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TCMC 1 July 2010 Part II – Dialogue on Format

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But last week, some of you were here that some of you weren't. It's just not last week, two weeks ago. I started a little dialogue about The way we have been doing are looking for suggestions, sorry Group. So might mate. So that's one of the reasons we're experimenting with sitting australia. So anybody have any comments? Good. You like this. Would i'd be able to see each other I think that is an advantage of a little bit less like that. Like a classroom isn't it. Well, that's the other thing that we talked about it was interest in and my creating a little more formal structure parker maybe having some kind of a syllabus so that knew what we were going to talk about in advance.

And What of the means that that does nec to make it functional is that if people don't if if you're not able to make it that you definitely listen into the recording of evening on the treasury website. I otherwise, any attempt that I made to to create a structure that we follow is doomed to degenerate into the confusion of people is sitting quietly not having a faint idea of what we're talking about or else asking questions, which involved basically redoing whatever we did the previous time we got together or the time before that.

But it does seem like a good idea. And so in the intervening two weeks, I we have a little thought to little. Okay. How should I structure this? What should we talk about what would do soul of this? Yeah. Interesting thing that my first thought was that, well, let's talk about what we'll do is talk about what meditation really is and a structured organized way. I know I how well. Meditation really all about the mind. So maybe I'll talk about what the mind is and organize structure. Right. And Well, you know, but there's a lot of confusion between what's mine that what's consciousness or awareness and things like that.

So maybe have to talk about that first. So started outlining you know these different things. Oh, this is starting to sound very epidemic. Maybe that's not where people are gonna be interested in. So So I didn't come hear tonight with a soul of. No talking about. But you can help me come out with. Yeah. So, you know, I know the idea i I I want to teach you. I want you to have a deep understanding of the concepts and ideas that lie i'm this practice and and the dark that's a part of. But at the same time, I don't wanna make it into to make it too formal and luxury and classroom like because that might not be what you're interested in.

Either So he have any thoughts on the matter that you'd like to share with me Love to hear. Yes. What stripes do you about? What I would like that I would like it for me, but I think I I... What I would like is if there there's something called an not amount of practice, but I could email you and say, have you guys subject up for this week? Because then coding and here's or carrie I need to know something about. And theoretically you might even... Not would be able to talk about that. And maybe this couldn't lead them just within one week maybe get several leads but you've even find a article or something on the web and then let everybody know okay.

On sessions such, I'm talking about this. With everybody please break this. Mh. Just if you're going to do something, like go to a whole book. So i somebody who only me come that most every of week. I might be missing that much. And me that because sam awful lot. Yeah. But if at the situation where you can let do now? Okay. I'm gonna be talking about this. Please read fetching and part canadian card free five fifth eight six. And that doesn't a feel like worth today. But that's also something that's somebody like and say this is what's up in my practice.

Can you this? I I certainly don't mind people emailing me and saying what's that practice. Now what I'm hearing if I hear actually... Instead of laying something out that would be the development of a single theme over the period of say five or six weeks. You're talking about having a particular topic that you know about an advance before you come that best you're gonna talk about. That's what one let... I'm I'm pretty happy with the way things pretty happy with so Yeah. I I... But we're make speaking jen myself.

I would be less interested in in something that, you know, that goes from week to week with two after because I'm not here or. Even though you could listen to it on internet. Not listening. Well. Take the notes. Alright. Yes. What not doing like a standing talk? Each p or some you to do that they have a certain thing building before five beats switches each week. Could should be a separate topic and that would be kinda standing. All the time rebooted combination could be a certain goals and. Well, the only difference between that and what I have been doing is that you dove about it in a chance.

You people willing to fly haven't come that recently. But you would be building the theme as opposed to blind question answer to people's. Mh. Yeah. Well, that's sort of the idea that I I saw having some kind of structure is that we would still be question answer, but it would be in within like that compliance of particular rather their topic purpose was. But the problem with the the the the problem that I was originally Concern? Right. Yes have it. I very often. Find myself saying the same thing over it again.

And if it's always to different people, that's fine. Because I mind saying it over again. But when you've already heard it once before, our twice the three times then is not so good. So which is And the other thing too is that I I would really like I really like for you all to develop a really solid foundation and understand contact, so. You see how things fit together. This would actually give Rise to a more a more sophisticated level of of questioning where you've already assimilated the basic idea and now you're concerned with its practical application or its implications or things like that.

You know? So I'm i'm more leaning towards a system that that focuses things for a same period of time. Because I think that you trying accomplish what what you're saying more solidly me that way in I think that I think there is... I think there is a need for that and what what why you that you wouldn't listen to? You know, it it will talk at the moment that I said The reason I said at least because they if we was doing some podcasts, and I'd feel often feel pressured by the number of getting the computer and I'm feeling like.

Oh, that's true. I think what we'd be too is you'd have to know that it was something mean sufficiently interested that do spend the time of saying. I I I think what was going on with me when I said it was just simply that I want to avoid this discomfort. And feel discomfort about the number of podcast podcasts on Computer. U. That that's all that means about. I don't know i listening. I know that feeling well. Podcast. So it might be that if I came once, and I kinda wasn't get what you were talking about.

I got get motivated this Yeah. So I I do honestly unfair, you they're like they're showing up and being what happened. Just saying. Like my feeling of sp, but I cannot not say but. Do something different wouldn't be better. And of course, it's not just about enjoyment it. It's gotcha just about having quite a time which there is nothing more serious here. So I I even though my is back... I'm pretty happy with how it's going right now. And on the other thing I cannot say that what they're talking about wouldn't be better.

You know I coming regularly only almost two years. I did start to feel a lot of repetition with the question answer a format. Mixed consolidate patients, but... Because, you know, new people kelvin Asked the same question which is yeah. Bad but it did get a little of competitive exactly. And I I realize i I realize if that that is a problem. And the other side of that is what I mentioned is that it it keeps the discussion at a certain level. Really hard to move to the next level. So Yes have. Oh, Just gonna...

I didn't get a perfect like, I know when that one's... Kind of what I'm thinking last. Too weeks ago and new talking... And then and you spelled directly too late, this idea being will he get kind of d. And I've It does seem like we skim a lot of the research. I mean, I've I've learned miller from me dormant talks and a half many any red or other Don talks they've listened to. And it's been really valuable. And I buy it, but does also feel kind of scattered. So... And I feel like there's, like, some core concepts out that actually don't get touched on as much probably.

So yeah. I mean, I think I still partial idea. But I'm wondering is it... Is it necessary that Do you think it would it would be... Like, do you do you think as as you kind of develop a talk that and we're be trying to prohibitive difficult to just dive in or somebody who has some custom before. I mean, I would be here, but I'm thinking i'm like, if there are people that come in, you think that's that's really gonna be the concern or do you need the vehicle was still doing something valuable you have...

I i think they can get something valuable We might look back at Probably the most my most recently attempt in that direction this is I wanted to take you to the first few sutra of the buddha and we spent several weeks in a row talking about the first sutra the sit on the turning of the wheel, which is about the four noble truths, but I do that Anybody who's ever heard of Buddhism has heard of before Noble truce, but almost nobody really understands there about. And I thought that was pretty successful and it took several of weeks.

And there was There was a certain amount of catch that people had to do, but I thought that get it didn't create too much of a problem. But then we lost the continuity before I got to the next secret series, which is about... It's called the time. Secure there no self ct, which I talked a lot about anyway. But what's important about that su is it's the... It's where the idea the fly aggregates as introduced. Which is really what I was thinking about talking to you about my Okay. I think the five aggregate gets is a really solid basis for works at.

Probably second most just pick up for. Just make up right. Absolutely. Yeah. K. Well, let's let's try that. Let's... Let's let's make this scene. And I I don't know, you know, we'll finish it tonight. We'll continue at to each tonight and may go into the fall. Tell be what I really like to know. In October I couldn't do weekend non residential teaching here. And I want to talk. Yep... At something like about One of the seven factors of enlightenment, which is joy or pt. And why en earth it's a factor white?

And we all know that it's something that if you do some practice at P arises, but there's so much more to it than that. So I would like between now and October that we've managed to become really clear on some on some of the other factors that I like met that are developed before Pt and in association D, which and this makes it all a topic about meditation and how meditation relates to daily light. Other factors in like are concentration. Mindfulness. And it's msg, and then there's tranquility and there's And then the other two are the application of These five, but with the enthusiastic investigation of but on which big stand site both of the out and too.

So i do you like between now on October to haven't a group with people that are really solid on the medication process, what what mindfulness is? Right concentration is why they're why they are enlightenment factors? Why we developed those wide this is really yes what meditation is. It's health and concentration at my awareness. But why? And then how they relate to the other things that, but how they relate to the T t they will talk about and that we can't workshop how i I tentatively well I not tentative anymore it's published.

I I've title a title that awakening enjoy in daily light. I just...

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