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TCMC 29 April 2010 Part 2

Automated transcription

Should we out what meant to identify you the saying. Right? Mh. Now still figured now. She'd had to create an eye, and you'd have to create what it was equal to. Oh, it's drunk. Well, that's exactly what it is. That's exactly i have. And and you know, the buddha described that he called it the links said dependent. And he said that it's fine. I don't know whenever there's consciousness and a mind body and senses, but something will kind of contact both the sensors, and it does, it'll either shield sizing or unpleasant neutral and depending on whether it's pleasant or unpleasant neutral that cra will arise either as desired version.

And that happens. And what the mine does, Yes. It. Creates an eye it creates a a story that involves an object that it distributes its pleasure pain to the being the source side of a pleasure okay. And it makes it all real. And that's what we're talking about is that where the line creates a increase and alright. Together with being conscious an object and that's right. That's identification. Yeah. Hi As the one this dealing this and the invite. Pleasure kane anger Sadness love joy. You know, I think I've been taking since earlier.

Some of those, like, anger fears there's negative notion. The stronger you have a sense of eye. Mh. It seem like the stronger loose are because it's almost like it's done? If I'm an i, you know, then I need to to find myself protect myself to. So Yeah. So really the solution would be. So should anticipate that. Yeah. If that's. You can see the logic of it. Yeah. Right It's getting from the logic of to the real experience. It's a little bit tricky but. Yeah. Terrible. Yeah. So it's really, you know, it this this body and this experience of of a mind body mine.

And that the mind lost deposit something that is real and separate over and above this. And that's And it can do that in very subtle ways. No are did your city. There's ego, and we can come to realize that the ego is Not really real. I can see we can see how it's empty of being a a a substantially self existent thing or referring to something that's substantially self system. And so we can we... The mine though can keep on... It really likes this way of looking at things. So and it'll keep on refining it and refining it and refining it.

But the one thing you'll always find there that so long as it's a cell? Where is this... Where there's eye, there's a you or another And of course, it where the other way who were talking about. Something arises and then you identified with it. That's whenever... There something that something is the other and we create the hybrid experiences there some but No. There and there is one of the old schools that who isn't. That's called mind only school. And they actually positive a type of consciousness that its sole function was the generation of the eye.

A insertion of the sense of i into to every experience. And And when when I looked at the that at those mind only buddhist teachings, I really understand why. That that seems like the such a fundamental part of what the mind does that it does deserve to to be pointed out and separated out and characterized. Were talking earlier for those who you weren't here before we sat we were talking about I'm alongside things emotions, emotional states that arise and how to deal with them. And that the the pit fall of our notions is that we...

That we do that. We identify with them we ref them, and then we make we we create the eye that is that is the experience or of of the state and then the state defines the the self that we're... That we think we are in the moment. And where we got to who's talking about. How do you deal with that? Well and he really can't deal effectively was most why you're buying into that old story. So my use of the turn not identifying or your emotions. So led to, there's some discussion about... What exactly does that need not to identify with them?

One of think is interesting is that even you know, you can understand identifying what what it needs to both not so much whether you understand what it means to identify with a strong emotion or not, But what's really important is when you come understand what it needs not so i with it. And to the objective and your relationship there's emotions. But even there, what you will find what you may have already found is that they you can still identify with hundred emotions, for example, we'll believe that restless is something that we are even though we know that fear is just been emotion.

Our anxiety the assistant motion, but land the feeling restless of and patient arises. Well that's real. You know not just in motion. I guess. But of course, I need look at it well, wait a minute. Rest that's an emotion to if patients doubt. You know doubt is a mental state and emotion. And I doubt... Yeah. That's so it's a it's segment so I was gonna ask you about that. I'm I'm going through a period of a lot of doubt. Mh. How about this. About here. Ago. There's an element of a rebellious that has come up earlier with the practice meditation.

And I was able to to get past the rebellious comes mostly at this time a times other than meditation. Where with mindfulness. Mh. You know, there's an element of account and that is something in me that resist mindfulness. And and and you know, some of the root my dad has to do with the issue of suffering. Mh. And we've talked about that before. So i'm I'm struggling with this right now. And so in terms of that emotional mental state, the that specific one. Do you have any any spending recommendation?

That's. Other question. Really simply is... Yeah. The simple most simply is do I have any recommendations about how to deal with Devon? And My first recommendation is to is to recognize it for what it is. And examine. Exactly that's. Okay the same time. We save on conjunctions. Right. I use a lot of them stuff. We conserve. What is the nature of that? You thought about just in general. What is now anyway? Has you given that any thought? Well, maybe we think about it right now. To again anybody else followed that web out is He get it's question would insurance.

What's your truth? Well, I think that's what you do when you have to was question. But is doubt the question? It's a product his? Well. It can't be case. Question in the truth you can come up with things that really to help. Mh. But So dow can be the cause of questioning, and that's me the result of questioning, is that question?? One in in my experience it relates more to the interfering and to which to the theory. So what she was saying that shares feeling done about we're proceeding with with medication and, you know, my experience it would be like I'm afraid that I'm following the wrong course I'm afraid that I'm not gonna get what I want.

Mh. Along those lines, that that seems like dive into me, that's the core thing is that the fear is inspiring, when money down then That's i yeah that that. That. That's very good. Can't sure you you had something other. I was thinking do the saying thing. It also, like, there's kind of... Think doubt has this component of, like, meta in the sense of, like, you're... You step that outside of what whatever asking experience is When you kind of do... You have this almost like the pure free fall, because you kind of, like, see it as this thing like, this underlying are, like killing those the update pulled out from of bit joking around him.

Yes. I think that... Yeah. Identity. Down Area. And and I don't I don't see doubt as as a negative. And and that's kind of what I I was hearing you infer. I think we should question everything. When we don't, what we do is we in in my view is we accept the illusion as what's real. And and I don't wanna follow to that. That pit. Mh. Been there done that got the t shirt and never worked. Okay. And and so I I think doubt is very healthy. I I I am not what I think. I not what I feel I am not what I do.

I. I'm not what I found. I am not where I go. I am not who I know. I am not any of that stuff. So what am I supposed to be sure of? sorry, whatever doubt is, is be healthy useful with that That's what I... That's what I'm getting from this. I... What whatever doubt is. I don't know but we've really identified exactly what down is yet. But i search of purpose, if she didn't have out, then all kinds of people who get share all kinds things. Right? Yeah. But, you know, it has a tone. And what you saying...

The tone of your doubt is it's the more positive tone. What I'm experiencing now is a more negative I mean, if the kind of doubt that makes me have to force myself to come to class today, you know, where At another time let me always, I come with great joy and today been listen again. And and the notice teaching is I this. Between dell and what's been translated skeptical about. That's not very good. Cancellation because it's just it's kind of redundant or doubt itself and it doesn't convey really the the difference in here.

But what But the... What the the purpose of the distinction is between something that is a natural part of the way we are a natural function that helps us work and survive and and, you know, get by in the world. And that's that stuff. Doubt in doubt is what makes us. I mean, we only have limited time. We have limited energy. And so we don't want to investor time and energy and their wrong things. We know who that the world full of people would be very happy to take advantage of the at all kinds of different rates.

And we don't want to be taking it advantage of event and and exploit it. Or I should say, nature has didn't want us as individuals to be excessively vulnerable to that. So nature and doubt with the tendency to doubt to make sure that we didn't waste our time on our energy and our material goods in our offspring and or everything else. Mh. You know, and things that weren't going to be beneficial to us. So two, b dow in a sense good the buddha recommended it. He said that preston, try out for you yourself.

You know, don't he said don't except what I say on the basis of authority or because other people do or any of these other reasons. Yeah. Which is really different than almost any other kind of religious teaching that you're probably including a lot of the stuff that's done in the name of buddhism since that time. Mh. But the buddha himself said, question, tell, don't accept it void. Look into it. But said come and see for yourself. And the the thing was skeptical that. Skeptical out is what keeps us from looking keeps us from trying it out.

Keeps us from coming and saying birds off. Skeptical doubt is it's a a distortion of the beneficial aspect aspects of death. In a sense, it's a kind of faith. It's, you know, faith is accepting something blindly without investigating it. Right? And skeptical doubt is when we are inclined to not to try something out. Not to investigate it to reject it out of hand. And that's that's where dad. Becomes a problem. Went out when it went out. You guys you have had that kind effect. But in either these case, if we look at doubt, get some motion.

And this is how nature gets us to behave has programmed us to behave in ways that are in general beneficial to us as individuals. And dialing us with emotions to hit triggered. He's fear. Fear and be bad thing. Right? Got. Here can also be a good thing. Now if fear makes you look at the potential consequences of the situation that you're about to lock into. That's a really good thing. Mh. But to be paralyzed by fear? That's a really bad thing. But we don't we all thought what sure is. We don't have to have too much of it.

Debate about here. Here's an emotion. This is this blind motion that drives us and he can't do good. And is always good, but it can be. Can you look at down the same way? That is at motion, a mental state that arises. And it makes us behave particular way. If it makes us question. His serving his it's. A good thing. Just like if here makes us evaluate the situation that we're entering into, it's a good thing. Or a fear of makes. Recognize what's happening and see we can take action to protect ourselves fears of.

If fear para license. To blindness us. Fear can do all kinds of things so they're not good. And the same doubt can do exactly the same thing. The emotion, the mental state of valve can interfere with are doing it has the things that we should do. And this is this is res respect dot com. So if you look it doubt and you recognize that it's a motion, once it's made you if down browser arises, and once it's made you come to a place, so questioning and evaluating it service purpose. And beyond that, it's not...

It's it's not doing anything, particularly get anymore. Because doubt, the emotion of doubt cannot make the kind of discrimination and decide that that get is directing me towards all i can do is directly towards it. Mh. But. If if if you allow the arising of doubt to make the decision that that should be me by the other that you have. Then it's a mistake. That is powerful. That's coffee. So how do you deal with that? Actually two things. One is you've examined. In all of the right kinds of ways logically and rationally and otherwise, even including, you know, into as with and emotionally.

You examine whatever it is that the doubt not regard to. But as far as the motion of doubt itself, if you feel like it is getting in your way and being a problem, the treated as you would any other, emotional that you would you need to gain some ascend over. Examine is that how that she feel, see it for what is recognize it that the feeling that doubt face is just like any other emotion. If you say, I am this feeling that... Well if you say, I I doubt. I'm filled with them. I filled out that's identifying with.

It's me. Maybe me dell into something real. Right. And you need to make that kind of separation. But the other part of it is you need to you do need to fill fulfilled the the the purpose of the doubt you need to examine does. In terms of the practice, the questions ask yourself this has this practice helps me. Is it working through way I was told that it would work? Now there's an aspect of this. I mean, that has to do you already the experience. You know? Is it is it working for? I've tried get down to this extent.

And this this other part well, what else does a promise? Where is where does it prompts to lead to? Beyond this? And is that somewhere you wanna go? Does it make sense you? Now if it doesn't, keep in mind, you might not understand it. Correctly. But if you're pretty sure you understand it correctly, and it's not where you wanna go, then Then you should drop it. And you should figure what we're do. Wanna go. And look for path is gonna lead you or you do lot of that. Whether you think any other things you know has...

If if you read it, we're on is to take you where you'd like to go, and you can have to ask yourself on the basis of what it's done for you so far. That were saving you so far. That is is it reasonable to to think that it might actually take you where i'm. Is. And and does your previous experience after this moment to support that. About way could. Look at it. If you're looking at a teaching like this, look at the case. I look at the other students, you know. And do I wanna be more like do do... Do I want to become or like what I see in the future?

And not by the way, And mean the teacher may be very popular and getting a lot of attention out down everything and you may say. Well, I like that too. That's fine about. But if you see the characteristics, you know, of the teacher and if they are the kinds of things, they you would like to reinforcement. Development and acquire for yourself. Then then that's that's some positive information. You're looking at the other other students. So people follow the same app or similar path see, you know, is this where I on to go?

Do I like just this is it's just taking me... Do you look at what that what the path asks you to do. And what the path asked due to do is it beneficial to you? Is it beneficial to those around you. As you follow the path, is it producing benefits to yourself is it causing harm and disturbance and dysfunction. And so those are the kinds of questions. Those then the doubt will have served his purpose. And it should. For to down. To rest. And it's good to ask those questions. It's good to have that come up and ask all of those questions.

I'm. But What's not good is to not ask the questions and just become captivated by the feeling. Oh I feel out. I'm not sure. I just don't know. I know. Mh. Yeah Okay at all. Just But you're it's weird. It's it's it's here. And know, Maybe this is not right for me me guess. No. Actually your. I know you have talked to me doubt about to do with suffering. And so I just addressed that a little bit Is is that a okay We have question about what you said? Yeah. I... Can it can it also be that the rising of dial is related to resistance through rue.

And that in the moment, you you slice something your very and previous years became very excited. And then all sudden you really get into this and you see again what you did before? What's happening now. So there is a resistance and we to justify the physicians as out why as this is not for me, and that's why other asked, but it's actually you've reached out a plateau and ship and then new new deaths maybe and you... And then comes here in Yeah. And I seen as positive it. Makes good with process and much a superficial oh yeah.

Really this. Nothing really happens. Mh. So steven as you you be repeating it some that makes sense. Yeah that's very good. You. Sure. And else before? I do on correct this afternoon. Yeah. Sometimes I have doubt Not whether I'm doing the right thing. But whether I'm doing it for the right reasons. Yeah. Which is, you know, other piece. Because sometimes that i'm feeling absolutely the right thing. In in terms of it being a a loving act or generous you know, a gracious thing. That but not for the right reason...

And and and I I think Your doubt is wonderful. It gives you an opportunity to to look at it on a different level. And if you do decide to proceed with it, I would think if it would be a piece of work at this done. So talked for a moment about somebody down in regards either me know. Yeah. I we keep it brief because we're... That's already kind we started later here. Can't. Put it this way. That. I think where you've told me where he he comes down to. Seeing hard getting hard to see. How do you reconcile the compassion of the light being with the freedom of suffering kinda the light not in Being?

Because it seems as though compassion involves, relating very strongly to the suffering of others. Yeah. And as some people put it, some people might say, it seems in inhuman or the somehow you can d. If the suffering of others no longer poses to suffer. Does that? And I think the difficulty here is that it it it is one of understanding understanding clearly what's being met by this. And this also has to do with understanding of what the nature of suffering is and the call suffering. And when we start talking about the way a fully enlightened beam experiences thanks.

We by very definition we've gone beyond what necessarily makes logical sense so I got keep that in mind. We have to expect. Yeah. But just suffering that the suffering that you see another big experience. If that being was buddha, would not exist. This is this sort of a different way of looking at it, you know. But so we imagine a person that is being physically and mentally abused and experiencing physical pain and and psychological pain, both and we have great empathy for for that we have compassion if there's something we could do to stop that person's suffering, we would do that.

We wanna do it. You know? And if we can't do anything, immediately to stop it, then at the same time, our heart goes out to them for the suffering experience. Right? Right. Now exactly same situation, but what's being done is done to a fully light day. We may not understand how this could be but they're not stuck right. All, how do we see it? Got it. That that's that's the area where I have difficulty. Okay. And... Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's very difficult To understand. Now we think so Well, here I am i identified me, and there's a non light being experiencing this abuse in this pain in the separate.

And it's not making miserable. How that be? That that's the problem matter. But imagine of the person that is happening to is a enlightened day. And like, you know, there's... The job taylor i'm I should heard it. And these these are these are stories about. Basically, how how a being become so refined as a sock that they can become the sun of some duty. These are stories that are said to be previous lives of Buddha and things that that happened to here. And in one of those stories? This the boat sat in this previous life was a fort australian scenic and the wife have a keen king's who's gone out honey, and I guess his wife went out with the was the royal party in arizona again.

So she's kinda waiting for everybody to get back and she sees his see and sits now, and he starts teaching her the dialogue. And so then the mccain comes back and he's very jealous. And so the orders is meant to seize the scenic. Who is the Multi software future Buddha. And began to chop his logging into little pieces starting with his spaniards and toes. You know? And so this bo sock is moved to be takes access. Hard. Understand. Right. And there's a lot of story i can. Because supposedly and one of his previous existence is the buddha has saw a starving tiger with with cubs.

And saw that because she couldn't feed the cubs comes you're going to die. And sorry threw himself off a cliff. So that the ti could eat me his body and having milk to feed their try things like that. You know, But look... The part of these things that I'm pointing out to be is that that all these stories whether he believe them literally are not. They've strain at kind of mind that is beyond big kind suffering that we're from familiar. Now, you can ask yourself tonight will be that's really possible, And could I get to a place where these kinds of things would happen to me.

And I would a transcend so that I don't suffer. That's a good question to ask. This one we can think about and talk about sometime. Because it really... That's what the proposition is. The buddha teaches suffering in the end of suffering. And we teaches the end suffering, meat means we under sucker. Right. We don't check anymore. Don't matter what happens to you. Yeah. The the dolly Lam is very concerned about what's going on with his people in China. Yeah. But he doesn't look like he's suffering.

Mh yeah I find that out before. That's. Oh you did? Yeah. That's very. Cool then. Yeah. Yeah. That that's... You stole looks for somebody. And that's where that is a really a good example. I mean a dolly llama is just jolly, more hearted happy person, i smiling and things like that. But he is bearing the burden millions of millions are to that say and I and the situation bad used today was much worse a few decades days ago. How does he manage to balance on the own hand? This great compassion and dedication in the work and the effort and everything else to try to do something about this.

Well having sw money his face, you know, during all other. And that's that is that is the mystery fabulous industry. Bring this back to. If you see somebody, let's say that now we've got two situations. We got, you know, The same thing being done to two people this one's in enlightened. And Is she is she bears it with compassion for her abusers? And this one is in total mis misery. So you with your compassion What would you... What what would you wish what the thing you can most wish for the person that is?

Suffering so much. The the release from suffering. Yes. The the they would be like the the buddha. So that they were really quite convenient. And so this is the compassion of an enlightened day. Is to want to bring suffering beings. All suffering banks to the state where they are no longer vulnerable to susceptible to suffering frame. So it's not to be become enlightened survey your heart no longer reeves part of the children in haiti or they human slave trade in southeast asia or whatever else it is.

It's not... So that you get to the point where about me anymore. But it's too. It's to get all beings beyond suffering. Starting with yourself. When you think about it? Get the dollar lam, instead of being the job junk being that he is. If he was stressed and traumatized and had trouble sleeping and was, you know, showing all the signs of someone who was, you know, which just completely overwhelmed by the suffering of his people. Would that be if any benefit that it all anybody? He's able to do...

He's able to keep making the effort that he does. And unfortunately, you know, he hasn't been very effective in dealing with the Chinese, but he has been very effective in helping all the refugees we've have a escaped for China. That. And perhaps the other is easier do have an effect. But i suffering, while of may that most natural and human thing. We have to that doesn't really benefit those that we have compassion for. What benefits down is the feeling that we have that we want to do something, whatever we can do.

I don't know if this is helped control or not. But the talking about out and looking him to handle the tabs. And what you can doubt, is it possible really to to transcend suffering in the way that could we suggest question I like being is able to... You can add you can question that? And what can you do to satisfy that? Well, you can look at people like the Dollar lam. And anyone else that you think may possibly have a high level of realization. And the other thing that you can do is to try it out yourself.

You know? Now. What are the ways you can find it out? How can you test this? Well, let's go back to what the topic. He said that the sap, is caused by credit now. I'm not suggesting that you go into somebody's start chamber and see if you can overcome your you're suffering by getting after you're creating to have them stop daniel what whatever is say do to here. On the other hand, you do have stuff to life. So you can start testing this by saying, Okay. The suffering that I have, all of the kinds of suffering right that I have.

Every day, let me see. First of all, see if it really is true if. This suffering is caused by. So the first thing you do is you see if there is craving there. And if you find creating there, and you do the other part instruction, which is to let go trading. And that's this is what the second truth is about. It's inviting you to try to get it out. Inviting you to your garage every single time you find the suffering. And you won't succeed every time. But... But you make this your goal that that you you try to take every instance of suffering and Number one see if you can find the number just taking let go of it and number three see if learning go rating causes a suffering to ease or disappear.

The more times you do that, the more become of the possibility that this is really true. And if it is really true, then hopefully, maybe the third truth is true that the complete association or creating will result in a complete association of suffering. So rather than trying to understand what it's like. So. Con hypothesis and other things like that. To to be in light meeting at the end of the path. Take the part of the path where you are now. You don't have suffering and apply the double fruits and see this is my suffering susceptible to being relieved if I can let go of creating.

And that should go long way towards. Overtime your doubt about the long term yourself. And person, maybe more to that. But you could say take the same approach. When you to investigate the path to satisfy dow. Look at where you come so far? What has worked and what hasn't? And when you're looking ahead to where you haven't did yet, and you don't know can use the most reasonable leads that you have. To determine whether or not you think it's really worth continuing to go in that direction. And so you can use the examples of others they've have on farther depending on the path.

And you can use the structure of the path itself to say alright. These are these are the steps. This is what I've been told that it will take me from where I am now to what I'm questioning to try to up try to keep trying it up. Until, if you come to the point or you say that this doesn't fit with my experience. This doesn't make sense to me. And, you know, hold them. Page you need to find another test. But other thing I would say too. Is just in general. Because you're on path, don't get it up until you have one that you applied the same tests to to the degree that you're able.

And then and and then switch because to to abandon the path, to enlightenment to abandon the path to the personal freedom from suffering. And to abandon the path that promises to help lead to. And or suffering for for all things. We'll lead you with nothing here will lead you right back where you started in the world filled was suffering. And as of being, who this i'm still with despair and i when I contemplated it and the same thing like hopelessness. Okay. When you say craving, you're talking about craving and what's other part for me?

Rejection. Yeah. A version. Yes. Actually, that's a very good point in. This came up the other day. We... I I guess on sunday. There's a tendency to take the word... The English word crave as keeps being the problem is every chance and and in English language, we associate the craving with desire. So, you know, if if my hands on fire, I don't think there's any craving the three is. You crave the cessation of on the fire. Be the same. So in order for it fully and make sense, you have to understand that that...

Although we use the word craving, we refer to both desire and version. We are referring to the the desire to vape something different than the way it is to hold on to something that's leading because we like it. Or to get rid of something that's painful because we don't like that. I read where conversion in in my online reading subversion was equated with with Hatred. You see that is? My agent is one of the exchanged forms verification. Yeah. Essentially, all of these negative to feeling to that we generally have to do with k.

Where added there's some aspect of desire and aversion or some or combination between the two of them. What is Jealousy? I want it, and I feel bad because you have it and I don't, you know, i version to you. Then how do we act when we jealous? Well, we develop resentment. And resentment can grow into Hatred. So when somebody has something that we want and don't have problem or something goes wrong with them. Then we can take pleasure in it. We can say, search them right. They didn't deserve to be happening anyway.

And you see how to just escalate it becomes... You know, if you have pain, you want to get rid of the source of pain. In a simplest form, you you want to make the elephant stop standing at your toe. Mh. But in the extreme corner, is that you want to kill or destroy whatever it is that you see being and positive your pain. Yeah. And so that's you know, That's the game. I that it goes over. The best an extreme isn't. I've had reason. I don't want anything happened to the person that i present people in actual.

But if you extrapolate resentment in the direction in the very same direction that it already lies along. It's going to eventually be become hatred and it was to struck Doesn't matter degree. It's an admin degree. And that... Well, I it's good to if and you see it's good to recognize that because otherwise, we'll rationalize it. Oh, well, there's nothing wrong with me. Mh. But there is. Because it it is... It it it it is only a could difference in degree between annoy and and hatred. Between who's at right an hey.

There's a tremendous difference at in degree. Yeah. Maybe a tremendous difference in the actions that we take. Mh. But the essential quality of it is the same. And if we spend many years of our life, indulge in in present, and some very severe situation arises. Then it be very easy for hatred to us. But if if we have... If we have spent that same period of time working to eradicate resentment, then there's not to They're not the seeds to grow into hatred the way it would be. Makes sense. I've heard this express about the body side for the the role of the buddy's eye for joyful, participation in the sorrows of the world.

And you know, with like the idea of suffering, you know, at the basic level, I think when i think of suffering and and the apps I I wanted to replace suffering with with somebody pleasant, but Mh. But that notion of joyful participation, sa of the world it's like... Going feeling. Mh. Yeah. Of emotional attachments. I I have this... I could put it this way. It's joyful participation in the world. The Sorrows of the world are a projection. Hence... And this is where it's complicated is to understand that suffering is an illusion.

That suffering can't be let go of through the acquisition of listen through the correct way of understand it. But suffering requires a self to suffer. Alright. And so As you go beyond that joyful participation in the world, the embracing of substance of business and all of its total unpredictability and constant change and everything health. And the hardest part i understand, I think from the point of view is somebody do deals a lot of compassion for people that are suffering. Is this understanding that the suffering itself is an illusion.

It just seems incomprehensible. I other person's Yep. What's that? Versus cell. To the person percent of suffering is. Absolutely, that, know. At the point. It it it is real. Right. So that person... I understand what you mean. But it's not necessary. That's... Yeah. Yes. If there's an old thing that pain is inevitable, but the top often. Yeah. And that that's exactly right. That's as the essence of the Who's teaching of the first noble truth. Is it. Pain is inevitable but suffering is it is optional.

The suffering is mental. Suffering is the psychological. And pain without suffering is just another sensation. You cannot save to children? No. You can. Not most necessarily very very wise children. You can't even say it to else. Mean you're being very polite reset you. You got you can all the the streets, start telling people, you know? Paint paint may be inevitable. But all of your suffering his optional. Just fifty or wonder what news, you know? Long off your head. I'm keeping you got past my times.

I I hope this has been helpful. It... That's. Sorry. To seven. Great. That's. They're very important and useful things to talk about to venus to clarify fine. Dell is one of the five. And the five hindrances are Okay the broadly desires. They are ill will and all other the forms of negativity. They are laziness and for procrastination and they agitation due to word and norris and their doubt. Those are the five. Hinder system to meditation, their hindrances is in your life. But if you look at them and I just understand properly, all five of them, just like Doubt.

We we inherited it nature doubt. With all five of those, because all five of them actually serve a purpose. But the point is that ready to out outgrow being dependent upon such permanently drives. And each one of the serves purpose in some ways, but very easily you have something that is is he's un also and undesirable. Completely enlightened being, would prefer to sit in the shade as opposed to sitting in the hot but sun. Or opposed they would would prefer to eat a a delicious rather than bold spoiled that me.

So there's no question about that. We could we could say, well, that's that's desire but that's not that's not desire in the sense of an un comp. That's a problem. That's just that's a sense of a little rational response to things. And the same thing with all of these other names. But Dal, even laziness, laziness, and are we speaking of his so. But laziness is what keeps us from from doing so we don't have to do. Than. It just... If it gets out of control, problem. Right. You know So so all of these five hindrances including gout.

Just just like I think I illustrated pretty well. Exist in only because that candidate that overall in the long run for human events to have these qualities has been to benefit. But, you know, yeah. It's a keep mind that he's sorts of things that not in nature dallas with only has to be successful fifty one percent of the time. They can be disastrous forty nine percent, but they'll still continue because they still are helpful. More than they're they're harmful. And that's the case with all of these.

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