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TCMC 1 July 2010 Part I, Q&A – On Karma

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not necessarily you meeting meditation? Okay. We we'll revert to meditation like somebody we output problems for questions alright. Right. So I keep on tripping my myself. With the idea that still it's somebody to comment with that that you could deliberately create the cause for you wish to experience. Future should? It deliberately create cause or a result they english to experience in the future. Okay. Sounds like what people try to do a all that time. Yeah. But if you can't updated did that, if you for, you know, for example, this is a specific about name music if interested in wealth delivered...

So you can literally go giving details to that. We'll experience. Alright. Said well, that's a good one. I like that. I I i I think that's a text. It's space. So supposed to the bone for most people. Because whether we have the needs, so we think we do or not we don't feel like they have meetings use. And everything thing is that it comes really close to a lot of these. Pseudo spiritual and philosophies, you know, that I gathered that tenth. You can't by seeking behavior at in particular ways. You can somehow magically cause wealth and success tooth.

So and it it strikes it all of up. So No. I don't think I don't think you seriously believe and magical effects of thinking and acting and doing it for ways. But if you do, it's quite alright got ahead tell. Well, you know why have been working up maybe a magical theory better. If I deliberately, I think or act in one particular way, there's about in a in a future point, we'll bring a certain result to mid. That's been definitely part of trying to do, but it seems to me that that's not working out.

So than where like, any wrong... Like, the the daily place, I can feel like I'm definitely doing it wrong needs stuff I can deliberately create cause and a course brings a result in my world. But need not happened to me. Mh. So I could give me in the simple example, which isn't what actually isn't. Before do you start. Then I see somebody else in my world as wealthy. Need be me. So then, that now connection of causing effects individual is broken down. So then if you want to link them it, this...

If that is the case that it could just be somebody in the world, then we fundamental the and platform of You keep moving on emergency to improve your meditation. And why should I be moral in generous, so this can make somebody else rich and happy? Yeah. That your immigration is gonna you might keep a certain reality for in order to improve your meditation in order to achieve alcohol goal. You keep said morality. And somebody else meditation works wonders and then they use their limitation for earning more money.

We or give a control of that blood pressure instead of the. So then all that effort. You've done didn't get anybody any closer to enlightenment until that four. But what's most important in this it is to understand all all of the different ways that cause all of these works. And at the same time, She recognize that the most important aspect of causality is going to be Your thought, your intention, your mindset, not not your action. But where it's coming from, that's what's likely to the most important.

And the most important result is going to. This by molding shaking, determining, the kind of being who exists in future moments arising from the continuity to the act. you know, the five that you are to person the the person that we normally think of. That process of continuity is going to be shaped and determined by the intention at florence. And at each successive of moment, the way it has been shaped and foreign is going to have an impact, sometimes obvious and sometimes of subtle, it's not obvious on decisions, which are likewise, sometimes obvious decisions and sometimes not so obvious decisions.

But to evolve from here to there, involves always these intermediate steps, and the the intention behind every saw in action is molding and shaping the being who in all those intermediate steps makes the choices and decisions response and the way they do and reaction the way we do. And so that is going determined whether the path goes from here to here, which may be wealthier enlightenment that. Or the past it goes to here, which is still looking at somebody else's sq or our or longing for our own enlightenment So you write at two different destinations.

So the most important aspect of the causality. Is what's taking place internally and you can understand. You you can work with that in a simple formulaic way. But you can also understand how you are shaping yourself and do it in a much more powerful way. And I just find out that to even be having this conversation and puts you way beyond the kind of person who isn't even aware who's who's going ahead and they're sleep not even realizing the impact that this is having. If you are... Could you practice morality a generosity, how desire I am moral because I want to enjoy these benefits.

And I'm am generous, because I want well. That is going That is going to create the being in successive moments that is still driven by desire. Far for money. And that is my to influence both suddenly and overt all of those little tiny decisions, which lead them in very different directions. You see what I'm saying? Right. So practicing morality and generosity. In order to have your future self experienced benefits from it. They not pretty produce that result. It may produce that result. But they not because it is conditioning the being who you're going to become if that acts and reacts and conditions and extra and so on so forth.

In such your way that some of those decisions may not be the ones that most ideally in that direction. Just just keep it simple. If instead, the basis of your morality comes from the ability to recognize yourself in another that you see. This this other being is another version of myself Anything that I do to them you know, I would I do to them what I would not have done to myself? And in terms of of generosity. If you are... If you are in... If if the act of generosity comes from the ability to gear, not from the idea of giving.

This is this is a very different thing. If you develop the kind of generosity that responds to need, with excess by transferring that excess to fulfill that need has a natural spontaneous movement. You you are a different kind to being. And every time you do that, you will perpetuate being in that different works. Let me show you how that can lead too well. That if you act out of a spontaneous and natural generosity, to try an adapt an adopt generosity. Then, without thinking about it, you are going to make decisions that produce positive impacts on other people.

They are that is express inevitably reflect that on you and good and positive way. But if your underlying conditioning is only to be deliberately generous. Your automatic response is going be grasping. And you are going to in those you interact with. You are that is going to be reflected back to you. And amongst the the people in the Chinese business community, I've had an opportunity to get to. I realize that the Chinese needs philosophy of business is it it has to be good for everybody. Yeah. And yes Like...

It's not this... Well, how much can I get out of it? And it doesn't matter whether you, you know, if if you're over a barrel and and you can't get what you really want anyway. Be bad for you. Said it's the attitude of well as well, you you're almost family if you're my business partner. So we got set this the up. So especially both of us. And that leads to success. That great to degrees of success. And I think maybe amongst successful Chinese business people. It's not necessarily coming spontaneous from faint spontaneously from the heart and the way I described, but it has been in ingrained.

To from the time they were young and maybe out their distance career. That this is how you do business. So it has that degree of automatic too. We're trying to go to whole another set. If you cultivate the kind of generosity in yourself, where When you have access and where you see me, you naturally and spontaneously, can't it doesn't even occur to you to respond in any other way. Than to to try to help fill that need. Then you're always gonna act wait was gonna create the positive reflection on it.

The odds, the this the chances of you being successful on like? Monetary. But would enormously increased as a result of that. Not do to any magic. And it's something that you can only create a pre chat why by acting out of mule jet generosity. But this is where we started out. If you started out acting out of generosity has practiced as a rule as something he being sick. Oh, well, Yeah. This is one of those darn situations where have to be generous give some of myself. If you keep working at that after a while, you could start to get to that place.

And when you get to that other place, if if everything is packet, and hopefully you recognize accept that. But you just step out everything is interconnected. And if calls out is absolutely universal. Then you can see that you can safely make the statement that huge pan and out of morality and generosity without being rewarded. There's no guarantee that you're going to be rewarded in exactly the way you want or even necessarily to quite the degree that you want. If you were measuring that in terms of dollars and mercedes these benz and things like that.

So you are going to be rewarded. It's inevitable. It can't not happen. But another really important thing hack stick. There's two aspects of this. There is the self but wants to have and to be. And one aspect of it is that stuff that I wanna have and that wave that I want to be and that's out there and I wanna bring it to me. And all all of the focus is on how do I get app the stuff? And how do I change How do I become that? Well, the answer is this cell, you work on the on on this sell you are understanding yourself that you are seeing it as it really is.

And as you see, really is, it transforms. And you may find that you don't need as much money or as many mercedes benz to actually be far wealthier feared than you originally imagined you might have likely to be. And you i might also discover that to become enlightened doesn't need that it has to fulfill your fantasy of what and enlightened band yes. If you reach a point where you can honestly say to yourself, I care whether this is the it or not. It's good enough for me. That... It's good enough for you.

But least until day can you say, well, I'm wonder if I can go a look further but does that answer the question? Kind of service he hold. The individuals actually result. From a plaintiff of view. Okay? As a stone rolled down and Mountain side. The process of its rolling is gonna result in impacts to the zone itself. But it is also going to have many other ramifications that may sell off a whole landslide. So there are in the continuity that is the person, there will be ramifications that come back in that visible continuity.

If I look at if I if I look at the person tell then, and monitor them over time, I'll be able to see a lot of Kelvin intentions producing actions both over settle that produce results on the teacher manifestations of the continuity that we're helps Yeah. Killed. Right? That's what you're talking about. But if you were to imagine that that is the only thing affecting counting, then you you're not made very realistic. And if you were imagine that Kelvin that the fruits of kelvin actions, are only exert upon Kelvin, that wouldn't be very realistic either.

The underlying truth is we are not separate. Kelvin is only a temporary of identity out of a wholeness that is done by my mind. And line is just a manifestation of that mine. And that mind is just manifestation of that wholeness. And there is bottom line here absolutely nothing. Any of us can do. That doesn't affect everything and everyone in some way. Even if it's not probably a assigned. And it is... And and we at no point in time are truly independent. Of the rest of ourselves. But when we focus in on the therapeutic kelvin and we track the imp kelvin in through a period time.

We will see that it represents a nexus of of causes and effects and of course, some of those causes are producing very immediate and Obvious effects. So in a sense it it's you know, the individual is with their own action. The only solution about it is that The kelvin at this point the line is really not the same children that did that right there. And it's not neither one it's separate from the hole. Is that how any closer you answering? Do you? But is are not an underlying issue, really got. But then what do...

I still experienced myself as so. And I still have some desires. And some perceived needs really or not. I I like to avoid the status of poverty. I would like to enjoy help. I would like to return wait. Right? So even though I may be a fig code the imagination. It's still my statement of my imagination right now. And that's what I want. So what do I do. And, this is where this is where the the practice and the understanding. A karma comes into this, You can, of course. Just practice virtue and generosity patients.

You could just practice virtually general patients. In order to make things better for yourself, which is in the small tradition of buddhism is called the making of merit or the. Say makes him this good time. Right. And it's true. And it works. If you establish those mental rules in your mind, by businessmen trained by traditional Chinese families? You will reap the benefits of that. So is issue can implant, the idea of generosity or patients in your mind. Strongly enough, so that they color your actions, you will receive the benefits of that.

But as you take it to the next level, and you try to to divorce you try to use generosity as a way of divorcing the natural comp towards grass from from the actual thoughts and actions that he manifest in the world and you gone to a whole new level you begin to... You use every active generosity. It's not just one of real keeping. I have... I have promised myself I would practice Generosity city, so I'm gonna get this nickel. But you now say, okay. My grass thing to money, how can I put myself in touch with?

I think I'll get them ten dollars instead. And as you just hope this is a mistake. They mean by beer. I shouldn't do this like, hey I might need that money later. So you just watch yourself to it and you watch yourself for react. That's where you start divorce yourself from grass. You said. Okay. I got to let go of this. This is... See, I could fool myself as long as I was getting a nickel I could fool my myself. As soon as I changed it to ten dollar bill, I couldn't lie myself anymore. Force myself to see the grasping, that is in me.

So you can use Shannon generosity city. Just to go to that further set. But even there, you you wanna get beyond there. You wanna get to the point where where You don't see the same distinction between soft and other that gets rise to the grasp. Every step in that process, the closer than you come to dissolving that distinction. Then the more... Because the more things that gonna happen to kinda back the better things you're hear your peace. And not just in material way, you are going to feel better.

You're you you will have... As soon as you get over Most of your grasping, you'll eliminate a huge part of the suffering that you caused yourself every time that you grasp the Every time you were that you ate too much for something or gave too much your away or didn't get it enough the circuit. Right? And so it goes, you will remove all kinds of suffering from your up. And the universe as a whole will keep reflecting the gets bounty back to you because you're no longer trying to grasp onto to it.

Is Karma is how we create ourselves. And we create ourselves through our thoughts and him. How we have created ourself? Is going to determine. What thing, what what circumstances we find ourselves in and we'll have a tremendous impact on the kinds things that we follow us. But most importantly, how we create ourselves has a huge impact on who it is that finds themselves in those circumstances. And who it is that the thing is be follow. And see. See where both sides of the street. This is not a meditation person.

There's definitely a practice question. Think it relates some meditation to proper one. So I like that. That was a good thing to talk about. Mh. Might have that's some big medication questions i michelle. Start.

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