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Awakening in Daily Life – Session 5 May 31 2010

Session 5, Day 2
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Thank you very much. I hope you found back good experience? Well, those are even a along time. I know it's a good experience. I for those who He just started meditating hitting yesterday. Hey. What I thought I would do this morning is just to talk to you a little bit about wyoming own. Experience. We're were talking a lot on this old this whole retreat. Is about how you practice in addition to meditation and the rest of your life and how the two were tear. And so I thought I'd talk a little bit about my experience and you might recognize some aspects of that similar to yours to.

That'd be helpful to you. So When I first became interested in meditation and in buddhism. I was a graduate student to to time. And I was really keen on meditation, but I didn't... you know, I was just eat a lot of things, but took my time. So sorry. I wasn't meditating day. But I was in a position that I could take time off and do retreats. We can retrieve three week crew boutiques, things like that. And I really have this feeling that I go on and retreat and I have that makes so much progress.

I have such a good experience with it. And then the tree sheet would be over and within two or three days, it's it's like it was like the plug was pulled and i hold us good stuff just ran out the hole and the bottom. And no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't keep that happening. So what effect I did have is that over time I came to appreciate the importance of practicing on a daily basis regularly. Because typically, what would happen, I might go away for a retreat, and then I would come back and it would be all the stuff that I had to do.

That had... So i treating, i I would have been meditating for, you know, eight ten depending on their retreat, and who was leading it hours a day. And then I would come back and for the next week. I didn't not it all. And you know, because I handle on the stuff to do catch. Disappear very quickly. And that helped me appreciate the value and important sort regular meditation. But, you know, I still had the experience but I've have a good meditation and I go into my regular day of life. And like the two lines total opposition to each other.

White was busy i'm doing everything. I hit succeeded again accomplishing during meditation. Even when you meditate every day. And it actually took me a long time to appreciate real nature of the problem, but I have very good teachers and And the the essence of it is that the person that you are, you know, the Buddhist state, we are the heirs of are karma. The inherit of like well, inherit not good really we are the heirs. So you are the heirs of your parents. Right? What your parents are that's formed here.

We are the errors of our karma. We are what we have made ourselves to be through our past actions and through our thoughts and behaviors. And medicaid doesn't change that. Sitting in meditation for an hour doesn't change the accumulated conditioning. That makes sure who what you are. And who and what you are is what gets up the cushion and goes out any interacts the world. And it's going to do the same things make the same mistakes and disturb its mind in the same way here always has unless you do something to change that.

So eventually, I do anti understand that. I... I'm serious about meditation, and I actually made very good progress. But I hadn't heard about red new other people who having his experience wonderful. Pleasure bodily pleasure, natural closure, joy, fracture, things like that. That absolutely wasn't happening with me. And put then? I looked at the instruction that I had been given. And we told that there are five, which meditation can suppress, but which also standing in opposition to the by factors that we develop meditation.

Very interestingly, The the of Ill will and the hindrance of agitation due to word and remorse. These are two of the five hindrances. And the ill will is to stand in direct opposition to the experience of pleasure the modeling pleasure and happiness account for meditation. Now you think about this, that makes pretty good sense. Will anger being judgmental critical, these kinds of negative natural attitudes. They're all in one way another a reflection of the opposite pleasure of display here. Hurt.

I mean, would become angry because we can't hurt certainly of the reaction to being hurt. Right? And all these negative mental states exist in our minds At any point in time when they exist in our minds, it's because we're holding on some past hurt even if there's no working in the present. They exist because we're holding on to some faster. Do you understand that? And when you're holding on to some pulled hurt, You don't pre feel pleasure. Now grant user is a pseudo pleasure that we can sometimes experience.

In in the heat of anger because it makes us feel strong powerful and capable. But that's not real pleasure. It's not kind of pleasure that you would expect to find in meditation or anything else outside that. Negative mental states. The kind that constitute this hindrance. Obviously chan in the way of experiencing pleasure. Now in meditation, you she meditation meditate long enough and partnered up the the meditation factors that develop can't suppress the hand. But they don't eliminate that. And as long as a exist, there's always this opposition.

So one of the things is I... Why couldn't I experience all of this blissful bodily pleasure or metal? Happiness. That was one of the things that was promised by your station and that other people seemed to explore. Experience. And I and I will. But one thing I do about myself is I I give I had anger that I could carry since I was a child. And as an adult I said lars you suppress it. But it was still there. And when I realized, what this key chain was telling me is that as long as I was withholding this anger inside saw.

No matter. How much I wanted my medication with police see results. It couldn't it's still standing in the way. And so that was really the beginning of the series of taking seriously the need to. Make changes in myself, and the place to make the changes was in my daily life. So I had I had what I had to do. Was to confront the same myself. And to grocery through process of forgiveness of of the cause of the hurt that I created the address. So that because that cool of it. So I have to learn, I had to learn some passion and apply it to somebody who I'd heard a lot of inventories for a long time.

Compassion understanding, and I had to bring myself to a place with forgiveness. And I have help with this. I had some very good friends they were still in dealing with these kinds of psychological problems and and they were... Once I recognize to problem them, now I could see the kind of assistance. But... And so I was able to start making some progress. Months again. But that made me realized how important the rest of my life was to my practice This my... And this happens I think with a lot of people and maybe recognize it yourself.

Or maybe it's something you've already recognized in overcome. But we can't to put our darn practice on our meditation and one compartment of our life And then we go back to being the same old person the always word and the rest of our. And you can do that to a point. You know, the meditation will help the rest of your life. They improved concentration, a decrease stress. The heightened awareness that you have and things like that. They have a payoff in your ordinary light. But you don't do anything else.

You're gonna come to a certain point. And you'll experience what I do. You you practice, and it seems to be going well. And then something happens in your life that just blows everything. Part. And so you go back and you practice in practice and you get back where you are again, but sooner something happens, and life that blows it all apart and he looked at it, and you say, my life is my problem. You know You. Maybe I should... Maybe I should take vows put on roads and with withdraw life his life is dirty old mass.

But you know, it's not the things that happening at all. It's outside of yourself. Guess what happens in here and how you react to the entire problem turns out to deep. And here, the very same mine that is the seeking away practicing the Dha holding these time ideals. That's the very same mine that is still condition with all the bad habits of thinking speaking and behavior, which are completely tablet I'm completely counter to what we're trying to do. And I practice. And so you realize that you have to work on go at the same time.

That... If you don't, it's true. Life stands in contradiction, the meditation and dartmouth practice. The the one and the other are not compatible. Why keeps undoing all the work that you've done. But if you recognize But they really... It's the same mind that's doing both of these. And the same kind of work needs to be done all of the time. And every situation then may began to work together and i start to create harm, a reciprocal harm where what you do in your daily life doesn't d contract from the skills that you develop bearing meditation, but it reinforces that it makes them stronger and more effective.

It opens your mind up. Get allows medi progress to take place. So This was this was a very important thing for for me to learn, and it'll opened up the wait for me to go from dean a skilled medi, somebody who worked very hard and reached certain level in my practice. To becoming an a debt medi. Too. Now meditation was something that really happened all of my life. But. When I would sit down. And close my eyes and be quiet, then I could do a much more powerful form of meditation. So when the delaware ring and my god, I didn't stop meditate and continue to practice continuing the practice of of mindful awareness.

And as I said yesterday, meditation is all about learning about your mind. And if you think about it, everything everything about your life is really about your mind. And so you need to work on your mind you need to learn about him on work about on your mind. All of the time, all of every day. It took me while for learning that. They once idea once I started applying that, made a huge statement. Interesting idea, you are the product of all of your cash conditioning. And everything you do every moment of every day, is creating who you are in the future.

That is that is a very profound reality. It's not something to be thought it some simplistic or gl fashion. Of... Oh, yeah. I know that. But I mean, It has very profound future. You are a process and you are constantly changing. You're not the same person you were yesterday. You know, not be the same person tomorrow. Most of us go through our life, not recognizing that we... Are the creators are who what we are. We are the owners of our current. Because what we do everything we do we we're making car So we are the authors of it and the creators of it, the owners of it.

And then the person who wakes up tomorrow morning and gets out of that is the air to the karma that has been made. That person wakes up and they are the product. They the result of that. What you are in this moment, You can't you have to accept. There's no point in judging yourself or blaming yourself. Or being dissatisfied with who you are in this moment. Because that's already past and done. You've already created who you are now. But in this very same moment, you're taking what? The this the person that been created is taking the circumstances that arise and is creating the future person that they're going to be.

Which gives you an enormous amount of of power. You cannot change the present because it is what it is. And there's no point in struggling with that and resisting that and denying that. If you do, if you struggle and deny and resist that, you are creating a person who is the product of struggle denial and resistant in the next moment your next hour in the next day. Instead, if you can recognize what are the skill and what are the ways to respond to what arises in every moment? What makes something skill?

It is skill because you are creating the kind of Karma that will result in you being in future your moment, the kind of person. That you would prefer to be. And skill is when you do the things that you are going to create yourself to the the kind person who continues to be unhappy and suffering and exactly. So this is the process that we're engaged in continuously. So meditation is an extremely important part of the practice and as you like. But if you think about it, you spend far more time out of every day, not meditating.

And in every moment of the rest of the day, you are creating the Karma that's want to determine the person that you are tomorrow. So we continuously need itself. So if you make real mistake, which I recently do. I was ignoring that. And you see on the one hand, you're spending a small amount of your day doing something that's very skill. And then a large amount of your date going ahead and doing the same old scope things you've can always done before. And then you stand back. And you feel frustrated Okay.

You know, I I do all of this, and then it all comes apart again. Or how I try part and been doing really well? And then the retreats over with and disintegrate on now goes. But that's the reason. That's the reason. The tools that the buddha gave us to work with. Are very straightforward the pre. The pre or rules. They're not rules. They're not. You know, commandments that you must do things this way and you can't do that. Their tools. And it's up to you to use those tools. And if you've learned to use any kind of tool in your life, you know that the longer you use it, the more skilled that using it you become.

And you learn to be able to do things where it that originally, you could not do. And this is the way the free steps are. If you look at them, you know, if people people do approach that as rules. And when they see them as rules, then they wanna go to somebody and say, well, if this happens, what should I do? You know, how do I interpret with this rule? You know, give me a bigger set of rules. So you say no, that I undertake to preset not to harm or just living things. Now what do I do with this answering in my kitchen?

You. What I doing there's a mosquito stinging me, you know? I understand I shouldn't go around cheating other people, but what about all these other situations. Go and which if this is a tool is It's it's not it's something that you work with. It's not you have to rigid all of it. And if she don't... You're some sort of terrible thing and, you know, you can never time the weight weekend then you'll be reborn and some hell the price of it. Least quite frankly, that's all of bunch your nonsense. It's a tool for you to use to keep in mind.

To practice monthly and to decide. You may swab an awful lot of mosquitoes. And if you i... But you can't keep in mind at the time that you're doing it but Well, I say took a piece not to swipe mosquitoes. So what don't i actually do? Why am I actually doing this? That's how it works as a tool. And over time, how you interpret the debt preset may change. Some people, working with the cr as a tool decide to be vegetarians for because after all if she knee some animal had to be destroyed to make that knee available.

And others, very high lob and teachers and people and yeah very spiritual people. On the other hand, have no hesitation about eating me if it's off. And the good was one of these. The buddha ache, whatever was getting time. He only said don't kill an animal on my behalf. And of course, he wouldn't do that. So so fluid police have my point here is that they aren't rigid rules that you must follow when some terrible things gonna happen to you if you don't. You said they're are tools to work with. And if you just follow them blindly, then you're not really using them as a tool.

It's only if you question, you know, to refrain from false speech. And say. Well, what about what about white? One of them are what about saying things that make other people happy. Right? It because we're supposed to be loving generous kind, things like that. So, you know, just Is it is it... Are you keeping the preset or if you tell somebody something that's not true, but it makes some feel better? What is the answer? I think is some people will go to a teacher. That's say. What should I do? What's the answer.

That's not the idea. If it's a good teacher, the teacher won't give an answer that the teacher might help you think about the answer, so you find your own answer. Is the point is that you need to work with it to discover its mean and to keep applying. Generally, what you find is that the longer somebody works with the pre ships as a tool. Then the more naturally and easily, they know what to do. And and. You know, have to reply it. Pretty sure. It's like something work through a tool for a long time.

Is really still. And because they're really skilled, then whatever test comes there, like, anything else. Exactly how to use that tool or that set of tools the reduce the desired result. So that's the way we worked with the pre have. That's the way we work with all of these different things. So the pre perceptive one really valuable tool. To guide, making our decisions and the different situations that we find our ourselves in. The buddha also said that he said when I was not yet in enlightened just software.

I realized that I had two kinds of thoughts I had those thoughts which were I'm also. They involved they involved greed dan involved, ill will they involved cruelty. And then I had other thoughts that were the opposite kind. They were wholesome parts. They involve generosity to compassion, what kindness. That time. It were completely the opposite and he said to himself Whenever I have these thoughts that and On hold some sort. I can see that they're harmful to me. And if they're harmful to others, and holding these thoughts don't move me towards the leaking.

Do not move me towards. But when I have wholesome thoughts, it's just the opposite. They benefit me but guys should have this. At they do bring me closer to awakening to nirvana out. And so we said himself. Why don't I try to pay attention And whenever I find it and Un thought is reason. Let me replace it with her wholesome thought. And he described that is one of the most important practices he did. And it's actually exactly the same thing. I I talked to you about I discovered that here I was carrying this anger.

And you know, the way it is, I had anchored about something that happened many years ago as a as an adult. As a child. It has an adult. I pushed that all aside. The anger was still inside. So Does that mean the anger was gone? Hold no. It kept coming up all the time. At all times right. You know when do you carry anger inside of yourself? You're judgmental, you're critical. You easily become angry at other people. They're impatient. And so what I did literally was to replace the anger that I had carried with compassion and understanding.

And when I did that, it may it much easier whenever anger would or whenever Ill will and anger would arrive another situation to do the same thing. I discovered a very interesting thing about this. Too. There was a root cause, which is the angry that came from my childhood today that surgery for a long time. And even when I have dealt with that, let door that completely beyond that. I found that it had left a resident. My mind was still filled with habits. And the conditioning that came from that being part of me for so long.

So even even when you've remove the the root or something like that, you still got all of the leaves and branches so to speak. So there's still a lot of work to be done. There's there's still a lot of learning to recognize it. Oh, here i am. Still behaving out of this old pattern. And so it was a process of jan and the same thing. You over overview kat. Nice. Let go. Of the anger and try to replace it with a much more olsen thought with that. And this is the thinking thing the t shield was talking yes today about being angry.

She recognizing in a very important thing that anger makes you suffer, you know, it's very interesting thing somebody hurts you kinda angry at them. That's like setting yourself on fire. Doesn't hurt there the person. Person hear, angry yeah. Doesn't suffer the consequences of the anger. You consequences the angry. So really sensible isn't that you wonder why we heard that right. Somebody times and we heard us. And so in response, we heard ourselves even more. But That's what happens. So we do. But when we talked yesterday about Let situation.

Some of you weren't here yesterday. Somebody stole something from her. And she found that she became extremely the anger angry green the anger measures. And she said, what can I do when somebody that you us does something I like this too you? And we are so angry. And actually, I didn't have to provide the answer. There other people here that. Had practice enough and I understand it. What you do for your own sake, is you you find a way to replace anger with compassion. And understand. Patience. And this there removes the pain for you it loops is suffering for you.

It doesn't keep you from doing while appropriate. Having compassion for somebody who has heard you doesn't mean that now because you're compassionate, you go ahead and let them go on hurting other people. But what you've done is you no longer need to suffer even more importantly. You've made an important step towards not inflict that kind of anger yourself in the future. Because anger comes up like that. We don't say. Mh. Well, I think I'm here from angry thought. Doesn't happen like that. We're filled with anger and the pain that that is are holding on to the her that pain is there instantly when the angry is there.

So we learn to let go of it, But every time we learn to let go, that we're creating that new kind of karma. We're changing the way we are and we will eventually become a person who responds immediately with compassion rather than was angry. And he may really good progress to. If you think about all the different situations in your daily life that may seem to make sustaining, the focused mindfulness and clarity and peaceful that you've attained in your meditation. Makes it really hard for peter sustain that.

There's situations where you are reacting in an still way. And yes, it's true. When you react in and un skill full weight, but it's fear, whether it's anger, whether it's lost or it's breed, whatever, you know, all the different skill ways that we can react to saying. When we reacted and un skill way. Yes, we're destroying the piece sent the and the tranquility and the joy and and the mindfulness that we created. Interesting thing about anger wipes out mindfulness australia away. Your wipes out mindfulness that's three wipes out michael actually Like races at all.

It's like that. So every time you react i'm skill full way. You you undo the fruits of your meditation practice. And you condition your mind, to react in the same way next time, something like that happens. And it just... It it keeps reinforcing the same pattern. So the reason that we need to practice mindfulness is to try to get on top of this. And has as nick as in the buddha as advice to Rahul, even if it's after the fact, If you apply the mindfulness to it, it's going to leave a c that's going to leave a car see.

If you review your skill actions, mental acts, verbal acts, physical acts. If you review them from a replace of mindfulness, place of the wisdom that you required to understanding the dha. That will leave a c. And every time you do that, that it reinforces and nourish that. That would grow to where you kind to the point where you have the mindfulness from this why we're performing the action. And eventually, you'll have the my told before you perform the natural vertical or physical at. And then you keep on you keep on nourishing this until the point comes that that negative un until reaction doesn't even rise anymore.

And then you've come to a wonderful place. So You can do... If if if anger is what has been here call them, you will come to the place, or you very very rarely if ever heard. It's experience saying promise shit that that is true. And if you do, find yourself experiencing interview you catch little quickly and you'd automatically know what to do. It just, you know, it's like you find yourself sticking your hand in hot water you automatically know pull it out. And and it's just... It's like that. And it's the same way with all of these different things.

These are the very things that sam in the way of our awakening of understanding the ultimate truth. Because these the things that constantly cloud our perception. These un emotions, these wholesome thoughts, these un wholesome actions. Because they're all arising out of the very poison that stands in the way of your liberation, which is? What stands in the way your liberation? No yourself believe separate. So Ultimately, yeah. It's ultimately, it's the belief in your secret self and the belief that things are the way they appear to you.

That not recognizing that your mind is projecting your reality. Everybody in this room lives in a different reality everybody in this room assumes that they are a separate self. And that is the root of all of your problems. So that route gives rise to creating desired version and from the desire version comes all these un skill flags. And so we... It is an methodical process. I'm undoing I'm doing all of this negative conditioning and the sun wholesome karma. So a variety at a place of being somebody who can't.

Helpful for england. Raises questions. Yes that's right. Right good. Good. What are the questions that is this for you? Well you know, it seems to me that there's a place for what I call waitress and ignition where you see something going on, which is wrong. Yeah. Unless you feel upset angry about it. You don't do anything. About. And it sort of sounds a little bit as though... And you've got somebody hurting another person doesn't say beijing child. Yeah. And you can prevent. They're pushing the trays over the head with the two way.

K. So should I do that and forgive them at the same time? That thought. That's really. I not I've been in situations like, yeah. It's not sort of physical type thing. But the same principle where I was aware of people who were doing things that were harmful this is an extremely common situation. And one... Yeah, you know, it takes many different forms. But the scenario in which somebody else is doing something, That is harmful. And you're in a position that you can do something about it, and you come to the question of what should I do and what do?

I do. So this is a wonderful question for us to look at. And and what do you think? Well, the the way that you sort of describe it sam for of passive to me, I can certainly say merits. In what you've described in terms of one's zone so... I see too many people who are passive about this kind of incident... We need to examine. So there was... What you said is that if you don't feel as righteous nation, You won't do anything about it. That is that's what happened. So this... Yes. That's what's happening.

So that's what we need to examine. It's true. We do see that that people are some times what motivates people to take positive action or that they are filled with anger at what they see. And this is one of the things that makes this feel like, well. Anger must be... Okay. Thank. And grant this much, it serves a purpose. I mean, we we we did not evolution didn't make us. To be a kind of person, a kind of being a kind of entity who has within us, this spontaneous tendency to generate anger. Evolution didn't do that by accident.

It necessarily purpose it would accept. And we see throughout the animal kingdom, a reaction of of anger. Some animal goes into another animal territory. And that animal reacts spontaneously with anger and a attacks drives the other one out of its territory. That's all Yes. The purpose that that serves. The animal who's thing to anger is protecting the resources that it depends on to live and that it's offspring depend on till the. And it's a rather thing. And it doesn't require a lot of intelligence.

And we are different from the analysts we had. Intelligence and we have other faculty. So let's put the question in in a different way. That's. It seems that often The only reason that people take positive action is because they have un oceans rising. And it likewise seems that it often happens that if in some way or another, they suppress or don't experience as un promotions that they don't act And what we're contrasting that with is we're saying a person who has developed a high level of mindful awareness.

And a high ethical and moral standard. Does get mean that by overturn by overcoming the un olson emotions, does it render them? Incapable or unlikely to take appropriate action. Or our actions to ten upon these on emotions. And you're shaking your head you said no. You can always act in a situation. It doesn't preclude you from from stepping in where be effective. But can't stop having freelance stuff And then your adrenaline surges and your car dates faster and You're gonna get that guy. Yeah. You know, I I I I mean just if your totally about beating him off this unfortunate child.

That's kind of a personally what but you can do horrible things to somebody would mh without feeling any angle or distress, it's just what you do. Well, or you can do... If if you saw somebody harness a child. This two emotions that your experience. One is anger, and the other is con as you have fashion for the child. And you have anger for the person that is coming up. And it seems to me that either one of them if it is strong enough can produce motivation. I... The the were emotion that which moves us.

And then emotions move us. They move a stat. And compassion could move you to act. As well as anger. So I suggest that you don't really need to have anger I say that anger is what is most likely to come up. And that for anger to come up and for you to accept the anger. The ink anger always itself. So it will come with a story that justifies whatever you do, justifies you being angry, justifies taking action what you do. And it will probably initially at least nominate the the compassion. But if you succeed in conditioning yourself, not to respond out of anger, it doesn't mean that he won't respond.

Because at least in the kind of scenario that I described, what even been training yourself to do is to respond with compassion. And so you you have a focus of compassion already. And as a matter of fact, you can be compassionate at both or the user and the views. And you can act out of that compassion. It's enough of a motivator to act to cause you back. And if you think about it, and real realize, when people react out of anger, how often do they they they act, but how often do they act in the otherwise right?

How often to people reacting out of anger end up suffering greatly as a consequence what they do. Quite often. Right? And if nothing else very often when we act out of anger out of hatred, it only causes the person that we've got to chores to react again with vendor and Atria. That's so perpetuate itself. So although in a very primitive kind of organism, and a very enlightened kind of human being. I grant you anger serves a purpose and it's simplistic and not necessarily. Totally useful way, but it does sort the purpose.

But we have... Human beings were unique. As human beings, we can, you know, many animals, all of their behavior determine entirely by Inch name. You know, certain kinds of fish. There's a fish that nate with the female when the belly turns at. It means that actually they so And the instinct is so strong in that fish that you can take a rip piece of plastic and put in the water and then male fish will kinda make with it. Emotions are somewhere you know, a little bit more sophisticated than Kids instinct.

But because instincts are just flying mechanical acting in a particular way in response to a stimulus. Emotions trigger us to act in a particular cognitive way but they allow the other part of our mind to choose the specific course of action. But they still... There they're somewhere between acting rationally and acting our total instinct. They directors going in particular yeah, in a particular direction. But they they don't define the exact actions that we take. But human beings, we we're not we're not relying on instinct alone.

We are more reliant on motion than we need to be. And we can certainly... There is nothing... What i suggesting case is absolutely nothing but a negative emotion. Allows you to do that there isn't a positive enhancement emotion. That can't serve the same purpose. Plus the fact that you have a rational came on. So I'm not denying that or the average uneducated, enlightened wise person that their the raw emotions that arise will tend to cause them to act in ways that are more or less serviceable them.

They are and they often cause more harm than good. Often of the anger is manifested inappropriately. So Now the other question the the other side of this is we see that with people this many people don't take action appropriately. This is the important part what you're raised. And this is this is a large problem and in the world. There are The world is populated with aggressive people, who will exploit other people in various ways. To their own advantage, people who are themselves, the victim of uncontrolled anger or alcohol abuse or things like this, which probably sent to to affect people and the negative ways.

And whenever you're in a situation that involves those kinds of people, then you're in exactly just dilemma what what do I do, what action do I take? And often there's consequences is, if there is a person harming a child, and you anchor arises and you saying going to do something about that. There's a good chance that the person harming the child was nice turn away from the child and a attack. And you might not be as big and strong as they are. And so trying to do something. Like they're it's strong but you could chime at Yeah.

Taking stronger. Yeah. So What what do you do... What do you do and that's I a lot of times People will be out of there sure. And you take any form. Sometimes you just don't wanna get involved. You don't approve, but hey, It's not my fault. I've got an appointment, you know, So people do that. They ignore these kinds of things. And you might say well. If they're anger was stronger then maybe they was forget appointment and do something. But really, it's what we're talking about is another on also.

They they have this year of being hurt or the fear of the consequences. I I have this important appointment with this person who might give me a new job. And i make a lot of money, but if I stop and help this other person who's got a flat tire, obviously, a really a big problem. Then I think I get that big job. What is that? It's... you know, you you a future scenario that that there's something that you could have and then there's this feature scenario where it was the loss of that possible something.

And so you declined to take action to help person because of life is of all of these kinds. Our normal emotions don't serve this very well. Because we may be angry at somebody harming a child, but we're afraid to him turnaround around her us, so we back away and believe it happened. Or we make a feeling of compassion for somebody who is in a difficult soc situation they arise, but our attachment to the personal game that we stand to realize if we don't stop that health and keeps us stuff and happening.

So We can't rely on our emotions and emotions. We've got to move down there. If we want to be a higher time of being, if we want to realize our potential, then we've got to we've got to move beyond. But you'd be relying on the emotion compassion. Well, we don't have to we don't have to rely entirely of, but if we're going, but we are emotional creatures. So we're dead off acting rationally out of motivation compassion. Then we are trying to act rationally in the face of anger here. The the emotions and mental states that we're talking about is being wholesome and still full.

You'll find are very compatible with being a rational person. And the ones that we're describing as un are that's ten to the box less compatible with paying irrational first. We should take it great. We can come back to this afterwards. I don't know if this that you feel. Well, yes. Actually. It it's speeds. Quite helpful I think i probably have to explore some I put mind for the pen for almost a while. But but really, what you're trying to accomplish in this kind of situation, I guess is to save the child yeah.

Or to deal with the wrong, but that's being done. So that should be your motivation that's rather he feeding the head accounts of structure. Exactly. Yeah. That's exactly right. Yeah. And this... Our objective is not to become passive, Living in our own. Wonderful world. As a matter in fact. If you are if you are going to succeed in this path, you're going to be inevitably you're going to the socially actor. No one of who things we said with the do to said is that you not only take refuge in the buddha and again you keep the pre, but you manifest concern for the welfare if those around it.

And this is this is a very fundamental part of and non activity or not. Their calendar that. Let's paper breaks think that. Andrew. Are you're right.

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