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TCMC 17 June 2010 Part I Q&A

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but I I wanted to verify what we talking about myself. Okay. So as said just saying green and reading out That what for with while, but i probably noticed that it doesn't vary help black not. After a certain ones. But What you want to do is to increase the quality of your awareness. That was your observing, which is the sensations of the bet. And so in order to do that, and I think you may heard was before but we began to observe the details of the graph. Right? And this is where the visualization comes in.

You can mentally note the beginning and middle good end of the draft and they again, the reactor. And use this uses verbal visualization to help help you focus in them yeah. And you're trying get the point where, you know, you're able to distinguish the components of the. As they're actually occurring as clear as possible. You know, and larry is Paul, I was returning anything the out at. Now as we're saying breathing and breathing out asked while signing better i'm loses its value. And what it does let go.

Don't don't try to push it into being for the kind of a that really doesn't have capacity integrate. But at that point, you could still if the radio is still there, so having it you know, talk about what color you should make the batch or what you're gonna have for breakfast science. Click the to work. Monitoring the state you're not? You know left the mirror either other a blow commentary of a quality or out meditation. Now eventually, you... Like these are just aids for help period for longer and longer periods of time.

Especially when you're in the stage where frequently forgetting and experiencing on wondering. So you're going to want to let go of these eighties and fractures to reins. And that's where we come to the pipe of learning to be aware that was this little. But you don't pay attention to we pay, you know, you you're aware of all kinds votes and are you're really paying attention to ladies and sensations and your. You're well and I'll have other awareness to be there. If your mind, goes to the yeah you just very gently bring it up and and just keep doing minutes.

This more than anything else is going to help you get the quote where it is not. You can nap sign. What what sometimes happens is somebody, you know, when they realize that they're listening to the cell talk yank their attention with profitability. And you done america on yourself doing that? Yeah. Right it. And trying that's not. That's not nearly as effective as just in that moment, the moment when you realize it, oh, paying attention to this chatter instead of my drop. Just, you know, generating some appreciation for that moment.

If you come into the present. Side it's like my. And then maintaining that sense of oh, I'm gear, know i'm real. I'm with it. Then just gently, so you don't lose exactly chandler pay attention facts. And you're allowing name the myself top to be there. They're not? Kinda trying to drive the degree not trying to demolish or anything yet. We just letting and go. Know I mean that's the way I left and sherry. It's just it's a letting go it's a non grasping. It's let it be. Now it can be there as long as it wants to, but yeah, it doesn't mean we have to pay attention.

Mh So that's that's not I suggest you ever married. You mentioned counting? Accounting is been useful a. It's also making use that little talk part in internet. But get too and you spirit the limited and the way that I usually suggest yourself is to try to be continuously aware of ten breasts. And if you lose an brent an or a significant part of the number four and number five, and you start over. And you keep doing that until we've been able to keep attention on ten and europe. Then forget the count and just follow address with without and and practice the away described through.

Now you do have the option if you'd find that you putting Mind is wandering a lot to go back and down another series of ten breaths. But always by the time you get to the tenth one, don't bother counting past that because if you've ever trade that, all you'll notice this is it the old counter can just go on automatically and up to thirty seven thirty eight. And your mine's been monitoring. It's not thirty seven breaths to thirty eight breaths. The mind is just kept reviewing accounts. We have you haven't pleasant.

So that's why I suggest. You. Use it use it up to ten because at that point, it does Thanks for that russian. So know. Just the show saying. Really neither or wandering find it. Very satisfactory to be doing that as a tool group. Right. You use it as a tool? While it's useful? Wild works. You get rid of it when you don't need it? Or you get rid of it? When it stops working. I mean it's and not rid bit of portion in the sense of suppressing the talking backs. Me just let it be done it. How was the kind question??

Any more of those? Yes. I now that's when I arrived my agree. One last girl speaks to me. It's interesting but then I'm I'm getting out than when i I'm thinking just go in one I I'm passed well, first of all, I'll give you the answer, so you don't have our best question Yes, it does happen to look everybody, but most people vast majority people don't notice. Well, very quick question. The the question was do I know what what it means is logic? Well, Something is altering turning at these with which the air passes through one side or the other out of your of your beginner part the notes.

And if she got looked in then anatomy and he looked out it the the They open into the nasal terran where it all becomes one passage, but between the opening of your nostrils, where that happens. There are all these little shelf like projections that i have the purpose of that is to moist and more the air and clean the air because they, probably really mute this all dust and buying things up got. So physiological, we would accept the explanation to lie. In some change in the quality of those narrow and convoluted passages the right and left side so that the air is moving more easily through one side than the other.

The same way we're, you know, handing the pack with the device had to opening openings. So if there's more blood flow to to what do just my membranes on one side then I other it. And that be thicker and the space would be smaller. If there's no mucus on one side and other and that's one to narrow the space. There are all kinds of things that could possibly produces track. But it's a very well known scientific that the amount of air passing through to Nostrils, this naturally varies. It's a tribute say quality of your observation and the sensitivity of your sensations.

Right notice this. But it has no significance so we can. And noticing say something like that as being aware, whatever appears your awareness, you let it appear. Right. But the whole the remainder of the game is to let it appear you know, that's time i feet, right no way, without your mind moving the pursuit. But you're just practicing you practicing the same stability tensions back the same open or aware stillness of mine. And we use the sensation reg of the note as an anchor as you know as the focal point.

So they've so there's some i think who allows taking everything else. And most importantly, course, as we go along in this, terms of what else of thinking here. Is there a time more and more of what it's gonna be taking that. Is that awareness of what the line would itself is actually good. Rather than what's happening in sensor? Any other questions or? And we still have about any business hours well very very experienced. And that you are balance in this and that anybody has about six to you can test that other.

That would that way be nicely fighting i'm was talking about was the y traditional alternate in my hospital and And in this practice, we don't try to control. We played the role or pre server, and we let that the body and something. Yes. I just wanted something missing. Was in terms of that in transcription. Is that is that... Was that something that's too much? I mean really what. Let least do that kind of really must name. Something that my neighbors i'm i'm having a little trouble hearing. Are you asking if are are you saying that you had understood the awareness of one Nostril rather ever was was more matter of awareness rather than actual different...

Oh, yeah. That sounds. Yeah. So entertaining yourself Well, what you saying is truth though that You know, it's not that we grieve holding with one nostril, except maybe when you have a cold or or allergies. The air is moving in and out of road. Five. There is more air and moving out of them and the others. But... Yes. Absolutely. Your awareness of that. The awareness itself plays in role. And if you focus on nostrils and probably serious yourself conversation some of you in your united are maybe gonna look for that next time.

You know. And so of course, what you're going to see And actually, this is so ridiculously obvious, but it's also profoundly important. Is it where you place your attention? That's what new seat. But if you place your attention, no matter nostril you place it on, no matter which nostril has the most air moving in now, If you can't place your attention selectively on one nostril or so than the other, you're going to be more acutely aware of the sensations there. Yeah. And so matt regard, if for whatever whatever reason, whether it deliberately, to entertain yourself or bi accident or or or sometimes, and I would think that this is probably very significant just because the error is moving more freely in one nostril.

And you have set your mind the task following with. I I believe that what's naturally going happen is that you're going to play more awareness on the nostril that has the greater on of air. Yeah. So it's like as a regards? Is that is that As as a part of practicing being very mindful of the sensations of the breath. That's fine. You know, anything that you do to help engage more fo the sensations as we well. And especially when you're experiencing those tires lenders a tendency for the buying won't the elsewhere.

Anytime you do that, let's find a video benefit is going be helpful. It's like the same principle with the the self talk, which you gonna have the self talk about the meditation it's not gonna take really early. You know. And so if your... Just the process of attending and investigating, becomes board with one particular aspect of the sensations breath. Well feel free to let it investigate other aspects. You can talk about this info like, how would we have kind of Okay. So you're you're asking about When is it...

When it is when is it reasonable in terms of your practice to deliberately move the attention to something else like perhaps abdomen running rather than those or things like that? The main principle of this is what we're trying to develop. There is. There is a metal faculty that we... That is invoked to direct the attention. No. In in any ancient buddhist literature referred to as directed and sustained attention. If you think about it in terms of brain mechanisms. Someday, somebody is gonna find, but with some blue part the brain that this whole job used to it it it controls what the the direction of attention.

Is another completely separate part of your brain. That is going i'm sure going to be found to decide a what point to release the attention from there. Okay. So really, what we're probably doing on medical. Certainly what we're doing meditating is we're training. Directed to sustained attention. And this is what the buddha told all of his disciples that they were trained. We talked that in which are. But I think in and our modern context will probably end up discovering that we're training that part of a brain that is in charge of the direction of attention, which normally causes the attention to search or something interesting and important.

But responds to intention to deliver intention. What we're doing is training that part that that function of the mind to respond much more strongly consistently to the intentional direction. And likewise we're training that other part of the line to sustain the attention as long as that as there is an intention to sustain it, rather than at some point the beside. But, this isn't so much interesting thing anymore less. Unless I the attention to wander around and we find something else more interesting.

Meditation is we're trying to make the mind useful. The line becomes useful and when we have intentional stability we can put our attention wherever we want. And and that's that's what we're trying to train ourselves to be. The line becomes really powerful when the mine itself can still and just allow sensations and thoughts and raise all that vascular without mind minutes. So that's well. So now let's back up to what we're talking about. We're talking about training the line So every time when mine does something that is different what we're trying to to to train it here.

And we bring it back to the same process. You will develop additional stability so long as you keep practicing, directing intentionally directing your attention to something that you have previously have chosen. Like the sensations of the breath. And intentionally, sustaining retention as long as you can. And just repeating that process so bringing it back and keep quick. So... And the object who it can change. You know, I've said when you have a pain, make that your meditation logic object. And different things kind you can make that meditation of it.

So as long as you are practicing directing and sustaining your attention something that has been intentionally chosen in advance rather than letting the barn. Move on its own the way it normally does, you are training the line. Now so if you decide sometimes to switch from the nose to the app and then move the chest or to some algae jay. That's not a terrible thing. We're still training the mind as long as it's intentionally chosen, and you're not being dragged around by your point. We know what being dragged around on the lease by dog you're supposed to be locked.

Long as your buying isn't drag, dragging your intentions are out, that's fine. But Remember that it there's a tremendous long term payoff value in staying consistent with the same medication object. So variations like this should be made occasional and temporary. It shouldn't dominic. You should always try. To mainly use run. As for the times, if if for whatever reason sustaining the attention on the breath the notice is difficult, by all means go we had to run or something like that. There are times when your mind is agitated, extend your awareness and feel the breath in the nose and chap that haven't all lot.

Or feel see the whole body. As you are in the practice as you get to find of wanting to to respond and improve the power of your non awareness. Be deliberately all the sensation with regret the entire body to help me help you achieve it. So, you know, like so they're they're... These is kind of latitude definitely. But I'm trying give you to understanding him how to apply that. Yes. I have this quick one. So. Sometimes when and all i've been got in those space. Much last night of black actually this diapers in the background.

I like I'm observing my mind space. Yeah. Right. And often I'm understand because I ward off those oncoming thoughts that like... Mh. Distract me on those brain space. Right. And I can't found it. So the mine made gets bigger. Yeah. Now there's body stamping never done. That am I body scan at that time is so like observing the life face? Not necessarily. No. You can. You can. As a matter like one of the places we're going with all of this is being able to okay Above else, we want to be able to observe them on.

Meditation, the real object of meditation, is not the breath. It is the mine. Ultimately this is the object we're going to. It's by focusing the mine on one thing we allow it to become still, and that's what makes that's what makes the mind face where we have. Right. You... That's what you've already experienced you you talked to me about that his. And yes. We want to... That will naturally expand. I mean, that there is what what year what your conscious awareness is capable of is so much more than what we're used to in our daily life.

And so it's definitely going to expand. And we know it. What we need to do is we want the monitor doc to be moving all this stuff. But So this is why we have an object like the graph. And indeed, that becomes somewhat in the back. What we're trying to use get the place where we're watching the mind while the buying watch breath. So mind staying completely still. So that help relate to what you're experiencing you what your practicing And you're doing one well. Still. So pickup. To the rather still even in the body and where I goes since they doing part of named going backwards.

Is that saying? Or it... I don't need that step. It's a practice that serves with specific purpose. And if you, you know, if they... There there is something that I would describe as quality of vi and intensity to aware, not just big of the word. Because awareness can be really big and still not be fair in the chance. So experiencing the whole body of the breath is is a practice. That it has several different purposes, but one very specific and very important one. Is to increase the power of that mindful awareness so that when when the space and enlarge the vivid and intensity, the companies.

I don't I don't really thought. Yeah yes. And that's that's That's really what what happens. Usually, it stays after we stopped using experiencing the body of the breath anymore. And you start to develop some strong concentration and and, you know, we moving towards San. Then that's it will happen. And you'll have very little awareness of your body. What we're issue have your body is just just sort of it's just this pleasant stillness. Right? It was just absolutely still. And the last thing you wanna do is there to move it at the disturb maybe go and you can very easily.

Just leave it behind and their events. So it would be... You... You're definitely coming a step back from that when they're get whole body the. But that does mean necessarily that that you shouldn't do that. If any point you feel like you could afford to to your third development enhanced the power your on lens And that's this practice is a very big one. And it's it's one of the few practices is actually specifically described in The Su Reader says experiencing the whole body while breathing in retrain themselves, experiencing the whole body robbery how the trains of stuff.

Hey it's very powerful man. Man. I Yes. Great. Thank you. Very welcome. Yeah. Gone cash. Start time for the presentation set.

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