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Awakening in Daily Life – Session 1 May 30 2010

Session 1, Day 1
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So not only were they like they were are hot. They're fully looking. So it's definitely possible for late people. Certainly and the time of buddha it was possible for late people to fully. And to further give an idea of the level of involvement of late people in and a of the dha. And in the practice of the Diamond. There was an occasion where the buddha listed eighty one amongst his disciples who foremost those for one thing august. This one is foremost in meditation this one is foremost host and bad so forth.

That going through this list. And he named eighty one of his disciples who were foreign those and one thing or another. Interesting thing out that list of eighty one, twenty one of them were laid articles. The rest were big and big venues. So first. But twenty one is been late to cycle. So they were not the same twenty one that he mentioned on that other occasion as being fully away. So that's what one quarter of just form most the cycles for late people. One of them in pretty killer, the Lane Chi was his name.

Was listed as being foremost and teaching the dha. There are actually two other of his disciples who are not late people who are also mentioned as being. Foremost than teaching the Donald but one of the three disciples who was best at teaching honor to others, lee and shi, raymond Chi. So I I mentioned just to assure you that as a late person you have like capacity become a and you have the capacity to help others to become awaken. And I think that's a very important thing to realize. In lecture the world, people have gotten impression in Buddhist countries that late people really can't get like.

It's very it's very difficult for a person that kinda wait ahead. So I want you to realize that that's not that's not necessarily. True. A lay person faces a different set of challenges. And it's true that most late people don't have sufficient interest in the way to do what's necessary. But for a lay person who has sufficient interest who would like for the time. It is definitely possible. Now, at the time of the buddha, he encouraged people to get up the lack of household. It gave everything they give all of it the possession.

And to live with nothing but set of roads, and bold. And to to be to be free of all of the distractions and burdens so that they could spend all of their time practicing the dha. And it's obvious, but that is... That is a good approach simplify your life as much as possible. So all you have to do is to practice Dha. But for one reason or another, you decided not to do that. Right. Well, most of you just one of us here who's decided to do that. Very wonderful. But even there, I if you... I'm sure most of you are aware the about the speakers and bikini the the box are announced today.

In the modern world. It's not like you become a luck or a nine and you have all your time for to do that thing, but medicaid practice and study. Because they too have their their time is called upon to do many kinds of other things. And they have responsibility. They interact with other people that such their mind. They have to deal with situations that are difficult. But i've so mine. It's not good. Yes. So so whether the person is in an ex to her a lay person and basically faced with the problem that there are other demands on their time to energy.

And also the things that happen in these interactions to disturb in the line and interfere with practice and create further. So as late people and as modern, we all have the same problem since we can't simplify our to the degree. Well, most by the can, There aren't a few people that go off into the forest. And that's all do practice so they go off into the mountains cape, but they're very, very small minority of all of the people. So the best status have to deal with the situation that is the reality of where we are.

We are serious about pursuing the path to lengthening. We have to find a way to do it in the context of our daily life, the way that it really happens. And the only way that we can do that is to take all of these other things that occupy our time and energy and they them into part of our practice. You see the logic of there. One approach is you get rid of everything else, so that all you have to do is practice if that doesn't work, then you have to take the other stuff and make it into the practice as well.

And if you can do that, Then you... Now you have all of your time if you can one hundred percent of your time to practicing the dha. That's far things so we wanna talk about here. Now the meditation part, the formal practice is cherry import. Because as you all know, even the beginners who have found out in that short time that we spent? Your mind is totally out of control. And unless you do something about that. You are not going... That is what keeps you caught in the dream. That's what keeps you caught in the delusion.

Unless you think change this, you're not going to be able to achieve webcam. So formal practice is absolutely essential. You have to take the time. To let go of everything else and to quiet close your eyes. And experience the nature of your mind. And tame your mind, and then was your tank lie. Begin to discover the true nature of mind and then the true nature of reality. That's the best me way thing. To discover the true nature of reality. So then we see what our problem is really clearly. What is the task here?

If you're serious about the star practice, you're going to have to create space in your life for meditation learn to meditate and practice. For whatever period of time you can. An hour a day, four hours a day, half an hour or one day, two hours another day. Whatever it is. We going to have to do that, and you're going have to figure out how to make that happen and the context of your life. The everything thing that you're gonna have to do is you're gonna have to figure out how to make the rest of your life into a practice that is just this value that valuable just is effective.

As the time that's sitting, but if it is valuable and effective in a different way. It doesn't replace either need both need to have both be both active. After practice in daily life and you have to have meditation and daily life. So that's the... That's the challenge that confronts us, and that's what we're trying to talk about this weekend. Yeah before we get into it and we're actually getting into it and detail together here. I just want to point out something to you. It's very important that you make this decision to take up this path.

And that you do the kind work that we're talking about. It's very embrace the most important thing in the world. If i opinion. It's the most important thing for you as an individual. It's also the most important thing. For this world of other suffering frank individuals. Whether you come from Asia or whether you were born in United States, you are all now in a western culture and Buddhism and has coming to this Western culture. It's interesting to notice how buddhism has is changing as it's coming to this culture.

On here get a hand gave the quote from Alan Wallace. Friend of you may know who Allen wallace is. He was he came to that and buddhist this monk and darn solo many him years ago. And he said he under the dollar Lam in that stack later on, he we set aside the ropes and became a late and and a teacher. And he's still very much a a teacher or Flu involvement back. And what he noticed is that with what's happening in Buddhism and arrest is it says an erosion of the distinction between professional and late buddhist.

The difference and I mentioned that we're finding on the one hand that monastic are a lot likely people and that they have jobs that take many hours of every day and they have responsibilities have to interact with other people. So they are more like late people. On the other hand, there are lay people who haven't taken rose. But at the same time has said, i'm dedicating our life, to achieve my awakening. And so the difference there is not as great as it once was. Decent of doc final authorities.

And increased spirit of egalitarian, greater leadership roles for women. In other words, The former of buddhism is taking here is one more it's not once semi much where there is they guru who knows everything and and teaches everything and everyone else who accepts the word of the teacher un unfortunately with no with without thinking the challenging and so forth. Instead, every teacher is... I i... Actually what's happening in the west is more of the way it was at the time of the buddha because the buddha, his instructions.

Work. Don't take anything I say on the basis of my authority. Do not believe what I say on the out of respect for me. Or around of respect for any other teacher. Don't don't believe anything that I or the teacher says because it's in books or scriptures or corresponds to a scott books or scripture. Don't take what I say as being through because hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people. Follow this teaching and they say, this is the great teacher whether says must be true. Examine it for yourself.

This is a this is this was very important teachings at that time. And it's a very important teaching for you. And the world today is to use your mind and your own experience and to take this star and to make it your own. And okay use it as a vehicle for achieving the goal. If you want to achieve. Whether you're a late person, whether you choose to become on nasdaq whether you're man, or really one then? Whether or ibm young young boy or someone who is that many decades makes no difference. We're all the same.

We're all caught in the same delusion. And this donna is our path out of it. And each of us has to follow that path on our own. So this is the buddhist environment that we find ourselves in. One that is invited us. As late people to take initiative and to dedicate ourselves and to do so with the conviction that we can succeed. Conviction is very important as we'll see most start looking at some of the the buddha advice to late people. Mentions different qualities that conviction is number one of those.

Also to describe the space and the buddha, the Dha the song which is faith and the the truth and the of enlightenment faith and the as a vehicle that actually will succeed and getting us there faith and the sang as being the community was can't support help us. But the conviction that it's possible for u. You have to have that conviction. To the degree that you don't think it's possible. It's not gonna to be possible. So you have to have that conviction. But this is very important if you think about this world.

We live at how many people there are? How limited the resources are? A space of fresh. Of energy resources. I mean, it's true. Maybe we'll discover someone new energy resource. But it is a crowded and busy planet. The environment is becoming more and more polluting. Spite of all the technological progress that Human beings said, there massive poverty in every part of the world, including this wealthy country that we find ourselves in right now. There is tremendous injustice. In every part of the world.

There is exploitation and cruelty. App. Of course, as always, there is war. There's an increasing number of serious diseases. Okay kind process. Because of the expanding population and the changing climate Yeah. The pollution. Is a serious question. How people can continue to survive for very long. Now if we look at the way this massive humanity on this planet functioning, if it continues going the way it is, where people are motivated by believe and by hatred. Can you see any way for things to get better?

The vest that's that we seem to hope for is that well, maybe somebody will come up with some remarkable new leads there's replace oil as an energy source. So maybe we'll come up with some remarkable new way to raise foods so that we don't starve right away. With pushed off people start starting how new years from now instead of twenty years that. Actually, people already already started at although not necessary at this time. But that's a good point too. Why is it? If there's enough food to feed everybody in the world fire people still started it.

It's because of greed and hatred, Is it not? That's because of all systems that are set up based on green hatred. So the world is in a very dangerous condition. Think of this way. There we have... Over here we have this thousand foot waterfall. But those just goes down into an desk. Here we all are. We're all in the same boat, both headed towards the waterfall very quickly. Right. And there's a strong guy once Side boat in a ordered that's labeled green. Has towards of waterfall as fast as possible.

Guy side or labeled hatred pad fast can't towards the waterfall. So we gotta turn the boat around. And of all of the ways that that happen. The one that that I see is for the buddhist values. Kindness compassion patients virtue. And the attainment at wisdom. This is why... This is the only way that I can see that the boat can be turned around. But even there, it's gonna take... It's gonna take a lot of us to turn it out. Right? So we can't rely on that small number of people who they're talking assets.

We all have to get involved. And adopting these values practicing these hours. And most importantly, achieving to the goal, and we can't overcome the ignorance because the only way that enough people well, adopt these buddhist values in a short enough period of time is if there is a very large number of people who have awakened to this truth. And for every one of them, around them spreads this understanding so that all of those around them look at them and say, how can I be like this person? How can I enjoy what I see this...

The benefits of this person enjoys. That's the only way they will be become interested and adopting these values and practicing in this way. So... The the fate of humanity on this planet. I mean the world will continue on even if all human beings dry. The we're looking thing. But the failure of humanity of all of these sentient beings were just like you and me. Depends on a radical transformation of exactly the sort that this time is talking about. But the other really important thing for you to make this your path to pursue it seriously.

It's for your own sake. Whether or not, we succeed and changing. Wait the changing the path of the boat that's heading towards the waterfall. You can liberate yourself. And that will both contribute towards turning the boat around so even with those doesn't get turned around. You'll be delivery before it goes over the edge. Okay? Which by the way, your boat is gonna to go over the edge not matter what. K. The one thing that I can guarantee you from this moment, unless you die before I finish telling you this.

Is that you're are going to experience pain and suffering in your life? And you're going to experience illness and physical suffering you're gonna experience loss of people you love, your experience losses. Things that you love. You're right get old and you're gonna die. So you're boats going over to waterfall and matter. Right. That's This is this is why we need to do this. No. So let's turn our attention to how we go about doing stuff. So three cards to this practicing this star one is you have to...

If the study, you have to learn, you have to listen. You have viral what is this about? First place? And the second part is that you have to try it out. Okay. You get these ideas you get the intellectual understanding. You heard this teaching read this teaching maybe played it on cd while you're driving in the car, you know. Oh yeah. That that sounds really good. That makes sense to me. But you have to make that real for yourself you have to do as the buddha said. You have to test it, try it out.

You have to apply it in your life. You have to to approve it to cell. That this is true. And then having learned the doctor Dha and satisfied yourself about the truth of the Dha, then you have to apply it. You have to put it to work. So that it produces the results that you gained the fruit of it. And that brings is back to her and we started. Two cards. You have to learn to meditate, you know, to practice meditation. You have to make those changes in the way your mine works, and then you have to use your mind to discover the truth that allows you to awaken.

You have to meditate your practice your daily what? That's what we're talking about. So that's your term. Say think me. Yeah. What an issue. For Da? Mh. Oh very good question. Well? The way we're using it here, it means ultimate truth and it needs to teaching about the ultimate truth from the teaching that leads to understanding ultimate that truth. They word Da itself. Risk its original meeting was the kind of experience that we have as a conscious being. So that might be darn spelled with a small d.

So every experience that you have is A dha. And so your life has made up of all these little pharmacy see the things that you see in ear think can feel and so forth, all of these are diamonds. And Collectively, these make up the relative truth. Part the delusion that we live in. So when you say da with a capital date, and you then what that's referring to is the ultimate true nature of reality, the ultimate truth. And but most of the time when you hear people, say darn, you know, study the darn practice that are.

They're talking specifically about the teaching the teaching of the buddha and the teaching of all of the enlightened beings and the lineages since the time of The buddha. That help to guide us to achieve that for yourself. K. Yes. You talk about the real truth? The true nature of things that we try to achieve and you talked about the delusion. Yeah. And since we live in this world, everything is so real as real as iraq. Mh. Everything is impacted us in a very realistic way. So can you explain what is the delusion and what is the two check?

Yeah. I I would be happy to. Because that's a really drastic and dramatic statement. To say, you're all living in an illusion. So what what does that mean? And what are the implications of that? Now you have to recognize that discovering that this is a delusion is a major part of where everything is going. So if I could... If I could say you in a few sentences or something it would make you clearly. Yeah understand how what seems so real is a delusion. Then... Or that would that would be a wonderful shortcut to the end of the path.

Because once you can see that this is a delusion, then, it's a very, very simple step from there to seeing the true nature of reality. I had that the true nature of the reality you live in is that it is projected Right. You right. So I'm not necessarily going to be able a few sets sessions to clearly identify the deletion. I'll tell you one thing about the delusion though is it is an extremely well constructed delusion. That's why that's why it's so difficult for you to recognize that it is a delusion.

And... Well, there may the way to Maybe the way to approach this is to actually... We'll be the let's begin looking at that thirty first sutra and the or excerpt from the sutra that I gave you in the hand, which was actually safe to be the first teaching of through the. Because where this fits in? Whenever the buddha was asked, what is it that you teach? He said, I i suffering in the end of suffering. That's all. What does it mean to have no suffering? That's what do you experience when you have suffering?

You're content, You're happy, you're serene. Comfortable. Is there any greater pleasure landed death total free front and sort of suffering and dissatisfaction. We can go into that a bit further later on. But to speak to the end with suffering, is to speak. I i and actually say that word suffering. The word is do. Means the handle every kind of un to speak of the end of every kind of dissatisfaction and is to speak of something that all prior to. As a matter of fact. All the things that we do while we're caught dilution, the reason for our three and the reason for our hatred is that we all think that we're going to free ourselves from suffering.

If we we're gonna free ourselves from dissatisfaction. Our greed comes from the belief that if I can have this, so I can have that. If I can only help here, you know, our mind projects the idea of this is the solution. If I had this, if I this place, Then I would be truly happy. Then all of my dissatisfaction would be on. Or if I could destroy this cause by pain, if I could avoid that, if I can... If I if I can cease to be impacted by this other, then all my dissatisfaction would be not. And so all of our craving and all of our hatred comes from the desire to be free from all this dissatisfaction.

So when the Buddha but all I teach is the dissatisfaction suffering and the freedom from this size. I. This is this is a very important thing. And The reason that we suffer is because we are trapped a dilution. So let's look at this first su. Called the Donna Pal sutra, the turning of the dark wheel. And this is just a part of his sutra, But to give you the background of this, The Buddha had the become and light sitting under the Bo e tree. And he tried to think of, you know, he he said this... This is difficult to understand He tried to think of anyone, but he could teach it too.

And the first two people that he thought of were his own teachers Laura Ka, and the doctor on the. But as it turned out, they had both died. And the next people he thought of were the five companions that prior enlightenment that he has been practicing with in the forest. And so he went to the place that they were saying. And he gave his this his first teaching the turning of the darn. And the this sutra as we have it is not very long. You could recite the whole thing out loud and probably about fifteen minutes.

Less than twenty minutes anywhere. But what we know is he spent many, many hours giving this teaching to this group of five companions. Which this teaching and the after actually that to a of of all five of these. So this twenty minute su that we have is very much a condensation of many, many hours of teaching that he did these five. And what I have here for you is an excerpt that doesn't even to fill up one page from that but I think it catches the the most important just to that. So let's look at this now.

It's this is the patient on four noble. And the first noble truth is the truth of Du for suffering frank. Right? You are. Does everybody know that of the truth of suffering? The first noble truth. Anybody here just not familiar with that. Is everybody here understand it? You you understand. Oh, you don't understand it. Okay. Yeah. It's you know, understanding that is it's very important saying. If you look down here, one two three four. The the fifth little fifth line there says vision rows inside the rows, discernment that arose knowledge rose elimination or arose within me.

With regard to things never heard before. So whatever it is he's about to say, he's saying, this is so remarkable that no one else has ever figured this out before. And what you often hear, is. Truth of suffering. Oh, yeah. I'll life is life is full of something. Does that sound like something that i like ever or up before? Okay. So at at that level, if somebody says to you, the the noble truth is suffering is that the life life is full of suffering. They haven't understood it because that's definitely not something that goes beyond or very understanding.

Yeah. We talked about this she like alcohol. Mh And they said okay gonna talk about the old truth. First we'll sure that. Okay. What what is the first? Is the treat the satellite? Okay. But what is the truth... So it's the truth is separate. It's have to be solid state and that be yeah. And the tiniest words needs difference. That might ins Su. That's one. I'm. Gosh. Life is tap. Or life include sharpen and that's what way you. Every life blue ring? Yeah that's. It's far apart. That's pretty okay.

That's right. Yeah. So some there's huge chasm between my in suffering Happened now. Mh. So that's what confused it me. What what the really me? Yes. And that's fascinating. That's a really important thing to recognize is that he's making claim but this is a really profound truth that that is that up until his high. Nobody way had really understood. And you can't believe that nobody had ever understood it and every life very must fall. Doesn't matter that some people had already understood that that in some lives, it's nothing but rain So he says here, this is the noble truth of.

This noble truth of Du is to be comprehend. And the noble truth of du has been comprehend. So this is the first part of the path. You really need to, you know, this is how it is. You have to get grasp on What? This truth for du made. Now what most of would say is that Well, yes, there's some some the satisfactory has about life. And as teachers i saw, and i said mh. Well, there's a lot of dissatisfaction of about life. A lot. And think you about. Well, you get right down to it, there's a few moments of satisfaction here and there.

But most of the time, there's some kind of dissatisfaction present. Not really happy. You're always wanting something else want needs to be different. So we have to look at what this word Different that needs. It needs dissatisfaction. I construct. And here's the interesting thing that original meaning of they were Du cry. And Sam's referred to what happened when you had a wheel on an axle where the actual hole was not rem. So you can imagine what was would be like, had a cart and the wheels it's like, it's.

Wheels always never ran smooth. So do comes from the as it's very descriptive. This minute. You think about, you know, you you got a wheel that's never run smooth. But from this original meeting in that sense, it came to me that which is dissatisfaction. So, you know, being tortured with branding irons is inside this satisfactory. Right? So severe physical pain is the satisfactory. The loss of loved went is satisfactory. So there are these large dissatisfaction this that we call suffering, But it also includes all the smaller dissatisfaction too.

The sense of meaningless of life. Little frustration, the discomfort, I asked you all to sit still for half an hour while we noticed. I said sit completely still. And unless you're a very experienced medi, I guarantee you you experienced a lot of dissatisfaction that's about setting still. Just being in this body is filled with a lot of dissatisfaction. It's right after We're robots our teachers like to point this out people, you know, that that we constantly moved because we're constantly trying to avoid the discomfort that just simply comes from having a body And and i just kind of an important insight.

It brings you to understand really how pervasive this do is. The wheel never really runs smooth. Except for... you know, there's those the short periods. But then if we examine even those short periods, we find that. When you have what you want, you're already worried about losing it. As a matter of fact it's guaranteed that you're going to lose it. It is absolutely impossible, that you could get what makes you happy and hold on it. It just simply cannot happen. So even getting what you want has this element to factor in as.

So if you think about it, your, you know, you're willing to admit it. Yeah. Life is pretty well per by dissatisfaction us. All different degrees. May not all be, you know, tortured by branding iron severity. But you can't get away from it. And it's always there. And even if it's not there in a moment, it's living waiting to get you. A few moments later. So now this isn't this still isn't a very profound understanding is it. I think I'll know a whole lot of people who never heard of them do to probably figure me this out.

And probably a hold lot people. So so it'd be really and disappointing if the buddha was suggesting that this was the truth that he had discovered that no one had had spoken before, but no must be something more. Yeah. Well, it seems estimated in a general sense the whole universe campus. The whole universe is whole universe adverse. Yeah. So send by if I can quote the perfect adaptation of an organism to its environment just die. Yeah. Sadly, you mean that must be desirable that it's all apt against You you kinda traded right to it there.

That's that. I I very glad to hear you say that. Because yes. The universe is adverse to us. That's what he said. So as soon as we have a boundary, it's say here's me, and here's the universe. The boundary between me and the universe is a kind of combat zone. I'm always trying to get the things that will bring me some joy and satisfaction and avoid the things that are cause me. Pain that's happening. Right? So to exist to exist as a separate so in a universe that is not self is to be in this situation.

And it will never only way that ever become perfect is if you die. Then. Nothing can hurt you anymore. You can't lose anything. Between next slide. Join the next slide. That's right. Yeah. And that's actually a situation that that the philosophers and and the religious teachers were were at the time of the buddha. They figured it out. They had gotten that far of it. Yeah. As long as to exist, in this world is to suffer. And the only it is extinction and they believed in rein. So this created a real problem for that.

Okay? So if I'm going to be hey, I just I have to go through this all over and over again. And so what they were looking for is a way off of the wheel. And there were many different groups with many different police systems wandering around in India at that time, all trying to to all all offering. This is the way to get off of the wheel. But there isn't implicit in that the recognition of the situation that we are in. And it holds in it a profound truth which will get you. Okay? But But the answer is there even in the people that solve the problem.

You know as usually is when you see the problem clearly, the answer is contained not that you'd necessarily see it. And so all of the non buddhist teachers, at the time that the buddha was pursuing his on enlightenment and but saw as far as we have so far. So definitely, That can't be the truth that he's talking about. It's so penetrate. But it's a very important one Understand. It is the starting point. It is where things have got to at the time that the the the buddha came to is more true. That for for us as souls as optimize as separate entities, to exist as an outline as the sole as a separate entity is to suffer.

And if you could translate that as life is suffering. In that's sense you say it's it's inevitable. There's no way out of this. The only way out of this is the destruction of the of the separate the annihilation of the the annihilation of the separate itself. Okay. So Okay. We'll talk more about that inevitably. But that's what everybody was seeking at the time of the buddha. Is a way to stop being this hot on that was reborn. And if you were born, we go bound to experience suffering. And in that sense.

It is absolutely true to say life is suffering here. All life is suffering. But that is not the buddhist truth of suffering. That is the truth of suffering of the v and teachers who were teaching one of the buddha came along. So we're looking to go one step further here Why is it the buddha figure out. That nobody else had to that time. Well, to understand that, we have to go out of the actual text of the sutra and go to many other searches where the Buddha talks about. Du cut. He talks about see, Du is It it it's what's called...

They wait Or feeling. And It can be said that there's three kinds of feelings. There is Du feelings that are dissatisfaction and not like. There. There are the feelings that are satisfactory and sound forth. And then there are Ad a. Neither satisfactory in nor to satisfactory. So if you think about everything every experience you have, s hundred to one eighty through it covers the entire range of possibilities. It's either satisfactory producing some kind of pleasure in some way or another. It's on.

Do that in some way, or it's neutral. Anyway, Anthony's leader sutra where he's talking about it. K. E says there is Du of physical origin and there's of mental origin. Right. So do physical origin, that that's pain. That's, you know, a mosquito bite shoe. A rock falls on your toe, you get what all of the different things you can think of, but produce physical thing. That kind of du of physical origin could include a really valve sound. You know, explosion that really hurts ears same. It could include an an odor that makes you feel nausea said you're going to throw a.

Things that are unpleasant that are of the physical nature that are result of sensitive. And then the other kind of D is the Du that is mental in origin. So Let's think about that. That a little bit. And actually, if you go to the next truth, which helps us to understand this. He said that that the origin of Du is. Now craig is a mental thing. Right? He didn't say the origin du is crazy and things that hurt your body. He just said the origin do guys. Great. And we go to the next truth. He says the cessation of Du is this cessation of a crazy.

He doesn't say cessation of craving. And things that hurt your everybody. So let's go back to Du. And let's think of it in terms of... Okay. There's Du that is physical and origin and is due that that is meth in origin. And look at this again. So I think you know that Abu is somebody who who is completely over overcome. Total cessation of agreement. Right? Alright. So if a buddha has experienced the total cessation of creating, there should be a total cessation of du. Right? Alright. Does that mean that when a person becomes who wei that they no longer experience.

Physical... There's no longer anything happens to their body, but is a painful full nature? That's we know that. How do we know that for sure? But, we know that from the sutra. A lot of times in the sutra situation, you know. Who it be giving a talk and somebody asked a question and who i'd say, like back or... Sorry. Put. Why did you answer it? So He had sort back. And he looked at the sutra as you'll find that. His cousin was very jealous, now but decided to try to kill him one time. So through a rock down, and the rock didn't hit the buddha it hit another rock sm in a very sharp...

Chart last of the buddhist foot. And apparently, he was not able to walk for several weeks afterwards. So seems like there's was some physical du in that. Right? And Mah Par the nevada Sutra where speaks of the the last stage of the buddha. Before his final illness, he also had a very serious case of dysentery. Of course, you know, dysentery So to be awakened doesn't mean that somehow you have this golden light body that nothing can ever hurt anymore. Or that somehow you have the car that no mosquito will bite no rock will cut you.

So obviously, this is talking about something different. So if do if we look at the network count of the metal suffering that we experience, Well, some things are obvious. It's purely mental if we lose something that we lock. That's superior mental kind of stuff. K? And somebody insults us. That's a natural kind of suffering. There's all kinds of doesn't matter in fact. Just review all of your suffering for a moment. You're fine. A huge amount of your suffering. Probably, we were suffering he's experience any new life has been met.

Is that not true? Well, let's look at the relationship between physical suffering and mental software. Now here's something that all of you who have done some meditation have a great advantage of because you've discovered firsthand, what talk about, which is that. The suffering that you experience when there's discomfort in the body, is the dependent upon the mine. And those of you that haven't discovered firsthand what I'm talking about. Say, wait minute Wait, you know, when. Something happens when night leg hurts my leg.

But one of the things that meditation teaches us? Your body becomes uncomfortable in medication. The longer you said in meditation the more likely you are to experience ping in your body? This may seem like, an unfortunate thing. And maybe even a discouraging thing. Who wanna meditate that you sit there in your body or this not it's actually a wonderful thing because it's going to lead you to a level of understanding. Because when you sit in meditation and some part of your body, say you're you're back through your dad.

Starts to eight really badly. Maybe you're deep or it's just something like that. What you have to do is you have to take that as your meditation object and meditate on the pain. And we'll go into the details of how you do that. But when you then on the pain, what you're gonna find is your relationship to the paint totally changes. What you will discover is the bodily pain is just a sensation. And unpleasant sensation, but just a sensation all of the suffering that you experience in response to it, is something that happens in your mind.

That the suffering of the pain are two different things. And if you can let go of the natural suffering, then, the pain is no longer a problem. This is one of the things is a very important lesson to learn from meditation. If you could meditate with no pain at all, it would be a great disadvantage too. Because you won't have this opportunity firsthand. So easily to discover the truth of this. But Your mind mag physical discomfort and makes unbearable. It it resistant. It it it resisted. It crave for it not to exist.

If creates for it to go away. So what the truth that the buddha had discovered, was this? That the way that I like to put it is that for human beings in this world, what we call pain isn't inevitable. There is no way to escape that. In these kinds of bodies where we are here. These bodies will experience events that produce pain. The suffering is suffering is optional. This is the truth of suffering and the cause of suffering and endo suffering is all about The mental component of suffering is entirely optional.

And so what I could say about the buddha, is when his back is back viii, and he did something to ease it. But he didn't suffer the way that you probably suffered when you're decades gave. When his foot was cut and affected, There was pain. And he did... He took measures to take care of his foot and not to lock on. But he didn't suffer the way we might tend to suffer. The same thing when he had the versus old age. So this is what we're talking about here. The suffering, the cause of suffering and the end of suffering.

The cause of suffering is and craving includes both desire and a aversion. So the Buddha invites us to understand the truth of suffering. That suffering is something that is dependent upon the mind. Then he in invites he dent offers us the truth of the cause of suffering and origin and suffering an origin of suffering. Is is creating. Now craving means both desire and a version. But if you think about all of your mental suffering, it comes from wanting to something have something that you don't have or wanting to hold on to something that you do have.

Or the version wanting to get rid of something that you dislike or those aren't uncomfortable or place right way. So you can see this truth that suffering is a result of desired inversion is suffering offering New to craig. Then the next thing he invites and this is before we get cessation, the thursday or third trip. He says, as a part of the second truth, that this origin this origin of Du is to be abandoned. So this is where he's inviting you to find this out for yourself. You can do this at any moment.

When do you experience suffering of any kind regarding to, red sign, Cyrus is going everything else's says Craving is present. So whenever you experience suffering, look to see if you can find the craving that lies behind. Okay. And you can all do this. And you should do this? Or the part of your practice? Do this all the time and then try the next thing that he spent the doctor said. A physician so. He is when you can spot the craving that is the cause of your suffering, a abandoned. Now try letting go of and see what happens.

And what you're fine. It might only be for a moment. But as soon as you let go of your grasping or your attachment of your craving of your version of your hatred. Since you let go of it, as soon as you abandon the origin of suffering, something's gone. If they come back, they come back as soon as as your comes back. But in that moment, it's gone. And this is the invitation to do this to do this over and over again and tell you become absolutely condensed. As convinced as you are about everything in the delusion that you live at.

When you become as this as you are that you can't walk through that wall that indeed craving every time you experience Suffering, it's because there is craving. Then you will have done what the Buddha has invited you to do here. Then you will have comprehend the truth of the origin of suffering and who abandoned, the origin of suffering. As as your experimental process as your practice. Now the next thing he says is that the cessation of creating. The permanent cessation of trading lease of the permanent, andrew suffering.

And this is this is the guy that what is he keep suffering in the end of suffering? Well, the cessation of craving is what least to that. Now here's where it becomes problematic. It's fine. We can abandon craving for the moment experience that yes indeed, what he said is true. But how on Earth do we eliminate this craving? Because if you do the practice, that has just been described. Maybe he didn't realize that this four noble truths was a practice. It's a practice. And this is part of practicing the dormant in your daily light.

Is keep doing what we've just gone through. Notice whenever they're suffering, whatever is this dissatisfaction us. Notice this due to craving. Notice that that if you've kinda been and it even for a moment that the because suffering goes away. If you do this practice, Then you'll have understood this, then you'll see... See the the the truth that if you could get rid of it once and for all it. How do you get rid of it once and for all? Because you've seen it's always there. And even when you're abandon it, it comes back.

Right? Now for those of you that haven't done this practice, when I saying now is theoretical. And for those of you some of you have done this practice and do it all the time. You do this practice all the time. Right? And you back here, you do this practice all of the time. Right? Have you started doing this practice all the time? Occasionally. Okay. And do you do this practice all over the time? No. You don't. Okay. But this is the practice This is the path to awakening and there. Want is doing all of these practices all the time.

If you do it all the time it gets really, really clear and easy to understand. The veil of delusion will start to to extend as a result. So what you find is that the craving, you can't... It you you can't make it stay away just by letting go of it just by abandoning. It's not that simple. Otherwise, everybody's problem with vs salt I can say to you. Okay. Just abandon training. For good, you know, completely. And no not a problem. So... Now once again, we have to look beyond what's contained directly in the sutra to understand this.

But Well, we do we find that the buddha both are the roots of wholesome and un mental states. The roots... And and un stakes are ones that have to do with your own suffering and it's like and uplifting others with start. And what he says is that There are always two routes but craving together with delusion or ignorance. These are always together. Whenever there is delusion, there is craving. And whenever there's craving this delusion. Actually, many of the citrus speaks out of two routes, but a three roots desire of version and delusion.

And you have either desire and delusion together or else you have a version and delusion together. But now we're getting doubt. The delusion is what keeps the craving going. Until you get rid of the delusion, you can't he will not achieve the permanent cessation of craving and you will not achieve the permanent cessation of suffering. Did you see how it works? Okay. So and this two, this truth is want to be and discovered through practice. You discover that, you know, when you keep planning and craving is always there, and you look...

If if you... If you through your study, you have learned the theory, the theory is that wherever they're craving, there is delusion. So now you start looking the same way you started out whenever there was dissatisfaction, you look for the craving, Now whenever you spot the craving, you try to look for the delusion that is the root of it. The delusion that underlies that. So now we're getting back to long around gave back Scott's question here. What is this delusion? Anyway? The dilution is that we think that we are a separate cell and entity and.

Ot not. Todd is a poly word minus, but san where that refers to the self or the soul. And we think we are the separate permanent entity, the soul is being. And that... And and so that's part of the delusion. A very difficult one. To overcome. The other part of the delusion is we feel like we are this separate cell living in a world of other sec selves. I this set yourself and here Am confronting this world of other separate cells, and other separate entities, not just other people and other animals and trees, but also rocks and buildings and mountains.

Right. Is that not how you see yourself? I have this self in a world of things. That is a illusion. That is the delusion. And it's not simple to see through this delusion. But it is the most important thing. Proceed through this division. And the reason is exactly as Gerald pointed out. As long as you are in this that I am the separate self living in a world of other things, then I'm constantly in a state struggle. And just to be in that state of struggle, is do. But I'm bound to lose the store.

I if all of you are trying to get what you want, that's gonna make it... That's only gonna make it harder for me to get what I. Right? And if and in a world of things, you know, I... I'm limited in what I can do. You know, I I can't I can't move them mountain. Because I'm limited the impact that I have on things. So if satisfying myself if meeting my needs requires a lot of things to happen that I can't make happen. I don't. And this is the delusion. So now we're once again at a point where you have a good theory.

Great terry. Okay. If I didn't see myself as a separate being and a world other separate things, then a lot of my problems useful all. Once again, this is a theory. But it's a theory that we have to test and we have to explore and we have to discover the truth. The truth is that all there are no things. You heard of? Happiness means there are no things. Things do not exist. Doesn't mean that nothing exists. I mean that would the conversation would get sued at that point if somebody said, emptiness means nothing exists or somebody...

I say, there are no things. That that things did not exist. I mean, we we entered into the realm of nonsense if we take things do not exist to mean that nothing exists. Because obviously, something exists. We know how what. Is. But the idea is that seeing the world made up of things. Is something that our long does, Saying ourself has one of those things is something that our mind does. It's not the way. Thanks really are. And if you practice understanding this, there are different ways. You can approach that.

You can look inside to find the self that you really are and see what it is that you find. You can observe your mind and yourself in action and other things in action. And you will come with conclusion that... Well, yes. Everything is just a process. Everything is interconnected. There really are not these separate things. That's just an illusion. Everything is this interconnected process. Do you get the feeling of that? Can you get the feeling that we're all interconnected, you know, there is continuity to you, Could me.

Our mind does a very useful thing that it separates me from you. And that's good. That way, I know this car to drive. Oh yeah. Although with some other people's car i now, like better drive. But But there are no such things. There there is only process. And if you look, if you search for the self that you think you are, what you'll find is is not a process but many different processes. And not one set of many different processes that is constantly there, you know. But rather processes that come into existence and cease to exist.

Constantly changing to... So the self that you think you are, when you do the practice and when you look into a here will discover is a bunch of different processes, and it's not even any processes from what moment to the next, and they're constantly changing. And every single one of those processes is the result of causes and conditions. And every single one of those processes and the end of one of those processes can be traced to virtually everything else. If everything is constantly connected.

So you see that your self hood from this point of view begins to dissolve like, a drop in the middle of the ocean. Right? You can see that at the intellectual level. You have to discover that at the intuitive level, and then you have to discover that at the level of direct experience. When you've done that, you will be free from suffering. Yeah. Is. Oh, it's possible to take a short rate. Standard. Yeah. It's a good idea gonna take the break. Okay. Sorry anyway, that that's the long answer it's scott's question.

The the delusion is that the world is as it appears to. It is not. It is empty of being the way it appears to us. Our mind creates an impression of the kind of world way. And the other important the part of this truth is that the self that we imagine that we are does not exist. Yet. Two is empty of being the right that appears to us. That is the delusion. Once that dilution is overcome. Then we can uproot the craving. So I'll just take A minute here will take a very much. Do you see... I i just wanna have do you see the connection up here?

That as long as you feel like you are a separate, itself in a real world. There is a boundary of conflict. You're going to have to experience grades because if I am set sell, I have needs to be met, so it will be desired. And I have I have various causes of suffering to avoid. So therefore, there will be a version. So the only way out of the problem of desire. I i know of the problem was suffering is and the only way to get rid of the desired version at face is suffering, is to to dissolve the natural trap of seeing ourselves and separate and the particular way we do.

Okay. Let's take a break. And thank you for your patience.

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