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TCMC 13 May 2010, Part II

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reinforce that, and it's going to... It's going to manifest again in the future. So This is one aspect of your question of the simplistic... The simplistic view of Car and more realistic, and comp view of Car one which you can understand and work with. Right. The other part of this is that there is if we forget. That the sense of being as a matter of permanent itself is an illusion and we'll extend this idea to to being the same separate self in a previous lifetime they did things. And so the reason I have these circumstances of today are because I had so somehow the same thing in a previous lifetime did yeah thanks.

Yeah if. I this lifetime. Do bad things there. I and future lifetime will experience consequences of that. And once again, that simplistic and that's ignoring really what... That that's ignoring the most liberating piece of information that we have available, which is that we are not truly separate. That that the only thing that has any degree separate to at all is this temporarily changing body in mind, these five aggregates. And even that degree of separation is a wizard because we're completely interconnected the body and the lines are interconnected in ways that aren't obvious to our ordinary, what you're saying things.

But So there is a sense in which if we remove the element of separate from it. Okay. Then you are not really a different self from other beings that have lived in the past. Not just one other thing or particular sequence of other things, but you are not really separate and distinct from any, other the beings that have lived in the past, or it will live in the future or for that matter that it? No. So what this means is if you do things that create un some circumstances, the beings that will experience those un circumstances in the future.

They really are you, but they're not a separate here. We really are. And if you happen to be born into circumstances that are very very negative, very young unpleasant. Then the people that created those circumstances. The ones that aren't even live anymore. They were you. So you are really leaking the fruits of your own actions in that sense because we're not really separate. If you harm somebody else, you are harming yourself. Because it just with an illusion that your separate front. And as a matter of fact when you overcome the illusion of separate.

That you become liberty and array at that things that they happen to you are no longer a source of suffering. So did... That's when you become free of the fruits of the car. So does that does that address all the different parts of of the question? Yeah. Yeah. Does very much. Thank you. K. Yes. So yes. I don't think I repeat you. What I wanna see if I understand as part... Would you say that Karma is another word for energy or energy signature that for instance, if you do something, I mean, everything's is empty.

So the thought is the physicality things, everything's a form right. Mh. So if you behave in a certain way, was the highly intention if actually energy vibration. Signature, I like the energy energy signature. Because intention to me The word intention seems to conjure up to a eventual process, a thinking process. Underneath the thinking process is actually a a a particular energy characteristic of signature. Mh. So if you when I look at it that way, then then the particular energy, characteristic that the brain that is involved with a certain kind of act that you do or behavior.

That justice this energy. And then that will resonate to something else down the line at some point that might... You know, like, that tuning fourth thing, that it makes that connection. So you might make a decision. To do something because of that pure energy level. It it it creates this resonance. Mh. Mean is that is that? Underneath this intention thing? Yes. That is under underneath that. Right? You know, what you've done? What you've done. First of all, as you said, you said that everything's ultimately energy.

So and we don't need to worry about what you mean by energy or how do you define energy, because what you said is that there's some sense in which everything is of the same subsets of the same stuff. Right? So we'll call it energy. Well, we'll call it real call it energy. It's the it's the section. It's the is. It's the ultimate. Un. Nature of of what is. Everything is energy. And of course, our individuality our transient individuality is configuration within the totality of that energy. And all these different configurations have, you know, the this product yes.

They can resonate with each of. They can resonate some more easily than others. Right? That's yeah. That's exactly right. And there's a tuning fork aspect to this too which you mentioned. So An egg and his firm come together and some jeans guide the construction of avi vein, brain formed, and the mine develops. And it happens in particular circumstances so that with the passage of days and weeks and months, and years, after birth, the circumstances in which i occurring continue to mold at, you know, after the genes have done there we're than the environment continues to hold.

So the mind that it's associated with this particular energy configuration. Well, as a result of the combination of thing, come to have certain properties, which may resonate more or less strongly with other with with the the other energy configurations that we call live. So, you know, one of the things in the tibetan tradition is that a highly developed blah. Canned supposedly be re. But when you look long say, like, but the vale says, he doesn't talk about, you know well, when i was the thirteenth or the twelfth to the fifth or the fourth dollar lima month.

As an matter fact some of those elements he can't relate to at all. And what the buddha is said when somebody said, well, what is it that is re reborn. He said it is the fruits of of your karma. Maybe... Or it's your karma that it was. So now if you have the energy configuration of a person's who's spend. Fifty or sixty or eighty years. And spiritual practice and meditation and acquired great wisdom and has overcome the natural of that everyone else carries. When that body in that brain just disintegrate.

What happens to that energy configuration? Does it have nowhere to go or is it not perhaps the chance that some other day, not necessarily any particular vein maybe several banks, but some other names somewhere or some other beings somewhere. Who may be very receptive and the sense of resonance for sense of, you know, like, the vibrations of opportunity for to pick that up. And that's really what they try to do. They'll try to choose a suitable child, which is really tough part. And then raise them to train them in such your way.

That they are conditioned. As I said, over really hours and days and weeks and years after their birth, to condition them to Make found a resident receptacle for the qualities that have sure. So this idea of that we are all energy and that we are all interconnected or or that we're all of one basically interconnected stuff or such. Does a allow that, you know, what goes on what is created in a particular lifetime Doesn't need to disappear entirely. Matter right, we know that it doesn't in some many sense.

The things that we do you know, even if somebody doesn't write a book or create a theory or invent machine, all things they do in a lifetime, have repercussions. And we'll continue you to have repercussions. You know, if we were to go back and remove at Random, one human bank from the face of theirs one hundred thousand years ago. We would not recognize the world today. Just everything is so interconnected side. And so and so we already know that to everything that we do, everything we've say everything that we are, handles these kinds of ramifications.

We are very into interconnected. And the most ordinary and seemingly unimportant person's lifetimes. There are all the things that they said and die. They have the impacts that they cannot receipt if they don't know, but the impact. But the impact is there. The results i'm there. So that's all all there as well. So if you add to that then, the possibility that... I mean, that's the physical and the the mental. Aspects of. If you add to the the possibility that the internal Car aspect of this where intention conditions experience and response to experience.

Unless that is the only thing in the known universe, it is so isolated and self contained that it can affect anything else. Then then hit too must continue and have sharing patients. And all you have to do is let the go of the idea of a cypher of personal cell. To to see how that can be. You know, we think that we communicate by words And did you think about it? So much of what you are is a result. All of the words that have heard and read. And you can add to that the expressions on people's spaces and everything else that went with the words that you Great.

So so much of what you are. Is already the result of other lines. And and so much of that is even other advised you've never had direct to contact with. Think of all the things that you learned in school. But you you've never had a direct experience. I but you've taken granted that they're true like you've never even been close to the people that actually experienced those things that were able to validate directly the truth of these things and so forth. But that is a part to give. Part of your knowledge your worldview and everything else.

No. We take that one set further. We think that all this communication is happening. So through words and through the visual cues that we get, you know, like looking at each other. But we're not even sure that any of that exists anyway. Because words and things we see are what the mine makes up to to explain makes sense. So it's own existence in the world of is experience. So we can cast some doubt immediately on the question of whether any of this really is the way it appears to be and really happens the way that it appears to happen.

But that doesn't change the fact somehow or another. You know, that this self that we are in the moment, aim to be the way it is as a result of something that we understand to be our of minds. But that's really what it is or not. So it is done undeniably the case that this internal experience that on the one hand seems so separate in private. Yep. On the other hand, deposits all of this other. It's all the same internal experience. It's on the mud hand, daily separate and private on the other hand.

Generating a whole world to make sense of everything. So lost the coronavirus safe. I maybe it'll come back to me, but maybe exactly just started Well that well that was wonderful. I mean, I've heard a one child or more than one trying get and and then partition is saying that it's in one corner of the the universe, so to speak, you know, an Atom changes it it will affect every single under atom throughout the whole universe. I mean, one little shift. I mean that's how connected everything. Mh. But then one tiny little shift well have repercussions to throughout the whole web.

That does seem to be the case. Some experiments have been done that are very astounding that show that that particles that are related can be separated by enormous differences and yet, what happens to one affects the other. And this is one of the agree you know, mysteries you may, like say, the modern physics, is hall. Seemingly by the, you know, einstein ruled out action as a distance and later on. So that somehow things are linked and way that that transcend ends distance and separation. Well, everything in the universe...

I mean, the extrapolation from that is what you mentioned. That sense everything in the universe. Had a a common origin and as this hypo hypothesis big bang that preceded that. Then therefore, everything in the universe must still be interconnected in the same way that an electronic pair that are interconnected in the even and their separated by each distance what happens to one affects the other. So is that does That agree with your understanding? Or could you explain that better? Like interpretation is other interpretations.

My favorite is really I don't know things twelfth. But it's still least let's say. Leads the the same thing. You know, yeah. And and that's actually a good point first. One way if I understanding things is that there are no such thing as as things. So as a matter of fact nothing exists until until and and less and within an act conscious perception. That outside of an act of conscious perception all are probabilities which are described like, wave equations and so that there are, you know, there isn't anything there until a combined it.

So so all of this seems so to help. I mean if they're their on the surface there seems to be a huge gulf between between this kind of talk Waves, particles. Mh. Distances, webs. And and meditation in our daily lives and how we could after business. But the but the connector I think of it, and I love you to expand on this if you least to. Think there's merit is is... I mean, we don't have to take ourselves so seriously. And. You know. I mean because what really is mh. I mean, if there's a way of integrate this understanding.

Of the physics. Okay. And and how how we conduct our lives Yeah. But what it is is, if it's meta really. Our mind wants to explain the way things are why are the way things alright. That's. And actually, the buddha didn't wanna get into that. He always is where talking about. I he he talked more in terms of psychology, but not nearly so much as we do. Okay. So that's part of our same tendency. So we want to explain how and why things like this. Sorry. So really what connects the meta physics and the psychology.

And actually, what makes them both irrelevant, is the practice of the. Here you get to let the buddha on. He said, he said, your problem is is to suffering Du. You said? It you will examine? You'll find that wherever you experiencing do that. It is because of desire and inversion, some cravings. I'm compulsive wish for things to be different than the way they are. Hey said. Try identifying that when you experience Duke. And let daughter that, and you'll see the d goes away. And then he said, once you've done that, you can see that if you did find a way of eliminating that credit altogether.

You have no of suffering at all. Then you wouldn't have to take yourself so seriously. Alright. Hang else. And that he said that you issue looked even more deeply, and here you not talking about theo verizon and you saying, look at your own mind. You know, if you look and see what the basis the craving is, it is in selfish. It's in this attachment to being the circus herself and then he could do things best so so... So he says if you can get beyond the s or way of looking things. And it can be free crazy, and then you can be pretty of of suffering.

Sorry if we do that, if we do that, then we do become happy vin. So we've become loving base. When you are not self centered, well you are a loving being. Then, you know, you have gone to that such that we're talking about. You know So that you realize that you're part of everything. You don't need to analyze it. You don't need to speculate about particle physics. Or quantum of physics to come through the conclusion that if I do something to you, you know, it's like doing something to me. You don't you don't see dollar that.

And we use all that because it it helps us to to accept. But all we really need do is to practice the doctor. And it will work. And this is this is the most important thing about it, not how you explain it. But if you do it, know work. This is where in meditation comes in. When you say, well well gee. I you know, I I try to think this way. I tried to practice this way. I try to... And I tried to watch my mind, but I I can't ever number to watch my line. Right? He forgetting to watch my honey. How am I supposed to do this?

We'll all purpose meditations to help us get to where. We can watch our mind more effectively so that we can do things with the buddha suggestion. And because, you know, if you say you can't watch your mind, I understand the problem. So let's simplify the situation sit down. Close your eyes and try to watch breath. Mh. And if you can get good at that, then, you can move up to watching it. Right. When you can watch your mind when you're sitting still, then with a little bit more effort you can start watching your right when you're out there walking around and talking and doing anything things.

And and that's really that's really where the connection comes. As you begin to see more clearly, what's going on? Through my awareness. You don't even have to do that much. Because the very act of being mindful aware will bring about the changes the internal changes in your mind that are in the right direction. I I mean, you still wanna do as much as you can. You still want to constrain yourself from same things that are gonna create problems in your life. And do things are to create problems in here.

Right. There's are more problems you create in your life. The harder it is gonna be to be mindful and to to bring yourself to to this state. So there is still doing involved, but the essence are the most important ingredient isn't even the doing. It's just the rightful awareness. The tower life awareness, guided by the dha. You what we'll get you where you wanna go. And I know some of you are already experiencing that. And some of you have had some taste of that and I hope everybody here had at least some cases that.

So So we don't really need all the benefits for. But being the kind of people that we are, we like it. Sides with. I don't know what we talked about least time. We want to figure these things out. Understand that. Of course. Helps. I i I think care homes. Well, we landed an extraordinary time. Well know. Just sc here. I mean before, you know, einstein supposed I know, but we didn't have available to us ways of looking at even physical matters or energy, like we do know, and there is such there's such a.

I mean, they're one the for would real. So so I I think it we're so fortunate and lucky. To live now because we get to see in the sense how things really are. Okay. The such, the waves, I mean, there's a relationship there. And so it's it's just a a phenomenal thing. Don't we have. Just tool to talk and see what mean... I I... It helps us understand the doc. Mh. Yeah. Yes. It's a wonderful thing That's not just the physics. It's all of the things that is been discovered about the brain in the other the system the right where, you know, I've They...

The hardest thing for people to accept since the time of the buddha was when he said, hey, guys. I sat down. Studied by mine and I discovered that this self is just an illusion that mine creates. Doesn't exist. Now you... It's very difficult to find papers written by scientists, like neuroscientist, cognitive scientists, psychologists people like that. Who... Alright. You know, they they all take it for granted. Now as a result of scientific research that Well, three is self. This is the itself this is a something that they that the brain cox, you know, they...

The mind is how the brain perceives itself. So yes, between physics and and all of these modern things that we discovered. They're really the important chart where have looking. Tickle five hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, two thousand years ago. They didn't have these particular ways they're looking at things. But the dha could be put in terms that were acceptable to their minds. And some of what we started to talk about earlier, you know, the these simplistic ideas of Karma. I think for many people in the past, that was a good enough explanation.

I didn't really need any more back. You know, if what's been bothering you was a question of of why why are people born into such different circumstances. And why do good things happen the bad people and bad things aren't to do people. If Carmen gives you a satisfying answer so that you can let go the question and get on with it hit done junk. Right? If at the same time, it gives you a little bit of extra nudge in the direction of trying to practice homelessness. And right speech and right action and i quite.

They're that much better. Right. But the bottom line is it doesn't matter what you believed to be true. Or why you do it if you do the right things. And then you'll you'll read through words. And you'll find happiness, and you will have you'll have the ability to make a real difference in the room. Which is an important thing. As we western adopt our own unique, way of understanding the Buddhist teachings. I'm I think that we have a huge thing to offer, which to somebody your other has always been there in buddhism, but which I think that we can carry it to a whole new level.

And that's socially engaged buddhism. As buddhist, using our practice to make a difference in the world. And this is not just a nice idea. The continuation of the world, in anything, but the most painful and disastrous sense is going to require requires at it is a world of people compelled through selfish nest, through self attachment. To act out of creating out of desire and version. That has led to environmental medical disasters and over overpopulation that wars cruelty, and all of these other things.

We run out of room, and we've run out of time. So, you know, the the most important thing to do as a socially engaged buddhist is to try to find some way to steer as as as many people as much of society as we can away from self centered selfish self hash behaviors away from actions out of creating out of the idea that it's justified because craving is natural. Hey it's natural. Course hate different bay. Desire natural. Of course I want is best my knees I can get no matter what? Inconvenience that causes to people like that don't have it because I have at all.

And I and I course, I hate that, i of course I willing like to do any anything I have to do to to to get this, you know, don't no matter if it does the world or exhaust some resources that future generations not have available. That's somebody else's problem. The solve. So somehow we we do have to make a dish. That's a part of our practice. This a part of our the weight cane. It's part of our purification of mind and heart. And we do that with people around this most immediately, but we also need to think of if there's some ways that we can do this on a larger scale.

It has to happen. We live in a country that is now starting to be dominated by the the attitude for each to each his own, you yet whatever you can. And if you're not smart enough and fast enough crafting enough, strong enough whatever enough and too bad for you. You know, i mean that this this is really starting to characterize a lot of the thinking. And i'm hear people talking about cradle grave entitlement parasites. This is the idea that if you if you do your neighbor as you would have them do unto you, that's you you're an encouraging cradle degree.

Entitlement parasitic behavior. That I'm not the willing to give up any of my money a little more taxes. So to help somebody else support than me. And well, yeah, okay. It may be true because I have all of this money, there's less money here right around of these other of people, but hey. I deserve it. I work for it. It's might. You know, I should they could've have worked as hard as I did then they they have it too. Well they didn't have the opportunity? Well, not my problem. I hit make that way.

So you know, we are fortunate enough to the in location in the world right now. Where we can try to have an impact on on very real problems. Can you seem feel about people that's sort of how that kind guys do well... That's their part but, you know, without such a dangerous thing that. Oh, that's their part. We're bored for. At they were barred without opportunity. Well, I had the cargo Of opportunity. And so you know, Mean, that's where car we get some your... Yes. Well, that is... Yeah. And it's matter fact...

Say the beautiful of coronary a simplistic view requirement of the express there definitely pre dated buddhism. And the purpose it surge is to justify the cast system, if you were born out cats, then It's because of your car. And if you are convinced to an covid the dirtiest and hardest of jobs and must live and and the worst conditions and eat the poorest food so forth. That's your karma. And if I or bra. Ted, that's my car. And if you want to be born in a bra next line, mister Out, the best thing you can do is to is to serve in your position and the best way you can and do not complain.

So it's very easy to take this document of Karma and apply it in exactly the way it first came about and say, yeah. Why should I... Why should I wanna send my tax dollars to help these other it's their karma? And if I'm rich, it's my current. I except that a lot of the people saying this to Christians, and they say they say, well God wants us to be rich. I may preach that. God wants this to be rich. God wants you be rich. But they don't bother to address the question as well. K. We're all rich. What about all the other people that have less money because we have some much more.

And do we have any responsibility towards now? You know And so Carpet can. This this simplistic idea occurring very easily to generate into an excuse for not taking appropriate action. Or acted selfless rather than. But it will not lead to happiness. It will only lead to getting risk if you're lucky, at least until somebody else comes along. In order to be richer so use out a way to take your money. Well, I... All I can say is I will join you all. Again as a part of mindfulness practice. Examining the events that are taking place and fulfilling my responsibility, and you filled yours.

To do whatever you are in a position to do to turn things in the right direction. So, you know, We've all got to vote and we've all got asked ourselves about the people and the issues that we hold on. Is this Is this for the benefit about is? Is this... Do you... Does this do good? Is this really relieve soft right? Does this add to the happiness joy in the world? Do my motivations for supporting supporting this person or this issue did mind motivations? Are they positive? They contribute to my own well being into my own enlightenment night.

Did they bring me closer to Nirvana? Or our my motivations tainted like selfish smith's that desire or version. So if we apply the principles of mindfulness, if we fulfill our responsibilities as citizens and apply these principles, that's the very least weekend do. Press to released. So all we can do is be mindful or everything else and see there are other tend themselves to to make a difference, especially to make other people aware. Don't That makes some really good kinda. Mh and that's it? We don't need to be attached to the outcome.

And even if even if none of this succeeds, we will have in that process that the work we need to do on ourselves. K? And we will be the car rewards of that. Is a kind of person that we are.

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