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TCMC 17 June 2010 Part III Dharma Talk on Right Speech

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So I know I often can say to you. There's anybody have any on that line. So And actually, I have something on wrong. Sure so use that as a basis. Okay. So i should talk a little bit about One of the one of the components are the eight fold pack, which is right speech. It's also one of the pre steps that we played. And as part of that very, very important part of their path which is is our practice in our daily life and power replied dha to real experiences system And so I suppose you're all familiar with what right speech means.

It's not engaging in all speech. Not same thing so they're not actually food invalid. Not engaging in our speech. That means not saying things that are hurtful to someone else. Means not shouting at somebody. You know, real high. Our speech is this shouting making critical statements so on so forth. It means refrain from divisive speech. Devices and speech, is speech that is intended to turn one person against the others, which intended to make to divide people. And then finally, history series gossip and idle speech.

And these are kind of walked together. The gossip part of it is basically even if the gossip is not false speech. And even if it's not divisive speech, The essence gossip is that we entertain ourselves at somebody else's experience. Right. And so in that regard, just as as false speech and our speech and devices speech, our forms of speech that are harmful to others. Gossip, is harmful others. And this is need ballot who say how I feel somebody's got up to me. Idle speech is closely related to it, but that's time wasted that's basically time wasting.

Talking about meaningless, frivolous things. And you could be talking about the work. Mh Or something that is genuinely meaningful. So so that's how right speech is. It was fine. And The reason that speech single out the way it is and this path was if you consider the impact about it. As human being, you know, other kinds of gains, dogs, for example, don't have a problem with right speeds. Right action is very important. And right. The right action idea very important to people too. But people have this whole other dimension.

Of speech. And we've shipped a lot of pain suffering into our speech. Is that not correct we do. We create a lot of our reality through I see. Got not true mh. And of first, we try to create a reality criteria try to manipulate reality to our speech. And so In many different ways, speech is an extremely important part of how we practice the drum. And how we live part of the time. You know, you absolutely can't ignore it, you absolutely can't minimize its important and sentence impact When you're talking about any of these...

Any of these parts of eight path that they're called virtue, you know, right action right speech right livelihood heard. The one thing that You fine and what the question you have to ask yourself, And this is an important part practice it. Is why would I do this? Why would anyone do this? So speech for example? All speak. Why? Would you ever say anything that is not true? To protect yourself? That's Protect. You protect yourself? Okay? We right. You know, I didn't do it. Not. It was him. Yeah. Sometimes, it's too advance an agenda.

We'd be yes. Very often it's student as general. And and that's the kind of attempting and and create reality. Mh. Right. Eco Ego back is a very big part of it huge. That's a huge part of it. We use speech, to bolster our email to the fan there go to attack somebody else's ego if our ego leo threatened by their be So that's another really important thing. Desire, which you said desire and a version and you said you said to protect yourself, you said to dance agenda and he just generalized that. And people use wrong speech all of the different kinds of wrong speech.

Because a desire inversion built makes ego, that is an attachment to cell. The Ego idea being hook. So the reason I bring us aside is what makes this so important in the practice of virtue. The practice of virtue is not the bell following rules. The practice of right speech is not where you gain or lose points because you either do or don't use all speech or do or don't use our space. That is probably the totally least useful application. Of of the buddhist practice of Virtue under the pre research that you can engage in.

Yes. So try to regulate and control their speech and their behavior because I don't rule. Not that that doesn't have great consequences. Because a person who is truthful. Who does not engage in her post speech who is not divisive, and we doesn't gossip it is going to be much admired and respected by the companions. Is going to benefit in any positive way. So it's not that it's useless. But it is the least useful way to apply that. Where it becomes really useful is where examine your motivation. It's not now.

To catch yourself before you say something about someone else. Gets to then look at... Look inside what was my motive. Where did that temper? Because This is if we're on this path, we're about ourselves. Of those kinds of motives and a because they will keep getting in our way. They will stand in the way of our happiness they'll stand in the way of our game wisdom, they'll stand the way of our success and vacation part progress. They will continue to obstruct this and just create endless problems.

We have to learn to deal with. And the first step is honestly and openly acknowledging in our ourself. Where does this impulse sound from and recognizing recognizing in the lyric country? This is a way of doing work on ourselves. And it's beneficial to us. Keeping the pre ups and keeping your virtue it's very them beneficial to you. You. I mentioned one way, which is what so obviously dramatically change the great the way other people. Think you. You. But it's also for your benefit because it's moving you towards they're gonna have away from something, but that's another very important thing that it's soon.

Yes. Sorry to interject something just really quickly, but I noticed, it really changes the relationship with people, because so many people wanna and find you are connected. I i completely other people down. Like, oh, i just did you a someone i just said colleague. I don't know very well we're just would just would just being friendly and she would come up and out of the blue start putting down other people are their colleagues. Mh. You know, and I just sit there and trying to think of, like, now.

What should i okay Upcoming That's right. Something. Yeah. There's, like, a ton of the situation. I can have always in those situations. Now I'm always like look. But they're really is is gossip and the device it. You, the little petty jealous and the resentment, even a minor slate. I mean, when we talking about devices at speech, know, we we... We're not just talking about a racial limbaugh. We're talking about we're talking about when somebody feels slight by something somebody else did or said yesterday.

So lunch today they started attacking them to their mutual brands. And they may actually be close you leave may being the close friend or the person that's doing the attacking, but they can't resist getting their in because they felt slightly yesterday. No. People do it all over time. Mh. As a matter fact. Most of the conversation you'll see people haven't. And involvement off the lot of speech. Yeah. You we're absolutely right on that one to show? There is another aspect to write speech steve. If if we have some grasp of where this path is taking to us, if we realize that our perceived separate is an illusion Then all of these and things that we do.

In a sense we're doing them, to ourself. Mh. But even beyond that, we're doing them to sex. We're doing them to God. We're doing that too we're being into another manifestation of the b nature. Mh And so that side of another really important aspect of. And so one way that you can think of the back of right speech is an extremely important way of cultivating not only the buddha nature that is in you. But the buddha nature in its entirety which is involved in everything and month around you and which you are trying to to wake him to the reality are Think about?

Now, virtue is not simple. It is extremely problematic back. At first, it seems simple. Mh But from more practice, norton problematic that we've come. There is one of the search where someone asked who boot to a question. Actually, he was put up to asking his question by another. By the leader in another set at the time. They're disagree good disputes. Any scientist person said, and you go to the buddha and you ask in this question, and you're gonna totally can't love and he's kinda asher array of diff stuff.

My question was, and this directly related to frees speech. I'm not right speech. This is actually was sutra on it's a suit on right speech. And so the person comes to the buddha and says says No that's, sir. Mh. Would you ever say something the settlement? Would you ever make the state my back list? Not in. I i can't, you know, dinosaur sort of Translation. He found a really good word again. I know with. And me say something that's unpleasant say something that is is that somebody else doesn't want to hear say something thing that...

Well, is not in gearing, I guess as about as suppose as I can count up. And I'm remembering what the where was translated. Yes. To do that. You said, those regards had right speech. Would you ever say something to sun thirty that is not gearing. Mh. And The buddha didn't give a yes or no answer. He said There's no simple answer to that question. He said, I would not say something that is not... Anything that I say must both through and beneficial and said I would not say anything that was in engineering if it were not true.

And if it were not beneficial. I would not say anything that is not dear, that it really not true. And they're no not in beneficial. They said, but I would not say something unless it was at the right time, this be. So just said something true, and just because you think it's beneficial. Doesn't mean. It's the right thing say. Me the literally went on to explain why that would be, you said the reason that I would not say something, even though it was true, and even though it was beneficial, if it were not the right time, is out of compassion for other beings or the suffering that the roots can cause.

It says I would say it at the right time. So this feature is a really important guideline. What do you say? Just because it's true that so I was in an asshole, we say, you know, I hate tell you this, but I have to my. You're nasa. So that that's how we would the right thing you do. There are many things that are true. That you might choose never to speak about because there is... Because they're not beneficial. But there may be some things that are true, and you can see it would be beneficial to speak that and to make them know.

But you must be very careful. That you do at the right time and the criteria for the right time is compassion or others. Compassion for other people. So It's a very very useful thing to keep in mind. We're Not was talking simply about both speech means that you don't say anything that's not true. Therefore anything that's true and safe, because that is that is very, very clearly. Not case. Even if it's true, it must be beneficial. And even if it's true and beneficial, must use skill for names to determine when is the right time.

Listen a mistake that. We often. This is where things they're complimentary. Sleep. Right time. And once again, Part of it is looking here most motors, you know, I mean issue even if it's beneficial to tell this person that the truth, which is that they're an asphalt. What is your reason? Are you telling them this? Because it's beneficial? Or, guys signed out west Olsen. We've beneficial however which was really look carefully for. It's something that we can go get... Exactly. Exactly. That means part of the right time is after you have looked in your old garden And you have examine your own folders and you your own motives.

As otherwise, you can use this to rationalize gaming. Right? Or fulfilling some other agenda. Or you can just sleep and not realize we could do it. As a matter fact a lot of time, that's what happened. They're asleep. Not realizing what he do. That's true. Which is why you can't practice any of the virtue. And unless new call today month? Let be mindful. Otherwise, we we'll just have And that's also one of the reasons why why you following like just cannot out succeed. Here's your mind, will present all the rationalization necessary for you to speak in your sleep and say, not playing if you shouldn't for all the wrong the reasons.

You have to affect mine forward. And I think the moment that you asked yourself is this the right time. Yep. Brazil's, but there's mindfulness. Yeah. That that yeah. There's that beginning of. Gotcha right. What what where the motivation what? You know? Why am I doing this What effect it going to happen? Is this the right here. That's right. That's the practice says. And my situations where you heard somebody you did it with the right intention, which. Other I mean, you don't you cannot take responsibility for that reaction then we bring mind for.

Clearly know which she did it combine who didn't it like this is still not. That's right. Right. Let me give you another... Kind difficult situation. Processing that supposing that you discovery that somebody... Say you share somebody and the song is un. And they may exploit other people. Right? You started this true. And speaking about it, would be a benefit? How do we decide when is the right time and how do you go about it? Where is the difference between that? Where it is divisive speech and.

And it's saying something that's necessary because it's beneficial and insured Yes. In my own life, I I find it one of my greatest this time. Yes. I just wins. Mh. It's amazing some these stimulates use to the nicest twenty that find just wins. And I don't say what I want to say. Mh. And I... Well, the native of Americans say let the traditional four days pass morning but. Same. I what the wisdom that is because it's just... you know, in the moment you can feel you i'm standard. You can see doctor the whole thing figured out and, you know, even two hours for while on four days and all of so reminds starts of working on this it as michael's complex blown way.

See it becomes fully different. That confuses the inspire service circumstance. Mh. That's true. Yes. Giving yourself some time. Although there's two things you have for watch out for. One? Sometimes instead of getting ourself time to kinda up with the right answer, we just forget about it. And then when it best come up, again, in our mind no further it had been we were and. We started giving off some time. And the other is We may decided to give yourself four days, and then two days later, you find bit of your friend year says soccer because saying?

So there aren't easy answers to it. There's actually an another sutra It has to do with the first preset of not killing. No. It's not a suit. I think that that. Let's a. It's one of the niche stories about The frozen previous lives. We started. Apparently, I the the buddha and this previous information was on a ship. And some tired sees he's gonna kill all of people with the but the future viewed the has been in a position to killed the pirate before he filled everybody else. And he did so. He did so not not only for the benefit of the people whose likes she said.

He did it for the benefit of the pirate that he killed. Taking on but Karma for chilling on himself. Rather than allowing the debate on the kind of drone other There's an issue. So... So with without now this to working would expressing william that very he need somebody he was responding. Yes. Somebody in sandra who you would we want to to consider a vehicle i tape out the plan yes. A clean device or porting let's to get to that person who is someone else. I would take out that comma we because this to also benefit had any That's right.

Yeah. Might ultimately benefit. Very person who might realize say explore your that. Did you see the danger in this? You've got to have purity part All otherwise, otherwise, you're just backing that same all the place. That's a very difficult thing. Just as very to call down. That movie. Yeah. That's that's right. Great. Great. Yeah. That's. So anyway, I I wanted what I wanted to say. I just I didn't wanna give you... I'm I'm not trying to to give confused. Fixed answers instead, I'm trying to convey to you what it means to practice is to be open to understand the true nature of the practice of mindfulness and its true application when if he can that.

And to search for your own answer. And the truth is but you can't. We... There's no one else in the world that you can rely on. You have to learn to find and the answer your yourself. And they're you're going to have to penetrate through those layers of your line that will deceive and mislead you. In order to get to that part of your mind, we'll call root nature that gonna guide you and scan right action on right speakers. Thank you very much and I'll see you again. If some of you like to come out on Sunday.

And by the way, a week from this having sunday they we will not be going a post of service in the stronghold hold. Because there is another retreat there. Nice great scene. Somebody else. Okay. Thank you very much Night.

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