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Huntington Beach 25 May 2010 Anapanasati Sutta

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regarding the four steps each one have have four. So it's in sixteen sticks. Yeah. Like. The polka. Say the long and the shop It's like you know from I don't know gonna hell and but the other will say long it means like, you have it deeper breathing. Mh. So which one could you think? It's a more close to the content. I think there was really math here as you breathe completely naturally. Only watch the breath. And sometimes it's long and sometimes it short. When you begin, it tends to be longer, but it's still sometimes longer and sometimes shorter And then as you said in your mind becomes quiet, then the breath tends to become shorter.

Two. But I think what it really means is you're just watching as like a body brief completely naturally. And you just watch stuff. Third one regarding the training itself the entire body. Mh. I put say you have inhale as a health, they're beginning middle and a person. And in so, I looked read i say like It's here here finish here. But it's it okay? Well yeah. To see when you begin, you know, if you focus on... When you begin, your mind moves all over everywhere. Right? Your attention. And so you're learning, first of all, we make your attention still.

And so don't make your attention still, you pick one thing. Okay. You it. And what happens as your mind begins to be trained. And so it stays still. So, you know, this is your of breath. As your nose and you you focus on that. And your mind stays here. So when your mind starts so it comes still, you're still aware of other thing. Right? So naturally, you're watching the breath. Now you start to become aware of more and more of the whole body. And so as your as your awareness expands, you can train yourself to have better clearer longer awareness by allowing yourself to be aware of the breath.

In the whole body but aware of the whole body breathe in and out. And I think that's what that refers to. If you do this on purpose, two things happen. One is to be aware of the whole body rather than just one small area. Your mind must become much sharper and clearer and stronger. So that's one thing is you make the power of your mindful awareness increases can do this. The second thing that happens is your mind becomes fully occupied with because there's all these different sensations in the body, the mind is fully occupied.

So now there's very, very little opportunity for thoughts or being aware of stray sounds or things like that. So it makes your focus much more stable stronger. So when it we practice meditation at some point, you naturally bump to the place where you sense that your awareness is expanding beyond just here or just here. When that happens, then you literally let that happen to increase the power of mindful awareness and the to decrease the amount of distractions that they're entering into your Before that, we needed to pair transition to the beginning, middle end the...

Yeah. For For that. Okay before. Because if you're not paying attention to the beginning in the middle and the end Yeah. The pause beginning and then you're not going to know it's long short. So the whole include the beginning of middle and and the past and. Okay. First, the the first one that out coming the bodily fabrication. Going to comment. Yes. If happens it does. It happens naturally because your mind becomes calm, then that's going to affect the bottom. But if you're city, the body already not moving.

Right now, by the time you've been meditating long enough to come to this fourth one. When you said your body is already not moving. But you still have a lot of healing in your body, you all, you know, my hips or my needs like that you know so the body is not completely calm and settled. And so you let the calm that you've developed in your mind for conveyed the body and when that happens, we know that you are succeeding when you sit there, and you start to feel the stillness on the body. Body very comfortable.

The feeling like oh, I need to move my leg and oh, I need to do you guess you know, that goes away because your body feels very, very skilled and comfortable and calm. And when that happens, then you know, this is what calming the bodily everything. And. Now my body is, you know, I can see here i sit here for two hours, I moved. I don't wanna move. There's no, you know, no restless in the body So this one here is only express the your situation. Doesn't mean so you need it to do something. Right?

Well except that what you need to do, you know, you train yourself to do that, which means that you have to While you're still feeling the rest of such body? You like would bring your calm of the mind good. And so when somebody's meditating, and they saying... Well, when I said off a little bit, my lights always started to bother me. Feel like I need to move my legs. Okay. Okay. And so as a meditation, she you say, okay. Don't be in such a hurry to move your legs. Yeah when your legs start to feel like would put your attention and and just absurd I left that same calm mine, just observe it.

If you reach a point where you have to move then move, but move very slowly with mindfulness. And maybe next time you won't have to move. And do you practice in that right? After while the body becomes very calm. So so you do have to do something. So still need to fail each or cannot move it or you can work? Okay. First of all, I mean, you can see. That's means bodily information they're not calm yet. So what do is is to. First of all, put your attention on the itching and just just watch it. Just let navigate on the edge.

Rather than moving right away. Move right away, it's it just keep on happening. It won't ever chain. But if you've medicaid on it. Sometimes what happens because it will go away, and then you can go back to your back. Sometimes they won't go away, but it'll just... you know, it won't bother you anymore. And so but then you could can go back with the back. So sometimes it won't go away. But you want it as long as you can, and if it comes if fine. That you know that, okay. I I know I'm going to move.

It's impossible will be impossible for me to just watch it any longer when you come to that point, then you can say, okay. I'm moved, that I'm going to move with complete and total awareness. And that also helps to calm the body because the body doesn't just old action you move. Or, you know, sometimes haven't just seating and and in the back. You know? And so you know, And if you keep doing that it will never... But if you just... Okay. I feel that and just wait. Wait as long as you can. It will often go away.

If it doesn't go away, and instead of going, like, she just felt... Okay. Very he now straighten back that's. Okay. Holidays and Yeah. That's a good thing to probably had a different part. She's being the meditation. No. Your body is naturally restless. Naturally wants to move. If you're keep letting it move, even taking deep breaths and things like that, if you keep playing your boot, it's never calm down. I think you The the other thing like a second recruit, the regarding the feelings. Mh. The feeling the perception you have your happiness?

Yeah. And this steps. Enter to the first job. His joy and the the happiness come before, but they're john and factors. And so when they come, If you if you want to practice, John, i you you develop the the joy and the but it does when the join and packing comes. Doesn't mean that. So means everybody even beginner. Not this part is naturally like come out or you needed to practice like a to joy? Well, it's it's both. The... The joy comes naturally, then as you acquire your mind and learn to be focused the joy naturally pick them up, but you can also cultivate that choice you know, and it's very helpful.

If with... When a beginner is meditating, if they don't have joy, it's a very hard than that. That's true. You know Mh. They feel like, oh this is hard words. All I don't wanna do this. I'm not any good at this. Instead if they're joyful and relax to say, oh, okay. This is very nice thing to do. So So right from the very beginning beginning, we deliberately tried to, you know... When you're sitting there and you say, oh, This feels really nice. Then that's good. Thought. I'm not that joy be. But as you go along and the mine becomes more unified, the joy starts to come much much stronger by itself.

One come out from, and she feel very joy. Yeah. After was. You will feel oh. So You want thought she said... Well she went to the restroom and then she sit there and the she. Read it's still kind and you a lot of things. It should be a. But that's very. I think. Yeah. But you know, what it's this... I will he trains himself to be sensitive or the sensitive to be sensitive to pleasure. And what this is reminding us and and what what the motivation teaches us is that joy in happiness the inside not from outside.

Oh I need this. Or I'm I have joy because of that. I'm sensitive to Joy, who discover it the joy comes from inside and and his joy no matter what is happened to exactly. Actually you wanna share it. She say. The energy comes to the whole body and the very fast penetrate the whole body. And it's gone. If it don't means the energy like a vibration body, it's very strong. But yesterday, and she failed that it's like energy. Let's see what when they play this word here that we... We said Joe July here it says rapture.

A word and poly. And it includes not just the joy and you know, but it includes that identity, but energy is part of it. And so earlier on here, you know, he says he trained himself sensitive to the employer body when you're doing that part of the meditation, you'll be in the field the breath in the empire body even your feet, your hands everywhere just you just feel good breath. And as you continue on, the feeling of the breadth that becomes energy like for vibration you can feel it moving. And that is that is that same rapture.

What happens with a lot of people becomes the vibration becomes very strong. Very pleasant. And it just rises this right after the head and and and it's just all of the rapture and the happiness comes this right out of that identity. It comes from concentration as your mind becomes still and as... You see your mind has all these different parts and they don't agree with each other. The one part of my your mind wants to do this. Some other party Line wants to do that. One part of your mind says oh good we're gonna sit here and learn to be good medi.

Another part of your mind said no let's go watch Tv or working about. When all of your mind comes together starts to work in harmony, That's when this energy heads up, and that's when the joy and the happiness cub, and that's what makes your mind really still and focus to. Do you say sometimes it's not during the meditation in the daily activities. She's have their of children. Yeah. And and that's wonderful when that happens. That's why call you dedicate very well and then you can point this car this situation is failing to the lives.

That's right. Yeah. Just get out of bed they're filled with joy. Oh, you like she smiles all you are breathing every day. I think it's breathing in brother. I'm so happy. And breathe then the whole lot is you. If you can breathe and everything else is extra. Right. Yeah. Other thing it's regarding the the amount with hand. One is satisfied by my the the other one is stating the mark say wife and dating. It's all close. It's... If you go after to that that is stage. Yeah. That it's automatically come up or lose.

Sound. And you can go to their and or you can train yourself to that stage. Yes. Yeah. Just like on the feeling. The this one is is mental of. And that is cleaning. It's the daily separates. Is everybody needed to practice every stamp or only one scoop. It's okay. Like a body feeling a a large. And somebody says gave to the pill and know somebody so sensitive you to the mic and then I want to purchase this part. That is related. Yes. Well, they are related, but this is describing a whole cost. And each part of the process you can do at different levels.

And they're all interconnected. So If if we just... Is it okay we go back a little bit to number seven number eight. Okay? Okay. So we talked about number five or number six, so joy and the their pleasure. And dan says number seven, sensitive the mental fab. But you see it becomes sensitive to joy and happiness. And if you realize that the joy in enhancing has come come the mind. I'm not from things outside. Can you come to understand that joy and happiness and pleasure, these are mental fabrication So when you have that understanding, that oh, these are these come from the mine.

They're are mental fabrication. And then you become sensitive to all mental fabrication and you say, okay. Sometimes Are saying and there's a joy. Other times I'm sitting and there's restless sense, you know, sometimes I'm seen and there's there's there's spider and other times on sitting and there's different mental fabrication. So you become sensitive to all kinds both fabrication and that allows you to do number eight to call the mental private. All these different kinds of mental fabrication, some are good summer are pleasant summer or unpleasant I may interfere with their practice but you see oh, they're all mental fabric.

Say that. And no. I'll talked about them. So we train ourselves to send them to the the model. That's right. Yeah. Yeah when you see the all of these things are coming from the mind the joy the happiness the restless discomfort that everything comes from the mind. Again you become sensitive to the line. You so turn your direct your attention. Not focusing so much on joy unhappiness i things like that but the mind that all this now you're sensitive to the one. You know. And so now you want to... Okay.

Let's make this mind content that is soft fulfilled. So it's not always trying to make a apparent fabrication. Okay. Yes you. She said, right now, I know. Why I didn't give develop myself so quickly because I I'm not mindfulness goodness. I'm not aware. I it's... Yeah. It's wonderful when you have that. Nine for. He's not the see who was back. So that's why we told you the next step is mental thursday to and. Sensitive them the a satisfy mind and stayed of might. Mh. So trend himself. Right. To that part.

And in this one here on number he's eleventh the words that studying there. That is the same word from somebody. Oh, some. So it also means much more powerful concentration. But this one didn't talk about the genre. Well, now that's what I wanted to... I wanted I said. All of these things can happen at different levels. When you have when your concentration is good, if I decide that you are to practice on us, And then when you craft Genres even become very absorbed into your meditation object because you have very powerful and the rapture that comes up is extremely strong.

And it's a accompanied by happiness us and pleasure, but When you practice it John, when you go into the John as you have the rapture and the happiness together. And then as you go through the johns, you separate dates you see oh, the joy is a different thing from the pleasure. So you let go of the job. And you focus on the pleasure. And then once you get used to that and you can see it very clearly, you say While, this pleasure is a different thing than the mine. So now you move into another John say, okay.

Just let go over the pleasure if we put and paint behind lead joy and grief behind. And I'll just become aware of the mind that these fabrication stuff. And then you're going into by Deep jira. So So they... This is also describing what happens when you do John and practice. So you can keep going through these same things at different levels. So that's why john have done... You need entering and then ten and then emerging from that. So that's different. Because they needed to know each card each investigation applied or then and then Joy and the happiness and single hon.

That you needed to know very family and lockdown we've emerged from that and some every step he needed to really unless understand. So that's it's different from before the assessing the back. To the tranquil. Both. Okay. Right. Yeah. Only the economy. That is not The whole the fourth no. It's different. This one it's you can be that. Yeah. Yeah. If you if you go back and dig honest, do these same stages vagina. And again it's the the for john. He was not. Actually is easy to do that. For me but We it's not easy to jump at ahead feedback.

Mh. But if you go just one step at time, it is easy. You know? And I think very often, a mistake that people make is say begin to meditate. Mh. And they want to jump ahead and they they want to go too quickly. Mh. So the full group. For group regarding this one is small. Like in constant, i will focusing anticipation sorry there is better way, like she's in the hand that two kind of ming. One is like a positive one in more negative. Right. So more fade, it's It's it's a much stronger kind of e and that when you have We have...

Before this, we have that comes from from Son concentration. And now when we get into the center we have a much stronger e so that, you know, something that is that are beautiful We don't want grasp about it or something that's un unpleasant under painful. We don't wanna appreciate the rate. We just, you know, we have as just fashion. That's why i need no passion to grab passion to put away for. Can I explain something? Yes. But is first three groups should are about confirmed And then we change they fast.

So when you come to number twelve, if you done join us, then you have airport, Jana. And steve you haven't John and look you have... At this point, what do you do, John this or not? You have five of the seven factors of enlightenment. So. What I mean by that is if you look in here and in these first lines, You have mindful awareness sensitive to the body you've been sensitive to the feeling sensitive to the minds. Mindful awareness, one enlightenment factor is very strong. Of course, you have concentration somebody about second and enlightenment times are very strong.

You have... You have joy, third and like my doctors. You have about time you get for the last month there. You have tranquility everything. Five of certain enlightenment factors are present the number twelve. So when you go to number thirteen, you now you take the five factors you have and you investigate enthusiasm and diligence other two have lighten So now we move into a person by adding two more enlightenment factors to what we have. So, cause of suffering. Cool can explain you know, with all seven factors in right you're now invest and you focus on per.

Everything is changing. As a matter of that that's all there is has changed. Right? Nothing think the chain Now, before it is, we already had e a of Some, but now when you see, everything is changing. His only retaining thing is is is empty then you have the e of insight. The insight gives you a new which leads to the. Why shall I grasp after what is always changing. And why should I be part version for what is always changing? With the insight into imp leads to the acronym Mh that allows the discussion.

Right? Okay. So now you feel like I don't care about any of this anymore. I'm going to keep struggling with any of this the desire to be liberated. I want to be free from all it to be wait. I want to be deliberate. And so that's where we get to and when we get to number fifteen. I will breathe in focusing on cessation end of all this suffering and thinking and desire and a version. Thank you. Next will be the. Yeah. So here, You see what's what's happened? Is this is also the the four noble truths.

You we see we discovered your insight but it's everything time it is which. I would discover that. This stupid is passed by our claimant with the Desire version. The Buddha told us, write all of those and you'll see that the suffering goes away and you'll you'll believe that this is true. And that's what he said about the second noble to understand that. And then learn the let of the cra and you've discover that this is true. And so once you've done that, once you have that understanding that comes from doing, back notable truth.

Didn't desire cessation, you say I can see. Whenever I let go cra, the something goes away. If I it make the craving stop entirely completely dan I would be it. That's the third truth. To be realize that complete cessation of needs to complete for from suffering. And so this is where we have got to. Now. Okay. Dan. Now we're ready to to achieve this cessation. You know, we grieve in breathe out focusing on circulation. I this country really. But the only thing that would good latest it's aware of is that crazy.

Desire and a version is always accompanied by pig. Or children. And what is that evolution? We believe that these things are real rather than projections of our mind. And we believe know the south is real. And so the way to sense wherever there is this delusion, there will always be in order to achieve this perfect let's safe. We must we must eliminate the delusion and and we can eliminate to craving. So what this last one is talking, what are what is relentless shannon is what are we re? They're re the attachment to the belief in our minds on the attachment to belief in the cell.

And the attachment to the brief. Having these things that we think reveal will make just cell, we think for a real. This is the same thing as in defendant origin from craving, spent grasping trying to. Yeah. So re there's a opposite of this creating comes the grasping and grasping times so the company now little lang but and us and then the become Thank you. Say everybody here today. On people, maybe it's already chill genre and somebody maybe regarding the moment concentration and are say of this concentration in the genre.

And he wanted to know above a little bit that. Regarding the. If you could once the first kind of the it's from okay. Okay. So questions is and Okay. Great question yeah. Alright. So what I believe about these different kinds of concentration. First of all, what is What does concentration mean where we talk about different kinds of it? And concentration means first of all, your attention is stable. Not constantly moving from one thing to another. So if you have concentration, your attention, stays focused, on whatever you rather than bouncing the around.

The second thing about concentration is that you know, sometimes we're aware of at once, but nothing in particular. And sometimes we are focused on something in particular, it's just one thing and we leave everything out. And if you if you don't have concentration, you don't have control over that. You'd like to be concentrated of one thing, but you can't help but be aware of everything else. And of course, that makes your attention move too. So to develop concentration means to get to the place where if I need to pay attention to one thing, I can focus on it.

And I'm not distracted by everything else. I just the one thing. Or if I want to pay attention to something larger. I can pay attention it, but not be distracted by anything else. So I have, you know, like, my eyes our focus on whatever I choose, and they take in either more or less or everything else according to what I choose. So this concentration then allows me to carry out investigation and to gain insight. Is are concentration this before I talk about different kinds of content. Okay. Okay.

Now if you have concentration, if you have good concentration and it's strong, then there are different things you can do. You could be become very single pointed focused on one thing. And that can allow you to enter Jana. Okay. If your concentration is good, there's another thing that you could do. You could concentrate on each thing that comes up on your mind and you go wash comes up and it goes way. And then something else. Something else comes up and it goes away it's and for each thing that you're observing, you're totally concentrated even though it only lasts for a short period of time.

And you move to something else, and they totally concentrated on a until it's gone. And then you're totally concentrated on something else and until that's done. So the first time you was single pointed. The second time is concentration. There is a third time of concentration where you can pass to some other ways of doing both of these things. But there's a third major kind of concentration where you change your mind to be perfectly still. Now you make your mind open and spacious. So you're aware of anything and everything but your mind does not move.

This comes up, your mind doesn't move. And that comes up, then your mind doesn't move. Your mind is totally still and you left thoughts, feelings, sensations, just to arise and pass away without the mind moving. So these are three things that use three different kinds of concentration. That you can have. So the only way we can get The kind of concentration that's necessary to do all three of these is to learn to keep the mind focused on one thing. Until the mine bites its down and the attention stops moving.

And that requires that person practice. And in the beginning, only in the beginning. But in the beginning, this seems difficult, but as the mind wants to move, it's used to move. So what happens is somebody comes to along and they read about voluntary concentration. Let's say. No, mine knows the one thing that sounds much easier. I like that. That'd be moment very concentration. Learning to have my mind fix on one thing sounds like too much work. Voluntary concentration sounds a lot easier. But it's impossible.

You cannot be completely focused on this and then the next thing and the next thing. In your ordinary month because you'll try to do that. And your mind just goes off by itself. And you don't you're not able to be completely focus on one thing in mind it's just jumping around. Now what will happen if you try harden enough long enough to have moment concentration, You will eventually get it if you're lucky if you live long enough. And when you do, you'll also have you'll be able to stay on one thing as long as you want because you can't have moment concentration until you have concentration.

And when you have concentration, it can be moment momentarily or it can be single pointer or it can be spacious and open. So you have to have concentration before you have the different kinds of concentration, but people don't understand that. They said oh monetary sounds to me. But the thing is monetary military concentration it's not a good way to describe it because it's not the concentration this moment. Because the concentration is always is the object that this moment. The object arises and pass way but the concentration is always the same.

Yep. The other kind of concentration of oli spaces awareness? Mh where the mind is still, but you let everything coming in. Some people same think they'll hear about that and the say. Oh, sounds much easier. I like that better. Okay. I I'll just sit here let my mind go over it wants with body, sound, thoughts or, you know, And the same thing it sounds easy, but it's no different than there's no concentration in that. Because you need to you need to develop the concentration first before you can have open awareness.

What's valuable if you develop the concentration, then you can practice open awareness, and what happens, you're watching the mind. And so you come to understand the mind. You see when the mine moves and you see when the line is still. You see when some some thought or some sensation or some perception arises in the mind. And it passes away and the mind because you're open and you're just... But your your mind is still, you know, if I want to see everything that's happening here, if I look in one place keep my eye there, anything I saw her in hand move.

I see her not. Keep my eye in my place, I can see everything. Because my eyes stays still. But if when she moves in hand, I go over here, I won't see her nodding her head. Right? Yeah. So old awareness, requires still of money. We mind cannot be moving when you have open awareness. That's why you need to develop concentration first. Mh. So I'm glad you asked this question because people misunderstand and i say you think all I don't wanna do all that work to develop. Single point concentration like moment sounds easy.

All awareness sounds easy. But it goes over. On in the beginning we needed to know the to know doesn't. It today five. I I really enjoyed this conversation expression. And it's but because you ask question Yeah. So let's go though we will continue to study and work hard and next time probably have the new questions the dollars is finger the points of direction.

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