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TCMC 03 June 2010, Part I

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The problem of pain in city and wall. Do you like let me just get clear on this. Do you have you have injuries? Or or do you have? Is this is sitting, ex some preexisting existing problem or is this a kind of discomfort because you're not really aware when sit down to medicaid? So yeah. I have to my got harsh. They're not really they're not serious, but they they can all feel good. That's. Mh okay. Well, whenever doing is some physical and physiological reason why sitting rates pain. Then yes. What do you wanna do is look at the posture.

First of all. And I is Jeff. Foster to find but a more kind way to search. And this is part on whether you're sit in cross in a classical traditional posture not totally irrelevant. Position of your body, is not. The only thing important about your is position the positioning of your body is that it serves the needs of your practice. And that means you're not too comfortable to fall sleep and it does produce a lot of pain necessary thing. How do you heard sit it? I was this... I I give last question.

So. Well, that's that is the right thing to do. And try experiment with other positions to have you ever use the meditation bench. Okay. I believe is one in the corner there. So an alternative way of sitting is to sit on a meditation match, which your leg your legs are are underneath the bench. And that can be more comfortable way to set. You know, I sit flat on the christian. Most people are jorge huntsville list a cushion that elevate the... Yeah. Alright that's it. They're back their where the spine meets if elevate fine is a little higher than the needs.

But id amount of elevation that works best. Varies everyone. So extreme was stat. For example. And then when you're sitting, you know, a person who's sitting on a cushion, either a he by looking around and see up with people who are sitting on a christian. If your knees can reach the floor bets. If you if you have tightness and the tendons and the l, and things like they that keeps your knees up when you're sitting like that, That's gonna you really painful after little water. Even if you... It's best if your knees rest on krishna.

And so that why you put something under your new your earbuds it rings out allows your needs to go down. But that doesn't work for you, and you have to say different approach if you know five sitting, supporting needs. And two classic ways of doing that one is to put support like a folded towel or another cushion pillow under your knees. And do you wanna be very cheerful because It's just small but the small amount of fort would usually do job if you put two much under there and you raise your knee by inch.

Then most likely you're going... Here... That's just gonna produce a different somewhere else. So experiment that. The other way is opening with this. The have way talking with this problem in the knees is what's follow the of the meditation built or strap, which you can make one or fashion one. Just... You put a strap around your back. And then loop around to your knees and, you know, get a long starter fin. Do it so that the strap is actually take me some the stress of dates. And so that works as well.

So experiment with the cross legged it's sitting position versus there's some things that you can do with your legs i sit, yeah. Analyst called cross legged position. Where I have one one ankle is under the leg, But there's another position that sometimes makes it's not a much of a difference, but it makes all the difference for people and it's called the burn beach style. Where you like one leg in front of the other. And so that's another pain you've been experiment, but but Do you try all of these different things and see what works best also try using batch notation that.

And they're it's the same thing as a whole new experience another the process because finding just the right height for you is But if you can get if if you can borrow benchmark or get it the use of advanced, you can experiment with it find out what's right for miss that works you might switch using the bench. All else fails, meditate sitting on a chair. Is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Straight back chairs usually said what's best. So... But the point is that should... Find the position the that minimizes the physical thing.

Now having done that, you're still going to have to deal with. Everyone is. Whether they have old injuries from martial arts or you, you got the most fit lobby. One of the things that would pos our teachers love to point out everybody. It's sit still for a while, and it hurts. Guys. Yes. It's we always we're constantly moving because they still is not natural to our bodies. Yeah We already seen to people i'm sure you're seen a video of somebody sleeping. Even initially, but person constantly moving turning early Delay in predict position and it starts to be found on uncomfortable, it's pressure sun and caitlin separator like that.

Even when you sound to asleep, your bodies that needs changing position to counteract that. And you find that as soon as you said still is is going to be some physical discomfort. So what you have taken the measures to sip As comfortably as as you can, you're still going to be left with some degree of pain discomfort. And if you have if you have injuries interviews it will probably be a bit more than somebody else perhaps. Or if you have... I some people have diseases that cause front any like cards arthritis?

It means like that. Here's one of the wonderful things comes in. To meditation. And that's that you will discover the nature thing. And how to work with it. This is why meditation is so useful for people. We had a chronic name. Is through meditation they can learn. To manage their pain. Very well. But it's also a source of great insight Physical play, is ultimately only a sensation. It's your mind that makes it suffering. And you have the opportunity to discover that in meditation when you have lot of thing.

And so you can once once you've done what you can to sit as comfortably as you can. But that point on you should welcome the pay, the business how opportunity to discover. The way that you use me this way and in your meditation effectively is to... First of all, when this discomfort don't move until you absolutely have to Okay. Bye. Shows up. And the first thing you do is ignore it if you can. And when it starts, it won't be that chance and you can probably ignore it every now on the end your mind will be paying.

That you can just bring your line back through your meditation of. As it continues so at some point, it will start really strongly drawing your attention. So at that point, you take the ping and meditation object. Okay. First time you do this, what will probably happen is that it will seem like paying attention to it makes the. But if you do it in the right way, you'll quickly discover it that it doesn't. But you wanna do suggest. So you're taking the pain as was the meditation object. And the same way you would notice of the breath.

Noticing the beginning in the end of the breadth and and the pauses and what are the quality of sensations, you know, that occurred during during the inhale and the exhale. Same way you direct your attention to pain in your knee, for example? And investigate the qualities of it. Where is it? How big is it is it moving? Is it changing? Because it expanding? Is it contracting is it a as a chart is it burning is it quality changing? All of these different things just investigate objectively. And take it as a meditation out.

Now at some point, you may realize that you're still gonna have to move. And you know, okay. I'm gonna break down sometimes soon and move. I know that. So when you realize that, you say, okay. I'm gonna to do this deliberately bit help decide exactly how I'm gonna i'll exactly went out. I'm. And they'll do it completely to deliberately and mindful. So do yeah. You'll have to move and notice what happens. And I'll tell you what we'll happen. You've got. Hey? You move? You know, you're sitting aaron and say, okay.

In the next out breath, I'm gonna move and what I'm gonna do is this and this this and this. So the end of the next outbreak continue very mindful. You know, move and make the adjustment when you stretch your back, whatever it happens to be. So you're stretching it back very mindful move forward and you stretch you back. So up. Great. Feels good. Alright. Let you go back to meditate. It won't be very long. Either that pain comes back for another. And so this is important to notice because you will quickly become convince to the truth with back but move any signs solution.

But you continue to allow yourself to move when you absolutely have too. But you appreciate that the best thing we do is to just to meditate on the pain until we urgently do have now in the process of on the pain, is where the discovery starts to. You're going to find first of all, what will probably happen I think what I remember it happening most often is looking at the pain and it's still hanging, but it's not turning be there, much anymore. So when that happens? You take the attention back to breath or whatever that initiation officer you're using.

And if the pain becomes a strong enough distraction they you can't ignore it anymore than you repeat the whole process. But you start to find more and more frequently. That as you examine the pain, it quality other changes and it becomes less It becomes a lot more taller sometimes he will fade to it and sometimes it would disappear tire First, the trip problem with this creates is that the reason when you're meditating on the pain that pain became manageable and no longer disturbing is that whether realized or not planning a place where you were just accepting the pain and being with it.

You were resisting it not. But of course, it goes away completely then the next time you have pain sick Oh, all I have to do is meditate on handle the grow ways. But you can't accept and cease resisting when new counting month during alerts that won't work. When you either your discover for yourself or you remember what I'm saying right now, you'll know that in addition to taking the pain as a meditation object and investigating it, the important thing, the most important thing is to stop resisting it.

Stop struggling by. And when do you do that, You will you you'll come to that place of discovering that pain, is fact just to sensation. And when you cease to resist it, then you see struggle against it. You can just let door there. There's He said, one person that I know of to discovered this and wanted to test how true that he was. So he chose to have with the dentist has cavities drilled without know the can't. Straight enough. Didn't bother in. And another patient he had a crown, but he had to have a hole drilled right down into the root looking to north for the you like that the crown post post.

It's based on. And he said that once once she learned to work or always he's paying you know, but I I've never tried that in the Dentist chair. But had speaking that I I sat at the end of these fend off and had they have sew on the van and things like that. I can assure you once once you recognized with true nature of pain that's a very liberating thing. So well worth making use of the pain and meditation. And I'll point out here that meditating on pain there's no different than meditating on the sensations of the regret in terms of training your mind.

They're not you're not losing you're not losing time from the core over your practice by. All you're doing is having opportunity to encounter a a greater more important insight. There are some people here at the center one with glenn, one of the other teachers at the center has a severe chronically painful condition. And she has learned to manage it extremely well. So meditation practice. So. So this is the potential. And and, of course One thing about meditation is the longer you meditate the less this discomfort until you get to the point where you very rarely experience physical discomfort that.

It's due to a variety of things. One of the things is your post muscles adapt to sitting in that position if you do it for an hour or two every day. They'll get used to it pretty quickly. Course, if you sit longer, you going a long retreat by the second day you're sitting for six or eight hours. You discover with still some makes and pains there. But the other thing is you learn to deal with the with the same and the way that I mentioned. So you don't need to move you go through the spain, they're just practicing an effective way with it letting you go other.

But when your concentration reaches a certain level three years in note pain. As a matter fact all of the ordinary sensations everybody cease to... You know, they they're there if he look for them, but they cease to be present while we meditate because you're fine has the focus in in his said mind field your body feels merry pleasant, relaxed calm, still, beautiful, wonderful. Sometimes the with a fine sensation of a pleasurable vibration So thought. So meditation had ultimately there is no payment meditation.

Take a advantage share while you pass. By the way for us, that question has been asked and answered many times and it will be many more times. It's always it's always useful. So those people that haven't fully gotten past pain, it's good to hear the instructions for fax with it again.

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