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Awakening in Daily Life – Session 2 May 30 2010

Session 2, Day 1
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Okay, sir. We we've looked at our first practice to be done in daily life. Anybody see any problem with it? Are you just all go do that now? That easy. Right? It's not. What's the problem with it? But what makes it so difficult? I but my i kind of problem losing the the attention all the town. He's we've getting more situation coming in. You you you through to watch. You forget to do it. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Big comes along. The last thing you do is say, oh, let me look for the craving. Stage caught up in a big.

I didn't even don't a well. I mean crazy. Just so that. So naturally response and we react. Yes. But you are aware you in the Du car. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Stretch. That's the whole thing. How do you remember to do this practice. And this is the same problem it comes up. With everything that we would call a practice to be done and hear a daily life. You're gonna have exactly the same difficulty with. You might be here with all these good intentions that okay. I'm going to... I'm going to be mindful fault.

You know, that that tenth pre that we took together. Yeah. Practice mindfulness. And daily life, he say, okay. I'm gonna keep that track that pre practice mindfulness and day of the life all the time and what happened. What's kinda happen. Mh. You forget to do it. Well, I we all. Next Saturday, you'll say oh, yeah. I we've that's Yes. I think idea that cravings you, how across they've are check. Mh. Lives all the evidence. You're followed by phone. Yes. It does. And I just want to clarify too that I'm not suggesting that this is going to be your practice that you're going to be able to go out there and see that you're gonna practicing seeing that your your separate itself is is an illusion.

Because that that comes through a combination of all of these practices and the meditation special. So... But you you have to take it by stages just, you know, leave that one until it starts to make a soft apparent then to to begin with, though it's just to become aware that that... To they kinda where of just how often you are actually experiencing, do the one time another then to become aware of craving and a different forms creating tape that underlying that do. And how persistent per preventing that crazy is.

And then do come aware that indeed whenever you can't let go of that crazy? For one whatever a period of time that you can like all of it that that that to deeper will go. That's really what this practice is. Right. And it's going to move you in the direction together with your meditation and other practices. Having a more profound realization that of the of the illusion that we're speaking out with the collision. Check. So. Get back to that see seeding the crazy. Mh. And common thing for me i'm sure for others.

Did the pink time game along with someone. Yeah. This green mh. Possibly what you do next or whatever. K. I'll be net cravings with that. Well, yes. I you're right. That's a really common situation. You're having some sort of disagreement with somebody. Right. And perhaps somebody else but would like to offer something. When you have a disagreement to something with someone, if you could take just reflect on a recent disagreement or tu as you put it that he has with somebody. And see if you can identify the elements are craving that are involved in that.

You want something they don't? You want something that they don't want. They went to something different. That's right. They want something different. Yes. Right. You've you're right. You think you are right. And and that's really interesting one there. Okay. You you don't think you're right? You are totally. Right. Right. You want them to disappear. Yeah. Right. Yeah. You what to disappear. You're convinced that you're right. And so why does it matter? You managed ask because if was somebody has you know, that's agree with me.

I'm kind of a little be threatened because this is pretty I hold it for a long time that you now. We are screaming a strong way. So i i mean the the psychological, you know, deep inside, it that's a kind of You're you're selling threatened. Yeah. It's that sadly. I'm right. Yeah. I I agree. That's that's why it matters. Because I mean, if the building on fire and one person says that's the way out. And you know that this is the way out. That's one kind of situation. And who's right and who's wrong is important for entirely different reason.

But most of the time, why does it matter, who's right or who's wrong. It's the reason that it matters, the reason that we experienced it the way we do is that to be wrong threatens are self in some way. Our ego our sense of who we are. Right. Absolutely. Yes. I have a question. Since I've been in your classes and everything, I have noticed I can come very sensitive. Mary. I also been very aware was when I'm, you know, worldwide, especially not politics control the world is in total chaos. How do you become less sensitive to situations?

So like I noticed because it was happening right now we all folks been let know, because I'm, you know, for mexico and stuff. How do you deal with... When I just talk about you just a little issue with anybody, it's everybody listening to the most negative things from his leadership. Nobody's really following their hearts. You know, degree all of r and you has some kindness, it will never want this that separated from their kids or wearing this country. I like for me and fact going right now. It makes me sometimes get away from people who think very opposite of me and and I'm very...

I love people lot of and Like being very close to people. You would be less sensitive than less I tried to just with the person details or something that I know hear. I just... I just... I will send as ignorance, you know, But how you feel with you breaking down so much in a being sensitive? Like, I'm very affected like it sometimes or a reason I wanna deal with people, how do I deal with it without being so involved and emotionally right? Well, that's really we're talking. You well you are experiencing.

A kind of discomfort kind of do. Right. And so can you look at this and see what that do is how many from? Can you? Can you do you see that if somebody disagrees with you, mh that you want them to agree with you. And so right there, that's that's a kind of crazy. That's because I I desire this person to agree with me. Now, you know, yours you're introducing a component of it that we just say, well, I have these high ideals. I have compassion. I don't want to see family separated. So somebody if if the disagreement is that somebody suggesting things being in way, the leads to those, that can confuse the issue.

And you can say, well, what I want is noble and good and what they want is is harmful it causes suffering. That can confuse you, keep you from saying that your immediate suffering is not coming from that. You're a media suffering is because you want them to agree with you. Is not much people green weekly is more a people being more open with their mind, like, use more. Or they're don't need to live. But it's still. You're wanting them to be in a particular way. Do you see what I'm saying? Yeah. I'm not...

I'm not taking anything away from the other levels of what you're saying. But your immediate distress is coming from the simple fact that you want you want to succeed and convincing them to agree with you. And as long as they stubborn refuse, you feel disturbed and and you experience a suck. As a matter of fact, if you can get past that, you can probably make much more persuasive arguments to them than you can while you're feeling that distress. So so that's the positive beneficial side. But the thing is to understand, I mean to do this practice is to is to be able to see clearly what what, you know, craving is wanting something to be different than the way it is.

It's basically what it is. Simplest smart. You you want something somewhere somehow, different than the way it is. And you feel unsettled, you feel upset and you feel disappointed if you feel some kind of do. Because it's not the way that you want it to be. And what... What this practice is about is gay used to be able to see that part really clearly. Because if you can't see that part, what you're always gonna see is the part, well. I'm right, or my view is better. Or my view is morph humanitarian.

Our my view is more compassionate, and you're not going to be able to see my suffering coming line trading, my non acceptance. And if you can accept what is, you're actually in a better, better position to british chain. Yeah. I can notice this. We did the ten day. How did i burn that on this to the baby, the first class to believe for the same day me and to what credit was all about. Yeah. And I think he's taught me so much to be stronger person and i have... Because we... It that's not that we would would've have been brought up to the crazy all the time.

And I have learned up to crazy. But it and it doesn't make too happier and all. Yes. So the other thing you can be noticing in this and that Jackie brought up is when you see the crazy you can see how the craving is rooted in your self identification. And your ego identification, in or in in one form or another in in your view of yourself as of your centrist. And You do wanna see that. Not because at this point, you're going to be able to overcome the view of separate, but you're gonna come to the place of conviction that craving can never be eliminated until you overcome the attachment to so.

This is the important lesson could that you're out to learn. When you see our suffering due to creating our crazy due to self attachment. Is is it's not like that's gonna help you give up self attachment, but it's gonna help you understand very clearly that it is impossible to get rid of creating until you first eliminate self attachment. And so that will give you the motivation to do the other practices, which will lead you to over overcome soft attachment. But back to the original question. This is a this is a great practice here.

One that one of the very first ones at the Buddhist pot you know. And I know for sure that I'm there's some of you that already doing this and you'll keep on doing this and they're keep getting better. But I know for sure, that a lot of you might leave here thinking I'm gonna do this practice, but you won't. And let's talk about why that is what you can do about it. What makes it difficult to do this practice is that you simply forget to do it. Right? Every mindfulness practice like that. Every month, all of these practices are mindfulness as practices isn't.

And the problem with doing mindfulness practice is you forget to be mindful. That's very simple. Yeah. What can we do about this? I kind of realized that the mine has the pattern and this pattern associated with the environment Your live team. And the associate with your memory. For example, if by people are sitting you here, your cheat environment. The mine tend to be a little little bit different but what we... you know, a mind the only, you know, in wanted to say office. So if we walk into office our a school and similar facilitate facilities and similar people.

And lot things going on, the mine is so weak and tend to be simple way. The city's present and his president costs suffering harm to me before then. That's don't feel positive energy. So. Sorry i i i think mind it's very easily drip away and you are not peer attention to the current, you know, very subtle change in, you know in inside and just it's kind of a just a drove away by the. Mh. Is correct. Yes. The way that I would put what you said is that in every different situation you're, you have a whole lot of conditioning as to how you think and behave in that situation.

And if that situation, if the conditioning that associated with that situation has nothing to do with the mindfulness that you wanna to practice. You're not gonna practice mindfulness at that time. Yes. You're going to... Your your instead of being mindful, you're going to react. And the ways that you always have. Mh. And actually leave, you might say, well, i wasn't very fun. Okay. But every time you go into a situation. Well, this is a really significant thing to recognize the degree to which we are affected by our environment.

And the people that we associate right. Also the l ui met that provides a lot of details to your mind as the stimulation. It's not as simple as here, you know, you sit and close your eyes. Yeah. If we are busy doing something. There lot for things you they might need process possess it. So it's just not easy to concentrate nice. Sorry. Very difficult. That's right. Well, your life involves a lot of situations and people that are not going to be conducive to mindfulness. Is there anything you can do about that?

Well, you say, no. You can't completely change it. But that doesn't mean that there's not something that you can do about it. It is if you are serious about this, then you can examine the way you spend your time, the situations you find yourself yeah. The kinds of people that you associate with. And you can determine if if that is what you if that's is how you really wanna spend your time. Do you wanna be in those places doing those things. Now a certain degree, you can't change it. If you have a job, you're going to have to go to your job.

If you're a student, you're gonna to have to go to classes and associate with just students. Oh. I got you. I mean, I thought we you want me to change it up people change out. Oh, we can't change the people. Now. But there are there are parts of your life that that you can change. And one of the things that is very important for you to recognize is that... And really it's a part of you not being as separate as you think you are. Because you're a different person in every situation. You go into to one situation, and you are a particular person with particularly conditioning and ways of behaving, which might be totally non conducive to the practice of mindful awareness.

With regard to the association of of suffering and craving or anything else for that matter. It's just a very non a weird kind of situation. And you'll become a very not aware of person in that situation. And you can walk out there and walk into a different group. I need my he might walk into a different room and find yourself with a group of people who are also practicing the dark. It also trying to live mindful in their daily life. You will become a different person in inaccurate too and you'll have more success practicing mindfulness.

So we can we can't make choices that will increase the ease with which we can practice my. That's fine the thing sir you can do. Anything else that we can do? Yeah. Right. Well, the more that you studied dha and the more that you have these things in your mind, the more successful you're going to be. That is really true. That's a good thing. Yeah. Also I'll just point out to you that there is one very general similarity about every part of your practice. You sit down to meditate and at least until you've reached a certain level of skill, what's going to happen is you are going to forget what you came there to do.

That might happened to some of you this morning and the short meditation that we did. That he suddenly realized it. For the last whatever number of seconds of minutes or whatever. You had totally forgotten what you were supposed to be doing. Do you see that's exactly the same thing as being mindful in your daily like we forget that we intend to be mindful. It is the same mind. Different situations where it's exactly the same one. And it's behaving in exactly the same way. So your training and meditation is going to make it easier to be mindful and daily life If you can practice being very focused and very mindful.

For forty five minutes or an hour every day. It is going to make it easier to not gonna automatically solve the problem, but it's going to make it easier to be mindful the rest of the time. Because not... Because you shane trained your mind and Believe me. There is no self. There's no one in charge. Yeah my head or your head, either one. It's just all of these different mental processes going on. And they kind work together in a particular way, but no one is in charge, but they can't be trained.

You know, they can't be trained... You could train your mind so that it tends to be behave. More it's more likely to behave in one way than another. And if you do that, if you practice mindfulness and sitting meditation, you're gonna find it is much more natural to be mindful in your daily life. So to practice these... This kind of mindfulness that's it's enormously helpful to establish a regular meditation practice. It's might make it easier. It's also gonna work the other way too. The more that you practice mindfulness in your daily life and different forms.

The easier is going to be for you to sit down and focus your mind and practice formal meditation. See. Anything any other suggestions there's some some people here with a lot of experience or practicing mindfulness in their daily life. I love it if they would offer anything that that they can about the problems that had the way they've resolved them thinks that they found helpful. I get to observe the past, my own presence. And I feel like it's that a true way was a she cool. Are you the teaching and they share the see them we have to do.

This business. Like a opioid room i say, this is a good thing so me. We need can follow we do. It's and I will do a benefit. But I feel like I know it's insight billions or something I feel like everything from all outside. So I have to do this as to that doesn't style. Okay? Different kind of as few so different kind of reason and and and go diversion. For my plan is observe. What's going on. I really feel like he wants a suit the practice. And I see the lie, how the function, and how do the things be relate to the daily life?

The more I see that, the war I feel like that that's how she's say. Since more I give you you can out, be will into... It become more and more increased your observation, your awareness, you know, it's not not I have to is because that become like, normal omaha fighters and become a natural and not not totally or aware, but at least compare you know, if you go back to sync agency that conference. So I'm saying is for my own prices, I think just continue price... Can you do it? And do you can get, you know, from the privacy and increase.

That is kind of a like a slow you even getting you to come and and more and more well. I remember see the the cut. The drawing from Think. Oh yes. Yeah. And you said awareness, usually dollars is like very tiny small you you pull it in nothing in a head? Yes. And and they practice and getting girl girl and now the work awareness even i even vegan than and i that that one. And now I didn't even realize that that's that's happening. Yeah. And definitely a lot of tunnels Oh, how come. You know, I I forget.

In the beginning, I get into even though that. I realized the awareness, you know, I think we I have a a version queen. What oh, come Like I forgot. You know, I I about myself and whole thing. But later on you would six well. Even that is a crazy. Okay. Man we just least yes I do guest them try this again, put this again. And I gonna have a pen try to bring myself a lot. And and from the private I can see that, this is another not the benefit or not marriage. Okay. That is the sound. I feel like maybe encourage myself for or or doing that.

But I need to meet. A lot of time i feel bustling. Yeah. But but if might if I can after frustration and can myself okay quite this again it's sorry I think one of the things that you told us is that just just the idea of discipline that I should do doesn't work so well. But when your practice mindfulness is, you discover all these interesting things. You let you it becomes you wanted to do it. You it. Mh. Yeah. Maybe I guess i i just... If that... Okay. I think want to share in that one. He his feedback.

Recently, I have a searching observe where more equally. Regarding I on myself in a past several Have experience a lot of between. A lot two. Mh when I a doing, I feel so real. Yes. I know it's a dream. Mh. I have a common emotion. I color happening and angry, other things and cheer the walmart often I I i. That is a street. And then suddenly, that when I see guys suddenly me, I also observed that emotion and cost suddenly disengaged. You know, and I oh. Oh, that's the dream. That's that. And because so many times then it's starting to wander, daily.

I'm so that's because you know, I'm so cutting those emotion and all the things. And just like you mentioned craving. I think that's a lot of improving emotions that I want this and want this lady dreaming me at nighttime times. But think the daytime time. Now, I didn't find out it's maybe. I thought. I doubt it it's a similar. So so I said was you... And I think it's in a twenty me is pretty much in line because no physical rules the the the actual activity for me why they So I'm thinking, open eyes, even though we have a physical action.

But with much, I still. It's still of this for the daily life so order or happy or angry or frustration or any emotions also of from here. So So from that, and and I just curious and tried to charge. Deborah is that during the daily life, when I open eyes when I found out I'm so engaged this, and could I setback and look. What's a different. You know, what's the buy doing win? Is Mike gave something just like when I think in last son. That it's... I think that is... I mean, i try to sleep that laundry, but I just feel that may be helping me a little bit know to to find us self copy something.

You see similarity between breaking up from a dream? And they're becoming mindful fault about what you're doing any daily right? It's a. So what you're doing here is we're we're talking target about practicing mindfulness, practicing awakening maybe in a little ways, you know, and sort of, like, you still you just wake up front the drain just a little bit, but it's still waking up from the drain. It's still thing. That's but... But you said some interesting things about, you know, how you can succeed in and practicing saying this.

And one is by recognizing that you're going to discover very interesting and helpful things. And it's going to make you want to discover more. And so that's how it works. Think you quite motivated to find happiness some people they they wanna make glasses learning, because they want be. And and if if that is it if that's funny me was helping she having a herself thing about how to make money all the time. Mh. But then, you know, we think about, you know, the extent happiness, wealth bring about short and limited data.

It's tenuous subject to a lot of conditions solving cannot or control even if we acquire something being, you know, we clean it for a very long. So so then only think about happiness us we want a a a source of happiness as going to last you know, last. And some people being are assess about parents. Similarly. It has a very very limited each trip and he requires a lot of resources and, you know, donna up the practice of that yields a lot of happiness, a lot of tools a lot of insights. That is a one health the long term.

So so once I understand once I can have a good so that it it becomes micro. So naturally think all time. Mh. And I, know, try to practice builders model. You know, just similarly as somebody who's made motivated data to make lots of money. The thinking that's gonna bring the package. All practice donald because I know that I've seen the benefit that I can get from that already again. I know there's not more that I can achieve. With this practice. That's the worry that you taste the fruits, the more that you wanna to do mario.

It creates a very wholesome kind of desire doesn't it. Yeah. And you know, it's like, yeah. It's a good example. Somebody who wants to make money, they just focus on how to make money. There's a book it was written a long time ago called think grow rich. And the whole but was this thick. It was all about you wanna get rich, and you just spend all your time thinking about what he want. Or to secret and everybody heard about that secret. You set yourself a goal, then you just keep thinking about that visualizing that imagining that you have what you want.

So people do that for money, but you could do exactly the same thing for for what we're talking about here. And it is. Actually, why does somebody want money? What is the... What is the one thing that they really want when it was representing night. Yeah. That's because they believe that money is going make them happy. If you believe that weekend is going to make you happy. This staff has been make happy. So use the same techniques Just, you know, This actually a small chic I used during a meditation.

Sometimes I i where as the mae pattern and doing the message, I just talk to the mind. For example, if let's a mo bite you, then I'll you know, biological mechanism is to, you know, took way. Right? Yeah. Then because we want to put out body then and tear the line for example paint. It's okay. You you don't have to care about this. One cardboard about the mindfulness is. Mh. Keep telling you online. This is okay. Doesn't matter sad yeah lies is kind of what. Has some mechanism and, you know, to to strive for existence.

And So so here's some, you know, some very good suggestions about how to help yourself to practice mindful for this far. Yep. So I have a question coming very come of this, but production. We talk about craving. Yeah. Yes. And the way we we kill ourselves, could tell the my tail. Okay? Okay. We use keep way then we can keep on windows so we can designate that. Is that part of crazy? What are you asking that? If wanting to achieve the results of the practice as it kind of phasing? Well, it's a it's it's not a kind of crazy in the sense that of the un hold craving that we need.

To overcome. But it is related to it because we still think that I am this self, and I want this you know, the happiness that we're at after wanna achieve happiness us for ourselves. We wanna achieve enlightenment for our ourself. So But that's alright. That's gonna be there. Don't worry about it. Until you are no longer attached to cell, that is going to be there. So quite right. Sounds like saying is that is they. You need that? What I'm saying is that as long as you... Think and feel and believe that you are a self, there's is going to be crazy.

It's scary. Mh. Okay. Now, yeah there's no way around that. As long as you are self, there's is gonna to be craving arising out of the sense of stuff. So most of that creating gives the craving which creates your problems. But the fact that some of our crazy is the craving that motivates you to practice. That's alright. That's where you are. It's where... Where you are as long as you still have this attachment to sell, then you're going to regard awakening as something that's done for the sake of the cell.

And so it's gonna fit in that category it too is is a preview. But You're not gonna be able to get rid of all of the all of your cravings just by saying that you want to. You you're gonna have to work out it. So make that the very last craving that you get rid of. Okay? So you you practice overcoming all of the other forms of craving. And you say they the craving that is associated with the wish for enlightenment for last. With But the wish for enlightenment is not a frightening. It can't be associated with a grading.

Because for something to be craving, it implies that there is a self that's going to benefit. It's a comp. Cravings are comp. You can't count savings. They they arise out of the natural workings of the line that believes in its separate itself. But and enlightened thing, A buddha is quite capable of entertaining goals and goals and wishes and working towards the attainment of goals and wishes. So So it doesn't mean that they did the wish for enlightenment we wish for in awakening. Has to be in the form of a self crazy.

Nor does any other goal? Like, the buddha there And this is actually a good thing to point out that that somebody might look at the buddha, and they say it was a really remarkable thing. But i they didn't really know too much about him. They might not have realized what it profound in what profound ways he's different than other people. Because in the course of his life, he took care of his body. Because it was the reasonable and right thing to do. And he he directed a large song thousands and thousands of people.

And he they had... They were... They were given many places to practice meditation. And he created rules for soccer. He made decisions about where to travel when things like that. There were challenges that he had to overcome. These are all account recounted and the switches. And so you have to ask yourself? Okay. Are those behaviors dependent upon the belief and attachment to itself will know they're not? I guess my point is will focus now is craving to to utilize it to all of that. In light Okay.

Once you invited. Well I think my question is the question that the way crisis, the way the patch to that enlightenment that the place the way we use the pipe to way that the method we use In fact, because now i thought in myself, if and I increase. The craving to this matter, i I tried i or or... Or encourage myself or first to cell phone all through upon myself. It's the other way knowing me, I get into a way. To to get into their light. And you know what I'm having. Now they don't I'm programming this this So so I I I don't know if exact you'd say...

Am I doing this quiz or I'm I'm we're doing this. Is really see queen, and I can reduce that. Even though the way I'm walking to that path. Yep. I'd like three my question. I think I'm talking that far. You're doubting that the way that you're approaching it internally mentally is always the best. And... Well, It probably isn't because sometimes when you're discipline yourself, and you're judging yourself, you are reinforcing your attendance see for it judgment. Mh Alright? And that's exactly good.

Because every time you exercise the tendency to the judgmental, to to... You know, essentially, if you look and you say well, I should've done this, but I didn't then you're blaming yourself. And you're reinforcing the tendency of your mind act in that way. So that's not necessarily always wholesome. But But you have to accept where you are and the way to do it is not to try to... You're not trying to squash anything. Or you're trying to use a pine and power mindful awareness to alter the way that your mind works.

So if you can see that oh, I'm judging myself. You see it. Oh, I'm developing attachment to to practicing it the. I'm being attached to behaving at a particular way. And the thing about being mindful aware of these things is you don't say oh, I'm being attached to practicing that particular. I'm bad. I shouldn't do that. Because that's exactly what you're trying to get a arrangement from doing. You're trying... Oh, look, there's attachment again. Here's another example of attachment. What is the effect of this attachment?

I so you see that well, this attachment makes me feel in a project particular way. It makes me act and it particular. Makes me it makes it easier for me to be judgmental of of people. So you just see that. And by seeing that, these kinds of un tendencies, are are going to be positively impacted by your mindfulness they're going to be less likely. But it's that's a difficult one. Self judgment soft criticism, it's so easy to say, okay. I'm going to... I'm going to practice in this particular way and then turn it into that whole same thing, you know, that that's That is is that what you're talking about??

Yep. So So but the wonderful thing is if you're practicing mindfulness in the rest of your life, these things will come clear. If you see yourself being judgmental matter of the people that you work with. You say, where is this kind of trial? What this conditioning to be judgmental. Where have I been reinforcing that? And then as you can see that you've been reinforcing with yourself then? That's a victory. Because... I mean, that can be part of yourself identity. Or like I find of course on the path that's had towards enlightenment.

And I wanna gain wisdom them but you and... That can become ego. Absolutely. That's the kind thing to approach. Exactly. If that becomes another part of your ego. And up to a certain point, you it may improve your ability to practice you know. My identity if somebody who meditate somebody studies so much and does all these kinds of thing, then it will lead you to behave those ways. But at some point, it becomes a problem because you've attached it that you have to let all but... Yes. It's kinda like a rack that will carry you to the other banks.

So you have to me let that go. I'll just Right. And. Yeah. That kinda it... Yeah. It carries you to a certain point. That do you have to let go? But a story says to buddha out, you know, he he made us a resolution, saying that I going to sit here nt. A under their. Mh. They did. I think used a positive mental faculty in a positive way or is repository mental fat is a good thing to to achieve right to the achieve go, you know, our John charles says that there are two kinds of are trading whilst the craving did most suffering.

And the one, the clearing the you to the interruptions death. So I think positive size good. We are not demanding. Yet. So if we need to use mental fabric few. Exactly as long as you still have framing, make it be the trading for the wholesome positive things. But at some point, you have to like that grading too. But that's the last that's the last streaming here Yeah. So I don't know. What do you think. Do you do you have some hints from this as to how to be more aware in your daily life now too?

Because we're hopefully going to be looking at a number of other different ways that you can practice they all all the same thing. They all involved being present in the moment. And being mindful, which means that you're looking in where and you're saying, what is going on right now. Why am i behaving this way why not reacting this way? Why is he behaving this way was? He reacting this way. What is the true nature of this situation? And what is the, you know, how should I be? That's kinda to be a lot right now.

Mh. And it get to the point where I lose why I got there, You know, it almost like it so we go. I could don't thank it hear well. It it not for sure as is this. Yeah. Does this an important point here not about thinking and analyzing and figuring it out. Okay. You have to know you have to have done some thinking as some learning to know what it is that you need to be practicing. I mean, that's what we're gonna do. We'll look at some of these other sutra and some of these other practices. Yeah. Understand what it is that you want to be doing.

But being present in the moment and doing it. Isn't really a process of thinking about it. Because if you think about it, you will get lost and the thinking. And it's difficult to talk about this without making it sound like it's thinking about. But you want to be aware of your own mind in your own motivations. And I would use words like, you know, okay. You need to ask yourself why am I speaking the way I am? Why am I behaving the way I am? But I don't actually, I'm not actually suggesting that you'll spend very much time.

Verbally formulating questions and analyzing. It's more like that's the question that you're continually hold. As moment to moment and you're constantly changing that you hold that question. What am I doing? Well, why am I doing this? And not to analyze it and find the answer, because that's not really the answer that you wanna find. You're gonna find the and the why answer it comes. You looked at what you're doing with the question, why am i doing this? And the answer makes itself apparent. Oh, because my ego needs this gratification or because I think that I will that behaving or speaking in this way, it will produce some reward.

But you don't have to think about it. It's just... You know you are already know. The knowledge is already. Available within the mind itself because after all, it is your mind that is motivating you to speak after. Particularly right. So if you open your awareness up, your mind will reveal, you don't have to analyze. You don't have to take it apart and with for it. Your mind will then reveal the way that it's behaving him what underlies the rate, but it he behaves. The the practice of mindfulness is it's really about observation of not thinking that analyze.

It's being fully present. And You know what happens when you think can analyze is you step outside of the stream, you know, the stream of being. Things are constantly happening changing happening changing. If you wanna analyze something, you step outside the screen, and you make it into an abstract. You think about it. You know, and then you have to go back into to the screen and again, of course by end. Here in a totally different plate. So it's the trick of learning to stay in the flow and just be aware about the answer themselves.

That way you don't get lost. Because once as you step out of the altitude of the, you step out of the river and the river moves on. Mh. Yeah. Essentially good because then you... You... With they was happening i've got of situations in know, because i'm very to get involved things. So when you kinda... It it have an faster so to me. I like it because I used to get to involve in situations and, you know, I I have reacted things. And now it's more like watch these from the back and it's kinda nice to be that I've insured, you know.

Yes. Just to be able to right. Now sometimes it's important to back up. You know, you're you're trying to keep a pre up to to not engage in wrong speech. And do you find your about to say something? And you know it's not right? That's a good place. Then you can stop. Good time to step outside the screen there. And modify your speech. You find yourself getting ready to, you know, you're you're feeling angry and you're getting ready to speak act out of anger. So good time there to step out. Just back off and ask yourself.

What would good to do? Let this Done tell me how about how I should be here. Well, what with this what would be people that love with the song members of the. What would the people who have been practicing this darn for a long time i'll would they. Would they say what I was at about to say, would they do what I was about to do. you know, So That's the time to set out... But it comes. You'll notice think sheet coming back it. You won't notice the step out unless you have a mind awareness. If the mindful awareness is not there, you'll hear yourself saying the words after it's too late, you won't know that you're about to save the words and have the opportunity.

The step back and reflect make a different choice. So it's always coming back daily practices is about learning to be mindful aware. And you know, it's just like the meditation. Close your eyes, be mindful the breath as Anderson and leaves the body. Change off to do that. And then you're doing something else? Get up from the cushion go on in the world. Train yourself be mindful. And the really important part of mindfulness is the intros part of mindfulness. It's knowing what you are doing. So seeing what is happening.

This is what is going on. And knowing what, having the awareness it not only reveals. What is happening, but why is happening? And then having a mind that's conditioned that it it has pre to follow. It has... It it already has an idea of which way is the right way in which way is the wrong way? So that in addition to knowing what is happening? And why is happening that you know whether or not it's what should what you want to be happening. And what you believe should be happening, whether it's the right rate to be?

And having those three present that constitutes the scope of the meditation that's called mindfulness. That's snowing. What he doing? Why you doing? Whether or not... It's like what you believe you should be doing? What wait three do. And he have to call. That reflection is one of these tools. It's very useful reflection. Because You know, you say I want to be mindful. And then like I say, next Saturday you realized? I wasn't really very mindful this last three. Common experience. You're going to experience that.

What can you do about that? You have to wait a whole week until your sitting there outside of the afternoon and suddenly occurs to you that... Well, I intended to practice mindfulness long week. Do you have to wait for that? You do not you do not. You can practice reflection. You know, it's the same way that to learn to meditate, you have to say, okay, I'm gonna meditate at this time. Every day. And you least go there and you sit down. You know, that's the beginning area it. That you always go when you sit down.

What's the same thing with practicing. Mindfulness, you can use reflection. And if you said say that all the certain times that I know to reflect, I'm just kinda mindful I've done. Because mindfulness works retroactively well two. You can reflect on your behaviors. You can reflect on the degree of awareness that you have. You can and by reflecting on these things, You'll do some of the work that you could have done by being aware in the moment. But the most important thing is you plant the seed for that mindful awareness to arise in those similar occasions that have...

Yeah. Kicked. So when they happen tomorrow on the next day and so forth. So reflection is a very useful and powerful tool. Yeah... It's just about time for our lunch break, I don't know. What's that? It hasn't arrived yet. Okay. Why don't we have a look at? Talking about reflection. There's a sutra in here. Find which page. It was a teaching that the dud gave to his son roughly lot. Page seven. Mh seven next. So let's this is really great teaching. It's just so relevant they're what we're talking about.

Here. My hazard right? We're take him minutes to say. Okay. So what do you think Rahul? What is your mirror for? Or reflection, sir. In the same way, Ro, bodily actions, verbal actions and meth actions are time was repeated reflection Whenever you want to do a bodily action, you should reflect on it. This bodily action I want to do would it lead to self reflection to the function of others or both, but it be skill bottle with painful consequences, painful full results. If on reflection, you know that bodily action you know, that it would lead to self reflection to a reflection of others or to both.

It would be an un skill. Lovely action with painful consequences, painful results that any bodily action of that sort is absolutely unfit for you to do. But if upon reflection, you know that it would not cause a friction, It would be a skill bodily reaction with pleasant consequences, pleasant results, then any bodily action of that sort is fit for you to do. So he's talking about reflecting being mindful aware in the moment. And you know before you're about to do something, is this something...

Is this so good and wholesome thing or a not or good something. K. But then if you just skip paragraph and you go... And they said, why... I'll go the next says while you were doing a about action. You can reflect in the same way. But then the third one there, having already done a our action. You should reflect on it. So it's all right to reflect hours later. It's all alright reflect five minutes later. So I'll rates through like while you're doing it. But it's best of all service reflect before before it time comes to engage in it.

And the same thing, of course is to verbal actions. And that you say, that should be obvious. Mental action. This is one that takes a little bit of skill food to get to this. Because, you know, to watch your mind, it's one thing to catch your mind before you say and say make an angry remark or perform an angry reaction. But can you imagine being able to do the same thing so that when your mind is thinking and angry thought that you recognize whenever you want to do a mental action, you have the urge to think angry thought you'd be become aware when reflecting this way.

Or while you are doing a natural action, but you reflecting in the scrape. But where you'll start is adding done an action. You should reflect on it. If you reflect on your mental actions after they're done, then the time will come fairly quickly when you can't reflect on it while the action is occurring. Or before, is it current. So this is a fits true. This is a good teaching. This is this is about practicing mindfulness full awareness of everything that you not only do and say, but also and feel.

When you find when you find anger rising? Well, or you find irritation arising when you find inpatient arising. That is the time to examine this and say, this restless, or this year to irr ability. Is this? Is this serving me? Is this serving other of people? And what is the answer? When when you notice yourself becoming irritable? What will you known will be the constant much of that? You won't feel very good. You'll become more irritable. That always happens. Right? You allow yourself to become irritable about some little thing.

And that's something else happens. And then because of that, you get impatient and you make a mistake if something even bigger happens. K? So you can see that the consequences it least to for yourself, they only get worse. And if you allow yourself, if you get retained the irr ability that you feel that it arises because it's some little thing. How will that affect how you sit to the ones that around you? How will affect the way you react to what they do. Say. You know, so you reflect in this way and the answers are obvious.

The interesting thing is if you if you undergo this process or reflection, your ability is gonna attempt to disappear. And if it doesn't disappear entirely, it's going to be a whole lot easier to let go of it if you're saying. Oh, just... If I let this irr ability, take hold. It's likely to spoil a whole rest of my day. Let's see what's happening. Oh, this is not so bad. I'll just let go over this now i'll deal with deal with what's happened. That it's gone. It's so done enough. And your practice we start off practicing successfully with the easy thing.

And eventually, you'll come to the point where something happens and it triggers a sudden burst of anger and you'll be able to do exactly the same thing. Whereas without the practice, you want. Without the practice, you might do well with the little things but you could have overwhelmed. A big thing. But if you practice on all the little things all the time, then you'll be able to handle the big things like to the big such. The big charge. Okay. It's like lunch is getting set. So you can talk to me and so.

Think it's mister. Okay. Save. If you well, we're going to take the break into to about one thirty for lunch. Approximately. And there's tables out here on the deck. And also some cables out there on the line. Adam. It would be really nice. If you you spent time thinking about what we talked about so far this morning. And if you want to talk to each other, talk only about the things. You, words, us not talk about the sun's lakers game or Haven't seen you for a while what you been up to all of the usual times think.

Okay? They're you're gonna talk let's talk about. And and maybe that will help you to come up with the questions. I want you to come back after lunch with questions that are important about where you are in your process, whether an absolute beginner. But even practicing for for years. Doesn't matter. Let's talk about your practice and and the problems she'd have the solutions you found ways that you can help each other. Okay?

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