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Stronghold 11 April 2010

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anything that's craving to be talked about. Medication, love time and meditation. Yes. It's a it's a practice for. Developing that part of our mind, which by means at which we experience loving kindness and compassion or other thing and meaning data means loving time. Or there other ways, it means it means love caring sincere friendship with no other agenda, no grasping ping. But... What that that means. And and so like any other meditation practice is when where you deliberately cultivate a particular mental state so that it becomes more natural for the line and easier for the wanting to enter into.

Net meditation and be use as a concentration practice because it's a way to keeping their mind focused on particular process for a certain period of time. What's really interesting is that when researchers have done studies on the brains of people that have done the lot of meta notification. It it turns out in the prefrontal cortex is a little area, but in right prefrontal low. It's very active. People are sad depressed unhappy. And the air corresponding area on the left hand side, when it is very active.

They experience a lot of happiness. And when people practice compassion meditation and meditation and medical meditation, for a long time, and a man may measure the activity different request they bring. They find it. This little part over here is it's like it's almost gone out it's only very weekly active in this part over here, is very active. And so just looking at the at their fm mris or their E, you say, wow, this is one of the happiest person but but seen. That's a very interesting thing. That that modern science is finding this.

Has in Buddhist practice found for thousands of years that the practice of economists and compassion produces as great hacking. And master S Davis is a quote from him a very, very wonderful his regard yesterday. The sum of all suffering in the world is a result of trying to make ourselves happy. And sum total of all the happiness in the world. Is due to messing other people happy. And so that is reflected and the results of meta meditation practically you train yourself to do that. And of course, if you just all you did with sip and develop this mental state.

It's not nearly so wonderful is what happens when your mind gets used to enter any that mental stage. And you do well and you encounter people in difficult situations and you should respond the welding kindness of compassion instead of anger and inpatient and competitive medicine and argument not work like that. And you really experience that happiness. And then of course, the other people are happy. And since we're all interconnected, you're but surrounded by happy people. And so your mind resonates with air happiness mission so you reason The actual practice.

Actual practice is one visualizing other things. And as you visualize them generating the wish, for them to be pre from suffering and causes of suffering and wishing that they will experience. Happiness. And in fact, part of it is wishing for them that they will also experience the same feeling of learning and kindness. And so in in conducting that practice, we usually start with ourselves and that's where we establish the state of my we imagine. We remember we recollect whatever is necessary. To bring as much as we can ourselves to that state of money.

And what is it like to be completely at ease and fridge from suffering? Frequent physical suffering be mental suffering. And so even though as we're doing that, we may have some physical pain. We may have some metal pain deep but nets they can place that. Like. In that moment. We set that aside and and we try to call what it's like. When we when we're free from all sources of pain suffering. And we make that very clear. And then when we, you know, spend a few minutes getting bringing that state up as much as we can, and of course the more kind more you practice the more the the easier it is and the stronger it becomes.

But you just do what your capable were doing at this particular point in time. And then without losing that, then you add two it you moved the next phase and say... Okay. You you bring to mind through recollection and whatever means. What it's like could be Completely at least no ill will, no irritation, no anger no hatred. Completely at piece with everything at everybody. So you add that to it. And not only our ease but you're at. And then you bring forth the feeling of time. You think about somebody that you read...

Hey you leave you have tenders feelings sport. And you add that to it. So now you're at ea or a b sign in filled sense tearing about I, finally, then you in the same way through recollection and means or by imagination, you call. Or mental state of being completely happy and. And so when you have this meth fake help with yourself is reference then you begin to, visualize other beings and imagine that you are sending that be there. And so you imagine, maybe you could see them just just think well, maybe this person is maybe help a driveway washing a card right now.

It's gonna send them all of this this this ease these and voila of that and happiness just imagine all of a sudden. It's like wow to they ever shield where discomfort. And you just keep doing this. You just keep sending it out, send it out to your friends, handed it out to your family, sending it out people you hardly even know. Send it out to complete strangers, set it out to being universe. And so that is that is a meditation that is national meditation session. And of first one of the best things to do is after you've done all this is to bring it back to yourself again because we always say we have a lot of things that we're, you know, we feel like we're not really worthy of all of this, or we haven't forgiven ourselves for certain things and like that.

And so initially, when we generate that mat state, it would our ability would have been hindered by our own meth friction. As we go through, sending this out to all of these other thing. Then we managed to get past a lot of those so long agreement back to ourselves again, it's really strong. Now if she do that for half an hour hour an hour, And then the more often you do that, your brain is gonna get really used to going into that state. Okay. And so That this... That's that's how this practice works.

Don't you also send that to your or anything. That you feel is things are not so good with. Everybody. Absolutely everybody. Yeah. So he usually started out with people as easy. Mh. But eventually, again and then you move to people to kind neutral and then you get with people that's really difficult Somebody didn't have an argue and are you might with, you know, x y. She guy fire you I person stole your partner. Whatever. And then you we wish peace and happiness and having that evidence so all. I was doing it.

And that's how you're doing? Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. And and the basic method is is university all the different traditions. What you will find into in different traditions is slightly different wording of the witch. And the one that I use is is to be free, pretty ill well build love kindness and and truly happy. Mh. But there are other formulas with slightly different learning, but they all end up saying the same thing in their own way. May I be freedom danger? May I have mental happy that may I know physical happiness.

And they like all these. Yeah. It's... Does that encompass what I need to encompass or do I need to change that bit? And and then you risk this so... Alright. So it's it's free from danger... Mental or. One mentioned happiness physical happiness. And i'm holding the this. Mh Wi them not please. Which. Yeah the only thing... The only thing that it doesn't specifically address is probably maybe two things... One is a element on of being filled with loving kindness. I mean, two have that wish for other people is the be state of love and kindness.

But Yeah. Yeah. And depending on how you understand it, it you can't understand it to include being free from all feelings of their will. Or or en. But I think also a person could fail to recognize that's part of it since that particular formula was couch entirely in terms of of happiness. Right. So it it doesn't really address the the anger dimension overt, but it's there the last. Meditation that Buddha actually talked Oh, yeah. Yeah. So it's like out of an sip. Yeah. I. Another copy of of that here.

That's called the net path. That's perfectly. And it is often chanted. And we might watch see look at this. And the formula and mayor, is may Id be free from en and danger may I decrease from mental suffering, meredith frequent physical suffering, may I take care of myself happily. Is referring to anger a room and start for. And then and this the sutra that is chanted all over the county asia and Chime so forth. It goes through it starts off with may Id. And then it goes my parents teachers, relative, friends and fellow errors, and then goes mail all medi in this compound, then moves on to male monks, nav monks, late name and labeling and disciples, i moved john here are all donors of the force support are guardian papers.

The spirits. Then may all things, all breathing beings all creatures all individuals, all personalities on males, all females, all noble ones, all rolled ones, va and, all humans, all those in the four planes. And then to expand back with eastern direction rush direction or in direction some direction and so on so forth. So know do. It's it's It's the oldest formulation tactics that we have. This to go through all at these and but I... I suspect it in the time of buddha. There were many different variations of the on your route.

So there are different variations of this that come up and all of the physicians that comes out that. But they're very similar and the progression you're the different kinds of thing and and, you know, what you're the kind issues that of your projecting. But it did they get for a little bit on words to used. You'd like to look if this. Okay. Maybe I it. Sure. Yeah. Okay okay. Well, let's let's put a somewhere number to take it up there and make a copy. I'll give it I'll to you. Yeah. Wait you remember to take up in copy here.

You're saying about doing the loving kindness and sending it out to enemies. Mh. Oh, when you were talking about doing a loving kindness meditation, and sending that out to. I realized I don't have any enemies anymore. Well. Yes. That's very good time to realize. But when you do this practice, send it out the people who would dm music. Yeah. I mean, it's important to still single out the people in your mind who have caused some sort of. So yeah. Right. Yes. And and and and and I do that. And and, yeah.

I understand that. But I I used to send it out to them because they were my enemies. Mh. And now I just send it out to them because of hurting, and they don't have happiness. Well, one of the one of the parts of the of the The eight practices for training the mine involves our category people in regard as inmates because they cause some injury to us, They say things about us other people and until on. And it is to regard them not as, but as a a wonderful gift because Fun paying attention to them.

Then they they they are your teachers they're deaf they're a teacher. They're the to deep depending their on understanding. Yeah. And so that practice is to get is to practice doing exactly what you're saying no longer think me know those in needs but not only no longer thinking of the now is sing out is our special benefit to you because of what they allow you to to do practice. So. Well, they showed me parts of my cell. Yes. They show you prior what you're personality aggregate itself has included.

And they're also pointing out to you the basis for all of your own, actions and speech and thoughts in the past. Because harry hang there anybody who's or they might be seen as you're in enemies doing. They're doing because they are a suffering being but acting of ignorance, thinking it somehow, these things that they're doing are going to ease their suffering or make them happy. Push they're not So what else can you tell the transaction?? Is it too paul? No said fault? No. It's good. No. Least.

Oh on. Pull is raining down. I think also that when you get into the more subtle thing when you get to a place where you say you don't have any anymore. You can still realize that you have some judgments about certain people. And or at least, I'm speaking from myself. I I find that I have some I wouldn't consider them enemies, but there's some people that I think should be a little different than they are. Mh. And because that n and I consider that my judgment and and so then I try to send this loving kindness to them.

And seeing them free from my from my judgments. Mh. I don't know if you know what I'm talking. Yes do. It gets one more subtle, you know, more keeps more you're not just projecting constantly on everybody and you get to figure out what you're doing and then pretty soon you have all these trends instead of innovation and things. But still, there's always something. It's usually in a family. That you much more cautious. Oh. Or somebody that you'd think doesn't quite approve of you in some way or something and...

Why you've gotten everyone else for you drew judgments. There's still one person left. Yeah. You. That's a hard. Yeah. Yes. Do you also send that out, you know, not necessarily, people that you have a problem with that you know, that needed no or you feel like things tell? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Because that's a big part of it isn't matter. Well you know that i not just your relationship is a person. Yeah. I basically, to everyone and And and and the ones you really don't know what are most mutual about are not nearly so important as any other ones that but produce any kind reaction in it.

So When you do minute meditation, we start with cell and then you go to... It it is there, like a pro in go to yourself and go to a neutral neighborhood with somebody else that that you feel that you need to send special loving kind They the the usual sequence is from yourself to somebody that you feel really good about, but who's been your your mentor or helped you then me it was very me. And then you'd gradually go to the ones that are more and more difficult passing through the neutral ones on on the way.

So it's basically, the idea is just to to You know, if you went right rated people you have a problem with them, you might encounter a lot of resistance. So right you you started warm up to it by starting off with the easy. I was doing that last night before I went to bed, and then I got the just came into my head, the song amazing grace, and then I I started seeing singing it and that was really soften my feelings towards everybody and everything. They made a good feeling or going to bed. Right.

And for having a great meditation after that. Alright and see a meditation that was not filled with all kinds of thoughts and everything very peaceful. That is amazing song. Yes. Hear. I was thinking oh, we shouldn't get negative song like that. So we already have. We have that. But one of that would a gift. Yeah. That inspired. Yes. I. We did use an unlimited number it songs like that.

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