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TCMC 17 June 2010 Part II Format Dialogue

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Okay. Good evening me. We're having a little bit of summer syndrome girl. So that's alright. That's. I I got mind that people driving out there. I not even. Hello. There would be few more people here because I just wanted to start a little bit dialogue talk about the way that when you're doing change and ready or not we should make any changes, but, you know, we can still start that dialogue that field order here. We've been following the same format here for two years now. Question answer and medication and then environment clock.

And maybe that maybe there is great way to continue. But I thought it was time to have a look at it. Just they were to think a little bit i about how well that's thirteen for. For all of you, Yeah. Anybody haven't comments me on that? Okay. Given that I I am the person comes out of town and we don't have access to the center, but maybe pandemic couple weeks for me would we moving well because I meditate home all the time. And I can ask myself questions involved the comment I do, but I don't get really engaged her to right that.

And so, I'm not that. There is line for questions. It's Medicaid was support. And there is client hear clear some wisdom. So it this from and sometimes time for more questions also. So for me it works with extremely well. And I love that it's a cool evening. Sorry it's perfect for me. Oh. Great. Well. Thank you. Yeah. But maybe seems like a pretty system she's really doing more... Kind of fashion formal drama on the topic immunity and and body got the That's been. Very good that. And you're absolutely right.

I'm sorry to doing that what's the life of the buddha that's what I had in mind do. But I after about... I know thursday three weeks, they were you know, at least after the people on the agreeing were people that hadn't pretty most a previous good stock. And started a line that keeps being the problem. But maybe that's just a problem i nine nine and maybe maybe they should just... Because most of these topics are they're all, large. They're all interconnected ones then connection so climbing over.

Seven. Yes. That likely really get Iv idea just decided to follow a structure you know maybe even do it in a blocker probably each at a time mean things aren't that i people know in the batch and thanks for that suggestion. You perhaps probably so star block or how he was stuck without he it was or, you know, through the baby office that perhaps, you know, we could send out, you know, a paragraph or a synopsis the subject that retail. And date pair and those people who that mister Lee she could chime in and feel connected shouldn't the talk to here.

I don't think that would we they ought wanna add and loading that they she without, but it couldn't be short. There's one of my favorites is that anything I do or end up spending a lot of time on richard stuff. And i I know quite well, I i know it spend more time is necessary it. But I tried to change the way I am in that regard and have terrible knowledge of chips on But. But... Yeah. You know, it's like I'm, like I used to teach used to teach thoughts versus and, you know, outline the entire course and do some options for the whole thing, but no I've have...

I had three buttons or attention to work on in in the summer three or four months and then and then I'd get to revise it every i on on It sounds like that's probably the kind of direction but be quick here. If there was mean some saved on the light of the buddha it's example. And say was a paragraph. That that engages good idea of workers talking with, you know, Just just back. So that people coming in, no subject. So it doesn't take your summary or sir. Okay on this this stage. That's another thing.

I I would really love cp people. You know. Coming in already having, maybe looked at something they were going to talk about and, you know, already having some the questions that arose in their mind. I think i that might we very bit. So to direction on needs where what with moving there. I I actually... I don't know whether he realized if about tried to quite a few times or last few years, but it's was anything always happened for the same reason and I have felt like I was talking to a lot of people about something in their back which their deterioration what I talked about.

The week before or early week before if they weren't. But if everybody knows if that happening and advance. And to a certain degree, it's better to look up. Right? Mh. Yep. There are regarding on. Actually, what there hasn't been and until just this year is through pardon second on. The rev website, which racism in that I I'd lost my wonderful recording me put her up on the red... Website or. So he I knew sending to do that. Is, you know, they say they this in the topic I'm gonna to teach. And they just teaching we after week where the the guy of changes.

I I used to do that with my my neuro physiology students, you know Yes. I just like to also so the idea of... That... Know after chiefs moving would launch to perhaps receive The might for you know, these with our questions miss. So then read that begin... Likely you go past the sense of sonya up. Yeah. Few weeks from now. That's a great idea. And I, you know, I would really like to see you know, just some things that... We're I've taught the same thing very. And I I think we would be very very beneficial for people that, you know, the as the topic of discussion comes up.

That we have talked about forth or kinda... You to, you know, even need you to give your best shot at, you know, explaining some part of it. That way, you'll come to understand you'll come down stand far better, you'll you'll in the process of doing that, and you'll exposed to yourself, the gaps and your understanding that you might not be aware of when, you know, when you're not trying to express it. With other cheaper. Yeah I'll always be there to to to, you know, to guide you run to fill in the gaps so So Yeah.

You know, one of the things is that that I've always had is I I I don't want a huge number suits, but I want some serious dedicated suits. And we do have that. We have We have a really nice group of our. People that are been practicing consistently if that's very important. Who are practicing according to the method who I teach. And I think data's is very the important. Not that not that I'm saying anything wrong or seen the other great active. But You know, I no matter what practice i mean does they're welcome to attend this but in terms of discussion, this should really be, you know, what I have this to offer you is based on...

I right It's So you have a a group of dedicated people who learn to practice and why the way you're making that. Progress with without? Fighting to andy fannie individuals. I reflecting on this over the last Over little last year, especially. There are party people in. Who are achieving a a great degree of success on their practice. And to put it bluntly they are achieving stages of patient practice that that the vast majority of the in North America can't even vaginal. No that's the credit for.

That's a credit to your work in their practice, Ability will lead to the follow instructions and our serious diligence that you're practice. You're not treating this stuff. Thing you do on the side, but it made shit. A really important part of real life and that's the way it max to be. I'm so pleased to see that so happy see. So let's build on this Sa of people Who have that hand patient and commitment that's that's Let's move this all up till the next hour. So I'd like yes. Seems like of but you have involved way step.

And hang out that we gave it an trip mostly. The one that's like four pages and it's synopsis. It's really installed. And I think i brings why. I I think think that's hundred livelihood. But that the description of the stages is, first, you know, if if anybody who read that, we'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But somebody hasn't, you know, not lot of uncertainty. So yeah, I think it would be... Can we can we get that together that always keep a stack than available and acting drive there?

Just trying to bring another thing. I really like new people coming in. I mean, when I say I want serious students, I I mean that but they don't have how the all are serious but they had missed it. And and beginners, Shouldn't say just, but people talk achieve in practicing for a long time. And so other their methods. So, you know, they were they're not really stuff but they're their hey in terms of stages of adaptation. And I really well, you notice I I I experienced I the questions, people. But.

You know. Not questions about what would do the night before he achieving i not that nothing really with the center. And and that's that's really good. Right? I think. Tell, I I think that none of you have any problem with your basic instruction that we heard before. And as a matter of fact, I I really like my periods you of to speak up. I've shared your experience. But because you do there is one bank i risk and a teach it to different roots of people in different places. And there's a certain degree broken record that happens.

You know, Always just like the same thing in the same like. You can help others tremendously because even if you try data to start exactly the very Idea you want. It's always gonna be different. And you offer... You can offer a different perspective in your discussions and explanations that I can't. So So it really invite me all to take the attitude that, you know, when there somebody who his new to this group, but i'm asking questions that you feel for to have a answering questions and providing them.

Okay. Great. Why this is really beginning for. Dialogues. So far, nobody sees any need to change to six o'clock six thirty, seven thirty Alright. Okay. I. Over the years of i worried about people in non it's five mean i traffic no time on at home. But okay. Made because they're read negative you go over that feedback disrespectful Okay. Yeah. I she is very important. That we mh we make a a clear amount this whatever way here. If people are welcome to week when like they need it. Because yes. I'm I'm happy with that.

And I data it. We can't. Alright. So we'll do you that. Okay. I take to. Very for people. Yes we pick up somebody at the airport. Yeah with Yeah. I know Is there any feedback about the fact that I do go over Not. Yeah. But travel might have first. That something I can do with first they know where watch. Yep. So sometimes. Please go whenever more I'm like wait with the bell when we meditate. You know, I I really do want to read by thirty. And and I don't know time It'd be late. Yeah. Right. I'll to talk that.

That way, I won't have an address. I That's why time has a clock. So I don't have an excuse me. Okay. Yeah. Thank you Personally, the only The only reason that I go over is sit, I feel like we're talking about something that it is important to talk about. And I want to. Yeah know. I Thought I'd like to bring it to mean logical place of closure completion. And once again, this just that's just like be putting so much time into writing a simple synopsis. It's the way I am. It's my concept of what is bringing it to closure and completion because, you know, on on reflection on many occasions.

I realized that I could have I could brought it to closure earlier. So you know, it it is my tendency if you and illinois, i wanna get to the end of the sentence cheer at on, That's why we are. Because I I feel very i'm good. I I can see some real view. Yeah. Well, how about if I tried even harder to try to finish reasonable. Yeah. Settings... Yeah. Yeah. I know. But if I try harder to finish at reasonable time. But at the same time feel. That if it really seem necessary to finish some aspect with discussion that will do inside of the block.

Some and I know some of you teaching in and color fashion. You know how it is. Where you're right middle up and then the. And everybody's gone. Doubt to say. It's so important that I you think everybody would be sitting there like But now Baby. I mean partly the closing out thirty thirty is because there's a question it's asked eight fifteen or each one side. Mh Yeah. So... you know, what it's even a follow something completely of front of this Yeah. So if we didn't have that clock way, I mean, we might be able...

I mean, I know myself. I wear buying saw that lose aged money and properly will ask my the. Well, seems like turning your is really good We're a start that. Yes. And... See something when you set can't. It's like every time talk about the I have to experiencing manual invitation that day... So it's for me never longer and now that never. So I see it's playing only such a contact complex and thing and issue and and soul. We just tap into right now. And so the the one who repeat, the more it becomes the base a foundation where we then really can move on some not kind of bringing know.

Okay. Great. Right. Both we can continue to dialogue which some of the same people in some different people next to. I mean, that's inevitably who way it is. And I need to not keep affected by that because it is. K. Okay. So let's go on and and maybe talk a little bit about darn. Don Matters this evening. And I I I am taking it part that and you can have some sort structure follow. Although I just mention and i very too that I really like the way... I I really like teaching the people's questions as you know.

Because I feel like the... I I feel like I'm addressing something that that people are really interested in. So one person raised question. I talked about that a little bit. When somebody else raises a question and so I feel like it creates a work.

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