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Stronghold 10 April 2011

Play the recording below.

Stronghold 17 April 2011

What can we do about the pain and suffering of others? What is pain? What is suffering? The definition of dukha and the 4 Noble Truths (briefly).

Christmas Retreat 2010

Click to Play and Right click to save as Day 1 Practice Instructions Day 1 Meditation> Day 2 discussiona> Day 3 discussiona> Day 3 Guided Meditation Day 4 Discussion Day …

Dharma Talk Archive, Second Half 2010

These talks are grouped by the locations where they were given. If you are interested in helping with transcribing or editing these talks, please read this. Uposatha Day at Cochise …

The Jhanas: The Original Practice of Mindfulness and Insight – Teaching Retreat, January 2011

Master Culadasa explains what Jhana is and why it is so important. There is a profound relationship between Jhana practice, Mindfulness, and the cultivation of Insight. How Jhana practice relates …

TCMC 3 March 2011

TCMC 03 March 2011 Part I – Q & A is first audio below TCMC 03 March 2011 Part II is the second audio below

TCMC 6 January 2011

TCMC 06 January 2011 Part I – Q & A is first audio below TCMC 06 January 2011 Part II is the second audio below
The Mind Illuminated archive
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