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TCMC 15 April 2010

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Mh. Passed. You said two things within my why that have really helped. And we I would like to tell you what those things are. They're two and see if you like to add to that or or whatever. One word is group. Said that when you meditate to get into a certain room and when you find that group, and I think I know what you mean, I know what That sales that growth is. That that you weren't at deepening that route, so you can sustain that group great the longer longer periods fine. So I I've I found that extraordinary.

The second word is simple. You said, I believe the weekly form that There's really no big secret here. It is really enlightenment and the experience of the alignment although. You know, if it isn't simple and and yet it is. I mean... And those two things for whatever reason I heard them just the hard time. From you is just the right way have really been profoundly helpful. So I'm I I'm wondering if you might expand on that or add anything to that you? Well, I thank you for calling me That's very good.

I'm I'm really happy that those things have that impact on you. And and and yeah, there they are... There's also important ideas. So, you know, we're training our lines, but we're basically getting airlines used to functioning in a particular way like a group. More more often you operate create and that way the easier it is i get way into it and no longer you can see in it. And it is really simple. But it's says that it's it's simple and it's complex. Our bodies Our minds have accumulated a lot of ways of looking at things.

Thinking of things, projecting things, reacting things. And that's what makes it complicated is that we have to undo the overlay that we have built out, but what we... What we are after is really extremely simple and it's a question. Not of doing something so much as letting go of different things. And. Allowing our consciousness and mindfulness to find this way to what's really always been there, but we haven't recognize it and haven't appreciated it. I'd like to hear what anybody else has to say about cliff thanks it.

Yeah. Is that that... Does it resonate with you in any way? Or or not? When I feel very mindful. I don't feel like I'm in my mind. I feel like I'm in my experience. Mh. And my mind is kind of irrelevant to that experience. I imagine I can use it to interfere with the experience. But somehow, I can't use my mind to get to the experience. And it... I've I've been using that as a vehicle to get to the experience, and then I got to the experience and I found that the vehicle was often interfering with that.

Mh. Well, several things in that. And the first thing is that when we talk about these things right away, realize that these different words we made and what we think by them you like, the same contradiction you're saying or mindful your mind gets razor deep my fault. What talking about? Yeah you're right. Can't exhausted And just because and our not only of speaking, we need many things line and generally. We all have a sense of what it needs to be mindful, but we have rarely thought about public what.

What is this mindfulness? You know So that's one thing make comes to mine. Other thing, of course is is very true that what you're referring in mind in a sense. Gets in the way a lot. It's that it's that aspect of your mentality that is constructing and changing. In in all kinds of our ordinary daily lives that function is useful and necessary. But like like any tool, it only serve certain purposes and and then other times if it really gets some way. It's it's inappropriate. So but there's room for being mindful?

And for the construct mind. And vision for both of them operating at the same time. We can. We can be mindful of the mine. And if we become mindful of the line, we could see that some of it's functioning are useful to us and some of them are are problematic. But when... And this is maybe something that we can talk about later we we sit. Tonight. Experience. Like, what is mindfulness? What does direct experience and how is this different than what you know, if what we're ordinary we every moment here week is an experience.

Right? Alright. So what's the... What are we talking about? You know So we we could stand A look at that more. Explore a little more deeply. I think that would be That's that's sort of a direction that I wanted to go in. When we left two weeks ago, and and I would like to go way too. Explore that a little more deeply and just, you know, you've all you've all have done quite bit of notation experience now. So we've actually spent a lot of time in the presence of of your mind and championed a lot of very practical with experience about the labor mind behaves.

It's a really good time to start putting that to use in terms of of coming to a clear understanding of at least what these terms mean and what we're referring to by them. There's a lot of intuitive understanding and this that could snap to be made a little more definitive. And the flip side of that is that a lot of what we call are intuitive understanding or intuitive vue of things is part of the problem that gets in way. And so we can views our our rational thoughts and our analysis, especially based on the experience we have of observing our knowledge and meditation to unravel that bit and see to what degree our our intuitions are not giving us what we really need.

So so both both sides to Yes, We said. It's very figured that you just said that because it it's still like... Exactly where I am right now. Is noticing what I would have called intuition, which might not be exactly the right word but I've always... For most of my, I talked to perhaps the last couple of years. I've always we've gone by my feelings. I I no. I feel what it's right. And it turns his out it's going by my feelings. Is not a good idea. Mh. I And very recently, I've been noticing sense that my emotion has an agenda Yes.

That they are not trustworthy. They want the they hard. Mh. They're still up here the theories there. Right. But I've gotten very suspicious about that this is not some sure Perfect. Always right experience. I don't know what it is. Mh. But I am saying more more that there is a way of being with the fear and letting it being. But not listening to it. We wouldn't telling to do. I'm not not letting it. Not with control. Exactly. Yeah. And and I I almost feel like, how could it change? It might to be.

Like most And so this an exactly who I have about... I would have referred to this as an intuitive kind of thing I know. Because I'm afraid I know I shouldn't do whatever it is. Because I'm angry I know that person is a whole bunch of things that I will stay at this time. Well i. I got been noticing this and then I am now don't. Mh way to which. I cannot trust my emotions the way I have from my my? Because your emotions and your intuition. They're doing the best job that they can. But they don't have the level of wisdom and certainty and correctness that that our life would be oh so much more simple if it did.

That outcome. Instead, it's a it it's something i work sometimes, but It also depends on, you know, especially your emotions. And it's equally through remote and and integration, but your emotions, you have to look up. Where did that particular how do that particular motion come to be conditioned? And what we're actors because won't surprise anybody here at all as I tell you that that you have a lot of triggers for emotions. That haven't been appropriate since you were five years old. But just we're still lot lady.

And and and and they even more so every sentence. So and the same thing true of your intuition. The there's a basis for for her intuitive way of skin things. It's not always sound. And sometimes it's it's grossly inappropriate. And other times, it's pretty good. Sometimes it's so so and... But we just can't we can't go blindly later on. Under the comp of our emotions being ruled by our emotions and being slid into error and deletion through an intuition that is not refined. So... You know but it's go.

Where I I end up a couple of days ago, what I noticed was I. If i if It's almost... Like, I had the visual image of being out of space, and I'm just... There's no... I'm not connected to way that I was connect with the emotion where I knew what to do because i I felt this and I did do that. And It's... It's thermostat... I have no connection and. Don't just like I have... I have to always be there to see what it do. Yeah. And this itself? Is just kind to scary right? Yes. It it is because you you're yeah.

Eu you discovered that you can't. Trust like, for so long you trust it. Mh. And it did gave you a sense of security. Mh. And so now Now you have to you have to get used to that on the one hand and refine and cultivate another rate upgrade. Which is mindfulness switch factory. That's why you gotta talk about what this ninth on this is. If we as him beings, have this capacity that lightly refer to you as mindfulness that be so valuable to call today. Exactly is it anyway. And is it indeed more trustworthy than our emotions and our intuitions.

And is so how how do we use it most effectively? So... Yeah. This is good stuff that we have to to talk about to. K. Yes. Yeah. We were talking later maybe we can defy information also. So I guess i've never thought of intuition connected with the emotion really maybe... I just don't even know what it is really i oh started wondering what but that means to know something intuitively. And i what I... How I see it is that it's something... I've always start a intuition at Beyond emotions and knowing something profound or having a deep knowledge awareness mindfulness or something.

So maybe that's not really. Well, we can talk about it, yeah more detail. I I'll just gave you that's a brief. If the intuition is affected by emotion. What are our emotions are memphis states certainly not same thing as our intuition but they are interconnected very much. And what we mean about intuition, I think if we were to to just take that word and try to break it down and understand it. It it refers to a kind of knowledge and understanding that seems to come from with n from sort of... I'm so I've seen source.

Of knowledge and understanding. In contrast to that analytical you know well, if anything be or, you know, if I do this, that will happen, but that will be good. Or in the case of evaluating circumstances that we find ourselves in or person that we meet. Our intuition might tell us, but we shouldn't trust this person. Where are logical rational lines as well. I see reason why not. But your intuition is is operating with a lot of... I'm same parameters that's... I I mean, it's insane in terms of cautious.

They you're not consciously aware of the parameters that are operating that under like the intuition. But most of most of the time we're acting out of intuition. And then what stands out for us at certain circumstances where intuition and the normal conscious reason seem to be there seems to be a difference between the two. And very often. Our our intuition is selling to something important. That needs to be listen to. But it's not this... It it's not always right. And even when it is right, we...

It's not very not go beyond the intuition i understand. What the basis is for us and use use that in in determining our actions and and interactions. Intuition tends to be glorified. And and how you guys wish will sync me. You know, we would love the idea that I carry around and with me this secret source of wisdom and discernment and discrimination that can off in and and tell when to be on guard or when to embrace something or and so on so far. But... Yes, it's coming from the unseen unconscious or sub subconscious part of your mind.

And as you probably realize in terms of what makes up your line mental processes, the part that's singing the partner's conscious at any given a time. This is the little tiny piece of the whole. And so yes, it's certainly true that the other ninety whatever percent of your mental functioning should be able to come up with some things that conscious awareness with with that the analytical processes that are limited to that tiny sphere not just awareness might. And that is... That's the way intuition works.

It's all of our other unseen resources. But when you send in your mind, you realize that all of those other unseen resources, when they're working well, it's because there's large numbers of them interacting simultaneously on reasonably good data reasonably good. Physicians that giving you something that you can work with. And when you consider with the limitations of this discussion reasoning. Well, yes. As you go through most of the most of your daily life you rely on the sub subconscious processes, to look after most of...

Most of the things that you encountered most those situations you encountered during the day the task you have to perform the with the minor decisions here and there. And your sub subconscious that subconscious unconscious part of your life. He's busy processing things who are eating that and processing away comparing things and and coming up with possible solutions and that can into your conscious awareness and you make use of it. But those processes individually are all pretty simple. And and highly dependent.

I guess that's the most important thing. Everything about your mind is highly dependent on past causes and conditions. You know, the data that it's operating on pre positions that are, are knowing to determine the quality of your intuition. Now those those very fundamental views that we have that in meditation practice and in the darn button, we... We're trying to just turn around. But it seems like I am the set self in this world of independent objects. And since the universe is so much bigger than they hit so more independent object.

This is not a terribly comfortable situation in life to struggle the I've gotta to do that I can't. Take care of myself and get what I need. That's your intuition. That is your intuitive view of reality. And this small. You know, So you can't trust intuition entire. Intuition exists and is a good thing and it serves all kinds of purposes. You wouldn't have reached the stage in your life if you hadn't had the intuition that you were a separate saw. And so that you did the things that were necessary to to take care of and protect this aggregate this morning in this line.

But now you're coming to a level of wisdom or you can say, well, wait a minute. That was good enough before up to now. But it's not it's it's not really good enough any longer. It's nice to it's time to go beyond that. And that's where we start recognize it. Intuition is not totally reliable. But you've already you've already realized that others have you have already realized that as as you go through life you have those experiences where you realize your your intuition has failed you. At times.

And so you begin to realize it it's not totally trustworthy and So we recognize what the sources of the intuition are. We cease to we see slip into wish thinking that overly mis intuition and its sources. And then what we can do is we can... We can work with our lines we can provide our intuition with a much more with much superior set of of pre and and presumption and data to operate on and then we'll come up with and new. In view, which will give us a much more reliable intuition. And the company like that, it should be some much more functional emotions.

So they're no longer longer compulsions, but rather they create the appropriate natural state or a slip out of. If fear is an appropriate mental state. When there is a patent in danger at hand. That in other circumstances in mental state of fear is just a total problem. Right? Nine doesn't work well, you don't make good decisions, you know, react appropriately. Yeah. So emotions, mental states are very important. They motivate. They cause us to... I need to eat e motion, you know, they put a in motion and they give this direction.

And and they condition the line, so that if the emotion is appropriate to the circumstances. It helps to energize and direct and and facilitate an appropriate way of dealing with things. There are occasions when stress went fear is appropriate, but there are occasions when compassion or love trust or understanding or more purpose. So our emotions have our intuition to become the kind of dean that you want to do. Then you rather than allowing these same to as they have just sort of hap randomly come to be what they are and you have to deal with some.

As you find them, you can begin to direct the own formation of of your mind to your emotions and your intuition. And a positive way. You will become the kind of person that you ought to be, which is happy, loving checked and comfort. Right? Desktop. I see my emotions with the... As as being a response to my illusions with a sometimes exception of love. Mh. But my other emotions i I see is all being a response to the illusion. I was wondering whether the relationship between intuition and a vision.

Deterioration. And the difference between one being intuitive and one having a vision. Alright. We can talk about that more later. And... Yeah. But Yeah. That's an important question. Because there's something similar there. If you trust your intuition, and then if you go off on a vision quest, and you even gain some new way of seeing things or some guidance. Second we found. Yeah. And how much can you trust? Okay. Perfect. Okay.

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