often, but later on, you're gonna say gone. I really should expect something. I mean not that that can't happen. But it's it's it's highly unlikely it. It's something gonna happen really all. Most the time, you paid it off saying nothing. As a provisional approach to right speed? You off the practice. Only, you know, Jay.

I I believe we're the reader especially see referred to as speaking was the Han time. You could adopted? Speaking with the honey. As a provisional measure employee developed and mindfulness and the infrastructure awareness sufficiently, adopt the practice of speaking with a ton. Only saying those saying, they're still true. Know. And they still seem to be somehow useful culture, but only saying those things are going to do at some positive very rare. Would right speak be an intuitive aspect of your Nature.

Or is b in nature and intuitive two. Probably. Food nature is it into too? And right speech to intuitive aspect. I'll provide the rep. But you're the nature and my in nature and anybody else's being nature who is not... I partnering like being, is still in a developmental mental stage. Or some matter fact that. The word for Who nature. Yeah. Anybody other than who they're talking ga, which means that on nature sure. Mh. Right. So we won't we don't want to trust the the intuition of your Virgin expert.

They prevail over your real other nature. But we, you know, what? What we can't hopefully expect from a complete like cleaning. Is that they and function in the world a with they they're their body and they speech and function hand the market parts in the world. Other mine is in Nirvana, which means to say that their mine is experiencing they ultimately, the of these the sun that is unfolding and with that body and speech, our participants in. And which the mind, drilling and the ultimate buddha reality, food and nature, then the body needs sp, out of that or even say it.

Right? No. We got down through this ourselves to find out where this is ordered through or not. And at the main time. Long we're sure that. We always have to we always have to entertain the very serious possible. If this is actually some of your less simple some emulate karma, producing and emotional response. That is mas as and intuitive with. Yes. One one. And when you by screen speech or accident not just mute. Action by say question who? Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. Well, let's let's take it true. I mean, we've all had.

Thousands of hundreds of thousands of street. Right? Did you turn the balance way it? I think that's better. Yeah. You still hear me okay. Mh. So we had all those instances where we we feel like there's something that needs to said. Right. What are i... What what did we think? What what underlies that? And how we how could we examine that in the lord? Well, if it was something that was veer. It would probably wouldn't be my question. We believe it the dimitri. We it to regardless and and useful.

And not only dad, everybody appears it's been really really bright to here to say it. So we're pretty say. We're not talking to give not both. So those are the easy. We can afford take chance as two want where we believe it to be true. We feel like it's somehow necessary and useful. But somebody not anything like that. So then what we... What usually, what I usually does is makes a a leap rationalization from. Somebody's not normally like it. But and then comes to rationalization for why I should go ahead and say.

Right? So what we haven't done there is looked more closely at the negative effect that it's going to have on whoever might of path. And Also, we we're accepting the rationalization pretty much a base value out. You know, digging a little more deeper. The question really need to ask is what effect is this happen on me? Why I feel it's necessary to say anything at all from the point of view of how it's going affect me. How does this gonna be benefit me? Is this going to give me press dealing of smart satisfaction but having hey somebody.

And Then you know the real reason and why you said. So That's what you have to look that. You have to look it. What is its impact compared to benefit? It's gonna make something it back. But, you know, how does how does that compare with it good business gonna... We sending anything that do since it. How's the bad way? And who else his background? Also are they getting periods so often. You can say something like that, and it's not going to be hurt. What's going be third is that? Oh you're attacking it or oh you're attacking for or there's gonna be completely different message place.

Not not the actual contact that he might have used any rationalization. So you have to you have to think actually going movement. What's you breaking? What's probably third pump mentioned far. It's snowing exactly what this happened, particularly from the point of your mine. I mean includes what's happening in terms of out events and things century for. But the the most essential greeting i mean she pods or not. Yes what's happening then? My mind. Why this this happened? Why? Why does the arise to say his thing?

And what number what benefit And the how right science? So that's the what happening part it. And the next part is why is it it? Trying to where's is it coming on? What needed mine is it on to desire what what active retribution of my meeting out somebody else for saying. But And then, Once you've been able to do this first two, then the third part is surprising is evaluating is this thought or speech or action consistent with fatalities so i and intentions. And that's the point it reached. That's the point you're trying to get through so that if we kind of be answering snow, then you don't continue here.

We found answer that is are clear and un undoubtedly. Yes. And you're accent we're acting on the best means that are available to you. We still might make say. But it comes out maybe and you should keep your house or see. That is exactly what hence happen. Okay. Well, I find me it go for. You go through the stage where you just really are statement and. The things that people usually talk about partly, because you begin to see that so much of what they talked about. It's really. So said it is gossip, yeah, bragging, storytelling, winding and complaining Hang yeah.

But the email with somebody you're sharing their way but, you know, you see it as a or sec. I want do that to i found my my line bit but here on consciousness so that kind of garbage which. Sit down and it again. Then there is... Beyond beyond the fact a lot of it's on hold, a lot of it was studio and it's sideways, and it's like, wow, life is too short. You know, to stand these small on with meaningless i p old, you know, hundred underground safe. Lot heck a lot of your interest. So what me end up is coming to state where you you relation cycle chain.

There's people that you don't have anything in conflict with important. But usually, at the same time. There's other people that you do have comment. People who what they wanna talk about is don maybe not the dha per s in a technical sense. But wife hasn't live the. And you really want talk people about that. Right. Yeah. So you you're relation Yeah. And that direction and you and some of your relationship with them fall away. Because absolutely, you know, accept they in the process. There is a feeling at... you know, unless you're already a part of his phone sandra.

Is a feeling of ground and and we need to, you know, a little bit of a fear and I can end up, you know, with no friends and. But you you mature in this. And it actually starts to go another way at a certain point. You'll never want their engage in on hold such conversation, and you'll never be interested in a lot of the deal mortgage with people they time but. But we will start to develop more. January and and people as they are. And so you might to be related to the you a different way you can be vehicle for.

The motivation it's is not that we're gonna make each other feel good by sharing our having us meeting which conversation or asking about. Their covid. They rather you're interested in as a person. And so you accept this is where they are, but you don't have to be we don't act so that level, but you d one hundred percent with that and care about that. And have the conversation certain which I So Wait the song really the becomes very important, but I as sure you'll start being able to relay once it important in terms of family.

Old trans people like that we look. And when we feel like I had problem any go my family anymore. That's that's not very good here. But then when you get through the place both... Yeah. But I love them. And what I do have in common with them is rear our shared manifestations of in the world. We are experiencing this passage through who treat world through all the trials and figure they of learning with discovery everything else. we have all time favor with your family managers. And it's not for important and the same point that they're open.

So that's kind of what That's the the stages of with passage. Much once you be involved and the Start. You are gonna change and make sure relationship with and it's very important to calculate as strong song. People from being You can share your works on share with your growth. Is that the hear for? Yep. It's practicing monitoring business skills at an the no lights. It is... Only need one skills and e tape and then you. Absolutely. Yeah. Because security. Yeah. At and see, we were more we have but less reactive we are than and the and the reaction that we have lesser are exactly those people right out of desire.

We see thing, you know, you you see haven't mean wish to say something out of your the activity to an unpleasant accounts. And out of any sort of perceived gratification that you're lying. Yeah. Speaking. So more you have the less likely that un influences able with speech right. And One of the things you're gonna find there is a lot of time you sit clarify. Yeah you'll you'll notice that about his son. But more when everything you have no more or than our insight you have, They... I I wish I remember some of those new.

Really saying, but, you know, open mouth and insert foot and silence is the best substitute for those scan, all other. The we're wisdom him you have more sign of you are. That's not the basic of service. These saying anyway. So you you write speech then saying something that is worthwhile. So So yes. Calculated three i through. Not dis this. Not like hearing. It's right not. Right. But that the tree i non activity for replacement. Well, actually had some interesting questions here. And they practice us.

Not sitting patient questions but definitely practice.

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