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Stronghold 25 April 2010

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spam. Stand that it says something like Each of us is prison splendor. Is prison by... Glen. Each of us is the prison splendor. Each of us is in Prison fun but it's a very interesting why. So you're imprisoned blender? I suspect so. And it seems to indicate that it is process towards enlightenment that we release that splendor. That it is already there, but it is not something that we try to attain. Oh that's. That certainly makes sense. That is a very good interpretation of that. That's the same idea as saying that we all have a buddha nature with in or but our our true nature is polluted nature.

So in that sense, we're already buddha. We just don't know it yet. And i I think that's a very good way painting. It's it's a much better way of thinking for our conceptual minds because otherwise, we think that that we're trying to attain something that we don't have or become something that we're not. We have that sensor duality or we're trying to go somewhere here is bad. And and I I think that is a much more health way of working at things. Sometimes peer people say. This is some. This is this is terrible and I need to state funds that's far I need to.

Achieve Nirvana. Know, I'm going to find Nirvana. And then I'll be free and sounds. And that whole way of thinking, it reflects the way I mine's normally only function. Here, i am this separate entity empathy in this other place. So so i'm sorry really bad Yeah. I don't like it. I don't know beef here during this other place it's better. And I'll still be i'll I'll still be a separate self in this new place, but I like that lot that mean nice serve. Or I'll achieve it. It's something I don't have, it's even better than gold and dancing girls if I get this and data stuff.

And so you know, it's the same it's all the same process that we live out of anyway. So it's it's a healthier way to to saint to recognize. That what we call some is is not different from. And what we what we would escape from is no different than what we're escaping to because you know, after enlightenment or before enlightenment, chuck carry water after enlightenment chocolate teri lawyer. So. We don't go somewhere else where there's no need to chat or carry water anything anymore. But what we do is leave behind the and the wrong music create the.

Man That unleashes the splendor that we already are, which is really not separate from the splendor to that already is. And and we merge with that that's what Mara is the cessation of desire cessation and creating, the cessation of delusion. So I like that line. And i part our pizza. Yes. And it's it seems to be such a key such pivot point. As I've saw about that. Mh. It because it seems to me that in our culture in this western concert. Mh. We are conditioned from the time we born. To seek fill and happiness who it gonna be the the origins of causes outside so.

It is the consumer. Society. Yeah. So unless you have this this and this and these conditions. Surrounding these objects. And these don't who make these. And so It it just seems to be some so and i've already stayed that and. But I I just... Personally just find it just so so extraordinarily important. But it it is... People have to start where they are, and it is where the path begins. The buddha would never have left his home and nobody would ever take a spiritual practice. If they didn't have a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo the way things are the viewpoints that they have learned to hold and the goals and aspirations are they basically inherited for that good cultural norm.

So until buddy reached this point where that is no longer you know, satisfactory to them. They see the problem they recognized and of that that's where they will begin the tap but they will begin the paths with the same mindset, but They've had up to that point. And that's why we tend to you know, we began thinking that, well if I if I practice virtual, I'll accumulate merit and good Karma. And if I practice meditation, I will achieve this satisfying transformation of perception and understanding.

And within that context, a person who's still embedded I will do this. I will get bad. I will achieve that. And they're coming from the place So well, this is not good enough this is sv responding too much suffering this too that's cruelty be in the world. The white is unfair, the world is unfair. It's unjust. You know So but it gets them started on the path and somewhere along, yeah. So turning point and they realized that Well, I have to give about these erroneous ways he's looking at things to go to the next level.

Who does get people started. There is... Yeah, i to vet tradition or the mah tradition divide people up into three categories. And to speak of the people lesser capacity. So keep the pre theft practiced generosity and so forth. For the sake of accumulating merit and making good karma so that they will be reborn in better circumstances. And so they're not even thinking of enlightenment they think in terms of wanting a better light wanting a self, that enjoys better circumstances better surround names, better companions, more money or food, more ease, less disease bonus.

But I don't really like the way they just go lesser capacity medium to capacity and greater capacity. Because it's I don't think it's quite accurate. It's more like people that have... Discovered enough to start out on the path, but don't yet know where and how to go. You know, there's still they're beginners and the process of learning. They're not they're not inherently of lesser capacity, and that's a derogatory point of view because it doesn't adequately describe the the situation. Just don't reached certain model of understanding they have the the next level of understanding, which is the in fact, they can become free of suffering entirely and steve.

Liberation. And that just to aspire to more comfort and and less pain is is an inadequate goal. And and as it proceed also recognize that the idea of creating good karma accumulating merit there go this time, magical powers somewhere underwear that's going be for. Delivery them nothing better is is illusion. And also the idea that, well, I don't have the confidence that I can achieve my spiritual goals in this slide. And i'm going I am going to be reborn again, and I will have a chance to do it that's time.

Better circumstances. And as they begin to realize, well that's that's fine good enough. That's not adequate, and they start to learn that They started recognize the importance of achieving or awakening in their lifetime. And they start to recognize so no amount of improvement in the current situation they're in is going to be it's trying to really take them out of the level that with satisfaction end. So at that point, they correspond to what My is called a practitioner or medium capacity because Now recognizing that just just improving apparent improvements to the situation is really just more same.

And that is that's what people with no wisdom at all. Thank they. Only I have more money. Then things will be better. The only difference is that the first kind of practitioner so okay, I'll practice Virtue and generosity and stuff for have achieve that better life through their their Karma whereas the ordinary world says, well, if I work hard and I'm smart enough been tricky, and i I'll get more money, and then I'll get things so like be happy. So there is a recognition that... This is really just more of the same thing.

This isn't good enough. And so the medium out they becomes dedicated able to their own reservation. But it's still within the diluted view that there is an eye. There is a cell I need to be delivery. I need to attain Nirvana. I need to get out of this i. And go somewhere or better or you know, exist in a better state. And that's that's the that's the stage that everybody goes through. Even if from the very beginning, they adopt the Bo side you that I'm going to do is for the benefit of all being.

That's that is really at a verbal level for a long time because they still Feel like and believe in themselves as a second though. And I want to become and light being and enlightened settle. And... Oh, yeah. And and and I'll help everybody else idea to. So it's... That it's still as i and I will work for and I expect to achieve that. And that's what they called the practitioner median capacity. Which I think has nothing to do with their inherent capacity and maybe at may in deep, but capacity of their understanding and of the experience they had out to that point but it it's not their inherent capacity because as they proceed on the path towards enlightenment, they will come to realize that there is no vector itself.

There is no new on in a separate on. And with that realization, then when they may know that they are part everyone and carry my business the part of down. And that that's is what is, then it doesn't consist that parts and good parts and bad part. Then they truly are practicing for call sentient being. And there isn't a distinction between themselves and I'll such doing because as that same. We they now have a holistic view and they recognize that we... That that the individual eye that one may continue to experience is again everyone and everyone is in this eye and so there's no to to favor this eye for that i is, like, you know, my right hand punishing my left hand that stops making me kind of set.

To be good. Know, I'm I'm going to benefit. Part of the whole the expense to the route. Then they'd be become the center of biased capacity, who is practicing, you know, and as we would say, and once again, this is a way of saying it that makes it sound reasonable to people that haven't quite gotten understand yet. Blind practicing not from my own but for the sake of all sent in pings conveying this idea that, you know, that I'm gonna be become to buddha and then go around and help all of these so the people but there's a higher sensor of going that says that that's land now.

When during my practice high achieved, my toe complete enlightenment. That will benefit all sentient beings in and of itself. And that this individual this body the speech this mind is wandering around the world can indeed bay words that help and guide other people and perform actions that help and guide by people. But a more profound benefit to the whole which is us all has already been achieved through achieving that sort of supreme buddha so that's the practice decision not highest capacity is is understanding that It was realizing that.

And this is something that again, it's it's like everything else that we talked about. It's something that you can figure out an actual level sort of the the top level right up here. And then as your understanding deepens defense through a combination of study and teaching, but especially direct experience and continuously revisiting the truth that you've discovered it becomes a realization at the intuitive or part level that huge that we know that this is true. And then ultimately, you have the direct experience of it.

Yeah it's true. And whenever that happens, that separate self could all. The individual who has been one of either lesser medium or greater capacity up to now, no longer who persists, and that's es together with illusion. But even in this whole description, we're always gonna interpret according to our name loyalty thinking. So would saying, okay. Here's this world link. Have no capacity at all. And they have to spain could the become the sp. How are they gonna do that? And of course, if you look at cell, you by you might look at yourself and say, oh, look at all these terrible laws I have.

Look at these bad habits I have. Look at... Look at the ina that I am. How can I ever become A buddha? But the fact is that we're already of was already the buddha nature. In us and it's really a question of waking up to that fact. All of the path is really about letting go of illusions let it go of attachments. Yep. There's is it it's not about attaining and becoming. It's about let go and being. But it doesn't seem that way it seems like at first going along and. We're we're busy doing and attaining and becoming.

And but in the end we realized that all the time, we were just letting go of or as. One Lana said, cleaning the crystal because those of bud nature that's very hear. Just cleaning all those stuff the way that spends in the way changing. So we need to practice from where we are. So we need to understand where we're going. And accepting where we are is really important. You know, I I know you you've heard it, it's kinda like the number of times people say, but isn't desi and enlightenment another desire.

Oh yes. But you need that. But sorry. You know, my... And there's all kinds of cravings that you have. There's a version to violence and cruelty fee. Isn't that a version? Well, yeah. It is. It's But, you know, if serves a purpose when you understand what it is, and instead of reacting blindly from that and letting at drive view, you acknowledge that it's weird knowledge This is my nature. I see I judge I react in emotions arise. And if I'm not mindful, I I think and speak. Out of those emotions in ways that will only make things worse.

So if we try to if we try to to crush desire and crush the version rather than being blind, i'm not understanding. Then, you know, it's going to be like going out there and trying to push the crap claw back into the ground and then you'll be surprised the next day when. Right back out. Just ground by the six inches. That's that's that's the way it goes. You can't push it away. But if you examine it with might point. If you see the nature and as as the mind begins to clarify as as the mud breathe starts to settle and the mind becomes clear.

And you see the call release it how this leads to that and that reads to this and the leads back to the same thing happening again. And then it this goes on and on and And what I do affects someone else, and they react and they do something that affects me, And there's this keeps going on. I on know on. So we start with where we are. And approach it with mindful awareness and understanding wisdom growth and we grow we grow out of the notable that. That heat us from being or aware of our buddha in nature.

Can we go to try to to just destroy or crush them. We're we're going to attack the crystal that's got the dirt on it at the same time and that's not gonna achieve. Things this time. Make it even more dirty and messed up and harder to see. So that'll teach you not questions. Applying this step in our daily lives would be really important. And the v late people practicing buddhism is extremely valuable opportunity. You know, I say every sunday, for is the vehicle for liberation. Non virtue, is a tremendous obstacle?

When there is non virtuous intention and non action, it poll the mine. It ag agitated the mine. And it also due to its immediate consequences coming back from the world complicates your light and had produces all sorts of other things to stand and the way be practice. So it'd be non virtuous hacked and. Are tremendous obstacle a great problem gets in a way of of meditation. Because when we try to concentrate and the mind is agitated through both our non actions and the regret that we may feel about them.

And also the worry about the consequences that keep coming back from our non intention. we can't develop concentration path the project point. Mindfulness, the practice of mindfulness playing things clearly the way they really are. Is is also impaired by this and in a few different ways. What thing is that when we engage a non virtuous thought for feature, or action. We know what we do this and our mind tends to rationalize make story, justified. And so that's basically lying to ourselves. Right?

And there's no way that you can achieve the goals of mindful awareness. If you're committed to the process of lying to yourself about, you know, the activities that you'd keep repeating over and over again. And the goal of mindfulness is insight as we practice mindful awareness, let's see things as they really are. And for that, we need to... The the the opposite of thing as really are, wisdom his solution. So when you engage in non activities, why you do that? The only reason for ever doing like that, is only one reason, and that is that there is that delusion our selfish krishna combined with the some kind of desire or version that has a risk out of that.

That's the only reason. So every time we engage in non activities. We we're reinforcing the go very false beliefs the varying delusions that we're seeking to see clearly enough to understand. So how can I go out? And identify with my ego and myself image, and commit un virtuous actions and go out and allow craving in various forms to arise and to speak and act on the basis of it. And then they're back and expect to sit down and clearly see through the illusion of attachment to the reality of self and attachment to these external things that we think are going to.

So we can't you can't. Spend all day fooling yourself and then sit down through an hour and try to see through the illusions that you've been rei reinforcing the whole time. So now there's two ways you can approach this. One you can do you can withdraw from the world. If you're not in situations where you may be tempted to speak or act. In a non way to attempt to manipulate the world or your own gratification. You can remove yourself from that. And that will mean that you are less likely to commit non virtuous accent intentions.

Right? So that's my approach. And you could enclosure yourself in in a community of white minded of individuals. And basically, what you're doing is you're removing most of the problems that lead to the reinforcement of non vi acts and attachment. And that's a very good thing and that's what people do when they... That's that's what we... People do when they take browse and become month for nuts. That's what people do when they go into a longer retreat. They you remove themselves from all these potential surfaces.

Of non activity. But as a late person you can turn out on his head. You can say, well, this is a tremendous example? Or or tremendous opportunity, great opportunity. This how can you overcome the tendency to non behavior? Is by being mindful everything that you think can say into. Facts pay my all over time. And by recognizing wind desire and inversion, right. And by recognizing that the desire that arise are rooted in attachment to self do an attachment to the view of things as being the way they appear to be.

And that these things already either cause a problem or the source of your happiness can you need to manipulate them. So you can see those wrong views arising. And with mindfulness, you can see the consequences is both to yourself, to around my stream to others and back to your body in the future that those the repo action frame. So living in the world is actually tremendous opportunity for very, very powerful practice. More effective and just put withdrawing from all the potential sources that it.

And so, you know, in your daily life, you need to learn to take. Take that opportunity and the tools are straightforward. Get those pre clearly embedded in your line. And be mindful, know, whatever you do. My keeping preset or not And if I am or if I am not why? What is it rising? And mean about keeping any pre because I desire and light and red pad, if I if I demo and some bad things gonna happen to me or I I won't to become an enlightened or or. Now, what is if I'm not keeping in preset, is because I'm referring to what's gonna happen if I know double was a little wire or make this little distortion or my ego needs to hear me speak these words to this other person and balance though so wise or so self rochester or so lift or so that.

Know. So but keeping the princess test brings that my corner. Practicing generosity makes you aware of your own attachments in greed, practicing patients they peculiar the tendency to version to arise. So, you know, we have these latter five speak up for late practitioners. And then specifically, for lace conditioner, because monks an non decree not to attend to entertain that dancing and singing, not to where fancy, clothes and environments and feathers jewels and Perfume and things like that. Not to flee on high beers in high c.

Not to the money and gold but things like that. Those those are fine preset for like and experience. But these teeth lot cloud stuff, these are for people. You know, I take the crease after refrain from acting out of little wheel they can him and mis portion of other And if you practice out, you do that a lot. Everybody does that a lot. So there's lots of opportunity for mindful awareness. And mark of rock you were saying. Oh, why am i doing there? Oh, you know, where is this coming from? Did you take the undertake the preset to the open hearted and generates all over their indirect other people.

Well, was a lot of mindfulness involved in that and a lot of seeing how we're not open hearted and we're not generous, which leads to saying why we're not generous and why we're not open hearted at least there's this deeper understanding, which brings us closer to wisdom. That only does it help us not to engage on activities. It brings wisdom directly at brings insight. I undertake this pre to act of loving kindness and compassion and all my relations for about. Well, we take this turn another. New level.

It's not just, you know, what we're avoiding and not doing. It's going beyond that. Know. Loving kind of, is there a in time that's in my actions? And it's not why not? Is there compassion? And it's not what did it go and place a compassion? What is it that's operating instead? And where that have gone. And so these are all these are these are very powerful ways that late first time. And practice that and the practice of virtue becomes a vehicle for liberation. It removes the obstacles to concentration.

It removes the obstacles to mindful awareness. It removes the tendency to constantly reinforce our own deletion and ignorance. And it also brings very directly insight understanding and wisdom. So like this wonderful. So you just, you know, you remove all of the confusion. That you've had before, when you've been a condition being buffering the ups downs of the attachment to external first is the happiness and external causes as their larger. And you embrace the deeper reality or what you are and what what this world really is?

Can you begin? You begin to taste every single moment when for a fraction of a section, you let girl recruitment. You had a taste of nirvana, and you all have many taste for bun. So that's the nice thing about delusion. You don't have to you don't have to wait until it's totally gone to interrupt it long enough to get those little dips to And and of course, it is an ob veil and as the ob bail becomes thinner and thinner. You find yourself theme through it. Much more often much more easily. So daily like, that's where the real questions come.

And that's where real teachings go. Every time all of these life lifetimes happens, it should respond to with. Okay. What I gonna why something this fine. This just an opportunity to go up to the next level. Is. Sometimes it's a steep climb to the next level. One isn't meditation carly besides trying to get certain, you know, all the levels to contemplate about those like things and how you act rant and And where made found them and all here's that part of the purpose chose as well as trying to reach it certain stage You say is part of meditation contemplating that?

Yeah. You can. Contemplation of that is important in value. That's the reflection part, you daily study meditation and reflection. That's the reflection part. Because they changed that to reflection to contemplation, but really think reflection is a better description of that. Meditation is separate from that. You can. You can carry out this contemplation this reflection you carry out this reflection and a medi way. And that is a kind of meditation that I would describe as contemplation or might be described as analytical meditation.

You can set aside time. To actually examine reflective these wife's situations and your reactions to that. But when we say meditation, it would be good to keep that as the distinct from the reflection of contemplation. Because meditation is that opportunity. To suspend the analytical thinking. And allow the capacity just pure mindful awareness to develop and grow. And we want to bring that into every part of our lives. So if we confused if if I shouldn't say confused. If we if we combine reflection under the same label with meditation, it might lead to people spending the that that special and hard to come by.

Time and opportunity to practice concentration and mindful full of awareness to you spend that time, practicing analytical analysis. Of our problems in our life situation. It's good to spend time doing that, but not at the expense of our meditation time. And if you reflect then what will happen as you go and know meditate and as the mine becomes quiet you'll find at all of those deeper levels of your mind have continued to work on their problem. And so you you will come to see things about your problem that you would never have come to by thought lot.

No matter how long you analyzed it, There's a way of seeing it a way of understanding it a completely different way of interpreting some aspect of your situation that that might never have come to you through thinking about it. But when when you... When you've given up the reflection and you go when you and calm the line and you empty the mind of all of history, you know, running your same thoughts over over again. When the same thoughts stop running over and over again, it allows a completely kind new kind of thought to come up.

And this can this can help us this. So, yes. I'll answer question yes. Reflection and contemplation is a very important part of it. Meditation allows us to do it do this effectively. If we haven't ever meditate, if you go and try to sit down think about your problem. You can't even stay on the same topic. This problem multiplies into that and another thing and your mind will even stay on one topic, And the current problem that he's sat down to think about ends up being entangled with all of these other things.

And you can't solve the whole situation at your life in one piece. And so you end up getting nowhere. And ever had that experience. We're trying to think you're way through a problem. Yeah? I mean I have many times I have that experience. And and that is where right happened when you when you practicing the meditation, it allows you to stay on track and if you're going to reflect and on a particular problem. You can focus on it. If you have the dha teachings, you have some really powerful tools to work with.

If there is suffering present, then there must be craving. So let me find the craving. If was craving present somehow there's an attachment to views. View sell view, things being and in particular right. So these are tools that allow your thinking to be very effective and powerful. So, yes, reflection and contemplation are very important. They're made possible and effective through meditation. And if after you have done your reflection and contemplation, if you let go of that And if you put this left side of your brain that does always leak linear you're thinking and verbal kind of thinking thing at.

Put it to rest and let do deeper more intuitive more holistic parts of your mind. Present if you alternative views for those that you've been running through. And and that's what you're tremendous miss benefit, but So should never set up the two reflection account inflation for actual meditation. On that. Yes. It's he's helpful and... But I noticed this just as you said, if you sit down and try to think... Oh, I got this problem. What should I do? Should I do this, or Should do that you can't. You just go around and around and and it's like, writing down, well, there's I can do this or I could do bad or mh.

You know? But if you've sit down in... You're not thinking about the problem, but you're sitting just without having thought about it when be sat down. You're just sitting down And then you're watching your what comes into your thoughts Mh. Then it's all things that affect that, but they come back in way, then we had me analyzing which ones that what you're saying... Yes. I'm saying that. That that's right. And and also, they it gives you clues to why this thing wasn't working but because here mind, he transferred through his same loop and it doesn't get you anywhere.

You sit down in meditation and something comes up, and you realize that it's a part of the problem that you have in acknowledged. Is they have recognized who's there. And now that you recognize there, it's possible to... you know, you you're not in the same loop pain anymore you're you can think that material in a different way. The stuff that comes up, in meditation. But initially, as you know, start first drug meditating, a lot of trivial stuff comes out. That's just why not used to doing this.

So it's just kinda latching onto this that and the other whatever, you know. But as your mind begins to call, yet, the things that come up are very important to take note of because you know, the the question is, Why is this? Kind? Why is this in my mind? What does it have to do? What... Consider recently part of? What's that? Resentment, Would that be part of k? Yes. Very very much. So I i if you that... It is resentment part of trade. Yes. Resentment is thinking about it. What what does resentment mean?

What would be an example or is that not Well, it came up for me and meditation couple of weeks ago. And joan. What came up for me by, like a resentment, but you didn't realize head consciously that I could let go of some issues that I need echo. And so that. Is crave what is this what is resent? Is it. Mh. Or was part of paying. It's as part of anger, and it's you know, this we can resent somebody for different reasons, maybe somebody did or said something that hurt this. And we respond to her with a urgent anger.

Or is that not? Even though you done aware. Even though even though you're not gonna necessarily. You you can tell yourself. That doesn't bother me, but it's not always true. Sometimes it does by way. Seven like. And you can... Yeah. Resentment is generally related to different on kind of. And it's our reaction to a version. You know, we want to to... At the very least we want to avoid the pain. But a lot of times we want to punish the caused of the what we perceive with being positive but pain.

Mh. Like all these different jealousy. And you feel jealousy, right where what is where you sell us? I Maybe. Yeah. It's crazy. As creating, coupled with anger and resentment that. And Is wanting to have something, and then may you have a resentment that somebody else has it and you don't. And this isn't bright and it's not fair, you know, not I I deserve this one down or I should have bad. But and all like I say, If this... You know, when do you feel suffering? Dissatisfaction. It's like a big red light coming on.

But words flashing. Craving is present. Craving is present. They you can ignore the big flashing light or you can have a look and say okay. Where's the cra behind this? Mh. Now even the you stub your toe, at all that really hurt, you know, what came from new toe was just a sensation. And the suffering that you experience after that, you get mad at yourself, or maybe somebody else was talking to you and you say, the only reason I stub my tell was it dumb person was distracting me laying on somebody else, Now, all kinds of stuff comes out.

And the net effect that it when you look at none of it makes it hurt. It all makes it hurt more. Have every little bit of what comes up. So whatever is suffering you look and see, what's going on here. All and there's so many different possibilities, you know, it's not it's not a formula for well when this happens. It's always always to do that. Because we more complicated than that. But. But there is what we call craving made out of desire version and ignorant attachment to to use the self and used with the rate thing start.

And from there, that is... That simplifies things, but now, if you look, you can unravel the reps. So cra and burning are the same they've always been spoken of as craving outside and versions the other side, creating because we want something. Think something is vehicle, mh but it's like this, and the version is that you don't like it so forth. So that that but saying that craving a version are saying. Version is a part of creating. In English language, I don't know that we've ever really had much reason and common to systematically define these different things and distinguish between them.

In the poly language, there's there word Which literally means first. Which was you served from its everyday meaning, like, you know, Like can you can I get a glass of water I have thirst. It was you from that and given the special meaning that we translate as craving. But the special meeting that we translate is craving includes both desire and inversion. It includes the comp to make things different to wanting things to be different. That energizes us to active to mental verbal or physical act to try to produce the change.

And so when we're using the English word craving, not in its ordinary aim sets, but as a substitute for the Poly word tata, then we recognize that it has both its positive and negative aspect the desire is the manifestation of creating, and that's very similar to how English we need to need training created a piece of chocolate pay that's desire. But a aversion is the other form. Of training. So I wanna not is also a desire. Right? Anger hatred part. They're their desires to make things different and a particularly way.

What makes sense me the desire to make things different. Yeah. Every time we're dissatisfied with some maybe. We think it should be different. We think the person should be different. With think... We should be different. Exactly. And that that that exposed. Those are all that that's what they were craving do what we need to take it to me to understand bit properly wanting things to be different. And in defining for us, how the mind operates and what's called the the links of dependent origin, the Buddha explains that when there is an experience it leads to feeling of pleasant unpleasant neutral.

And dealings at pleasant and present always lead to this thing that we call creating. So training meaning that we want things to be to be different we want in the case of how things that are pleasant. We want them not to go away. So we want to be able to have them again. I rewind the data what's holding on to in the things case things are unpleasant. We want to drive them away. We want to make clint product, but it's this thing, wanting to change things from the way that they actually are in the way that they actually happen.

So yeah but feelings if pleasant unpleasant neutral occur and as a result, of them note them as caused that familiarize out of creating kind of attachment in this sense attachment to the views of cell or of things the the way they are, because how we're gonna change things unless we have a kind of a plan in their mind of how they how they are and how it can be changed to how they would be different. So, you know, if I feel bad because you said nothing naturally to me, that my view is that in my attachment is the idea that now I say something even more me to you, I'll feel better because you feel with that.

That's still that's the attachment leading to. To becoming and and becoming his where you stay this thing, that really hurts the other person. And then for some reason, we're always surprised with instead of the other person's saying, Oh you made me feel so bad. I'm really sorry. They lashed back and you're even stronger. And we're always surprised like, wow, I didn't materialize realize that that's gonna be effective but we don't. So i'm gonna just finish this. The other thing is terms of I understanding and creating but Buddha talked about the the truth buffering cost offering and the offering.

Du, which means un factor. It caused craving, which means acting out of the state of being just. You know, and so suffering as satisfactory and craving as being dissatisfied. You know, they're almost the same thing. So yes paths. So along this way, one begins to take offense at circumstances and comments less unless than less. Yeah. Because you get a sense himself begins. Then another indicator seems to to be mean I watched this you know this such an express anything. And then the other indicator would seem to be the very much seems to be this ability to be genuinely happy.

When something happens to someone else. Even though one doesn't have it... Mh. Themselves, And somebody else has it, you can become absolutely joyful for them without attachment and craving. Right. Those seems to be two really key things. Mh. Because that... That's such a big picture, but the... Yeah. And in two very... That's right. They divine about, do you know that they're the divine and biting. The god realms, they are loving and kindness, compassion, sympathetic or joy and the happiness of others and.

So their opposite, of course, are the held around. For suffering grounds, know, instead of loving kind bearings to data selfish and grass pain. Instead of compassion there is pain in that page instead of san sympathetic joy, there's n and yellow. And instead of e there is, but grasping after things as being fun being the cause of own what is equipment and so. Learning to live and the divine of those, make sure happy people ahead. You describe sympathetic joint very well. Meta Corona Meh, O and And no the Poly third for taking taking pleasure to taking the satisfaction and the happiness brother.

Can't go wrong with it. And also being being said or sorry or for mis of others because sometimes people aol. They deserve that mh. I they. I knew that that was for. They brought it on themselves. I mean, instead of that attitude of seeing that another bead yourself, has miss fortune. Mh. Some sympathetic. What you call that sympathetic sorry. Got fashion. Although we don't need to go in and this a subtle thing that you know, compassion doesn't mean that I need to be miserable because... Yeah. Because you are in pain know, but it means that in my heart I want to...

I want you to be happy and I want to do anything that is in my power to help relieve your suffering. Yeah. Also in the circumstance like this that went oh, when someone is having deep difficulties any description that It's possible to see a person in a very wide view and and see the difficulty in a sense that this this is a beautiful thing that this is a stepping stone. But this is yes Even though the pain can be very very great. That's a very interesting j position concussion. And and understanding that that this difficulty is it the broadest it even direct sense vitamin by the important Yes.

It it is a very interesting thing. Not one that we should try to jump the ahead to before we're ready to. But when we when we become fully aware that that through wisdom and understanding that suffering is not necessary and we see other suffering. On the one hand, we see that there may be something that we could fe or do to to immediately ease this buffering, but we also see that the real solution to their suffering is to bring down to that same level of wisdom and understanding where there is no tough right.

Which is when you get to that point, yep. That then then you're at you're at the bo south level, then you're... And you're really at the at level practitioner or highest capacity. Anyway, this has been an interesting discussion.

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