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Stronghold 10 May 2015

Culadasa is asked about sexuality.

Stronghold 17 May 2015

A conversation about the experience of noticing that the self is a creation of past conditioning, and the feeling of voidness that can be left when you realize the self …

Stronghold 24 May 2015

Culadasa is asked to talk about the Buddha’s birthday (and more) since many Buddhist traditions celebrate the special days surrounding the Buddha’s life in the month of May.

Part 1 – Living Dharma – Cape Ann – June 2015

This post is one of a series made at the retreat, “Living Dharma”, taught by Upasaka Culadasa at Wisdom’s Heart in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, June 12-14, 2015 This particular session …

June 2010, Retreat Dharma Talk #1

Saturday, Dharma Talk #1 Play the recording below or right click here to save to your computer. (56 minutes)
The Mind Illuminated archive
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