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Stronghold 9 May 2010- What it is like to be “Enraptured”

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Is there anything that anyone wishes to discuss? Is you big chance. But maybe you don't have anything. I have nothing and I have every There's a part at me that wants to talk about all of the experiences that I'm having and to try to understand what it's about. There's another part of me knows there is many need to talk about any of them. It feels like the part of me that wants to talk about all of it does so in wanting to explained the better illusion. Now my drain has improved. The other part of me knows that it doesn't make any difference.

That what is his whether I understand it, whether I don't understand it, whether I talked about or whether I don't talk that it doesn't change what it's. It's awkward. Being who I am in the environment I've always known differently. It's very different, not not suffering. It's very different not caring about the past. It's very different not caring about the future. Very different not being angry with myself and It... Is it my Christian, but bringing as a fundamentalist fifty years ago. Yes. It is is it The other religions I've studied?

Absolutely. Is it the I've studied? Absolutely. Are they in agreement with my experience? Absolutely? Is that what I was referring to? I don't know. I I guess my concern is that phil, you just you are in a wonderful state. Yeah. You join. I am. Right now you'd have all the answers. You don't have any questions. So know just enjoy that. When the questions come. Mh. Then we'll talk about. Okay. But what you're experiencing. Yeah. It can. You. Service is a really good basics. It's a really good place.

To do Buddhist practice from because you have the peace of mind. Although there's a certain excite we do to get packs. But Mh. It is a really good place to practice from. If you can appreciate the value if you can if you didn't recognize that there is far far more than this en state that you're in. I should say that. So and what you're fractured. Okay. Very. Oh, I feel the blues. And Rapture is something it can be extremely useful. Mh. Or it can be just a a side path along the journey that we just this one.

But in the meantime. This going and join. But don't worry about anything I'm saying. Just don't become attached. To state, but you're yeah. Mh. Okay. That's all. And if you can, yourself, today. To keep practicing the keep setting, to keep what at your mind. So try to pretend to to to penetrate, see if you can penetrate stats saw. Is is just somewhere way further to go and see if you can if you can find, you know, that famous crack the crack through its the light. Everything has a attractive. I leonard collins says there's a cracked i about that's the like comment.

So this people came your line enjoy this. Keep put in your line looking to see. Is is it? Am I app the road. This is further understanding. Is there any better wisdom? And see if you find the crack before. Thank you. Thank you. When I think my journey alerts turn I don't know how to conceptualize that except see it as a point in continuum. I don't wanna to be attached to enlightenment. I don't wanna be attached to any... When I see myself as, okay. I'm here, and I wanna be there, I want to find...

This isn't. I want to be here that moves me again into attachment. Mh. And I don't And there's no suggestion at that. The point is is right now. Right the internal now. This is real reality. You don't need to look ahead for it or everywhere else. The only question is, Are he fully doesn't this reality or is there... Is there something that you're yet missed? Good. It's not about. I don't know the concern. It's not about being attached. Although, right honestly, the very last thing. Enters of desire wanting and the sense of of somewhere that the i wants to go would the very last thing to give up and it's not should never be given not to really is the wish brand light month.

And if you can select go all the wish for enlightenment that but the circular eye and hold the for and enlightenment that sake and all beings. Yeah. That is much spare. Yes. Right. Yes. Bye. It's a big mistake to give them what give up that wish too soon because you had to have that wish until can tell the moment, it's it's like the ground, that we walk on and until you step off the edge of the pe. If you don't have the ground you lock on fault in the hole of round and it keeps you from moving in forward.

U. So don't give up to ground until you're at the actual that hard pressed this. So hold on too we wish for enlightened that. Would for the individual for the enlightenment of The true individual which is just this transit change in old process of body and my. But. They wish for the enlightenment to for the sake of all dates for all of those claims that that future help. And no let go that noon until until it's the only thing that you're holding onto to and and you take off. But... Yeah. I was thinking of the eye part of that.

Right. Yeah... Which... I know. It's a funny thing about the eye. And it's to rapture the eye says... Oh, well, I don't believe who exists. It's ecstasy? Yeah. Yeah. Next. You know what It means it's a stand outside yourself. Really? Ex is to stand ex vessels and to be outside. Yeah. K. Interesting. Yeah. It's more of. This explain this a lot this has... Where you are is allowing you to move ahead wonderfully. I mean, all the things that your new office, your clientele tell building your relationships you're doing wonderful things in your relationships with your step x y, document model at these ex always that is wonderful.

Is keep that going. Where you are is is you know, let us not fail to see what absolutely wonderful thing that is and what it is allowing. This body mind complex to do with his place in the world and keep that going, keep that moment momentum. Healthcare clients. Love those around you. And you're happy, man that's great. You're you're pain and your yourself right your gone? That's that is one before I man it's great. Now i need just to ask you stop? Don't convince your yourself Well, this is it. Oh, on.

Well okay. At the same time, I know it's permanent, and it's going to pass. Mh. Right. I want that to be okay. Yes. And it will be okay. Because you're not going to let it pass in the sense of just going back to me where you are. You are going to chance sand where you are. So it's funny yeah. What maybe awesome. But, you know, it it's up to you to make that happen. Mh. You have to sustain wish. Wish or complete at total and might. I'm off for around say for the same look. And you have to practicing the same.

U. The Buddhist practice is a wisdom of that. Where you are? Is where a lot finished is the end of the road as far as many traditions are concerned. Oh, you're there. Great. And when you follow out of it. Well, you go back and do the same thing again. Till you get back there again. Yeah. Yeah. That doesn't sound right daughter. Well i I mean, to... Yeah. It's not right to luca that. But it is in a lot of traditions, Tell you listen what your said? Makes. Yep. That's it. Bill. You've arrived. You're there.

You're waiting. You know this is it. But I'm saying there isn't even more. Mh. This is just the. Yeah. Daphne talk to me would let spreadsheet. She suggested that I might balance that you doing. Don't really that. Yeah. It's right. You... I think everybody would I'd love to teach you one hundred. It's a very good fact. Mh. I we, you know, how did you get... How do really happy to guide you through there. It's it's amazingly simple. But you absolutely you have to have we really have to have perfect concentration.

If you can't, put your attention on anything that stays there as long as you want. Mh. Or if you can't move your attention from one thing to another, everything it gets it's just totally there for long job want it to be there. Then you're not going to be able to open your mind up and and still have in mind totally still, when it's not directed at one thing. Mh. So the essential... The first stage a my is is to cultivate the concentration and awareness aspect of S. No And yeah and this is this is the traditional way of you studied mah drip with a traditional tibetan teacher if you had some traditional traditional tech, a whole beginning process is developing single point of concentration than totally password was.

Mh. So that then you can expand your. Okay? Mh. So Am So what we would need to do, what we will need to do start is we'll see where you are with develop pain concentration. Mh. And where are house really good place, should be able to progress very rapidly. And in our concentrate. And especially we're doing never feedback I think. And I don't know for sure, but my very, very limited experience was seeing the effects other thought is. There's I think it's a tremendous say too. In concentration. So you're doing that.

So we should be able to get to the same provider concentration and then which is start the major but Is about his in mine. It's about looking at the mind itself Mh. And It's a wonders thing because at first, it's like, oh, yeah. That's mine. Okay. Got it. You know, what gonna. Go back and look some more. And then, you know, to understanding deep so the things that you thought As you know, you think to mine and chandler and no darling are the same, then you said, oh, no. And that the more you look from more you come to I understand.

So wonderful right. The the knowing is about the real sales the capital itself. And the mind is probably... I... You know, that that capital s itself is such a loaded concept. It is not a buddhist concept. And Buddha avoided it because it's they're misleading. Yeah. Right. And but it's about it's about ultimate and put this way. Yep. Narrowing isn't about the alt it's about the ultimate nature reality. About the way things really are really behind behind the line line mh. That's right. That's fine.

That. Right. Knowing and vine when they're together, that's mindfulness. But the the mindfulness can go the knowing can separate from the line. And then the mindfulness, it's just knowing. So... Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, I love the fact that you're interested and it would be really good. You're in this wonderful space and let's state advantage. Let's go for Let's for slowly developing. Concentration and ceiling mono Mud. Mh lot too. Yeah. Okay. Mh exciting. Nice sure. Really, joyful and any anticipation things.

Yeah. I I had it felt This is the... Where I am and see the road. K. And in away, but I felt it doesn't matter. Mh. That is really true. Yeah. Here's the sense sandwich? Even when you were suffering and angry and resent and they nasty people that didn't matter either. Yeah. It's all, you know, it it it's all it's all part of such success. I hear that. And at the same time, I don't wanna act that way anymore. Mh. It it was not the loving part it's me. I I had no choice at the time. I did what I I know I had to do.

And it's what your what your inner drives Since they seemed the right dictated. Because they did yeah. And and when you justify, And when you managed to get off the last time party, it rewarded you with a sense of satisfaction for a little while. And then I felt my crap crowd. Right. But now Now happy you ever go back to that. Or if you did ever go back to that, you if you'd you'd wanna leave it behind again, as fast as you could. It could never... It could never fool you and the same thing that Was.

Right. No. Yeah. It's not. It's not a space. Okay. Yeah. Another shift is that What other people do? Is no longer about me. I mean experience certainly. Yeah. That's fine fine. Yeah. That be That's... What that? There's a there's a little book that's actually quite monitored dot four something rather. Anyway. Oh the the poor agreements, i sorry. Yeah. The first time. I. Yeah take first. Okay. Yes. Yeah. Buying. Yeah. Three names. Something miguel rue. Yeah. Done miguel. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I the before bring to and he did another room hat.

That's got. Now he has the kids agreement his one. Then there he wrote another book in their agreement. I haven't I don't know what it is and I haven't read it. I I just heard that two days ago. In six months eleven sixteen you that's like window yeah my microsoft. And up with the ten agreements written on stone tablets. You right. Happened be bored. Yeah okay. But yeah. Don't take it personally. Yeah. I'm not even taking what I do personally know. Mh. I mean, clearly, i had sense so. I I had no illusion.

And I... It's just this... I reached this point of one and everything is everything. And On some level I understand that. Mh. But experiential. Yeah. Here not... I'm still here. Just i'm just not important. Right? You it... Yeah luc interesting and that's that's wonderful. That's... Like I say it's It's what's allowing me to move forward. So powerful right now. And every in every aspect of what this body in mine needs to do here in this place and space time. It's really allowing getting move farther.

And could you ask for a better demonstration? And it's fine for teachers and books and things like that. That it's attachment to sound causes. Proof it then... Wow, what what's happening with on Right. We'll what when I actually experience it, i go, oh, it's the attachment itself that causes all that stuff To self and and Well, I guess attachment to other things as part of attached app so this meant... Yeah. But... Yeah. I don't know if I told you what I've done with the house. The house Living?

The only company you planted the garden. Yeah. Well... And I'm watering it and feeding it. You know, I went out with miracle grove the other day, and and and it's... And if I lose that I lose it, it's a house. I don't get. How I can enjoy things so much Mh. Without any concern about them going away, we're passing. Because I've never had that experience before. If if I really enjoy something if it's beautiful if it's fun, if it's valuable in some... On some level in in some way. I always wanted it for me If someone else has that child, they're going to have a beautiful thing.

And that's good. And you're gonna be some really beautiful place. Yeah. Having a great time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We haven't had that experience before, but your mind has put it into a different category. We've ever seen a rainbow or the sun breaking through the clouds on a spring. Mh or a sunset or mail. Thanks. But you you hadn't had that experience. But in mine says, yeah, you my says when it comes to houses. Cars. Things like that. Well, listen. That's a different story. Okay. And and that's that that gets into that other concern.

I that would I while you were calling Nancy. I I was saying that I have concern whether I can ever fall it love again. Fallen up. Not love someone. I mean, I love everybody right now. But when when I'd had a relationship with a woman, It's been my relationship. Mh. Alright? My sense of mind has changed so much. I i Actually The point is it won't happen that way again. That will happen in a similar but even better way. Because it won't hang all that attachment by. Okay you're explaining the drink of water to me mh.

And I... I'm saying we never had the experience take the ass. Yeah. But when you get the glass, It's good. Reassuring to hear you're gonna it's not gonna be the same as the old dirty glass of water that you have. U. It's gonna be similar. Was gonna be better. Okay. Okay. Too people. Wow.

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