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Awakening in Daily Life – Session 8 May 31 2010

Session 8, Day 2
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an impression that's a little bit different than what I intend to about something. And that was you know, this idea that if you're just learning to meditate and say, well, we need meditate everyday Oh, every day. It sounds like a lot and so... You meditate for an hour a day, It's even better if you meditate for two hours and four hours a day. You might start getting a machine like what, that's that's a lot. You really wanna do it. But the thing is, but if you get to the point of meditate for an hour day, you'd love meditate an hour every everyday and you wanna do it.

It's not hard. In the same point, if you get to point meditating two hours a day or four hours a day, that's what you wanted to. It's not like it's a difficult thing that or yourself. And I'm saying, well you've got a practice mindful awareness twenty four hours a day. Actually, I didn't say that the buddha said that. You sound. Twenty four hours day. Oh cool. You know. And at first, it's hard. At first, it's tiring. It's first, you know, you spend you spend several hours being continuously mindful and like I'm tired.

I just wanna watch it Tv. Show. Go. But the same thing happens, after you get to the point where you stand sustain that kind of mindful awareness. It's the only way you want to be. And when something happens, you get tired and your mindful awareness begins to slip away. It's like, you really you miss it. You want it. It's like, oh, you you you've lost something that's important to you, or you get sick or anything that interferes with it? And and then if you end up having the of television for, you know, with your parents, it's sick.

Yeah. You watch your television program fine rather than, you know, let go. Everything about this path all the way along, It gets better and that better. We were talking about Deepgram. The thing is that some way who thinks they're life is pretty good. Already. No. Why do don't I need to do all that? My Life's not that. Yeah. You've probably heard that before. I heard that many times. People comment know listen talk. So... Yeah. Well, Yeah. But why do I need to do all that? Honey mean? My life's pretty good and that's be happened.

And I'm not trying to persuade them to do anything they don't want do anything different. I have nothing to sell. But the thing that I can tell them was certainty. Is that they think their life's pretty good. They have no idea how much better. It could be. You know, And like, he talking about Chris say seems like there's not too much du. And that's that's where I think Michael's metaphor solve this really, really but. Because you made taste and say, oh, all the salt gone. My life seems to be free you did that.

But you don't know, you know, you don't know how much better it could be. You have have experienced that. Yeah. If you practice this path, you know, this is what said about the pat is stood in the the beginning. It's good in the middle, and it's good in the end. What that means is that no matter where you are on the path. It's really worth it and the longer you say on it, the better it gets. That always just keeps getting better. The happiest world cannot know the happiness of the stream. It's just not...

Think you haven't been there yet. They haven't had that. And the street manager can only imagine, what it's like to have a happiness or so non. And the non retainer can only sit joyous anticipation and wonder the experience of total release that comes becoming her. So don't think of any of this as getting an ar process. I don't know I've got meditate every day. Got practice mindful awareness all time, sounds too hard for me. You know. And don't think of it in terms of, you know, They're not dick in my life.

This is okay. I can handle a list. You know. It's... It's... There's this there's so much more that it awaits you if you're willing to. Adam I telling you that, but there are a number of other people the room who have have that experience as well and they can dodge for it. Right? That the longer you stay on the path the better to get, doesn't a matter fact. There's a certain point that you get to. And it's it's really it's a really important point. It should be a special name for it. And I don't think so.

But there's this point you get where all you really care about is to continue practicing to sing the dial. And everything else secondary. The main point of your life you you gonna study the dha, talk people about the dha, practice the dha take it about to Don dream about to Diana. And just... You love it. It fills your life and you absolutely love it. I'm going to tailor my experience since I've been coming with you guys in this third something we get together. You know, I do hair. And then my my career, they're superficial also about the outside beauty, and and that's my job we give for people holiday live.

Have more interest of that. There's a affecting in my career, and now have speeches from me. I respect to my plans. I actually plans that order me and I talked to them my their kids. Mh. That likes that I give them. I empty their inside. And and i've boy I sent them into to the mirror a more selling look. So that's very bad business for me. Something think like didn't a lot. That's surprised because I I spoke to them getting with an advice that was, you know, they didn't understand or that didn't wanna hear it.

I think a lot people assume that I was suffering to really go like I said some people say you know, that very bunch and and that always fine, things to make themselves happy. And and I feel lot that seem to be afraid to looking for themselves or our a ten day class you kept saying, yes you put each unless you talk the more getting yourself. Mh. And and He was like, when when I left to place the last time, I left when I was so in energetic. I have so much... I felt like electricity that was so And it i up their Friend's house really quick and and night his mother had just had a big story when he was paralyzed.

And and I never met him before. I he seems like his daddy he was I know why is he daniel if he was... I'm taking Jerk these paralyzed I started he's long book done. He his a little whole hotel. And I said, I I feel out of energy. The mind if I touched him, You know? So I touched she's scared, and he was done... He has a production exercises barely i so he he can barely write a sex. He... He just couldn't do it. I've trying chuck she's head, and I just brought his arm. They moved out enough time rubbed with you writing.

And I and I feel like I deliver a little bit of my. Why why do you... Is normal that is magnetic or. Because I felt like I was so charged and I left plate and then every time i leave this plates when and we would. Incredible things happen to me right after if I stop in places list things are into inconvenient years, they don't have like that often. You know, my things I got a job offer, she's what into the market. So like, it's it's not rewarding tree. You know and then my friend's father, start writing.

They Give you of advice, you know, and and and he's he's doing it really well. No. He's doing therapy stuff, but the jeremy was not working from for some. So I thought to be happier. He was doing the music off. His favor music He was so angry because token and I said, this was two music and just thought very happy alone don't close yourself off to everything. Things that and he's going really well now. So was like, it's amazing what she learned, naturally. We just started implementation here. So I I think thought it was a...

I i i like kind experience those mood. Mh. Okay. Yes. Okay. The image about enter the stream, Yes. The meditation is the only way to enter the stream. Is required you attend dummy mean... Is meditation, the only way to enter rid the string. Well, it would seem not, but it seems that it is fairly rare for somebody to without doing meditation. Because you know, what what keeps us in the delusion that we're in is the way our mind just just keeps feeling the stuff that it does. And so unless something has to happen to change that.

Otherwise, you're not going to enter the string, but no was not the only way. But it's the... I would say, he's still most certainly way. It's the most certain way. My second question is, you know, the around peep around ser surrounded to sometimes I do me the people who may not practice, may not know anything up dha is a known buddhist, but they have lot of good qualities. You know baby. Compassionate. Mh. Just had no desire. Did... Can they say they have the same amount cheap they have the certain achievement accomplishment like a skill for miss teacher?

Well, they have they have a certain amount of accomplishment. Yes. Un quite. But that doesn't mean they have the kind of accomplishment. Medi would... I mean, to be to be virtuous to be kind to be compassionate, these are really good things. And meditation pumps those things, but but you can develop the same qualities without meditating as well. So are these two questions they're related out there? You're asking once again, I think about the role of meditation be. Okay. Well, the the practice of the dha is a very systematic way to achieve awakening.

It's it's systematic and it's certain. You know, and that's thing. Anyone who practices this dha and does diligently will succeed. They will realize the benefits of aren't. That's guaranteed. And and I would go so far as to say that the level of achievement that any person has in their life. Is only limited by the length of their life and how seriously they practice the dha. The biggest obstacle is becoming a serious practitioner and practicing der That is the biggest obstacle hold. Well, that you might get run over the by truck tomorrow and you don't have the chance.

Which is one reason why it's important to realize that you don't know how much i. And so, you know, start today, don't leave until tomorrow because you don't, you don't know what you have. But other than that, if not that awakening is so difficult to achieve, because with this startup path, it is virtually certain that he will succeed. The only the obstacle is how hard how much effort you're willing to put into establishing a meditation practice? Doing the practice diligently, practicing mindfulness in your daily or practicing every aspect at The dha.

So if that's the nature of the path and and that's their nature to go. Yes, there are other ways. There are people who achieve awakening without practicing this pet. They practice yes. And amazingly there are people who achieve her awakening name practicing no notepad at all. But they're extremely rare. And the difference is that people that achieve the goal practicing D. There's many of that. And people that achieve the goal practicing other pass is comparatively issue shield of them. And those that achieve the goal practicing path at all are so very, very rare.

That, you know, they they're they're difficult to find. They so that's why we practiced the certain pack, the shirt path. The one that's been tested by all of these thousands of thousands of people for two and a half millennia. Because it's worked, and it keeps working. Right. So meditation is a crucial part of that path. And you can achieve success in all other all kinds of other aspects of the practice. Without necessarily meditate, that the meditation is going to assist in all of those. Does that help to get...

Yeah. So you said you were confused earlier? Is that resolved confusion? Yeah. Yes some people would tell you that you can't become enlightened damn any other rate than following the buddhist tab. But I don't believe that's true as you there are people in this world and have many people in this world that we know what to... Or for all the week channels seem to be genuine like enlightened people but they right there part different. Now. But the wonderful thing about The buddha is you know, in his lifetime, he wants held gathering, where there were twelve hundred and fifty hearts.

At my place. And that's a testimony to the power of this teaching. It helped enormously. Yeah. Well and I I think if we were to look and see how successful and practice part of the Buddhist monks who watch Cd. We would we would see the effect of the television. I think it also cited ready even more difficult, you know, like they make it commercial and then all or everything in thailand you mine, and they try to do everything to you my to make money to to go into everything for Come commercial. I think of this more more than before?

Well, I I agree with you that we are bombarded by television, billboards boards, advertising, magazines, and newspapers, everything. And and buy our companions with the at promote three. Right Any construction, the idea that you can obtain happiness and satisfaction through central pleasures and material goods. So... And that seemed and and definitely that's that's an obstacle. On the other hand, There are a lot of people that are seeing beyond that. A lot of people who, you know, They're exposed to all of this?

Like well like the people on this room. I realize it. That's not good enough. You know?? Yeah. But I mean, the environment is much much difficult than, like any years. You think the environment is itself is. Yeah the environment I mean, to to be a archive of this inside the environment. It's much much difficult than two thousand years ago. Well, I I think it's definitely a lot more blatant nowadays. But I think two thousand years ago there were a lot of temptation And the problem being believed even if they didn't have television to reinforce it, what people grew up.

Being taught and what all of their friends told them is is this is the way you should be. So I I I grant you with some more difficult environment at some ways, but I I don't think that I think it has positive aspects. I think two thousand years ago. There's a lot less material well. And a lot of people be kind of even basic sustenance. So it's actually easier for them shipping finding my your wealth is the... Is the answer, you know, to? That's a very good pony me. Because... Yeah. When you when material prosperity is readily available, it gives many more people the opportunity to discover that it's not the answer.

Right? Yeah. Because if if you can go through your entire life, never having enough niche or prosperity then you can always take out in illusion that if all they I have this. So I think you're ready. That's a very... I like that's a very real thing that happens. People who have the things that they thought they needed to make them app... They have them and say, well, just gotta be more eli yes. This is not This is not enough. This is not totally satisfied satisfactory. And also saying the dates the compared between the paths the people more janice not people.

Yeah. Janet. Yeah. So that's still. Well, I I agree with him that The human mind hasn't changed in twenty five hundred years. Yeah. But well we have our own unique situation this that our our content to live in this society to make our spiritual decisions and take carry out our practice and listen right. Yesterday, I saw the scott also a little bit surprised because at that age, I was still trying to buy happiness, you know, through partying with friends. Yeah. And then and then staying all, you know, to do who's can, you know, do a lot of...

I'm things like... I don't know. Not that's awesome big. We don't need to doubt. Not necessarily really bad. But but but... Yeah, it's through that experience I learned that know, I didn't get, you know, those six. Yeah. They must, you know, there's I I'm I'm looking for a more satisfactory answer. Mh And and and because I also have love, you know, I'm not wealthy him. A lot of people that Are happy enough that I know that this is not answer. I... I'm always very well closed, you know, I have more closer, like, can wait for i like three weeks.

And I have lots of food eat and nice shelter. Kai smoke garage and everything and that anybody can ask. And, you know, having the things that we need makes it easier I think the spiritual practice as many people in the world that you know, they they don't have the things that they need. Starvation and disease, lack of proper shelter sanitary facilities, things like that. It's very difficult to pursue a spiritual life under those condition. So we're very fortunate. We should be thankful of a very good portion that we have.

So tremendously, fortunate. I wanna to talk to you about something just to we're thinking we've been talking about a possibility of doing a short meditation retreat over like weekend. So it'd do something like beginning on Thursday night and going Friday Saturday sunday, Monday. Sundays the fourth of July most people would have Monday off as a holiday. So to do that, you need to take extra day one extra day. And so I was just wondering what... Wanted to see what sense there was of interest in that.

Know some a busy time people go away a lot and travel it may not be enough. But may not be and nice short short notice too. Fourth of July is what it's less than a month to wait. But No. I guess it's more than about the way. Oh, okay. But yeah. I I was just wondering is is there interest in something like that if we were to put hold? That Neil? What? Where. Well, we're not sure look possible location in hacienda heights and another one in roast me. So Yeah. Would be be centrally located. So what Not the wait.

What's that? No kidding. That was. Same. One two three four oh. Some people That. Would be any. Now be start thursday night Friday, saturday sunday monday. Last. July weekend. Weekend. Just sleeping there Yeah. We're we're being residential. So he's staying overnight. Yes. Please do. Maybe seems everybody here. Yeah. Maybe asking someone opinion on your suggestion. Since then see, because the the house suite has made the last year. So we no longer use that. So now we are looking for for the trades and now come to this the the things struggling is.

I don't we don't know yet short is better The people of or they we treat for it's like one week or ten days because everything we need to reserve a hat. And tell this and I struggle didn't know what we're more convenient for everybody definitely. Once we us all other the way from her so nothing to here. We just hope of that we have a people here So I would like to have a more influence as we can't as you know how we can finding. This a short turn here or long term pay in short term, that that half obviously two ride it against I already probably wrench this things.

Seven months ago. Oh okay. So then I can even change it the day and I just wondering that. First, if anybody interesting for to write this one? And also we also would like to import. You we love search one. One week one longer one or shorter one visual one. You know, more company. For me make on the financial, and then I have dogs and three years old. So I can believe right seven Or last. Okay. Bye. So for me, what would be best for me on the at least... Like, once the year there's a retreat that goes overall week, Maybe the week but the weekend.

So he he he's nine days or whatever that would be. Mh. But I couldn't do that more than what. Having other months in that year that we're on the weekend, like, you're talking about pretty july. That'd be great. Now. One longer one then some you know college work. That's okay good Mh. Okay. That's good. Is rest required? Yes. Yeah. Because the idea of these huge gates, is we want you to able to get totally focused so that you're basically you meditate from the time you get up till time you go to bed.

You know I mean have meals things like that. And it's also with silence those the science. So the idea retrieves to be able to get into a very intense. I well you've never done something like that before it sounds very Medicaid all. She was. And the other thing the High is doing a retreat or retreats for for people that have been meditating for some time. So I so that we can get really deeply into it. So I retreat for experienced medi with at this time this trip he came and he kind of a agree one think it's that I see for half year to now, I really see how several all really be holding and really it want you.

Get you to the arthritis. And I just sincerely hope that talk to nasa we need our future guidance go deeper lecture really people level and sure us thinking about it if we wants you be done. I animation to team said teacher That's so great. We can go to listen but we because he not available and now really guiding us. He can give us the the the lecture down our guidance for practice. And I just invite to and should see can helping us for. We really want to get into and I really appreciate so that's way to do that.

So maybe in the future, we would do even another a big loop if some of us will that. And then you know, and I will see that can happen. And Also, now we kind of idea trying to see if we can have a one loan once a year talk several one small one. But I also need help. Not that's... That's me. Is it we yeah. Is because everything, I tried to load down the cost. Because I know we we have a lot of expanding. So I tried to minimize that and beside dollar and also expanding for food or lung and trade.

Raw as much has we can. Then we can shed more funds. And last year we'd be fortune as the function will gave the a free with escaped some donation. But this year i'm looking for a lot of crates and got discouraged a lot. Okay. So he is a seventh one, here or you have brain or you know some maybe possible to can give the location then for to retrieve. Please let me know, and I think contact the long cost. And this is steel fortune, we can maybe one on chip flights, but this is still for this. And I go...

We are thinking about go the the the retreat center. But u, that is a lot more expensive than that. So that's why has i still looking for do you know any appraisal or center or even though the person has beef nation. Already go. Why where use to they has use please. Know, I we really appreciate. Okay. So... No. A weekend i. Pine visits can show another. Okay. Yes you like weekend. Well, I think because it's certain notice that I think people would have a difficult times arranging to have work off.

That that's why I was suggesting. You know, right saturday sunday money because taking one day off of work getting four retreat. Sounded like a good idea. If I'm wrong, and if, you know, rather take two weeks so. But hey knew. Yeah. It's okay july second provide It would be second six. Sir. Jeff. Yeah. Yeah. K. Okay. So we'll we'll peep... Let's we'll see what we can work out on this and we'll let you know And and if you could also let other people that you know who might be interested. So Well I've had a great time.

If you have any remaining questions or anything you've like talked about, we have a few minutes, but not too many minutes since they wanna solve here like quarter thirty. Yes. Question on schedule. Yeah daily daily schedule. Why studio? Ten calls Sand, was D park? Mh. And that let do one very ingesting aspect. So when the bandwidth meetings everybody stuff and pay attention to the back. I think so then, maybe maybe that's should kind of schedule. One is straight. One section in the morning and a section another section of meeting.

But maybe also we can do shots s more sections but chart. Yeah. Folks there but twenty minutes in longer. If we can catch up a section during in the morning, hancock then will begin all five section Well, let me. My personal experience, and I'm happy to hear from other people it's well is that there's a tremendous advantage to longer says, especially on a retreat. As a matter personally when I go on retreat, I end up sitting two three hours at a time. Now one of the things that we have done is to ring the bill every half hour and then the person decides each person decides for themselves if they continue sitting until the next time development.

So this allows somebody to decide half an hour an hour or hour and a half, two hours. And there's an advantage of that, especially when there's a mixture of more of newer medi. You can't say as long. And experienced medi and they wanna sit for two or three hours. There's an advantage to that. But my preference is and the only problem with that is if you ring the bill every half hour and somebody's doing two hours said, it means three times during I said, he york upset about building and people getting up and leaving and other people coming in.

Yeah. But it's not it's not too bad if here if you're really good or you don't mind that too much. Oh, oh, you're talking badger Personal daily Or herself daily practice. Yeah. Okay. And so what would be the alternative you're asking about again? Small shop sessions. As opposed to one log one one one longer morning another I just feel nightmare that. During the morning and and even in section come too long so don't my kinda of very easy too. Wonder way. So it's kinda need to remind ourselves constantly.

Mh. If possible can you know, occasional mole shop sections. Well, what I usually suggest is that you try to do at least one sip. Forty five minutes or an hour every day. And then, you know, you might sit it might do other shorter in addition to that. But I feel like it's something that that I would recommend every person experiment with. And be honest in your evaluation, and also be aware that it might change for you that, you know, you might... At one point in here in the process you might find longer system more beneficial at another point you might find that doing several shorter are beneficial.

So I I've always favored at least forty five minutes to an hour at a time. But I also recognize that not everyone is the same as me. And so No I don't know if that's very helpful to you. I. And you probably prefer I said, no, this is the way you have to do it. Idea. Yeah. I Do how long do you normally sit now? I don't set along just a shock minutes in an hour and a half. Yeah. Same to. It's high because we which ties probably very short. Yeah. If when when you're busy you, you know, you need to adapt to your schedule.

That's right This but actually come... Well, I was very busy. Because I realized mine's really getting faster. So I think I need to what game ten fine minutes this wake. I just want to hire in know quiet just, you know. Yeah. That that mind. But right. Well, that's also a good thing to to take a five minute meditation rate. You know, that's a really good thing to you. What sneaky place you can do that, you go off the Washing knows. Make sure to enough probably washer in the building. Yeah. Then if you can't do a long notification, for very meditation.

So just do two small ones. Two small is better than one more. And it's also better than saying, okay, I'm gonna do a long meditation session every morning. And then two out of three mornings, you can't sit the whole time but because something else comes up. If that happens to you, then say, okay, this is not reasonable. You know, to two short sets. One time psychology and says Our attention no ordinary environment can sustain comments. Yeah. So this suggestion is performance. Tax like. Mh. Yep. Right.

Yeah. So but that's that's to. Maybe not serious Yeah. But we're four minutes five minutes, several times a day. That's great for calling your nevermind, but it's not going to take future deep. It's not okay. And, you know, when psychologists say, the human attention span is this much. You know? That may be true of the average person taking out off the street or they probably done studies of college students and maybe true various policy. Doesn't mean it's what to mind it's capable of. It just means with the average mine.

You know, it's that's like saying the average human being is capable of doing three push ups. Guys. Well, Thank you. Once again. I I enjoyed very much. I really hope that was helpful for you.

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