Dharma Talk Archive, First Half 2010

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Uposatha Day at Cochise Stronghold
Sunday 05/09/2010 – What it is like to be “Enraptured”

Sunday 05/02/2010

Sunday 04/25/2010

Sunday 04/11/2010

Sunday 04/04/2010

Sunday 03/21/2010

Sunday 03/14/2010

Sunday 03/07/2010

Sunday 02/28/2010

Sunday 02/21/2010

Sunday 02/14/2010

Sunday 02/07/2010

Sunday 01/31/2010

Sunday 01/17/10 Tonglen Description of Practice and Meditation with Allegra Ahlquist and Connie O’Brien. For people that are familiar with Tonglen, here is the edited version of just the 15 minute guided Tonglen Meditation for Haiti led by Connie O’Brien. Guided Tonglen Meditation

Sunday 01/10/2010

Sunday 01/03/2010

Thursday night conversations at TCMC (Tucson Community Meditation Center)
06/17/2010 Part I-Q&A, Part II-Dialogue, Part III-Right Speech

06/03/2010 Part I, Part II

05/20/2010 Part I, Part II

05/13/2010 Part I, Part II

05/06/2010 Discussion after Tibetan meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Talk.

04/29/2010 Part I, Part II

04/22/2010 Part I, Part II

04/15/2010 Part I only

04/01/2010 Part I, Part II

03/25/2010 Part I, Part II

03/18/2010 Part I, Part II

03/11/2010 Part I, Part II

03/04/2010 Part I, Part II

02/25/2010 Part I, Part II

02/18/2010 Part I, Part II

02/11/2010 Part I, Part II

02/04/2010 Part I, Part II

01/14/2010 Part I, Part II

01/07/2010 Part I, Part II

Other Talks

Awakening in Daily Life – Teaching Retreat May 2010

Anapanasati Sutta – Huntington Beach 25 May 2010

Anapanasati Sutta – Huntington Beach 25 May 2010 including Chinese translation

What Is Enlightenment – Teaching Retreat January 2010

California Talks 2009

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