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Combating Depression and Dissastifaction During Transition

Q&A: I’ve made all these life changes, but am still in transition. I’m dissatisfied and I don’t know what to do sometimes. What do I do when I can’t think …

First Level of Meditation Tips

Q & A: Where do I focus my attention when beginning to meditate? Master Culadasa explains the how to begin training the mind during “breath” focused meditation.

Craving – What’s it All About

Q&A: Craving, what’s it all about? Master Culadasa describes what craving is, how it arises and how we can train ourselves to end our own suffering.

Brightening the Mind to Combat Subtle Dullness

Q&A: How does one brighten the mind to combat subtle dullness? Master Culadasa explains correction for subtle dullness with mention of arising and passing of the bliss of mental pliancy. …

What is the Space Between Thoughts?

Q&A: What is the Space Between Thoughts? Master Culadasa explains what is occurring when the thoughts slow down and there is ‘space’ between them. He explores where thoughts come from …

Understanding Dullness

A Model for Understanding Dullness Master Culadasa explains the trap of dullness with concentration.

Focus on Sensations vs Absorption at Level 4

Q&A: What should I focus on during Level 4 development: The sensations of the breath or “becoming one” with the breath? Master Culadasa advises on how to develop meditation skills …

Tips on Developing Full-minded Awareness with Concentration (Level 5 Tips)

Q&A: How do I develop mindful awareness and good concentration? Master Culadasa explains how to develop full-minded awareness and concentration as is typically developed at level 5. Methods for combating …

Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Q&A: How would you advise someone that has PTSD and panics when the start to meditate? Master Culadasa gives tips for beginners with PTSD.
The Mind Illuminated archive
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