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TCMC 3 June 2010, Part II

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So i've spent a couple weeks i have change on your mind. Or or not. We experienced the sensations of network fabrication. Yes, i. Why and from the like it's the pleasant there. And president done or if matched. Mh. Mh that's cost order that really response. So you're you're feeling pleasant in your body on your medicaid. Oh no. It's not something. Oh, when you're not made. Yeah. I just... It more than I felt like like i. Be talk to me like you're being more efficient and you're being here. And if the tri at moment is very pleasant.

So I'm The bodies are. Actually, there's a lot of pleasant experience associated with thing and one these bodies. There's also a lot of unpleasant experience. It's it's a that mixed bag and it's always changing, but of course, as with anything else, there's there's tons of stuff to be experienced in this body. And it's what the mind happens to select to pay attention to. So if you are number one, presence, in your body. If you're if some of your awareness is instead of, you know, going terribly off into to head space, it's saying in your body and if through through the cultivation in your practice, or it can happen due to other factors.

But if for any reason mine is beginning to reside more in state of joy. You're going to tend to notice the pleasant aspects of what's that's specified. And it's a very wonderful thing. It's a very important part of the process. Even in meditation you may have noticed this already that that sometimes you're sitting in meditating, and it just... Your body she really it. That's when that when that experience happens, take some time to say that and reinforce that. Because as your body becomes calm when relaxed and you have experience of pleasure in their body, your mind will also become calm in relax.

And you'll begin to have a a pleasant experience a a a peaceful satisfied mind. And you want to cultivate that have it all the rest of your life as well. So what you're experiencing, I maybe didn't ask enough penetrating questions or get enough explanation. Or What it sounds to me why I'm here. Yes in description. What is of a very positive development in the process when we start to become more joyful pleasantly present and andrew body at. Yeah. What is he escaped. And that's wonderful. Buchanan first the meet bill.

Yes. Question what you said the of making the paint you mean medication. They just work this story by those calls loud and smiling. We got totally nervous. The first two hours focused on the press and it didn't work it got worse. And they finally just open up to the reality of resources right now. It. So I when doing is your focus of breasts when we reduce just or in whatever reality is suppose when we practice meditation we request apply this to really and yes. That's Well, you where you wanna get to is where you can be open and accept what error is happening.

And then do whatever whatever you might wanna need to do to, you know, you don't need to be second in or place it is something that unpleasant But, you know, accepting what is is really important thing to do. And focusing your attention on the breath to as an escape know I think it's unpleasant. Isn't really I mean, there are times when it may being might be a good idea for one reason another. This but it's not really what we're after. It's not really the point to be able to focus on something to the extent that we can escape what closing.

As a matter. In fact most of the time, what we train ourselves to do is when something keeps imposing on us and changing on. It is unpleasant and sunlight. Because instead of turning away from, but we turned start, turn towards it and embrace it and get to that place for, you know, Basically we can transcend it. So so the Joseph Goldstein name very. That's a very good example of that because, you know, you you're an unpleasant situation and you try to use focus and it probably won't work not will, but but our better far healthier it's just i would bring yourself off and the place accept.

What is? Is it is. We whoever denies what is is. Yeah. Whoever resist what is is is... Now, they're bound to be this disappointed. That's right as this what is Saying for you bill or anyone is to try to cultivate the habit of county from place of Loving kindness. I self selfless, genuine being concern for other people's happiness and well without, you know, without that usual thing of or what do I get in returns so the right work that. So wonderful thing to to do. It will make you very happy. And that I mentioned to you before, There's a a dairy faint teaching from kind member his name.

Sorry. Wrote everybody south red like any anyway. He said that that all of the suffering in the world is did you trying to make ourselves happy and all the happiness in the world is to other the people package. And if you ever flu out, we really find it... I mean, you if you reflect on real experiences, i actually know that that's true... But the sheer story of experiencing some happiness leads to right closing around with that. And I feel really good. But even that is doing it to make yourself happy.

If you get to the place it just it's, you know, maybe other people for sap for to sake for their say What's important about this in terms of our practice is we weakening the hold that this self concept of this this ego centric iv mine where you're thinking as on us. And that's really important And whatever way that whatever way you can do that, it's it's it has tremendous payoff. Not to mention fact that other people be happy and he'll be happy haven't so. S data. Same thing. Not. If a one with said that.

But it's it's it is really profoundly true saving. And that's the problem that most... The most studies have and most of the world the suffering but is that everybody is concerned with themselves. People do are depressed and I'm happy. Are very focused on themselves. You can notice that. You know And one of the best things that a person can do if they're feeling a brief or sadness or depression and things like that. It's do something for somebody else. Get out of yourself, get out of your own hip.

You know, do something for someone else. Any kind or something. Different rose, Rolls It works extremely legal. An interesting thing about the way our minds were. Giving doing things for other people. If you make that practice, What you'll learn is that at first, One of the first things you'll the s is that a lot of the giving that you do and have that a lot of the loving that you do and have done. On is ultimately selfish. You know, you're doing it either because you're going to get something in return from somebody else or else you're going to see a better about.

And so that's one of the first things we've discovered, but that's just the beginning of the pasta. So then then you once you get come aware of that, once you once you're consciously aware that then you'd can see about moving beyond that so what about? What if I give and logan conditions other people and raise that part? Part for the sake to something that I let get back on turn. Even, you know, ordinary, the ordinary practice there's a of charity. Somebody comes in around solicit donations for some wonderful pause.

I what a good example right now with deep, but it wasn't very long ago, but there are a lot of people raising on four people had Etfs with... That's. Or children there. Which right away, something, I think they still get a lot of support. But our are people go so many people going around now. You know, collecting money with this that. But when you're confronted with a situation like that, you'll you'll give something, but there's some sort inner monitor that decides how much you're willing to give or the sake of the the feeling of having been charitable like that.

And if you push yourself beyond that, you actually... It's it's just like buying a car and paying more than you should have for it. It's You it become give you a couple weird this statement going on inside your yes. And I was I was speaking with Yeah. Mocks Yeah I'm not sure i'm just be. I just just substantially them way not really well. But it's not giving acceptance it's present and accepted as it is. Sad. But I you appreciate. Yeah. There's a there is a universal principle here that's very very profound and that's the The suffering that we experience has to do with our resistance our non acceptance.

And it it come... It's it's very naturally a part of us to struggle against things and to resist. Both physical pain and psychological pain. But the the paths to overcoming them comes from the place of acceptance of surrendering to some people use to reach surrender. And it's more it's a lot more difficult to do with psychological pain. That's thing. Because we had with it. You know, it's i am my brief. I am my loss. Alright. We we grasp onto it it and we identify with it. And that makes it really, really difficult to set outside.

And so what what I suggest when people have psychological pain, very disturbing and emotions. Is get into your body. Every every kind of mental pain every motion for that matter as its physical manifestations in the body. And you can ground yourself in the sensations of your body. How how does this feel in the body? And you all know what I'm talking about. But who doesn't matter really you're happy you said, whether you're angry, whatever it is, it produces sensations in the bottom. If you get into your mind, you're gonna get into the whole story about this.

Including, you know, what me. Why is this happening to me? This this price what can I do about this? Or well I can't stand it. Oh, it's, you know, it's going to ruin my life. It is really not that. So the way to avoid getting trapped in the cyclic process of thoughts that further stimulates the emotional state and the emotions that show your more thoughts and Everything you know Like i got. We've set outside of that. Is too. Focus on the body and that will bring you into the press and to the here now.

Not only how does the emotion or experiencing feel on the body? You might notice how the rest of your body feels too. Because chances are it's gonna be a next bag. It's not gonna be all all that. And at most of the feelings, That's an interesting thing. Just imagine for yourself some some emotion that you'd have and the way it feels physically might be one that causes a real... Like a of heavy eleven clock and error and chest then the constriction in your throat, things like that. We think about those sensations themselves.

Lady. Look in your chest. If you just look at it objectively, That's not so bad bad. It's it's just a feeling. It's not... May not be really nice, but it's just if you the tightness in your so. Your blind makes something out of the sensation out physical sensation And if you could stop that process stairs, then you can start to get into the place of acceptance. And we you can get into the place of acceptance of the physical component of emotions, then you can start sneaking a peek at the bind itself and you see it, well, see, what what is it that Why do I have such version to these natural state?

Because in themselves, they're not so bad. It's what my mind makes it but oh you know, reminds like this huge amplifier that takes it what there all lot of proportion. So This this is the way to get to that place of accepting rental pain. I want when you look more that you can accept man paints. Less that you resist it and fight with it, then the easier it is to be with it, and well that's suffering experiment. And it can it can actually work its way through. The grief. Somebody that you you lose somebody that you really love.

And it produces all the brief reaction to your that feel in your body. And you're gonna feel it in your mind and it's gonna impact the way you see things and way you hear saying to there's else. But if you get a habit on it, you could see it for what it is. Your mind. Your human being is lot Sun with lost time. Your mind is going to react. But you don't need to get loss in your mind reaction. You don't need to let the mind further amplify that and take yourself and just overtake you. And that's that's the wonderful thing that you can deserve.

Yes. I find when... Go through My meditating and and one gonna Just thought being. Did something comes up. And I identify it as a story. Mh. And then I look at where the story came from. Mh. I let go of the story, and then I find I'm pricing to get. Yeah. It's this... And and and even if a situation is is painful in some. It's the story that makes it suffer. Yeah. That's right. It is story. Oh well, the story... In the story where your ego is. Right. You know? Yeah. We we have a professional storyteller tower here Shouldn't tell there's a lot.

Got. Was that? But, you know, and essentially, there is the ongoing. There there is one part of your mind that its job is just to tell the story of year. And constantly telling the story of you. And it likes to make it dramatic. It can even get into a dramatic thing about how labs are boring and meeting what sure like this. But it lights drama, it lots of right of the dramatic shirt. But the reality behind this is that they're is You know, there's no ghost in machine. There's no self hidden inside there.

You are a continuously evolving changing aggregate or different processes and It's useful for those processes to designate one of cells to be the storyteller of us. But to to spare confusion, we we called up We we call this sky, So we don't get confused with that us there. But it's really it's the story of... Of us. Hello. This happened to me. And And this is how I felt. And so then Excited to do this. And did that happened. And this is this is a sort. This is a kind story we always tell. But there isn't an eye that that happened to.

It happened to the collective that we are. And some parts of the collected might have reacted more strongly to it than others. And due to past experiences some part of the collective that is us, pretty produced certain times of reactions. Might be a mixed reaction. Or might be a predominantly good reaction or bad reaction. But the story tell ourselves. Is the storytelling part of a a narrator the narrator says, well, this happened to me. And that's the way I felt. And really it's some part of you said, while this reminds me of this bad thing that happened to me a long time ago I don't like this.

Or or something like that. That was it. And so I decided to do such success. Well, actually, some of us said, well, why don't we do this some other part said no it's not a good idea let's do the there. And so they kind of these different parts argued back and forth until either there was a consensus or one voice out shouted at the rest, and he acted. But the narrator doesn't say that. The narrator says, and I decided to do this and so I did it. Then story he gets both so. And that gets used. The next time something cat.

You know, they pull out this story say, well, this is just like what happens back, and that made it that it made us feel of this grade. So this is what we did. It's a it's the ongoing story of us. But It's interesting when you tell somebody else's your story. I mean, we all do this. We we tailor our story to our audience, we make it as good as good as possible for the audio. Or bad or thought. Right. Yeah. That's right. Just... Yeah. Whenever you tell somebody about your teenage experiences, or Oh, I so...

Let's she is a think idea. Yeah. Yeah. So when that tell her the ain't event, we can tell ourselves a different story when you know, feeling. Sad, blue and remember something that happened then. We tell a totally different version, by the saying sorry, if fits aren't needed at the time. I was wild crazy. I'm thing I this. That's foolish. The disgusting insensitive and person that did this. I'm such a bad. There's no one my life this say good. It's not storytelling telling it's smith me. We're legend each of us says legend But would you see what's happening when have other people and you know, boris the saying?

It his mother if somebody approached in the star, gave rose with Yeah. Negatively. But that's the... That's that's because of the stories that have been saved up. And and they're they're their warnings they me know watch out. This guy's up to something there's something else. Or I don't I haven't I have no idea. I don't know nothing about first smelled, but for some people, it might be be I don't like you doing that because I would never I I would never reduce something. You make me look bad. So do answer random acts kindness loving timeless.

And acceptance of whatever your task condition in process you. You know, causes you to be experiencing in the moment. Both of these are ways of a escaping somewhat from the enslave the ego and the retrieving, that be right. Not this the ego. I different people... Well depends what you might mean by ego, but Ego is not a good word to use. Better ideas is itself. Right? Concept of who we are. And we're so enslaved to that. Have if you can't overcome that, you have the freedom to genes. I want being.

So why are we here? We're here... I have a good time. Right? A feel road. Do you? I think we're here take care of feature. Pizza to don't look. Okay. So we're here to take care of each other. Is that the only reason we're there? Loaded question. Yeah. If we find, being here, burdensome would say, well, only reason I'm here is to take care of other people and there here take care of other people or all here just take care of each other. Let's get rid of the all But that's where we hope i here. What's the meaning of what?

When does this show happen? I know You ask yourself in one wearing or another that question so many times that you already know you're not done find the kind of answer that you're we're looking for. That item answer doesn't exist. So you got find a different kind of answer. I mean, the other choices is that you could They. Life is absolutely meaningless us. Nothing makes any good same way. Or even might a didn't kind faster. To realize the truth realize the truth. Now that's is that really, which he have.

We we start we start looking for the meeting of life. Then we want the real meaning of why. Know care we want to ultimate and that's Yeah so it's... Take away the veil. Take away all that's right. As soon as you look a little bit, he realized part the sherlock lot fails of confusion routing. Mh. Can. The often Right. They open headers. Spells and pe. That's right. Which can't make you help but wonder Let's be how all. What's that's behind what? Babies. Yeah. I mean, I know that light and person couldn't go back instead of therapy he gave constance.

Still I just I feel and Somebody was. Weird Themselves. Mh all the way back to Well, I I agree with you and But at the same time, there is a different with difference between and enlightened being air baby. The way it seems to me is that babies young children are certain qualities babies young children have that they lose as they grow up. And It's responsible for a lot of their problems. But I'm happy. And so pen enlightened being does have to undo that kind of program. Also, if you look at animals with simpler minds.

And that likewise, they are and light and being or in light nature are more. Yeah. In anyway. But at the same time, you know, you say, well, I don't really wanna come like a baby i don't really want be become to a lower animals. So let's not make the mistake out of the quoting. But it is absolutely truth that there certain qualities that we come into the world with. That. Are changed. And there's certain qualities that simpler gains have that evolve into the kind of being that we are. Have... Well this way.

That we need to get... We need to What the tran transcend the results of that transformation? One of the things that's often pointed out? Is that as human beings, we have a pen intelligence that allows us to project in the future. So we know we're gonna die. Don't know we're gonna be we know as a matter fact a lot of the things worry about. We're we're able to project it. Well, if this happens then that and i see all these terrible things that might happen. And certainly, babies and separate organisms who don't do that.

You know, they don't worry about what might happen in future. And they seem to be pretty much unaware of their own mortality or certainly they don't have the capacity to worry about it. To read this Really believe and she about but they're are part of it. Yes. That's right. They don't have a sense of separation. In the shaq maybe becomes one has food. But that's fine the start screaming. Yeah. That's right. And you know, and they... The studies that have been done on the psychological development, our children is is.

No. They... As she say they started out without much sense of self at all. They have to learn, to distinguish what? What is knee from everything else. And so it's not there and then it becomes there. And it it becomes... You know... And we'd have these characteristics for very solid reasons. Because all of these characteristics that we have, have contributed to the enormous success ourselves as a species. And pure and simple biological nerves. We made a lot of ourselves and we've taken over a lot of the planet and converted it into habitat.

For if if humans were these, the planet would be covered with These nash. Right? Of and wouldn't be polluting. Well, it'd be with. Honey. Makes. But we've been enormously successful biologically and this sensitive ego in this craving in this desire inversion has contributed greatly to it. And of course, the kind of line that's allowed this drive is also made as aware of our own mortality And part of our survival ability to plant for the future and the foresee possible outcomes sent to choose one course of action rather than another, but of course the unfortunate side effect of that is that makes it possible for us to worry about all kinds of things and to interfere all kinds of thing.

We're in fear. We're here all about things that haven't happened to the future And it's only these frontal lobes that we have that allow us to construct and our online. Future scenarios so that we can long for one and be afraid of another worry about another So we have to specialized development of our client. Has these good accent unfortunate side of. So it's all there for for a good reason. But of course the we've side of it is wait minute. We've been so successful biologically that we are on the verge stirring ourselves.

Is there anybody here that doesn't think like that's true? Seriously. I mean, there are some people out there that don't believe that that's true. I was just curious about. I I made a stream but and what I maybe don't switch this successful user success. I to really Yeah. We sure. Sure. That that's right. Yeah. We we've been very successful the short term, but they are turtles, for example, that machine virtually unchanged Don't know how many millions years of all kinds of organisms of for gasoline periods of time.

Legal only that around a very short period of time. So, yeah, it depends on what measures of success apply. But in terms of reproduction and and exploitation habitat hours of forth. Our successes are example. We may not succeed in just standing out we're very long because we've been so successful that and I think so many of ourselves. So but the actually state thing that The buddhist teaching came on twenty five hundred years ago when I don't know how many people are were in the world those days, but It was probably a very small number of millions.

Compared. What was it now six billion or seven build Keeps it bigger all the time. I used to be able to remember how many people are were in world, but it kept changing so fast stuff. But Yeah. At the time that that he generated these teachings of problem did exist. Right. That's now very different problem. And we still have those problems as let's society. But we have a whole new set of problems. But give use our nature as human beings. To construct these self views and to experience craving desire and on the basis so at least.

So We see real reality through the filters of our given senses, human brain, human lines and our own personal conditioning at our hear fine. Put you. We see this world as something to be used and exploited. And filled up. See, oh, what beautiful piece of lamp this is with this you opposite right and mirror out that way. You imagine i've got a shopping center over there and they stop there? Okay very nice that's well have nice got parking lot. Thanks haven't change that since the sixties saturday.

You know, little houses on the hillside little houses made. Chicken care. But the fantastic thing is that we can't transcend this with the results stuff. We can't be happy, because after all, and that's that's what the buddha thought was over second. Even the whole wisdom thing, it's just a beneficial Right effect. Well, not a side effect. It was niche to the end. How you overcome suffering body becoming wise. But then, once you're freed from sever, you're also alive, and they also free them all of these.

Compulsions to keep making us do the things that make us successful in one sense that lead to our den and Seventh. So We we had kind rambling stuff we're not very focused. I apologize for that. I my job is to try to make some kind of meaningful Thank. And I did do that. I hope you for me. Very meetings. Oh okay. Good. I not the rest of it. Anybody else think it was made?? That's. Okay.

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